Muslims are the New Global ‘Protected Class’

There is a political force in the world called ‘islamic socialism’ or ‘islamic communism’ which is an alliance between militant muslims and far-left socialists/communists.

It is a strange combination since radical muslims are extremely religious – on the far right – and socialists/communists are avowed atheists – on the far left.

But they work together out of convenience. Under this system the muslims control the spiritual life of the people in, say, Iran and the communists control the economy. Together they exercise total control over the people.

Radical islam and radical communism/socialism are both anti-Western, anti-liberty, anti-capitalist, anti-white and anti-Christian. And very angry. They both are forces of oppression and violence.

And so they have joined together to act as ‘force multipliers’ for each other since they have failed individually – communist nations and islamic nations are notoriously oppressed and poor (North Korea, Pakistan, Yemen, Venezuela, etc.) except for those that happen to be sitting on big pools of oil.

Muslims in America are very strongly allied with the Democrat party. Huma Abedin, the top aide to Hillary Clinton, is the daughter of militant muslim scholars. We can just imagine the influence that muslims would have had if Hillary had been elected president.

But they already have wide influence through the Democrat party. reported:

According to an exit poll conducted by the Council on American-Islamic Relations , 13 percent of Muslims voted for Trump and 74 percent voted for Democrat Hillary Clinton. In 2012, President Barack Obama received 85.7 percent of the Muslim vote and Romney received 4.4 percent.

And you can be sure that the 13% that voted for Trump and the 4.4% for Romney are the old-fashioned “moderate” and non-fanatical muslims.

We now have two extremist female muslims in the US Congress – Ilhan Omar from Minnesota and Rashida Tlaib from Michigan. They are both radical leftist Democrats and they are not backing down in their criticisms of America, their embrace of socialism and their hatred of Israel. They are so extreme that even the Democrat party itself may seek to unseat both of them in 2020.

US muslims have so much clout that Fox News host judge Jeanine Pirro was put on leave for commenting about Omar, who wears her muslim headscarf in and around the US House of Representatives. Pirro said:

“Omar wears the hijab, which according to the Quran 33:59, tells women to cover so they won’t get molested. Is her adherence to this Islamic doctrine indicative of her adherence to sharia law, which in itself is antithetical to the United States Constitution?”

This is a totally legitimate political and cultural question in these days of radical islam and the anwer is Yes, she does appear to be adhering to sharia law as millions of muslims in the West do. Omar even has been accused of bigamy and immigration fraud in allegedly marrying her own brother, an issue which the Fake News media are ignoring.

That Pirro has been temporarily suspended for posing her question shows that muslims have great power in America despite their small number – 3.5 million, or 1% of the US population.

Pirro’s comment comes after Omar has continued to serve in office without formal reprimand after making brazenly anti-Semitic statements, which prove that Omar’s true allegiances lie with radical islam.

In short the blatantly racist muslim (Omar) remains in her post but the legitimate critic of islam (Pirro) loses her job (hopefully temporarily).

US and European muslims also favor the socialist Welfare State so that millions of poor, uneducated muslims can infiltrate our successful Christian nations and remain on the taxpayer dole. The dependency rates of muslims in the West are very high.

The pro-muslim global media did everything in their power to publicize and inflate the New Zealand mosque shootings, in which 50 died. It is part of a leftist, anti-Western narrative that muslims are discriminated against.

Meanwhile the same media say little or nothing about the killing, oppression and exile of millions of Christians throughout the Middle East, Africa, Asia, etc. at the hands of muslims, like the genocide of 1.5 million Armenian Christians by muslim Turks between 1914 to 1923 or the occupation, oppression and brutalization of Greece at the hands of the Turks between 1453 and 1829. Or the ongoing slaughter of thousands of African Christians by muslims.

In another example of the new status of muslims as a “protected class”, the prime minister of New Zealand donned a muslim headscarf to show solidarity after the attack on the mosque. Yet cannot recall a single time when a political leader donned a cross to show solidarity with persecuted Christians.

It gets worse. Breitbart News reports:

The Muslim call to prayer rang out across New Zealand on Friday followed by two minutes of silence nationwide to mark a week since a white supremacist gunned down 50 people at two mosques in the city of Christchurch.

As the call was broadcast around the country, thousands of people — including Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern — stood silently in a park opposite the mosque where the killing began, as the country of 4.5 million came to a standstill.

The massacre by alleged shooter Brenton Tarrant has shocked a nation known for its tolerance.
It has prompted horrified Kiwis to respond with vigils and performances of the traditional Maori haka dance, and to form lines behind Muslims to symbolically protect them while they pray.

A muezzin in white skullcap issued the call to regular Friday prayer at 1.30 pm (0030 GMT) with chants of “Allahu Akhbar” (God is greatest) as thousands listened in Christchurch’s Hagley Park across from the Al Noor Mosque.

The country then fell silent for two minutes, with public gatherings in Auckland, Wellington and other cities.

In neighbouring Australia, people stopped in the streets and in shops to mark the moment.

Al Noor imam Gamal Fouda then took to the lectern to denounce hatred, but also to praise the sense of Kiwi togetherness that the killings have sparked.

“I look out and I see the love and compassion in the eyes of thousands of fellow New Zealanders and human beings from across the globe,” he said.

“This terrorist sought to tear our nation apart with an evil ideology that has torn the world apart. But, instead, we have shown that New Zealand is unbreakable.”

Notice that Fouda refers to the killer as “this terrorist”. This is intended to take the onus of “terrorist” off of muslims, i.e., for one single incident muslims are the victims and not the perpetrators of terrorism.

And they don’t seem to like being victims at all. They have milked the New Zealand shooting for all they can after sitting silent for decades as radical muslims traumatized, attacked and killed millions of innocent people across the globe.

Jacinda Ardern also is clamping down on gun ownership in the wake of the attack. In other words she is abridging a basic right. Yet an equivalent response would have been for the US government to round up thousands of suspicious muslims after 9/11, which America did not do because we are a free nation and New Zealand is not.

In a separate case, hundreds of British muslim immigrants went to Syria to fight in the ‘holy war’ there. But then The Guardian (UK) reports:

Security officials in Britain are urgently preparing for the return of hundreds of UK nationals who went to fight for Islamic State, following an expected defeat of the group in Iraq and Syria.

The jihadi group’s strongholds in Mosul in Iraq and Raqqa in northern Syria, are expected to fall by the summer. An exodus of foreign fighters from the area is thought already to have occurred.

There is a simple solution to this problem – block them from returning to Britain. But they are being allowed to return by the same British communists and their islamist handlers who have ushered them into Britain in the first place in their strategy to undermine Britain’s heritage and history.

In Britain radical muslim preachers spout hatred of the West and of Britain and generally face no consequences. But a white native-born Briton named Tommy Robinson was jailed just for reporting on a muslim gang-rape trial.

In Sweden muslim immigrants have created neighborhoods so dangerous that police, the post office and even UPS will not even go there. Ditto in Paris.

But the Swedish and international media have covered up the violence, including repeated bombings, just as the American media cover up the violence being committed by illegal immigrants from Mexico and Central America.

We have never in history seen immigrants like these muslims who so boldly have created such dangerous conditions in nations into which they have voluntarily and freely immigrated.

Today’s muslims are a totally different breed and their alien nature is being embraced by the socialists in the West. They are being allowed and even encouraged to enter into Europe and the US, and even Canada, New Zealand and Australia in large numbers. They flock by the millions into the Christian nations and then tell us how superior islam is.

So wonders: Why don’t they go back and build up their impoverished home countries to prove that islam is superior?

Answer: They will never go back. They love the freedom, prosperity and government handouts that Christian nations provide while islam has failed to do so.

Since the Manchester bombing attack in Britain in May 2017, when young British girls at an Ariana Grande concert were targeted in the most cruel way imaginable by a muslim terrorist, the British media, including the militant BBC, have done everything in their power to bury that story. It is rarely mentioned anymore. The bomber’s muslim family was called “super religious”. No surprise there. Britain is full of such people.

In the US, the smoke from the collapsed towers of 9/11 had hardly cleared when Democrats and the Fake News media started wondering how America may have provoked the terrorists.

Within days of 9/11 president George W. Bush rushed to a mosque to appear with muslims and asked Americans not to retaliate against islam. This is no surprise. Muslims know one very important thing about America and the West – how to play the victim card, with their media friends gladly echoing their every word.

Thus when muslims are the perpetrators of terrorism like they were on 9/11 Democrats rush to explain their violence and George W. Bush stands with them in solidarity.

On the other hand when muslims are the victims of terrorism, as in New Zealand, the global media give them sympathetic coverage and the prime minister dons a headscarf.

In other words muslims have gamed the system worldwide; they are a new protected class no matter what they do.

In the years since 9/11 we have not had any noteworthy attacks on muslims by 324 million non-muslim Americans, yet we have had repeated attacks on 324 million Americans by muslims out of just 3.5 million muslims in the US (those attacks include Fort Hood, San Bernardino, Pulse nightclub, Boston Marathon, New York halloween truck attack, etc.).

In other words the RATE of violence by US muslims is thousands of times higher than vice-versa, as it is all over the Western world.

Breitbart News reports about an article in the Guardian:

… the Guardian concedes that, while the security services “have not revealed how many of the 700 or so live terror plots and 20,000 individuals classified as ‘closed subjects’ … are related to right-wing extremism”, MI5 did disclose that such cases are, quote, “absolutely dwarfed by the number of Islamist cases” being dealt with.

This is the case despite the fact that Britain’s white population, from which white nationalist extremists are presumably likely to recruit, is in excess of 50 million, while the Muslim population, from which Islamist extremists are likely recruiting, is officially only 2.7 million – suggesting the radical Islamism presents a much more potent threat than the far right in terms of its capacity to radicalise people.

Yet muslims continue to be protected. Obama even refused to use the words “radical islamic terrorism” but that is no surprise. Obama is at heart a muslim – he spent his adolescent years in islamic schools in Indonesia and his biological father and step-father were both extremist muslims. Obama repeatedly maligned Christianity and said positive things about islam during his presidency and openly celebrated the islamic holy day of ramadan in publicized ceremonies at the White House.

Media skunks and their police friends and politician friends have often hesitated for days before identifying an obvious muslim terrorist attack as such. They usually say that they don’t have enough evidence or they start with a statement like, “There is no evidence yet that this is a terrorist attack…” or “police have not yet found a motive for the attack”.

But it has gotten even worse. Within 24 hours of the recent terror attack by a Turkish muslim on a trolley in the Netherlands many media outlets were reporting that the attack may have been a “family dispute”. Agence France-Presse reported:

Dutch officials say they are still investigating a possible terrorist link to the deadly Utrecht attack but cannot rule out a family dispute

So where did this ‘family dispute’ narrative come from?

It certainly was fabricated by either a leftist media skunk or by a pro-muslim activist and inserted into the media so that it could be repeated over and over in order to confuse and distract us from the real reason for the attack – muslim hatred of the Western nations that they have willingly moved into. This hatred comes from muslims’ sense of inferiority in the advanced nations.

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