Transcontinental RR: 150 Years!/ 2020 Dems are a Sad Bunch

Wow! 150 years ago, on May 10, 1869, the “Golden Spike” was driven at Promontory, Utah, completing the transcontinental American railroad.

Two separate lines – one coming east from California and the other going west from Omaha, Nebraska – were joined in a raucous ceremony that is famously documented in a black-and-white photo.

Promontory is north of the Great Salt Lake. The route is steep and is no longer used. Trains crossing Utah and Nevada now go either south of the Lake or straight across the middle of the lake on a causeway.

In 1975 hopped an eastbound Southern Pacific freight train out of Reno, Nevada and rode it 500 miles across Nevada and then across the middle of the Great Salt Lake during a cold, gray June sunrise. What an experience…

This transcontinental thread traversed Nebraska, Wyoming, Utah, Nevada and then entered California down through the Sierra Nevada on what is known as Donner Pass, one of the spectacular US train-watching sites. The route terminates at Oakland, just across the bay from San Francisco.

The importance of this route in opening up the American West is incalculable and it was followed by other continent-spanning lines like the Southern Pacific linking New Orleans to California on the legendary Sunset Route; the Santa Fe, which connected Chicago to Los Angeles and San Francisco through northern Arizona; James J. Hill’s Great Northern, which tied St. Paul, Minnesota to Seattle through northern Montana; and the Northern Pacific, coupling the same cities along a more southerly route through Montana.

Today, all of these routes are operated either by Union Pacific or the BNSF Railway. And along with the two major Eastern lines CSX and Norfolk Southern, they make up the most efficient railroad in the world.

This system hauls freight and anyone who knows anything about trains knows that this is the greatest railroad on earth, transporting 1.8 TRILLION ton-miles of freight annually on 140,000 miles of track with 22,000 locomotives and 1.5 million rail cars. Meanwhile China’s “high-speed” passenger train system is a piddling 19,000 miles and is hyped all over the world media.

Today the original transcontinental route is all Union Pacific. It passes through Nebraska on a triple-track line that sees 150 freight trains a day, every one of them going through Bailey Yard in North Platte, the largest rail yard in the world.

Union Pacific recently operated the maiden run of its world-famous Big Boy locomotive, built in the 1940s. It was the largest and most powerful steam locomotive ever constructed, built by the American Locomotive Company of Schenectady, New York. Big Boy was retired in the 1950s and then restored over the last few years. What a spectacular machine.

Happy 150th birthday to our great Transcontinental Railroad. And to all those who built it and those who operate it today.

2020 Democrats are a Sad & Foolish Bunch

The Democrat candidates lining up run in 2020 against president Trump are a sad bunch. This is why Trump is on his way to re-election.

Democrats continue to misunderstand America. They still think that Trump’s election was a fluke and that we all regret voting for him. Yet the Rasmussen poll, which is famous for accuracy, recently reported that Trump’s national approval number was a whopping 53% which is 7 points higher than Obama’s number in the Rasmussen poll at the same point in his presidency (in April 2011). And Obama was easily re-elected in 2012.

Democrats think that Trump can be easily beaten. Here again they are making a mistake. Trump is a strong leader and Americans know it; this is going to be very hard to overcome. Trump also has a huge advantage as the incumbent. So let us look at those who are running so far on the Democrat ticket in 2020:

*Joe Biden: wrote about Biden in a recent column called Biden Collusion With China, Ukraine being Revealed (see Recent Posts to the right of this column).

This is major corruption. believes that it ultimately will disqualify Biden from getting the Democrat nomination or becoming president.

Don’t think that Biden is a shoo-in just because he currently has a big lead in the primary polls. That lead will shrink as Biden’s corruption, and his other weaknesses, becomes better known.

Biden also is 76 years old and he has mental problems – probably the beginning of dementia – since he had an aneurysm in 1988 that was repaired but that apparently affected his brain.

That is why he says crazy things like “a three-letter word, J-O-B-S….” or claimed recently that the leader of Britain is Margaret Thatcher, who was prime minister from 1979 to 1990. Or he talks in chopped up and incomplete sentences that don’t make sense.

When this is all exposed Biden will fall rapidly in popularity.

Much of the big money in the Democrat party is running to Biden as the most moderate candidate because these donors know that the party’s extremism can’t beat Trump. Yet the rest of the field is all extremists like:

*’Bolshevik Bernie’ Sanders is a lunatic and well represents the Democrat party. He is an arrogant socialist. His home state of Vermont is in an economic free-fall after decades of slavish obeisance to Sanders-type policies.

In 1988 Sanders took his honeymoon in the communist Soviet Union when that nation still was the global nemesis of the US. This visit would be just one tool against Sanders in a matchup against president Trump.

Sanders is basically a Jewish communist. He wants everything for “free” – college education, health care, housing, etc. If he is the nominee Trump will sink him easily. Trump will be unafraid to call Sanders exactly what he is.

Sanders has descended further into madness. Breitbart News reported:

Monday during a CNN town hall event from New Hampshire, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), a candidate for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination was asked about giving convicted felons the ability to vote.

Among those the questioner included was the Boston Marathon bomber and those that were guilty of sexual assault.

Sanders argued they indeed should be granted voting rights, adding that he saw the proposition as a slippery slope.

“[I] think the right to vote is inherent to our democracy,” Sanders said. “Yes, even for terrible people because once you start chipping away — you say, ‘That guy committed a terrible crime, we’re not going to let him vote,’ or ‘that person did that,’ you’re running down a slippery slope.”

“So, I believe people who commit crimes, they pay the price and they get out of jail, they certainly should have the right to vote,” he added. “But, I believe even if they are in jail, they’re paying the price to society, but that should not take away their inherent American right to participate in our democracy.”

This guy is a kook. President Trump would defeat him soundly.

*Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts was once one of the most talked-about candidates. But she has largely fallen off the radar screen. Even the kooks in the Democrat party know a loser when they see one.

It is amazing that Warren has not quit the race in embarrassment over her laughable claims to be of native American heritage. But then again Democrats are famous for shamelessness.

*Terry McAuliffe is the former one-term governor of Virginia and a long-time Clinton lackey. His candidacy thus far has generated zero excitement and for good reason; McAuliffe has no personality and he is closely allied with the Clintons’ sinking ship.

McAuliffe even posted a bizarre campaign ad on his website showing a crab sitting on the head of an albino alligator(?!) There’s something really wrong with this guy.

McAuliffe is corrupt. He was famously involved in a 1990s financial scandal called Global Crossing. If he were to be the presidential nominee this would be exposed. McAuliffe is alleged to have profited up to $18 million in that scandal.

*Cory Booker: This black former mayor of the failed, dangerous and crime-ridden city of Newark, NJ – known as “the carjacking capital of America“ – has not caught fire as he had hoped. He embarrassed himself so badly with his “Spartacus moment” at the Kavanuagh hearings that he set himself up for permanent ridicule.

Booker thinks he is the New Obama. And he is. He will do for the country what Obama did – wreck the economy such that America will look like Newark after four years of Booker. This guy is dumb as a bag of hammers.

*Beto O’Rourke: This guy is another loser who has faded quickly. Recently he said that he would not only oppose president Trump’s border wall but would tear down existing border barriers.

With the surge in illegal crossings, however, the issue of immigration has become very hot. Beto’s promise to dismantle existing border has killed his chances. Even leftists like Sanders and Obama are running away from the open-borders label.

O’Rourke is a Kennedy wannabe and he has shown his Kennedy-like qualifications. In 1998 he was involved in a drunk-driving accident and fled the scene. He also is wealthy from his father’s money.

O’Rourke has little to recommend him for being president. He has been a three-term US congressman and served on the city council of El Paso, Texas. That is not “leader of the free world” material. Beto’s Fifteen Minutes of Fame have passed.

One more gem from Beto: His income tax filing showing showed that he and his wife had given a measly $1,166 to charity in 2017 despite having a combined income of $370,412. This is a typical liberal – generous with Other People’s Money but skinflints with their own money.

*”Angry Amy” Klobuchar is the US senator from Minnesota. This female is about as exciting as dirt and she has a reputation for being a cruel, vindictive boss. She is fading quickly. To make matters worse senators do not make good presidents. Just look at Obama.

*Peter Buttigieg is the homosexual mayor of South Bend, Indiana. He is another political do-nothing. South Bend is a decrepit city, like Newark. And Buttigieg is only 37 years old, far too young to even think of being president.

Buttigieg has an answer for everything since he is essentially a communist who wants everything for “free” (health care, college education, universal income, etc.). This is no surprise since his father was a marxist, anti-American professor at Notre Dame University, which is in South Bend.

He says that “capitalism has let a lot of people down”. And if this is his approach and he is the nominee then he will lose to president Trump in a landslide. Americans don’t want socialism and don’t believe its fake promises. They see Trump’s brand of capitalism producing big benefits for the people already.

Meanwhile Buttigieg doesn’t seem to be able to explain how homosexuals have spread deadly AIDS for decades without taking any personal responsibility whatsoever.

Buttigieg is offering the same old thing that Obama and Bill Clinton gave us. He said:

“The forces of change in our country today are tectonic. Forces that help to explain what made this current presidency even possible. That’s why, this time, it’s not just about winning an election — it’s about winning an era.”

So he wants us to trust a young mayor who can’t even run a small city in Indiana. Fat chance.

*Andrew Yang: This guy once again proves that Asians do not understand Western culture. Yang is a far-left activist who wants everything ‘free’ like a ‘guaranteed income’ for all Americans.

But we already have that under president Trump. It is called “a job”.

Yang came out of the Ivy League and thus it is no surprise that he is basically a communist. This is ironic since his parents immigrated to the US from Taiwan, which was an island nation formed by anti-communist Chinese who fled mainland China in 1949.

Question: Why hasn’t Yang moved to communist China to be with like-minded people? Answer: Because only in America could a twit like Yang run for president and be taken seriously by Democrats.

Interestingly Yang wrote a book called Smart People Should Build Things which contradicts Democrat orthodoxy that stupid, poor people on welfare should run the world.

*US senator Kamala Harris of California: This far-left fanatic has faded quickly after announcing her candidacy in January. This shows how little staying power these Democrats have even with full media support. On the other hand Donald Trump soared to the White House with the media totally against him.

*Congressman Tim Ryan of Ohio: This is another one of those unknown guys who comes out of nowhere and thinks that he is going to “do a Trump” and win the White House on his first try. Keep dreamin’, congressman… Maybe you could do something to help your suffering district in Ohio before seeking higher office, like keeping the General Motors plants open.

*John Hickenlooper, former governor of Colorado: It’s a terrible name for a candidate. Cross him off the list.

*California congressman Eric Swalwell: He plans to run almost exclusively on overturning the 2nd Amendment. Good luck with that. Perhaps Swalwell could try to solve the crisis of 150,000 homeless on the streets of California cities before telling the rest of us what to do.

*New York US senator Kirstin Gillibrand is another lightweight and another bland, pretty face. She was a conservative Democrat congresswoman who has swerved to the far left along with her party. She has a bad habit of using profanity in some of her speeches to show how “cool” she is to young people and to deranged leftists. But it really is a sign of immaturity and bad character. An added bizarre note: Her father was once involved with an Albany, New York sex cult called NXIVM. Weird!

*Former San Antonio, Texas mayor Julian Castro is just another shallow, open-borders hispanic bureaucrat. If he is so smart maybe he should go to Mexico where his mother came from and try to fix that awful place instead of railing against America. And take a few million illegal aliens with him.

*Washington state governor Jay Inslee: This wacko is Mr. Climate Change. That is all that he talks about. Yet in poll after poll few people even consider “climate change” to be a concern since the climate has been changing for thousands of years and most Americans know it. Except for Inslee and a few million of his crackpot friends. Inslee gets about zero support in polls of Democrats.

*Hawaii US congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard: She seemed like a possible candidate until she opened her mouth. When she said…”it is Trump who’s been acting as al-Qaeda’s big brother and protector in Syria, and turned America into the prostitute of AQ’s biggest supporter—the Saudis”, she tipped her hand. She is just another left-wing nut.

She said this in order to cover her tracks after she committed the cardinal sin of saying that the country should move on after the Mueller report found no collusion. In other words, this female is a total chameleon. Typical Democrat…

*Self-help guru Marianne Williamson: This lady is a flake. She fits in well with today’s Democrat party. She should stick to writing books and dancing with fairies. She recently called for a “U.S. Department of Peace Creation”. Yes, and maybe we could get a secretary of lollipops and gummy bears.

*John Delaney is a three-term Maryland congressman. He is just another guy whose obituary will read “ran for US president in 2020”. Along with 752 other Democrats.

*Seth Moulton, Democrat congressman from Massachusetts and an ex-Marine who served four tours of duty in Iraq. Moulton seems to forget that Trump is not getting us involved in any unwinnable wars like Democrat Lyndon Johnson did (Vietnam) or globalist/socialist George W. Bush did (Iraq). Or the way that Obama sparked the war in Syria by prematurely pulling US troops out of Iraq, giving rise to ISIS in Iraq which spread to Syria.

*US senator Michael Bennett of Colorado. He wants to eliminate the Electoral College, like most of the Democrats. Most of his agenda is hard-left. Bye-bye!

*Wayne Messam, the black mayor of a city in Florida called Miramar, population 122,000. He also will be remembered as a Democrat who ran briefly for president in 2020. He is of Jamaican ancestry so he obviously is playing the ‘multicultural card’.

*Meanwhile there is one announced Republican who will run against president Trump in the 2020 primaries – former Massachusetts governor Bill Weld. This guy looks like a tired, old loser which is a really bad image for the anti-Trump resistance. Trump has nothing to worry about – he is youthful and energetic in comparison.

Weld ran as the vice presidential candidate in 2016 on the Libertarian ticket.

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