Hollywood Loves Guns but Hates NRA, President Trump

First here is a quick word about president Trump’s approval numbers. Three days after his State of the Union address the Rasmussen poll reported:

The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Friday (January 8) shows that 50% of Likely U.S. Voters approve of President Trump’s job performance. Forty-nine percent (49%) disapprove.

50% is an amazing number considering the minute-by-minute hate campaign that the Fake News media are waging against the president. 50% is higher than Obama’s approval number at this point in his presidency. It is higher than most other American presidents at this point.

And you may think: Gee, I heard that the ABC poll put president Trump at just 37% approval, and CNN had him at just 40%.

Yes, but Rasmussen is considered the most accurate poll. Meanwhile these “media polls” conducted by companies like ABC and CNN are rigged to make Trump look bad, just like their news coverage does.

Nikitas3.com believes that the president is on his way to re-election in 2020.

Update: Monday, February 11, 2019

The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Monday shows that 52% of Likely U.S. Voters approve of President Trump’s job performance. Forty-seven percent (47%) disapprove.

Now here is today’s main commentary:

Hollywood actor Robert De Niro is one of the biggest Trump haters of all. He has said more vile things about the president than just about anyone else.

Strangely De Niro talks like he is a moral arbiter yet he has spent almost his entire acting career playing violent mafia thugs, crazy people, evil people and killers in his movies like Goodfellas, Casino, Mean Streets, Taxi Driver and Heat. As recently as 2017 he starred in an HBO production called The Wizard of Lies where he played the role of Bernie Madoff, the New York mega-swindler who happened to also be a big-time Democrat donor.

So Nikitas3.com has a question: Why do so many of these Hollywood stars produce, direct and play in violent and degenerate roles but then act like they are superior people? Are they not acting as role models for and of bad people?

Good questions. Why hasn’t De Niro become famous for positive, non-violent roles?

Answer: Because he has a very narrow and limited skill set. He is typecast as a thug because that is basically all that he knows how to do. And he is cast that way because that is where his dark, ignorant soul has taken him. After all you can’t act like a psycho killer if you cannot feel the evil within yourself.

This must be an awful life, to be so closely associated with bad people that you actually become one of them in your world of make-believe.

Then again this is modern-day Hollywood. For three decades, however, Hollywood was a positive force that abided voluntarily by a 1930s code of decency called The Hays Code which is listed at the end of this commentary.

The Hays Code was abandoned in the 1960s and Hollywood has gone downhill ever since.

There is a famous Oliver Stone film called Natural Born Killers from 1994. Wikipedia reports that

The film tells the story of two victims of traumatic childhoods who became lovers and mass murderers, and are irresponsibly glorified by the mass media.

Stone is a big-time Hollywood Democrat who supports the left-wing agenda like gun control. But he does not seem to want any controls on the violent content of his films that act as instigators of real-world violence.

It is amazing how many guns and how much gun violence there is in these movies made by these “pacifists”. But they are not “pacifists”. They are violent-minded leftists masquerading as pacifists. They love gun violence and they earn millions off of it. And these films instigate real-world violence which leftists want to see in order to degrade and undermine our civil, Christian society.

The Columbine high school killers of 1999 embraced Natural Born Killers and were acting it out when they did their evil deed. There even is a Wikipedia page of copycat crimes based on Natural Born Killers.

We should never allow these leftist phonies to tell us that “it’s just a movie” and that is “doesn’t have any effect on the public”. Decades of media violence have had a profoundly negative effect on Americans; these films and TV shows have de-sensitized tens of millions of people to grotesque and exaggerated forms of violence.

The result has been mass school shootings and a general love and glorification of blood and gore. It is actually a sick, perverted addiction that grows into mass murder and genocide.

Meanwhile here are excerpts from a Washington Times article from March 8, 2018 called Hollywood condemns NRA while dramatically increasing gun violence in entertainment by Christian Toto. Each excerpt is followed by a Nikitas3.com comment:

Toto writes: Hollywood declared war on American gun culture in 2013 with a public service announcement calling for stricter gun control in the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.

Now the industry is back on the attack in the wake of the Feb. 14 high school shooting in Parkland, Florida. Stars including Oprah Winfrey, George Clooney and the cast of ABC’s “Modern Family” support this month’s March for Our Lives rally for stricter gun legislation.

Yet a study by the Parents Television Council shows that portrayals of gun violence on television have increased dramatically in recent years, even in shows deemed appropriate for children.

The entertainment industry’s love of gunplay and hatred for firearms muddles, if not negates, Hollywood’s role in a constructive conversation on the Second Amendment.

That 2013 public service announcements looks tame by current standards. Celebrities routinely dub the National Rifle Association a terrorist organization. Prominent actors such as Sally Field and Michael Keaton have blamed the NRA, Second Amendment advocates and Republicans for the 17 deaths at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School last month.

Nonetheless, stars defend their gun-soaked content. Jennifer Lawrence deflected blame from her industry’s handiwork during the New York City premiere of her R-rated spy thriller “Red Sparrow.”

“I think the problem is guns, not the entertainment industry,” the Academy Award winner told the press.

Nikitas3.com comment: Like a good Hollywood goon and narcissist Lawrence does not believe that the problem could possibly be her and the millions that she earns. No, she thinks that it must be the National Rifle Association that forced her to star in violent movies.

It is amazing how self-centered and un-self-aware these people are. Here is movie reviewer Roger Ebert talking about Red Sparrow (2018):

Jennifer Lawrence is tied to a chair, beaten and tortured. She is the victim of rape and attempted rape. She is forced to strip naked in private and in public. She is slashed, stabbed and has a gun put to her head.

Ostensibly, such graphic ordeals are intended to demonstrate the physical and psychological fortitude of her character, a Russian spy named Dominika Egorova. But ultimately, these shocking and violent sequences become repetitive and gratuitous, making “Red Sparrow” feel more like a cheap exercise in exploitation than a visceral tale of survival.

At the same time the National Rifle Association is opposed to these violent portrayals and to gun violence. The NRA wants legitimate and licensed gun ownership in the name of freedom, and stresses gun safety. You will virtually never see an NRA member committing a gun crime.

Toto writes: This isn’t the first time industry players have questioned the impact of fictional violence on the real world. Producer Harvey Weinstein inspired headlines in 2012… by calling for a summit on movie violence after the 2012 cinema shooting in Aurora, Colorado.

“I think as filmmakers we should sit down — the Marty Scorseses, the Quentin Tarantinos and hopefully all of us who deal in violence in movies — and discuss our role in that,” Mr. Weinstein told The Huffington Post at the time.

His summit never materialized, though.

Nikitas3.com comment: No surprise there. They give lip service to dialing back the violence in their films and then do nothing further. Because they don’t really want to stop it at all. Because they really love guns more than anyone, and for all the wrong reasons – to make money and undermine America. You can be sure that the bigwigs in Hollywood are privately celebrating these school shootings as signs of moral decay, which is what their movies have become.

Toto writes: A Parents Television Council study shows that the portrayal of violence on TV shows judged as suitable for family viewing has surged in the five years since the 2012 elementary school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut.

Nearly 61 percent of 287 broadcast TV episodes featured some form of violence during the November “sweeps” period, when broadcasters often air the best of their fare to attract advertisers. Of those 287 shows, 39 percent showcased gun-related violence.

A 2013 study by The Annenberg Public Policy Center at the University of Pennsylvania showed that gun violence featured in the year’s most profitable PG-13 movies (was worse than) the gun violence showcased in that year’s most popular R-rated features.

Nikitas3.com comment: Shocking but true, and expected. More violence at younger and younger ages. This is the training ground for societal destruction.

Toto writes: The data tell only part of the story, Mr. Winter said.

“It’s now content that is deeper, darker and more sinister. We root for the antihero the bad guy to kill somebody with much more explicit violence much more real than ever before,” he said. “There’s a pornographic element to the kind of violence [today].”

That isn’t stopping Hollywood denizens from changing the subject to stricter gun control legislation, part of the March 24 rally’s goal.

Steve Levitan, co-creator of the ABC sitcom “Modern Family,” told People magazine why the show’s members created a public service announcement promoting an anti-gun rally on the National Mall in Washington on March 24.

“Our show celebrates families, while gun violence devastates them,” Mr. Levitan said. “How could we sit back and do nothing while these brave kids stand up to the gun lobby since our lawmakers won’t?”

Nikitas3.com comment: It is easy and politically expedient to show up at a rally and blame the NRA for violence, and Levitan knows the dark truth – that if he confronted any of his friends in Hollywood for the violence in their productions he would be blacklisted.

Toto writes: Thomas Krannawitter, a former professor and author of the right-leaning 2017 satire “Save the Swamp,” said Hollywood violence today is markedly different from what our parents and grandparents grew up watching.

“The violence [back then] was in the service of justice, very often the good guy who came to save the day using a gun,” said Mr. Krannawitter, president of Speakeasy Ideas, a Colorado-based group promoting right-of-center values. “Now, Hollywood very often just wants to sensationalize using the grossest forms of violence.”

Nikitas3.com comment: Correct. It is sensationalist and extreme and becoming moreso. This is what the left wants, just as they are moving to more and more radical abortion measures, which are another form of violence.

Here is The Hays Code, which is named after Will H. Hays, who was the president of the Motion Picture Producers and Distributors of America (MPPDA) from 1922 to 1945. It sounds quaint today considering how bad things have gotten.

Resolved, That those things which are included in the following list shall not appear in pictures produced by the members of this Association, irrespective of the manner in which they are treated:

1. Pointed profanity – by either title or lip – this includes the words “God”, “Lord”, “Jesus”, “Christ” (unless they be used reverently in connection with proper religious ceremonies), “hell”, “damn”, “Gawd”, and every other profane and vulgar expression however it may be spelled;
2. Any licentious or suggestive nudity – in fact or in silhouette; and any lecherous or licentious notice thereof by other characters in the picture;
3. The illegal traffic in drugs;
4. Any inference of sex perversion;
5. White slavery;
6. Miscegenation (sex relationships between the white and black races);
7. Sex hygiene and venereal diseases;
8. Scenes of actual childbirth – in fact or in silhouette;
9. Children’s sex organs;
10. Ridicule of the clergy;
11. Willful offense to any nation, race or creed;

And be it further resolved, That special care be exercised in the manner in which the following subjects are treated, to the end that vulgarity and suggestiveness may be eliminated and that good taste may be emphasized:

1. The use of the flag;
2. International relations (avoiding picturizing in an unfavorable light another country’s religion, history, institutions, prominent people, and citizenry);
3. Arson;
4. The use of firearms;
5. Theft, robbery, safe-cracking, and dynamiting of trains, mines, buildings, etc. (having in mind the effect which a too-detailed description of these may have upon the moron);
6. Brutality and possible gruesomeness;
7. Technique of committing murder by whatever method;
8. Methods of smuggling;
9. Third-degree methods;
10. Actual hangings or electrocutions as legal punishment for crime;
11. Sympathy for criminals;
12. Attitude toward public characters and institutions;
13. Sedition;
14. Apparent cruelty to children and animals;
15. Branding of people or animals;
16. The sale of women, or of a woman selling her virtue;
17. Rape or attempted rape;
18. First-night scenes;
19. Man and woman in bed together;
20. Deliberate seduction of girls;
21. The institution of marriage;
22. Surgical operations;
23. The use of drugs;
24. Titles or scenes having to do with law enforcement or law-enforcing officers;
25. Excessive or lustful kissing, particularly when one character or the other is a “heavy”.

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