Ghoulish Liberals Sink Deeper into ‘Human Composting’

Today’s far-left Democrat party liberalism is a mental disorder. It favors chaos over order, like we have in illegal immigration. It favors poverty over prosperity as we see in communist nations like Venezuela and North Korea. And it favors death over life as we see in their radical advocacy of abortion, assisted suicide, defense of criminals, etc.

Democrats’ ghoulishness has hit a new low in ultra-liberal Washington state, which has significant Democrat majorities in its state legislature, and a wacko Democrat governor. Fox News reports:

Washington state lawmakers on Friday passed a bill that would allow residents to take part in “natural organic reduction” of human remains, citing in part research that said careful composted human remains could be safe for use in a household garden, reports said.

OK, this is the social and cultural rock bottom. This is how liberals and Democrats incrementally introduce us to their “culture of death”, to turn all of us against any decent kind of behavior or respect for life. To spread human remains in your yard, and particularly in your garden, is one of the most disgusting things that has ever heard of.

And since the Washington governor Jay Inslee, who is running for president in 2020, is a lunatic ‘greenie’ and “climate change” alarmist we can expect him to sign this bill since he is obviously deranged. Fox News continued:

The report pointed out that the measure has been several years in the making. There was a trial that involved six (people) who agreed to organic reduction. The results were positive and “the soil smelled like soil and nothing else,” the report said.

Yes, until you think about what is in your soil. Then it becomes repulsive. Fox News continued:

Troy Hottle, a fellow at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, told the paper that the method is as “close to the natural process of decomposition [as] you’d assume a body would undergo before we had an industrialized society.”

We would expect the crazed, left-wing EPA to sign on. But natural decomposition in the past never involved putting it on gardens. Fox News continued:

“People from all over the state who wrote to me are very excited about the prospect of becoming a tree or having a different alternative for themselves,” Democratic state Sen. Jamie Pedersen told NBC.

This, friends, is a new low for liberals. NBC reported about the process:

When Americans die, most are buried or cremated. Washington could soon become the first state to allow another option: human composting.

The novel approach, known as “recomposition,” involves placing bodies in a vessel and hastening their decomposition into a nutrient-dense soil that can then be returned to families. The aim is a less expensive way of dealing with human remains that is better for the environment than burial…

“People from all over the state who wrote to me are very excited about the prospect of becoming a tree or having a different alternative for themselves,” said state Sen. Jamie Pedersen, a Democrat, who is sponsoring a bill in Washington’s Legislature to expand the options for disposing of human remains. The recomposition bill would also make Washington the 17th state to allow alkaline hydrolysis, the dissolving of bodies in a pressurized vessel with water and lye until just liquid and bone remains. Pedersen plans to introduce the bill when the new legislative session begins next month.

Pedersen sees recomposition as an environmental and a social justice issue. He said allowing it would particularly benefit people who can’t afford a funeral or aren’t comfortable with cremation. Recompose aims to charge $5,500 for its services, while a traditional burial generally cost more than $7,000 in 2017, according to the National Funeral Directors Association. (Cremation can cost less than $1,000, though that doesn’t include a service or an urn.)

Disgusting… dissolving bodies in lye. This sounds like a ‘green’ disaster and is morally vile. Cremation is much cheaper and cleaner for those who can’t afford traditional funerals. This crazy “recomposition” is actually very expensive, i.e., another subsidy for the ‘greenies’ who are promoting this idea as better than burial or cremation. Fox News continues:

The push to allow composting of human remains originates with Katrina Spade, 41, a Seattle-based designer who started focusing on the idea in 2013 while working on her master’s in architecture at the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

Oh, OK, so there you go. University of Massachusetts is wacko land.

(Spade) worked with researchers at Western Carolina University and the Washington State University to turn her vision, which she dubbed “recomposition,” into reality. The process involves placing unembalmed human remains wrapped in a shroud in a 5-foot-by-10-foot cylindrical vessel with a bed of organic material such as wood chips, alfalfa and straw. Air is then periodically pulled into the vessel, providing oxygen to accelerate microbial activity. Within approximately one month, the remains are reduced to a cubic yard of compost that can be used to grow new plants.

Don’t believe this “within approximately one month” nonsense. ‘Greenies’ lie about everything to get their ideas accepted.

So imagine bodies lying around for months waiting to decompose. This is revolting. This sounds like a typical loony-bird idea from the left that will create vastly more problems than it solves. What about the smell? NBC reported:

Recompose, a public-benefit corporation Spade founded in 2017 to expand research and development of her concept, recently co-sponsored a $75,000 pilot program through Washington State University.

So there you go… taxpayer dollars from a state university supports this stupidity.

Meanwhile Monday, April 22 was ‘earth day’. And in case you don’t know the first ‘earth day’ was April 22, 1970 which happened to have been the 100th anniversary to the day of the birth of genocidal communist dictator Vladimir Lenin of Russia. This is no coincidence since environmentalism is really communism all dressed up in ‘green’.

The Daily Caller reported:

Here’s something horrifying about the self-described co-founder of Earth Day: He murdered and composted his girlfriend.

Environmental activist and self-proclaimed Earth Day co-founder Ira Einhorn had a dark side. Einhorn was found guilty of murdering his ex-girlfriend and stuffing her “composted” body inside a trunk, NBC News reported in 2011.

(Holly) Maddux broke up with Einhorn after five years of being together. Enraged, he threatened to throw Maddux’s belongings onto the street if she didn’t come by to get them. She went to Einhorn’s apartment to retrieve them on Sept. 9, 1977, but was never seen again.

Maddux went missing after going out to the neighborhood co-op to buy tofu and sprouts, Einhorn told police several weeks later. However, 18 months later, authorities searched his apartment after neighbors complained that a “reddish-brown, foul-smelling liquid was leaking from the ceiling directly below Einhorn’s bedroom closet,” NBC News reported.

In the closet, police found Maddux’s “beaten and partially mummified body stuffed into a trunk that had also been packed with Styrofoam, air fresheners and newspapers,” according to NBC News.

Einhorn jumped bail and spent 23 years evading authorities and hiding out all over Europe. Finally, he was caught and extradited to the U.S. from France, where he was put on trial and convicted of murder. He is currently serving a life sentence.

Thus Einhorn well represents the origins of environmentalism in violence and anti-human behavior. It continues today with “human composting”.

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