Is Justice Kavanaugh Liberal?/ No More ‘Green’ Energy

Fox News reported:

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh on Thursday sided with liberal justices in a ruling that delayed the execution of a cop killer amid claims that religious freedom would be violated if the death-row inmate’s Buddhist spiritual adviser wasn’t present during his final moments.

The nation’s highest court blocked the execution of Patrick Murphy about two hours after he could have been executed. Murphy is a member of the “Texas 7” gang of escaped prisoners who are awaiting the death penalty over the fatal shooting of a suburban Dallas police officer.

Murphy’s attorney argued that Texas prison officials were violating his client’s First Amendment right to freedom of religion by preventing the inmate’s spiritual adviser, a Buddhist priest, from witnessing the execution.

But while Justices Clarence Thomas and Neil Gorsuch said they would allow the execution to proceed, echoing lower courts’ view that rejected Murphy’s arguments, Kavanaugh — like Gorsuch, an appointee of President Trump — found himself on the opposite side from the conservative justices.

Now look at this last sentence in the story:

This follows the rulings last week, where in two out of three decisions by the high court, Gorsuch and Kavanaugh found themselves on opposing sides.

In other words Kavanaugh voted liberal in three out of four cases over just one week. Have we conservatives been screwed again? By a fake conservative who is really a liberal?

It may be true, and this comes after we defended Kavanaugh during the allegations about his past in his confirmation hearings. Perhaps we should have asked for another nominee, which did at one point.

We never see liberals siding with conservatives on the Supreme Court except on minor cases. They never do so on important cases in the way that Republican-appointed justice Anthony Kennedy went liberal on gay marriage or John Roberts did the same on Obamacare, and under very suspicious circumstances.

We conservatives need justices who vote conservative. Kavanaugh may be another traitor to our cause as we saw with Republican appointees O’Connor, Souter and Kennedy.

So we must wait to see how Kavanaugh votes on major issues. Perhaps he will show his conservative colors on the big issues but recommends that we hope for the best and prepare for the worst when the year’s most important Supreme Court decisions are announced at the end of June.

‘Green’ Energy Must Go

Over and over ‘greenies’ say that our energy supply should include “all of the above” which means nuclear power, oil, coal and natural gas along with windmills and solar panels.

It sounds charming and inclusive, like it will increase our energy supply by using all means possible to generate power.

But “all of the above” really is a deceptive ‘green’ slogan that is reducing our future energy supply, not increasing it, and pushing up the cost of energy.

Think about it: We get most of our energy from efficient power sources that we have relied on for centuries like coal, oil, natural gas and nuclear power.

Then we have grossly inefficient taxpayer-subsidized ‘green’ sources like windmills and solar panels that have come into fashion over the last 20 years. These ‘green’ sources provide just a tiny fraction of our energy. Windmills provide less than 1% of our total electrical supply.

So here’s the catch – by saying “all of the above” and getting conservatives to sign onto this feelgood slogan it is really a trick to make sure that these inefficient sources are grouped in with our efficient sources, to make them seem equal when they are definitively not.

Meanwhile the ‘greenies’ are shutting down our coal, oil, nuclear and natural gas wherever they can. Thus we can see where this is going.

Environmentalists and their media cronies love to say that these ‘green’ sources provide plenty of energy and they offer endless propaganda to support that claim.

But ‘green’ energy is harming us incrementally by diverting billions of investment dollars every year from reliable and proven sources like coal, oil, natural gas and nuclear power to unreliable and inefficient windmills and solar panels that are ”diffuse” and “intermittent”.

In other words the sun and wind are weak and ‘diffuse’ energy sources that provide little power, while the sun and the wind also are ‘intermittent’, meaning that the sun does not shine all the time and the wind does not blow all of the time.

Thus we are reducing our future energy supply and pushing up prices by using more and more wind and solar.

For instance solar power in the cloudy Northeastern US is only effective for 1,000 hours per year out of 8,760 hours in a year. So how can we rely on solar? What do we do for the other 7,760 hours?

Good question… Windmills are also ineffective. When you hear that windmills are going to provide such-and-such amount of electricity, the figures given by ‘greenies’ are always dishonest, and here is an example:

A windmill was installed in 2007 on a mountain near where lives. The ‘green’ propagandists said that the windmill would provide enough power “for 1,500 homes”, which sounds like a robust output.

So analyzed the actual output numbers posted recently on the internet showing that the windmill only provides enough power for 400 homes. This is how the ‘greenies’ deceive us, and they do it every day.

Equally bad, wind energy is often produced at night when electricity demand is lowest. And thus the electricity must be “dumped” onto the grid at low prices, which further undercuts wind power’s already-dismal economics and efficiency.

Here is another example:; If ‘greenies’ want to build an expensive trolley line in a city they will forecast that it will carry, say, “25,000 passengers a day” and that it will pay for its cost in ticket sales. They are building these trolleys in cities all over the US.

But then when it carries far fewer passengers the original projection is long forgotten and the taxpayers get stuck with a huge bill for running a massively inefficient system. Meanwhile ‘greenies’ and their politician friends pose for photos with the shiny new trains, taking credit for a system that is totally wasteful.

In Berkshire County, in Western Massachusetts, ‘greenies’ proposed a new commuter train to New York City, which is 150 miles away. They promoted the $200+ million project by estimating that the train would carry up to 2 million passengers per year and would add $750 million to the county economy by making a direct train for people to get to Berkshire from the city (even though they already come mostly by car, and also on the bus).

But calculated that the proposed train would carry only 35,000 passengers per year by comparing projected ridership numbers to an existing commuter line; and that it would add zero dollars to the local economy since other towns closer to the city along another commuter line are not seeing any big economic benefit. Fortunately the train line has never been built.

In other words liberals and ‘greenies’ lie every day to get their way. And since these systems like commuter trains and windmills are propped up by taxpayers no single person, like an investor, feels the pinch. Their inefficiency is just another part of government waste and so their high cost is covered up and ignored by the pro-‘green’ media.

In California a ”high speed”, state-funded and federally-funded passenger train plan to link Los Angeles and San Francisco was canceled after several billion dollars were wasted on it. President Trump is even demanding that California pay back the US Treasury for the wasted funds.

The project was first budgeted at $33 billion. Its projected cost then went up to $68 billion and even up to $100 billion. calculated that it could have gone as high as $300 billion once all of the corruption, inefficiencies and delays took hold.

Democrat Harry Reid is Pulling a Trial-Lawyer Scam

Harry Reid of Nevada is a former US Senate majority leader. He left the Senate in 2017 after an accident in his home injured him and blinded him in one eye. Here is the story from Fox News:

Was former U.S. Sen. Harry Reid a victim of a faulty exercise device — or of his own failure to learn how to use it properly?

That’s what a jury will decide in a trial now underway in Nevada over Reid’s lawsuit, in which he claims he took a nasty fall when a TheraBand exercise device slipped from his hands in January 2015.

”I hurt myself really bad,” Reid, 79, who now uses a wheelchair, testified Thursday. “I just knew that I was hurt, and I needed to get some help.”

Reid is blind in his right eye since the accident, which he blamed on an “unreasonably dangerous” elastic physical resistance band.

He also claims that because of his injuries his U.S. Senate career was cut short. Reid, a Democrat, retired as Senate minority leader in January 2017 after serving in the Senate for 30 years.

… On the day of the accident, Reid said, he spun around and fell against cabinets in his bathroom while using the fitness product.

Reid, who is seeking unspecified damages in the suit, said he had looped the band through a metal handle on a glass door while performing an exercise routine before losing his grip. He said the device should have been designed with handles but wasn’t.

The lawsuit claims he also suffered a concussion, broken orbital bones, severe disfigurement to his face, bruising and lacerations on his face, hand injuries, scarring, and broken ribs, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

The accident, Reid says, was the cause of his retirement from the Senate.

OK, so we have another Democrat scammer suing a company over a harmless product that he did not know how to use. But that is no surprise; the Democrat party is the party of the sue-‘em-all trial lawyers. Democrat politicians make laws to protect the lawyers while the lawyers give their campaign contributions almost exclusively to Democrats.

TheraBands are long elastic sheets that you grab and stretch to exercise with. They are like big rubber bands. They are very simple to use – you hold on and stretch. But Reid managed to screw that up because he could not hold on and claimed that the TheraBands lacked handles. But this design, without handles, is intentional in that it gives TheraBands wider possibilities of use.

Reid should lose this case. He is a moron.

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