Fake News Media Indeed is the “Enemy of the American People”

When president Trump tweeted that the Fake News media “is the enemy of the American people” he was correct. Here is the actual tweet from February 17, 2017:

The FAKE NEWS media (failing @nytimes, @NBCNews, @ABC, @CBS, @CNN) is not my enemy, it is the enemy of the American People!

This tweet is still reverberating today, showing how Trump has mastered the media.

In this case he was talking about the “FAKE NEWS media”. This is an important distinction. He is not even talking about the rabidly biased, anti-conservative media which itself is a corrupt, destructive and manipulative force.

Trump is talking about those members of the media who have brazenly exaggerated, fabricated and lied, for instance about Russia collusion or about Trump telling his lawyer to lie, or complaining that Trump took two scoops of ice cream for dessert (remember that one), etc.

This includes virtually everyone in the Mainstream Media (NBC, ABC, CNN, New York Times, Huffington Post, comedians, Hollywood, Bill Maher, National Public Radio, etc). And he is 100% correct. Such media are poison to liberty – lying, fabrication and censorship are the tools of tyrants.

The latest scam came when media skunks edited Trump’s comments from May 2018 about MS-13 to make it sound like he was calling all illegal immigrants “animals”. But he was referring specifically to MS-13.

Donald Trump Jr. has expanded on his father’s thoughts. Fox News reported recently:

President Trump’s son echoed his father’s frequent criticism of the press on Sunday, calling the media “a blight on our republic” in the wake of the conclusion of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report on Russian interference into the 2016 election.

“A blight…” That is so true. But then again everything emanating from the Democrat left is a blight from militant environmentalism that threatens our very way of life to the destructive Welfare State to illegal immigrants flooding into the US by the millions. Fox News continued:

Speaking to Fox News’ Howard Kurtz on “Media Buzz” … Trump Jr. added that he believes mainstream media outlets have done “irreparable damage” to themselves with the coverage of the Mueller investigation, and the coverage of the Trump administration overall.

“They did a terrible disservice to this country, to journalism as a profession,” he said. “I think they’ve done irreparable damage to the faith that the average American is going to have in terms of mainstream journalism. I think it’s a blight on our republic, on democracy, and on our Constitution that’s not going to come undone very quickly.”

These media skunks never in their wildest dreams imagined just a few years ago that Donald Trump would be elected president and then that he would lead these media companies to harm themselves so seriously in their psychotic reaction to his presidency.

It is amazing to watch. Trust in the media among Americans has plummeted sharply in the Age of Trump after it had fallen significantly even before Trump.

CNN has sunk into the basement, and while MSNBC ratings soared during the Mueller “witch hunt” they crashed after Mueller exonerated the president. Good. The president recently tweeted:

“The Fake News Media is going Crazy! They are suffering a major “breakdown,” have ZERO credibility or respect, & must be thinking about going legit. I have learned to live with Fake News, which has never been more corrupt than it is right now. Someday, I will tell you the secret!”

He tweeted about Trump-hater Morning Joe Scarborough of MSNBC:

Wow, ratings for “Morning Joe,” which were really bad in the first place, just “tanked” with the release of the Mueller Report. Likewise, other shows on MSNBC and CNN have gone down by as much as 50%. Just shows, Fake News never wins!

These tweets must be infuriating to these media hounds. After decades in which they controlled everything that the nation heard they have lost their monopoly to ‘We the people’, talk radio, the internet, Fox News and finally to president Trump.

This is causing these media snakes enormous pain, economic harm and psychological damage. Unemployment among left-wing journalists has spiked and liberal newspapers across the nation are shrinking and even closing. We can expect this trend to continue in the next decade. It will be delicious to watch.

We truly needed a bold leader who is willing to strike back and not cower before the media, which Republicans have done for decades. Even Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway is hitting back hard. The Daily Caller reports:

Attorney George Conway has been a vocal critic of President Donald Trump — calling him, among other things, a narcissist and claiming that he is “unfit for office” — but what makes his criticisms of particular interest to many in the media is the fact that he is married to White House senior advisor Kellyanne Conway.

(Fox News’ Chris) Wallace brought up several of George’s recent tweets during a Sunday morning interview with Kellyanne — also mentioning Trump’s response to the attacks.

“I don’t want you to fight,” Wallace explained. “I guess the question I have to ask, bottom line, final question, has this hurt your marriage?”

Conway snapped back immediately, calling his question “inappropriate.” She said:

What are you, Oprah now? What, am I on a couch and you are a psychiatrist? I think it’s a really inappropriate question, and here’s why. That’s the line over which nobody should have crossed. So, if you want to talk about policy issues, policy disagreement, the fact that George Conway, my husband, would prefer that I not work in the White House, I guess you can ask those questions. The president has weighed in, I’ve weighed in as modestly as I can. But now you’re asking a very personal question and I would say to you, you should go ask it of many people. I see messy lives living in glass houses all over both cities in which I live.

“I’m surprised that people would ask that question,” Conway continued. She went on to call out other media personalities who had asked similar questions regarding the state of her marriage, saying, “I have seen homewreckers on TV as marital experts all of a sudden. It’s very amusing to me but I think people knew they crossed the line when they’re talking about people’s marriages.”

“My family has a right to their private life also,” Conway concluded. “I have children who are 14, 14, 11 and nine. And the reason it gets so much coverage, particularly by the mainstream media, is because George Conway now agrees with them.”

Wallace ended the segment with an apology. “As I said, I’m not comfortable asking it, it is what people are talking about,” he said. “If I offended you, I’m sorry.”

This was another smackdown in Trump’s war on the deceitful media. Kellyanne hit it out of the park. Most worrisome to the Fake News media is that president Trump has set a template for future conservatives and Republicans to strike back.

You would never see this type of pushback from George W. Bush’s White House. Bush put up with the media deceit for 8 full years without responding. So did Ronald Reagan. But those days are over with president Trump. And those days will never come back; the media have been crippled by a cancer that they can never overcome. The situation is terminal.

Trump Hitting Hard on Illegal Immigration

President Trump has threatened to close the Mexican border in response to Mexico’s failure to stem illegal immigration. Good. Trump is courageous and tough. Meanwhile UPI reported on March 30:

The State Department is following President Donald Trump’s call to punish Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador for migrant caravans by cutting off foreign aid to the three countries.

The United States has worked with those countries for years to stabilize their economies and political climates, so residents wouldn’t need to migrate, but Trump said he doesn’t feel like that’s paid off.

“We’re not paying them anymore because they haven’t done a thing for us,” Trump said Friday in Florida.

Trump directed the department to end all direct assistance to the Central American countries, ABC News reported.

“I’ve ended payments to Guatemala, to Honduras, and to El Salvador,” Trump said. “No money goes there anymore.”

Though this wasn’t Trump’s first threat to cut funds from the countries, known as the Northern Triangle, the State Department is following through this time.

“At [Secretary of State Mike Pompeo]’s instruction, we are carrying out the President’s direction and ending FY [fiscal year] 2017 and FY 2018 foreign assistance programs for the Northern Triangle,” a State Department spokesperson told ABC. “We will be engaging Congress as part of this process.”

Great. This president means business. He even has fired his Department of Homeland Security secretary for being weak on the border. Meanwhile here is an example of how bad things have gotten in Europe. Breitbart News reported:

The Hungarian government claims a suspected Islamic State terrorist who entered Europe posing as a refugee was in possession of a pre-paid debit card from the European Union, and that the EU has issued 64,000 such cards to migrants.

“A Syrian national by the name of F. Hassan was detained in Budapest by the officers of the Counter-terrorism Centre (TEK) on suspicion of acts of terror, including involvement in explosive attacks and carrying out multiple executions in his homeland in 2016,” reported Dr Zoltán Kovács, Hungary’s Secretary of State for International Communications international spokesman for the Cabinet Office of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán.

“TEK collaborated with Europol and the secret services of several countries to investigate the alleged criminal activities and European network of the Syrian man, who is thought to have been a high-ranking IS leader,” Kovács continued, describing how the asylum seeker had claimed he was working for the Greek security services after being discovered and brought to court.

“[T]his story has a deeply disturbing side,” he went on, claiming that, after initial denials, “the [European] Commission finally admitted that the United Nations and the European Union have been distributing [pre-paid debit] cards to migrants who have reached the territory of the EU” — with some 64,000 of them allegedly distributed to migrants “in January alone”.

“And it gets worse,” Kovács added. “Reports say that [the suggested jihadist] received a monthly payment of 500 (euros) ($560 US dollars) on his debit card. That’s well over today’s gross minimum wage in Hungary.”

“The pro-immigration interests in Brussels are going too far. How many European citizens would knowingly support half-baked ideas like distributing to migrants pre-paid debit cards, charged up with EU taxpayer money? Not only will it do nothing to stop migration, but worse, this will put the safety of Europeans at risk,” he blasted.

Indeed. Illegal immigration is awakening the conservative, secure-borders “sleeping giant” in Europe and in the US.

Here’s more. Breitbart News reported:

A vast network of British Asian gang members linked to Abu Hamza and the 7/7 (London terror) bombers infiltrated government agencies, defrauded taxpayers of billions of pounds, and funnelled tens of millions to Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda over 20 years, an investigation claims to have found.

The report suggests that, through a complex series of tactics, including exploitation of illegal immigration, benefits fraud, VAT fraud, and mortgage fraud, the gang managed to steal an astonishing L8 billion (British pounds).

These funds were allegedly used to provide lavish lifestyles for the gang’s members, including luxury cars and properties — but also helped bankroll Osama bin Laden’s notorious al-Qaeda network, claims a Sunday Times investigation

It is believed that L80 million was sent to the jihadists to help them fund their radical Islamic terrorist activities, with a source claiming that “MI5 had information that the ultimate destination for some of the money was Osama bin Laden’s compound in Abbottabad.”

The report indicated that investigators had found “20 potential internal fraud cases including (gang) members in government agencies” in one company alone, and that “infiltration was widespread”.

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