Liberals Love Conservatism/ Trump Moves Fast on Judges

In case you did not know, or have been propagandized to think otherwise, liberals secretly love conservatism.

Consider this everyday example: Staunch left-wing Democrats who live in places like New York City often vacation in very conservative, rural places like small towns in Upstate New York. They love the little towns and the countryside and the farms and the open spaces.

On the other hand I have never heard about conservative people from Upstate New York vacationing in New York City. Many Upstaters have never even been to the city and don’t care to go there.

And so you wonder: If liberals hate conservatives so much why do they spend so much time among conservatives and enjoy it so much?

Good question. Here is another example:

More than 40 million Americans from very liberal states like California, Massachusetts, New York, Vermont and Illinois have been fleeing their states over the last 50 years and going to conservative states like Texas, Georgia and Florida. This includes tens of millions of liberals looking for a better life.

Why do they go? The liberals say they hate conservatives but then they then run at top speed to live in conservative states while running away from their own ideology. On the other hand does not see any movement of conservatives to liberal states.

Another example: Young American women, including many radical feminists, desperately want to attend schools that were founded as all-men’s colleges like Harvard, Yale, Williams and others.

Why? There are all-women’s colleges like Wellesley (where Hillary went to school). Why don’t they go to all-women schools?

Good question. But the answer is easy – feminists are secretly in love with these conservative men’s colleges and want to be part of them despite their alleged hatred of men.

At the same time we see very small numbers of men who want to go to women’s colleges just like Upstate rural conservatives don’t want to go to New York City on vacation or people from successful conservative states don’t want to move to failing liberal states.

Think about the mass migration in the world today. Millions of dark-skinned, poor people, including muslims, are migrating from all over the world to the United States, a nation founded on capitalist, Christian principles by conservative white men.

Why are these immigrants so desperate to come to America? After all, liberals say over and over that America is unfair, sexist, racist, homophobic, etc. and that “people of color” are going to be treated unfairly if they come to America.

Shouldn’t these immigrants be running to communist Cuba or China or North Korea, where everyone allegedly has “rights”? Or to Africa? Or to muslim countries?

No, we know that they are desperate to come to the United States because the conservative principles on which America was founded have produced the most prosperous and free nation in history.

The reason that liberals are attracted subliminally and profoundly to conservatism is that conservatism is the superior ideology and produces the most happiness and human fulfillment.

Yet conservatism is not even an ideology. It is simple common sense. For instance the conservative nuclear family is the best unit for social stability; conservative capitalism is the best and most natural economic system; conservative gun ownership guarantees individual rights and defense and fends off tyranny; the conservative Christian faith has produced the most human progress: and nations must have strong borders to maintain their sovereignty and durability, as conservatives always say.

Here are some other examples of liberals being attracted to conservative institutions:

*Christian churches: These churches have been founded over 2,000 years as conservative institutions. Yet today many American churches have been infiltrated and taken over by liberal and left-wing ministers and who preach about abortion, homosexuality, open borders and ‘climate change’.

Even the Catholic pope Francis is a communist. He studied communism as a youth in Argentina and now is bringing a radical, left-wing point of view to the top of the church.

Yet we must wonder how this pope survived for decades in the conservative Catholic church.

And the reason is simple and two-fold: He recognized the church’s religious, cultural and historical importance to its followers for thousands of years; and he is a communist weasel who saw an opportunity to work his way up to the top where he is undermining the church.

*Energy: We conservatives support energy development to provide abundant oil, coal and natural gas. This has given the United States one of the highest standards of living in the history of the world.

Yet the most prolific consumers of gasoline, heating oil, jet fuel and natural gas are liberals and environmentalists, i.e., the ones who want to restrict our energy supplies and get us off of oil.

Just look at the goons in Hollywood who fly around on their private jets. Look at how environmentalists themselves fly all around the world on a regular basis to go backpacking and bird-watching. Or they drive hundreds of miles to hike up a mountain. They are lucky we have abundant fuel for their travels.

Look at all of the rich liberals in our cities who own vacation homes all around the US and the world. Each home consumes large amounts of oil, natural gas and electricity for heating and cooling.

Look at the ultra-wealthy and ultra-liberal ski resort town of Aspen, Colorado, which uses more energy per-person than any other town in America, to get there and to run the ski lifts and heat the condominiums and ship in all the food and supplies to its remote location.

It is fortunate for all of these rich liberals that we conservatives have assured ample energy supplies for their extravagant lifestyles.

*Children and grandchildren: Perhaps you have noticed liberals slobbering over their children and grandchildren, like the Kennedy family does. has seen it over and over.

Yet these are the same people who malign us conservatives for supporting the nuclear family and opposing abortion.

*The military: Why do so many women and homosexuals want to serve in the US military? Answer: Because the US military, founded by conservative white men, is cool and offers amazing and unique opportunities for advancement.

*Hollywood: Many Hollywood film and TV producers have left liberal California to make their shows and movies in cheaper places like Georgia, which is now called The Hollywood of the South.

Why? If Georgia and conservatives are so awful, why do the liberals flock there? Answer: Because liberals are secretly in love with conservatism. The Washington Times reported about Georgia:

The money multiplied, and in fiscal year 2015, production companies spent $1.7 billion on 248 projects, an increase from the $1.3 billion spent in fiscal year 2014 which was already a more than 500 percent increase from 2008.

*Corporations: Why do so many liberals, including feminists and blacks, want to work for US corporations? Aren’t these corporations conservative institutions founded by white men? Didn’t the ‘hippies’ of the 1960s say that the corporations were evil?

They sure did but then the ‘hippies’ cut their hair, donned suits and joined the same corporations by the millions.

And these corporations indeed are very regimented in their capitalist structure. But even liberals know that these companies offer great opportunities like no other institution in the world.

On other side of the coin, we don’t see conservatives joining and working their way up into leadership positions in left-wing feminist groups, labor unions, pro-abortion groups or ‘green’ groups. There are two reasons for this:

First, conservatives are true to themselves. They will not join a group and spend years inside, say, a pro-abortion group if they are pro-life. It is not in our character to do so.

Second, these left-wing groups are extremely intolerant and suspicious and they filter out anyone who is not one of them. If a conservative ever suggested something out of line to a liberal group like nuclear power to a ‘green’ group, he would be forced out of that group.

If a conservative joined a labor union and started to talk about being more accommodating to business leaders, he would be tossed out.

Remember the Golden Rule: Liberals do not tolerate dissent but conservatives do.

This is why, for instance, that allegedly conservative Republican Utah US senator Orrin Hatch became such a liberal. He was smooth-talked by left-wing US senator Ted Kennedy of Massachusetts into working with Kennedy on many pieces of legislation. Hatch did not understand that he was being undermined. He simply felt good to be “compromising” with Kennedy, even though Hatch was really compromising his own ideals and Kennedy was not.

This is how liberals undermine conservatives. They sweet-talk conservatives into being liberal with the media pushing them along. But if you try to go the other way, conservatives can never sweet-talk liberals into being conservative. It is a one-way street.

Trump is Moving Fast on Judges

Here is some excellent news about president Trump’s selection of judges, which is one of the major reasons that the election of Trump was so important to conservatism.

This is also one of the major reasons that Democrats are so panicked about the Trump presidency. The Daily Caller reports:

President Donald Trump and Senate Republicans are setting historic records for appeals court confirmations.

Trump’s nominees have skewed the circuit courts rightward, and might flip two appellate courts to majority Republican control by the end of 2019.

Despite success at the circuit court level, vacancies on federal trial courts have ballooned, as have the number of courts classified as so-called “judicial emergencies.”

The Senate confirmed President Donald Trump’s 100th judicial nominee Thursday, passing a symbolic threshold meant to signal the GOP’s determined push to staff the federal judiciary with conservative jurists.

As of this writing, the president has appointed 102 judges to the federal bench. That total includes 63 trial judges, 37 appeals judges and two Supreme Court justices.

“Today marks an incredible milestone as the Senate confirmed President Trump’s 100th judicial nominee,” said Carrie Severino, chief counsel of the Judicial Crisis Network. “This is a big win for the country to have judges who fairly apply the law and adhere to the Constitution sitting on our nation’s most prized courts.”

Though Trump and the Senate Republican caucus have processed nominees with stunning proficiency, the administration has not yet overcome left-leaning majorities on many federal appeals courts, while a burgeoning number of trial court vacancies present a daunting challenge.

The Senate reached the 100-judge mark with the confirmation of Rodolfo “Rudy” Armando Ruiz to the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida on a 90-8 vote. Ruiz is a state court judge and a member of the Federalist Society, a conservative legal group that advises the White House of judgeships. The confirmations of Raul Manuel Arias-Marxuach to the District of Puerto Rico and Joshua Wolson to the Eastern District of Pennsylvania followed.

With 37 appointments to the circuit courts, Trump and GOP lawmakers have set a record for appellate confirmations. By way of comparison, former President Barack Obama had 18 circuit court appointments at this juncture of his presidency, while former President George W. Bush had 30.

The nation’s 12 circuit courts hear appeals from the federal trial courts. Since the Supreme Court reviews approximately 75 disputes each term, the circuit panels render the final decision in the overwhelming majority of federal cases.

That astounding clip was enabled by a sequence of changes Republican lawmakers made to Senate process over bitter Democratic objections. The Republican-led Senate Judiciary Committee has held at least a dozen hearings in which multiple circuit nominees testified before the panel, a break from prior practice in which appellate nominees generally appeared before the committee one at a time.

Good for president Trump. He has saved us from the tyranny of the left.

General Motors has Shifted to the Left

General Motors was considered a conservative, capitalist company for most of its existence. But in the last 30 years it has veered way to the Democrat left precisely as it is failing.

When Obama bailed out GM with $50 billion in taxpayer dollars in 2009 that cemented the company to the Democrat party. And now we have more proof.

Today there is an internet advertisement where the announcer says that he is meeting with various families to look at Chevy SUVs. He says, “I’m here with the Cortezes, Lawsons, Carnevales…” to show you the family of Chevy SUVs.

This is interesting since the first family that he mentions is “the Cortezes”. And that just happens to be the name of the radical Democrat congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

This is no coincidence. So you can see how GM has moved to the left in very sly ways. Meanwhile GM just threw 15,000 workers out of a job in Ohio and Michigan. This is also the way that the socialist left treats “the common man” whom it claims to love – profits before people.

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