Jussie Smollett Hoax Helps Trump, Stings Dems & Media

Over and over we have seen the Fake News media and Democrats take out after president Trump and fall flat on their faces. Here are some examples:

*New York Times economics columnist Paul Krugman said before the election that if Trump won that the stock market would crash, along with the economy.
The opposite has happened.

*The Trump-hating media said that the president would start a war with North Korea but instead he may be guiding that nation toward peace and reconciliation with South Korea and the world.

*Obama and his media cronies said that president Trump could never bring manufacturing jobs back to the US, but he is doing so and the economic recovery of our manufacturing base is just beginning.

*While top FBI and Justice Department officials have tried to depose the president with clearly illegal actions Trump is still standing tall while many of them have lost their jobs.

*And of course we have The Big Kahuna which is the two-year media frenzy charging that president Trump somehow colluded with Russia to steal the 2016 election, which he obviously didn’t.

The list goes on and on. And now the most recent case takes the cake with a half-black, half-Jewish, gay actor named Jussie Smollett claiming that he was attacked by a bunch of racist Trump supporters.

Yet now it is Smollett who is being charged with faking the attack to draw attention to himself and to gin up hatred for president Trump. And it is Smollett himself who faces huge legal problems and possible jail time.

Naturally the same blacks, Democrats and media who were twisted into rage that Trump supporters allegedly attacked Smollett are now angry that the hoax has been exposed and that Smollett was really the perpetrator; that Smollett exploited a racially infamous prop in the fake attack (a noose); and that this type of hoax will lead the public to ignore future attacks as fraudulent.

In other words, people on the left are not angry that the hoax was fake – they do fake stuff all the time and will continue to do so – but that the hoax was exposed, that that fact hurts them, and that the disclosure of the hoax benefits a falsely-accused president Trump and his supporters.

Nikitas3.com did not pay a moment’s attention to the Smollett attack when it was first reported. I presumed it to be a hoax right from the start. These fake attacks happen all the time, particularly since Trump was elected.

But the overall effect of the hoax will be to help president Trump and his re-election since he was once again blamed for something bad that never happened. And don’t think that the president is not going to exploit this false accusation in 2020.

This is why the Rasmussen poll, which is famous for accuracy, recently put president Trump’s approval rating at 52% even after almost four years of relentless media pounding. Because so many Americans no longer believe these media skunks and these grievance groups.

The behavior of the media harpies lamenting the Smollett attack was shameful. They did not even refer to it as an “alleged attack” as political correctness requires all of us to do regarding a crime until it is proven. It was presented as a fact, just like they present an unproven theory of ‘global warming’ as a fact.

One female CNN anchor almost cried as she reported about Smollett: “This is America in 2019”, she blubbered. In other words, she implied, Trump did it.

CNN’s Don Lemon was not worried about the hoax itself but that Sean Hannity and president Trump would “eat Jessie Smollet’s lunch” and that conservatives would be exonerated and even benefit.

Black ABC host Robin Roberts was the worst. She interviewed Smollett one-on-one and uncritically accepted his story. In short, Roberts was played like a cheap violin – as she obviously wanted to be – precisely as Smollett acted his way through another Emmy-winning role.

Surprisingly the hoax has become national news. You would expect the Fake News media to ignore the truth but it has become too big a story to ignore.

And as you can expect we Trump supporters who were blamed for the attack in the first place are smiling from ear to ear. We have won yet again. And so has the president.

This is another crushing blow for the anti-Trumpers of the world. Over and over they think that they finally have Trump in their crosshairs and that he finally is going to fall with a MAGA hat on his head.

Friends, this race hoax increases president Trump’s already excellent chance of re-election in 2020. It is another major backfire on the left.

And it is just the latest in a string of national hoaxes from Tawana Brawley to the Duke lacrosse players to the UVirginia fraternity rape hoax to the Covington Catholic kids. The left never, ever stops putting on these abhorrent shows… and losing. This Smollett case will be cited for decades as another boomerang on the Democrats.

The power of this story is remarkable. President Trump recently declared a national emergency over the border which was supposed be the focus of national rage and the ultimate unconstitutional action that would lead to Trump’s downfall.

Yet one week after the declaration Jussie Smollett is the focus of national media attention, and to the benefit of falsely-accused Trump and his supporters. It is very sweet to watch.

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