Reparations Already Paid/ Ocasio-Cortez Unmasked

First, here is a quick word about the call from Democrats for ‘reparations’ payments to American blacks for slavery:

But we already have paid reparations. calculates that blacks have taken $75 TRILLION in handouts on the federal, state and local level, in private charity and in-kind services over the last 60 years. In other words ‘reparations’ have been paid many times over.

Using figures given out by a national retailer’s group even estimates that blacks have shoplifted $400 billion worth of merchandise in the same period.

Now here is today’s main commentary”

Democrat congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez portrays herself as a perky hispanic ‘street kid’ from the Bronx who wants a better life for lower-income Americans. But Cortez is merely a pretty puppet for a militant marxist agenda.

She is proposing the most extreme ideas – to eliminate cars and airplanes, eliminate meat in our diet, open the borders, impose sky-high taxes on everyone and particularly on wealthy people, pay ‘reparations’ to blacks, and offer “free” college education and health care. Phew… The list goes on and on.

In other words she is promoting a radical agenda that most Americans don’t want. But her goal is not to get these things done in the next few years. Her goal is to inject these ideas into our national discourse so that they can be considered “normal” and be implemented over the next 25 years.

Who would have imagined 25 years ago that we would have gay marriage nationwide? Or legal marijuana in six states? Or 1 million illegals coming over the Mexican border in one year? Or worst of all that the FBI and federal Justice Department would have ganged up on president Trump in the greatest power abuse scandal in US history?

Nobody. Cortez represents the rise of the fanatical hispanic left in America which is taking its cues from extremist blacks who started out in the 1960s with Jesse Jackson and who now control black America with an iron fist, with little dissent.

This strategy already is working. Radical ideas were introduced in California decades ago and today California has virtually no Republican opposition to its far-left Democrat party. This is a result of mass illegal immigration and the imposition of more and more extreme social, economic and ‘green’ policies that have pushed the white middle class out.

Cortez and people like her are being backed directly or indirectly by hard-left mega-billionaires like George Soros (see below) and others like him in Silicon Valley, on Wall Street and in other areas of the economy. ‘The rich’ today are mostly on the political left. There are zero true conservatives on the Top 10 list of America’s wealthiest people.

Cortez’s agenda also is certainly getting financial and political support from international sources like the governments of Mexico, Iran, communist China, etc. which can all funnel billions of dollars of their nations’ wealth, and thousands of political operatives, to places that they want to influence. And the #1 target is America.

Consider the vast riches of 34-year old Mark Zuckerberg whose net worth ($68 billion) is 20 times Donald Trump’s wealth at age 72. Yet Trump is called a “rich Republican”.

Zuckerberg is an open-borders leftist. He has plenty of cash to support people like Cortez and her agenda in myriad ways, through small direct campaign contributions but much more effectively through big contributions to political action committees and activist groups. Worse Zuckerberg is using Facebook to manipulate what we see and hear in order to favor Cortez and her ideas.

Cortez makes a lot of mistakes but she is young and her behind-the-scenes handlers know that she cannot be correct every time. She knows that her mistakes in her first year in politics will be forgotten as time passes.

Cortez already is seeking to take control of the Democrats in the House of Representatives from speaker Nancy Pelosi. She has a group of ‘breakaway’ legislators behind her in the House who are growing in number, strength and media presence.

She also has the left-wing Fake News media behind her. They don’t care that she makes mistakes or that she lies, recently claiming, for instance, that illegal immigrant children are being “injected with drugs”. These media skunks eagerly repeat and echo her every pronouncement while ignoring her errors.

Her opposition in the Democrat party is fading. The whole party is shifting dramatically to the left and was doing so before she even broke onto the national scene in June 2018.

Cortez is young and that fits the leftist template to influence younger voters. Democrats have been pushing this tactic since the 1960s.

Cortez’s ultimate personal goal is to be president. When she is 35 years old, just six years from now, she could legally serve as president of the United States and you can rest assured that she is going to seek to get elected president as soon as she can.

On October 13, 2024 she will turn 35 which means that she could run for president in the 2024 election cycle and be old enough on inauguration day, January 20, 2025, to be president.

You can be sure that there will be calls for her to enter the 2024 race the moment that president Trump starts his second term on January 20, 2021, which expects will happen.

We should not sell this woman short and think that she can’t get elected; she already has more name recognition than most politicians in America who have been around for years or even decades. And if she runs and ends up with a passive Republican opponent like a Mitt Romney-type candidate then she could win.

Democrats across the country are becoming more and more radical along with Cortez. They are unapologetic extremists like muslim congresswomen Ilhan Omar of Minnesota and Rashida Tlaib of Michigan who join existing black and hispanic Democrat congressional extremists from American cities.

At the same time the Democrat party chairman is an activist left-wing hispanic named Tom Perez while the deputy chairman is a militant muslim socialist named Keith Ellison who also happens to be the recently-elected attorney general of Minnesota.

Democrats are also using tactics like “ballot harvesting”, ranked-choice voting and outright fraud to win elections. They even are talking about having felons vote from inside their prison cells.

It gets worse – when Democrats lose elections they now are refusing to accept the results saying that they were robbed, as Hillary Clinton has maintained since she lost. This sends ignoramus Democrat ‘base’ voters into a frenzy. The black Democrat gubernatorial candidate in Georgia who lost in 2018 is simply saying that she was cheated out of the election by racist whites.

This is another tactic of the reactionary left – to refuse to accept any legal election, as they are seeking to do with president Trump.

So even when they lose they still win somewhat by blaming white people and Republicans for their loss. Because this is a new and increasingly medieval Democrat party. And while their extremism may lose some elections today they are looking to win big ones down the road, including the White House.

Just look at how the black race hoaxster Jussie Smollett is arrogantly acting like he did nothing wrong whatsoever and has had the charges against him dropped.

Those charges were dropped by a radical black Cook County female prosecutor named Kim Foxx whose election was funded in part by the hard-left international currency manipulator Soros.

So don’t think that Cortez’s goals are out of reach. And today she has one big, juicy target on which to pin all of America’s problems – president Trump. These leftists are using the image of the president to energize their supporters.

There is some good news for us conservatives about Cortez, however. She recently posted a live video stream in which she angrily lashed out at her critics. So there are cracks forming in her smiling façade; the conservative media pressure is getting to her. It will be interesting to see if this glass princess shatters.

We conservatives have pointed out, for instance, that Cortez’s own mother left New York over its high taxes and moved to Florida. Or that Cortez does not know the basics of US government. Or that she angered her own party by playing a leading role in Amazon nixing its plan to bring 25,000 jobs to New York City.

Finally here is a quick word about Obama, who recently gave a speech in Germany in which he referred to himself 392 times! The Gateway Pundit reported:

Here’s the breakdown of his personal pronoun use (based on a rush transcript of the event):
“I” — 274
“Me” — 25
“My” — 31
“I’d” — 9
“I’m” — 41
“Myself” — 7
“Obama” — 5

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