Wall Street Should Move to Florida/ Let’s Subsidize Coal Power

Much of the so-called American financial services industry is headquartered in New York City, around Wall Street in Lower Manhattan crammed into just a few square miles of skyscraper-encrusted streets.

It is centered around the two stock exchanges, the American and New York exchanges, and includes hundreds of thousands of well-paid workers in jobs related to the industry (brokers, analysts, traders, forecasters, reporters, hedge funders, clerks, secretaries, receptionists, etc.)

This represents a fantastic agglomeration of wealth that is contributing huge amounts of money and tax revenue to New York state and to the City, and to the region.

But Nikitas3.com recommends that Wall Street move to Florida to a brand-new city that could be specially designed for it.

There is no good reason for Wall Street to remain in New York. It is cramped into hundreds of buildings in grimy Manhattan with very high rents. Wall Street workers travel in crowded trains and subways each day, up to two hours and more, to and from work. These workers live in high-cost, high-tax states like New York, Connecticut and New Jersey.

Yet both New York’s governor and New York City’s mayor are left-wingers who have spoken repeatedly over the years in favor of “taxing the rich” and of their disdain and even hatred for wealthy people – even though most of the rich people are Democrats. The City’s residents also are becoming increasingly radicalized against business as we saw in the recent campaign against Amazon.

Over the last 20 years two Democrat New York state attorneys general have targeted Wall Street figures in investigations that looked more like anti-capitalist witch hunts.

Interestingly both attorneys general ended up resigning in sex scandals – Eliot Spitzer quit in 2008 after he got elected governor and Eric Schneiderman left office in May 2018 after allegations of abuse.

So why should Wall Street remain in New York?

It shouldn’t. All of those jobs should be moved to a totally new city in business-friendly, low-tax Florida. It could be created specifically as a sprawling campus with plenty of room to breathe and expand.

Just imagine spacious new buildings with huge trading floors for the exchanges, and plenty of offices above. Imagine lawns and gardens for workers’ enjoyment in Sunny Florida.

Imagine dozens of new structures with ample office space, parking lots for workers’ cars and easy access to interstate highways for a quick, direct commute to work. No more crowded, dirty subways and jammed commuter trains at every rush hour. And no Winter either!

It sounds like a good idea to Nikitas3.com. After all, more and more wealthy New Yorkers are moving to Florida to escape the crushing New York taxes.

Why not move the whole deal down there?

Are you listening, Wall Street?

Another Efficient Coal Power Plant May be Closed

The ‘greenie’ war on coal, oil and natural gas is incremental. They know that they cannot shut them off overnight and so they do it by blocking a pipeline here or shutting down a power plant there and then repeating and repeating.

Something else is happening. The Daily Caller recently reported:

Negotiations to keep one of the biggest coal power plants in the U.S. in operation have stalled, officials say, placing hundreds of Native American workers at risk of losing their jobs.

Owners of the Navajo Generating Station — a 2,250 megawatt coal-fired plant in northern Arizona — say talks to transfer ownership of the facility have reached a standstill, and they are moving forward with plans to decommission the plant by Dec. 22. The announcement is the latest in a string of bad news for supporters of the Navajo Generating Station (NGS).

Salt River Project, Arizona Public Service, NV Energy and Tuscon Electric Power — all joint owners of NGS — announced in February 2017 they would be closing the plant down by the end of 2019, claiming its continued operation to be unprofitable. Since that time, there has been a concerted effort to find a buyer and save the more than 700 related jobs to the plant.

OK, so you know the deal. The plant is “unprofitable” and then the ‘greenies’ hop on board in seeking to shut it down as soon as possible.

But one of the many reasons that it is unprofitable in the first place is that it has been squeezed for decades by ‘greenie’ laws, obstruction, demonization and lawsuits, as the entire coal industry has been squeezed.

So here is a solution – let’s have the government subsidize the plant to keep it open. After all taxpayers have been subsidizing grossly inefficient ‘green’ power for decades.

We should shift those subsidies away from ineffective windmills and solar panels to power plants that are efficient producers but that are falling short in profits. That would be a vastly better use of taxpayer money.

Colorado Drops Case Against Christian Cake Baker

Breitbart News reports:

Colorado has announced it is dropping litigation against Christian baker Jack Phillips for his refusal on religious grounds to make a cake celebrating gender transition.

After the U.S. Supreme Court ruled last year that Mr. Phillips had been unjustly punished for refusing to make a same-sex wedding cake in 2012, Phillips was assailed with requests to make cakes celebrating Satan, marijuana, and sexually explicit imagery, with some of these requests reportedly coming from a transgender Colorado lawyer, Autumn Scardina.

Among her other requests, Ms. Scardina asked Phillips to make her a cake celebrating the anniversary of her gender transition from male to female, with a blue exterior and a pink interior. When Mr. Phillips refused, Scardina filed a complaint with the Colorado Civil Rights Commission alleging that the Christian baker’s actions were discriminatory.

The Commission then launched an administrative action against Masterpiece Cakeshop and its owner, Jack Phillips, saying there was probable cause that Phillips discriminated against Scardina based on gender identity.

By turning away Scardina, Phillips “denied her equal enjoyment of a place of public accommodation,” stated Aubrey Elenis, director of the Colorado Civil Rights Division, in her ruling.

At this point Mr. Phillips initiated a civil lawsuit against the State of Colorado, saying he was the victim of “Colorado’s unconstitutional bullying” that attacked his rights to freedom of speech, religion, equal protection, and due process.

“I know I wasn’t alone, and I know we all have the right to decline a message that we don’t support,” he said. “The Supreme Court told the Colorado Civil Rights Commission that they were hostile to my space, and they can’t do that. And here they are again showing hostility against me and my patrons.”

Good for Phillips. What a brave man. It is important to notice that Phillips is not turning away sex-changers or refusing to serve them as customers in his shop. No, he is refusing to use his artistic skills to make special cakes for sex-changer celebrations. That is totally different.

If this prosecution is allowed to stand then pro-gun activists could go to liberal bakeries all over the country and demand that they make cakes favorable to guns. Yet there is no way that a liberal baker would do so. They would claim that it is their “artistic freedom” to decline to make the special cakes just as it is Phillips’ “religious freedom” to decline to make the trannybagger cakes.

Yet religious freedom is specifically protected by in the 1st Amendment to the Constitution (‘Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof’) while “artistic freedom” is not mentioned.

The great travesty of the Colorado case is that Phillips has been intentionally targeted just because he is a Christian. We know how the left operates; the original case was not a random bakery choice, and it then turned into ongoing harassment, pure and simple.

The state of Colorado then went further and targeted Phillips again for prosecution for his religious beliefs in the Scardina case. This is clearly against the law after the Supreme Court ruled against the state for aggressively singling out Phillips in the original case.

If Phillips is ever punished then no Christian bakery in America would be safe from the consequences. On the other hand conservatives could target every homosexual-owned bakery in America to make cakes celebrating traditional marriage or guns. In other words it would be chaos.

The only way to avoid chaos is to give Americans individual rights. Period. End of story. And this, friends, is what the Constitution is all about.

Marijuana Spreads its Ugly Tentacles

The Guardian website in the UK reports:

With recreational marijuana legal in 10 US states and Canada, tens of millions of adults can go to a store and buy a joint. But outside their homes, there are few places where those customers can legally smoke it.

Clouds of pot smoke float around North America’s biggest cities, but for the most part it’s not allowed in public spaces, and there hasn’t been a profusion of Amsterdam-style coffee shops or other businesses where someone can consume a legal drug.

But that could be changing.

Denver’s first legal consumption lounge, The Coffee Joint, opened last year. Its co-owner Rita Tsalyuk described it as a “Starbucks on steroids”. It costs $5 to enter if you plan to consume – though entrance is otherwise free – and while the shop itself can’t sell cannabis, it’s attached to a licensed dispensary. The space hosts video game and movie nights, singles mixers, yoga and industry events.

On a busy day about 50 people come in. That’s not Starbucks traffic, and Tsalyuk said consumption lounges would struggle to stay open unless they find more revenue streams, like selling cannabis or alcohol. Bars in Denver and elsewhere have also expressed interest in selling cannabis, but so far, at least, establishments selling both intoxicants are hard to find. One entrepreneur hoped to open a cannabis spa in Denver but her proposed location was deemed too close to a school.

So it is obvious that the evil weed of marijuana is spreading its tentacles. And don’t be fooled by the pro-marijuana propaganda. This drug is evil – it is known to cause anxiety, absent-mindedness, lethargy and even psychosis and to retard mental development, especially in young people whose brains are still growing. You should never believe those who say that “marijuana is harmless”.

Today’s marijuana is 10 times as powerful as it was back in the 1960s. It now is more like a narcotic. It is really bad stuff. And since it alters the brain so strongly when the smoker is “high” then it only makes sense that it is damaging the brain over the long run.

This also leads to accidents. An acquaintance of Nikitas3.com died in a 2017 accident which was probably a result of his being ‘high’ on marijuana (he was always ‘high’ and loved marijuana and had been smoking it continuously since the late 1960s).

In the 19th century Europeans and Americans shipped vast amounts of opium into China and got rich doing it. The traffickers knew that the opium was destroying the Chinese people but did not care.

Today leftists in the US and worldwide are encouraging legal marijuana in order to get rich and to debilitate the people and turn them into mindless slaves, to make for easy domination. Here is more from The Guardian:

In (cities where marijuana is legal) one can also find gray-market shops where it’s possible for customers to bring their own cannabis, relax on couches, watch TV or have a cup of coffee. It’s a nice idea, but without the ability to sell cannabis, they can struggle to survive as a business, even if they avoid getting shut down by police.

Samantha Montanaro, a cannabis entrepreneur and activist who’s pushing for social use in Oregon, calls for “freedom to choose what you want to consume”. She acknowledged cannabis lounges were a “tough business” since they appeal to backpacking tourists with little spare cash as well as lower-income people who live in federally subsidized housing where marijuana isn’t allowed. If customers can’t buy cannabis, they’re likely to bring their own and hang out all day.

Montanaro sees more of a business opportunity in hosting private consumption tastings and dinners. “Cannabis goes with everything so pairing it with already thriving markets is a good way to go,” she said.

Lisa Snyder, who cofounded Tokeativity, a cannabis community for women with Montanaro, said the “new normal will be events where there’s no alcohol and everyone is really excited about that”.

OK, so they are actually trying to replace alcohol with marijuana in the name of money. Don’t doubt it. This is their long-range plan. It is already working among many populations, like younger people. It is just like replacing oil and coal with windmills and solar panels. Same strategy.

But marijuana is much worse than alcohol in many crucial ways. First, it indeed is a “gateway drug” that absolutely leads to more powerful illegal drugs like cocaine and heroin. Nikitas3.com witnessed this phenomenon many, many times since the 1960s. But I never saw it among drinkers.

Second, unlike alcohol, the smoke spreads into the air. So if someone is smoking marijuana in their home and the windows are open, kids playing in the street or in the yard next door can smell it. This has the effect of exposing kids to marijuana against their will, and thus encouraging marijuana use.

In homes where the parents smoke marijuana their kids are getting “stoned” all the time and nobody says anything about it.

So the more that marijuana becomes legal and accepted the more that marijuana smoke is going to be in the air, negatively affecting non-smokers and increasing marijuana use. In cities where it has become legal reports say that it is often in the air.

Yet we have not heard one peep of concern from the US medical establishment about this like the massive campaign that we hear against cigarettes every single day.

This happens since the so-called ‘medical establishment’ has been taken over by leftists who are hiding the real effects of marijuana. Why? Because many of these doctors, nurses, etc. are leftists and are smoking marijuana themselves.

Marijuana should be discouraged everywhere including through public-service ads like those against cigarettes. But don’t expect it. The socialist left is totally pro-marijuana. The Guardian reports:

Even in cities where cannabis is legal, alcohol still largely sets the tone for nightlife. The equivalent of cannabis bars might make it easier to determine who is using cannabis and in what context. A room full of cannabis users looks different, sounds different and certainly smells different from a bar.

Even walking by one would give people more of a sense of the drug’s social context and how it makes people behave. Having those rooms open to public view would allow people to make up their minds about whether legalization is an experiment worth pursuing.

Look at how the global media are trying to make marijuana look like just another night on the town. It is shameful. But then again, that is how the New World Order hopes to undermine the people and control the world – by adding marijuana to the list of destructive diversions like sex, alcohol, movies, internet, sports, gambling, video games, etc.

Left-Wing Swedish Prime Minister Embraces Terrorists

Breitbart News reports:

Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven has ruled out stripping Swedish Islamic State fighters of their citizenships, saying they have the right to return.

The Socialist Party leader said that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs had previously warned individuals travelling to the area in which Islamic State had been fighting and that many of those captured should not expect any help on a consular level, Nyheter Idag reports.

Löfven did, however, say that he would not strip the citizenship of Islamic State fighters claiming that they had a right to return to Sweden if they wanted. Following their return, he said it would then fall in the hands of intelligence and law enforcement officials to keep track of the radicals and potentially prosecute them.

This is another sick ploy by the pro-muslim New World Order to undermine and destroy Christianity and to destroy Western civilization by giving every type of cover to muslims and even to bona fide terrorists, allowing them to return to Europe after fighting in the Middle East.

Sick, sick, sick…

Ocasio-Cortez’ Mother Fled New York Taxes

The New York Post reports:

The mother of soak-the-rich Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said she was forced to flee the Big Apple and move to Florida because the property taxes were so high.

“I was paying $10,000 a year in real estate taxes up north. I’m paying $600 a year in Florida. It’s stress-free down here,” Blanca Ocasio-Cortez told the Daily Mail from her home in Eustis, a town of less than 20,000 in central Florida north of Orlando.

The congresswoman wants to soak everyone with taxes. Her mother does not agree. This is no surprise. Her mother has much more life experience.

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