Trump Will Play the ‘Venezuela Card’ in 2020 Election

President Trump is already running for re-election. He stages rallies and public events and makes public statements that are directly intended to sway public opinion leading up to November 2020.

It seems almost assured that the Democrats are going to nominate an extremist like Bernie Sanders or Kamala Harris as their 2020 challenger to Trump. And while Trump will run on his proven economic record the Democrat nominee will certainly promise to “help” everyone in need by giving free child care, free college, guaranteed income, free food, free housing, etc.

Yet this type of socialism/communism has failed everywhere that it has been tried because nothing is ‘free’.

Just compare communist North Korea to capitalist South Korea, where the same people are separated only by a border line and by ideology. South Korea is a modern, prosperous Asian nation with 16 times higher standard of living as the North.

Meanwhile North Korea has virtually no electricity beyond the capital city of Pyongyang. The entire nation of North Korea has less wealth that the tiny US state of Vermont. And 40 times the population!

At the same time Venezuela, once the richest nation in South America, has spiraled down into poverty, misery, starvation and chaos under 20 years of left-wing, marxist rule.

Thus when the Democrat presidential candidate in 2020 starts talking about giving away everything for free and ‘helping’ every citizen president Trump is simply going to say very emphatically, and repeatedly, that “they tried that in Venezuela and it’s a disaster down there” and it will be extremely effective.

After all Trump already said in his State of the Union address that “America will never be a socialist country!” Wow. We have never heard that before from a US president.

Trump already is playing the ‘Venezuela card’. He said many times during the 2018 mid-term elections that Democrat policies are going to produce a Venezuela-type economic collapse in the US.

In fact these policies already have done so. Productive, skilled, younger, educated and wealthy Americans are fleeing by the millions from left-wing, high-tax, high-regulation states like California, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Vermont and Illinois, leaving behind an older, poorer and sicker population in each state. These fleeing Americans are running at top speed to conservative states like Texas, Florida, the Carolinas and Utah.

On the other hand calculates that anti-poverty programs in America, both public and private, over the last 60 years have given away $150 trillion or more in handouts. Yet we have 40 million poor people in America. Why? $150 trillion should have eliminated poverty entirely.

Thus it is clear that socialism does not work. It produces the opposite effect. If you look at Venezuela you see the truth. Venezuela has the world’s largest known oil reserves yet it has collapsed economically since only communism can turn gold into dirt in such short order.

Black Americans have the highest rate of dependency of all, and the lowest standard of living. This is not a coincidence; this is cause and effect. If government control could produce prosperity and happiness then North Korea would be the richest and happiest nation on earth. Instead it is dark, extremely oppressed and very poor precisely as we see widespread prosperity and freedom in South Korea.

The truth, however, does not stop America’s Democrats from a full leap into Venezuela-style socialism/communism. One of the prominent Democrat candidates for 2020 is Cory ‘Spartacus’ Booker, the black US senator from New Jersey.

He started his national political career as the mayor of Newark, New Jersey, which is near New York City. And if you want to see the failure of socialism just look at Newark. It is a poor, dangerous, crime-ridden largely-black city that has a sky-high rate of government dependency. It has been deemed “the most unfriendly city in the world” and is called “the carjacking capital of America”.

Rather than seeing himself as a failure Booker is going into 2020 with a suitcase full of promises. Look at this one from

Sen. Cory Booker is proposing a plan—the American Opportunity Accounts Act—that he calculates will provide $46,215 to every 18-year-old in the lowest income bracket by giving them annual subsidies in a federally managed saving account.

… Vox explained how Booker’s plan would work:

“His American Opportunity Accounts Act would give each child born in the United States a savings account with $1,000. Each year, until the child turns 18, the government would deposit as much as $2,000 into that account. The size of the annual payment would depend on the child’s family income, with lower-income families receiving larger checks. …

“Booker’s office estimates that a child who remains in the lowest income bracket of the program (meaning she gets the largest, $2,000 payment each year) would accrue $46,215 by her 18th birthday. A child in the highest income bracket of the program (above 500 percent of the poverty line, or $147,100 for a family of four) would end up with $1,681—just the original $1,000 payment plus earnings (accrued) from the government investing it in low-risk funds.”

This obviously is more socialism. Yet even a $46,215 one-time payout is a drop in the bucket compared to government handouts that already exist.

Example: A black “family” in New York City headed by a non-working single mother with three children can collect $100,000 or even more every single year in direct or indirect government and private handouts and in-kind services like sending the children to public schools (up to $20,000 expenditure per student per year in New York City) while paying no taxes. This would amount to $2 million or more in handouts by the time the children turn 18. And that $2 million is tax free.

But that is not enough, no, Booker wants another $46,215 payment for each child. On top of that blacks want “reparations” for slavery even though they already have gotten those “reparations” ten times over.

Friends, the problem is not money. The problem is that blacks are following the wrong ideas and leaders in the Democrat party.

Because we know that we always get more of what the government subsidizes. And when the government subsidizes dependency and poverty then we get more dependency and poverty.

Conservative blacks have a much higher success rate than liberal blacks. All blacks should follow the conservative model.

Los Angeles Falls for ‘Green New Deal’

Democrat congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says she wants a “Green New Deal” in order to get America off of oil, coal, natural gas and nuclear power and to make us fully reliant on wind and solar power.

This will fail miserably. Already we have proof. Solar and wind are grossly inefficient. For instance solar panels require huge subsidies and they produce electricity only when the sun is high in the cloudless sky. Solar panels also lose efficiency in high heat conditions, debunking the idea that they are miracle energy sources in hot, sunny places like Arizona.

At the same time windmills make power only when the wind blows and they often produce much of their power at night when electricity demand is lowest. And so the power must be sold off cheaply, further undermining the economics of windmills.

Windmills represent about 2.5% of installed American electrical generating capacity but calculates that their inefficiency means that they are generating .7% or less of total production, i.e., tens of thousands of windmills are blighting our landscape for almost nothing in return. We could replace those windmills with just 8 nuclear reactors.

Meanwhile a utility company in Virginia is proposing a solar panel installation covering 10 square miles of rural Virginia forest land. They are cutting down all of the trees and this plan will make the whole parcel black, like solar panels are.

‘Greenies’ are claiming that the installation will produce 500 megawatts of electricity but calculates that it will produce only 100 megawatts or less since ‘greenies’ always produce fake and exaggerated numbers to make their proposals sound economically viable.

So as ‘greenies’ claim that they are “protecting” the wilderness, that is only temporary until they can figure out a way to ruin the wilderness with solar panels and windmills. The reason that this is happening is simple: Environmentalists make money every time a windmill or solar panel is installed.

Meanwhile this ‘Green New Deal’ actually proposes to rebuild every home and commercial structure in America with energy-efficient materials like more insulation and new furnaces. This is insanity.

It gets vastly worse. It proposes to ban all cars and air travel and put everyone on high-speed trains. In other words it wants to destroy an efficient transport system that already exists for one that does not even exist and never will (California just canceled its high-speed train project for being far too expensive after billions had been wasted on it).

Now look at this from Breitbart News:

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti declared Monday that the city would abandon plans to rebuild three natural gas power plants, despite concerns that the city could face acute power shortages as a result.

Instead, the city will look for energy from renewable sources, including wind and solar, he decided.

“This is the Green New Deal … Not in concept, not in the future, but now,” Garcetti said, as quoted by the Los Angeles Times.

He made the decision despite the fact that “top staffers have argued in recent months that the gas plants are critical to keeping the lights on in the city,” the Times noted.

Yes, those plants are critical. In Massachusetts, on the other hand, the natural gas companies are refusing to hook up new customers for home heating since the current supply, delivered into the region by pipeline, is not adequate to serve any more customers.

This shortage is happening because the “greenies” blocked construction of a new pipeline from the huge Marcellus Shale natural gas field in Pennsylvania.

Many people in Massachusetts from Republican politicians to conservative activists and bloggers like to the gas industry have been warning about this impending shortage for many years. It finally has arrived.

It already did so in the frigid Winter of 2018 when natural gas supplies ran so low in Massachusetts that a tanker ship full of LNG (liquefied natural gas) had to bring in gas from… Russia(!)

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