MSNBC Lefty Chris Matthews Warns Democrats about 2020

Chris Matthews of MSNBC is one of the most rabid anti-Trumpers in all of the Fake News media. Matthews recently warned his liberal viewers about the 1972 election contest between incumbent Republican president Richard Nixon and ultra-liberal Democrat challenger George McGovern, a US senator from South Dakota.

Nixon won in a landslide, taking 49 electoral states and 60% of the popular vote. Matthews said:

“I have been thinking about who is going to take back the White House, who’s going to win the Democratic nomination next spring then go on to defeat Donald Trump in November 2020. What if the Democrats nominated a candidate who supports the key progressive issues of today, getting rid of the Electoral College, increasing the size of the U.S. Supreme Court, creating a government-run, national health system, paying a significant chunk of college tuition, liberalizing abortion laws, especially late in term and presenting immigration policies that would allow interpretation as open borders, including socialists, by the way, in the Democratic coalition? Suppose the candidate, she or he, carrying all those positions is the one picked to go up against Donald Trump. How will this choice strike the voters in such electoral swing states as Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Ohio, even Virginia and North Carolina?”

“What’s hard is to identify a leading candidate that is resisting the move to the left. Very hard because all seem determined to hold their own among those young, strongly progressive, often minority voters expected to make up the voting base in the early states. I have a strong memory of how this pattern of Democratic Party behavior worked out the last time the party went hard to the left. It was 1972. George McGovern was the chosen nominee. Everyone enjoyed themselves. The convention was giddy with excitement even if not that well organized. I was there watching the Massachusetts delegation actually dancing in a circle. They were so happy. The Democrats lost 49 states that year to Richard Nixon who not only carried the Electoral College, losing only Massachusetts and D.C. but 60 percent of the popular vote.”

“It could all be different, of course, on election night in 2020. Trump could get licked no matter who the Democrats put up. But these are facts to consider. One, almost half the Democratic Party electorate is either moderate or conservative. In other words, to the right of the Progressives. Two, independent voters are also to the right of the Democratic progressives. Three, so are the straight Republican voters a Democratic nominee might need. Bottom line: Going into the Democratic primaries is not the same as going to the country (in the general election).”

It is hilarious to remember the stunned lunatic reaction after Nixon won. One of their famous quotes was, “I can’t believe McGovern lost. Everyone I know voted for him…”

This quote shows the blindered insanity of the left. They think that the whole world revolves around them. They don’t understand that there is a world outside of theirs. That is why they all believed that Hillary would win easily – because all of their friends believed it.

Democrats could be heading for 1972 all over again. has said many times that left-wing militant Bernie Sanders may very well be the McGovern-like nominee in 2020 since he has played by the political rules, i.e., he ran and did very well in 2016 and thus is “next in line” for 2020.

And despite his being an old, white male Sanders’ radicalism excites the Democrats going into 2020. His most likely running mate? picks Kamala Harris, who is half-black and half-Indian (her father came from Jamaica and her mother came from India). Thus she pushes all of the politically-correct buttons for the Democrats – female, person of color, left-wing extremist, wants everything “free”, open borders, etc. believes that Trump’s chances of winning in 2020 are already strong and getting better every day for the following reasons:

*Trump will be the star of the ballot. 2020 will not be just Senate races, or House races or governors’ races like 2018 was. Trump will be at the top of the ballot and he will be going all out for re-election. He is not going to be shy or wimpy like Mitt Romney. He is going to use every means necessary to bludgeon the Democrats and their candidates.

And as the Democrats move further to the left, there will be much to bludgeon about. Trump will use his Twitter feed and his mass rallies to energize his “base” voters, savage the increasingly extreme Democrats and create the image that he is a winner.

*President Trump could win in a landslide like Nixon in 1972. That win came after the media hated Nixon almost as much as they hate Trump. And if Trump wins big he will bring up the whole Republican party with him – US Senate, House, governors, and state and local officials.

*Trump is the incumbent. This is always a huge advantage. As Democrats squabble during the 2020 primaries Trump will be acting presidential and mocking them in his tweets. He will be using the “bully pulpit” of the presidency to promote his agenda.

*Trump has his daughter Ivanka and son Donald Jr. as two of his most important surrogates. They are both attractive, well-mannered, respectable and popular, and are going to be effective stand-ins for the president in 2020.

Sanders has no such family members; his crazed followers can be summed up in one name – James Hodgkinson – the Sanders supporter who tried to assassinate those Republican congressmen at the baseball practice game in June 2017. If Sanders is the nominee Trump will point out all of the crazy people who are connected to Sanders.

*The two most important issues going into 2020 are immigration and the economy. Trump already has the economy in the bag, and he is working hard on immigration. He will be sure to remind voters of the terrible economy under Obama, and open borders too. recently was talking with a liberal who said that the Democrat party position on open borders frightens him. This fear is going to resonate across the country as the Democrats go all-in on open borders. This plays into Trump’s hands as it did in 2016.

*Democrats for Trump. Zero Hedge reported recently:

Approximately 34% of attendees at President Trump’s Thursday night rally in Grand Rapids, Michigan were registered Democrats, according to Trump’s 2020 campaign manager Brad Parscale.

Speaking on Saturday with Fox News’ Jesse Watters, Parscale explained that the campaign uses the phone numbers of attendees to look up their voter information.

“We had tens of thousands of registrants, I believe 34% of the people who came to the Michigan rally were Democrats,” said Parscale…

If this is true, these are the so-called ‘Reagan Democrats’ coming back to the Republican party. It started with Trump in 2016 and is likely to accelerate as the Democrat party moves to the far left.

We already know that millions of labor union members, who have voted Democrat for decades, are supporting Trump as he fights for manufacturing jobs in critical states like Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Indiana.

*President Trump won 57% of the electoral vote, and 30 states in 2016. believes that he will retain those states and could win 2 or 3 more states in 2020 and get 63% or more of the electoral votes in 2020, i.e., an electoral landslide.

After all Trump won in 2016 even though tens of millions of Americans did not trust him or believe that he could be a strong leader, fix the economy, conduct foreign policy or address illegal immigration. But now that he has proven himself he will get more votes in 2020 than in 2016.

*Blacks and hispanics are seeing record low unemployment under Trump. Their approval of Trump has skyrocketed. Their votes alone could swing crucial state elections since every black/hispanic vote is one vote less for Democrats and one more vote for Trump, i.e., a double whammy for Democrats.

*The Rasmussen poll, which is famous for accuracy, recently put Trump job approval at 53%, which was 7 points higher than Obama’s approval at the same point in his presidency. And Obama was re-elected easily over Mitt Romney.

But the national number is irrelevant. The most important approval numbers are in the states that Trump must win. And Trump’s approval in the ‘red’ states and ‘purple’ states is going to be higher than a national poll.

*If liberal Starbucks founder Howard Schultz runs in 2020 as an independent it will kill the Democrats. Schultz will drain away millions of votes from Democrats. Maybe more. This will hurt the Democrat ticket from president down to city council.

*The implosion of the Mueller investigation is playing strongly into Trump’s hands in 2020. Throughout the two years of the Mueller probe tens of millions of voters believed that Trump worked with the Russians and was going down.

Now that Mueller has come up empty Trump is going to ask for and get a big sympathy vote in 2020. He is going to say, “They have been very unfair to me.” And millions of fair-minded Americans will agree.

*We are going to hear the name “Venezuela” from president Trump many times in the 2020 campaign. He used it effectively in 2018 to win US Senate seats. He will portray communist Venezuela as the model that the radical left follows to promise people a better future but that then destroys the whole country.

‘Bolshevik Bernie’ Sanders even took his 1988 honeymoon in the communist Soviet Union. There are videos of Sanders partying with communists way back then. This is great footage for the Trump re-election campaign.

*Ocasio-Cortez will be a major target of Trump. When Cortez helped to torpedo Amazon’s plan to create 25,000 jobs in New York City, that was very bad news for her and her leftist comrades and the Democrat party. President Trump is going to exploit that event, guaranteed. Even many New York Democrats are furious at Cortez.

*The Fake News media have suffered enormously under the Trump presidency, most notably CNN. Voters trust the media much less than they did just two years ago. This is going to redound strongly to Trump’s benefit in 2020 as the Fake News media become more extreme and cranky and partisan in favor of Democrats.

*Long-time Democrat strategist Doug Schoen recently predicted that his own party is on the way to self-destruction in 2020. Anti-Trump Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank also has warned that Democrats may be heading for a big fall. Increasing numbers of nervous Democrats and left-wing media skunks like Chris Matthews see this happening too. Good. Bring it on.

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