Mueller Blowback Begins/ Trump Will Win 2020 Running Against ‘Do-Nothing Democrats’

Donald Trump promised in his 2016 campaign to “drain The Swamp” in Washington but he never could have imagined that it would happen like this.

After almost two years of the fruitless Mueller investigation into Trump collusion with Russia there is a new probe beginning that is going the exact other way – to investigate that investigation itself. Fox News reported:

Attorney General William Barr has appointed a U.S. attorney to examine the origins of the Russia investigation and determine if intelligence collection efforts targeting the Trump campaign were “lawful and appropriate,” a person familiar with the situation told Fox News on Monday evening.

John Durham, the U.S. attorney in Connecticut, will conduct the inquiry, the source said. The move comes as the Trump administration has pushed for answers on why federal authorities conducted the surveillance — as well as whether Democrats were the ones who improperly colluded with foreign actors.

Two sources told Fox News earlier today that Barr was “serious” and had assigned DOJ personnel to the probe. Durham is known as a “hard-charging, bulldog” prosecutor, Fox News is told.

Sources familiar with matter say the focus of the probe includes the pre-transition period — prior to Nov. 7, 2016 – including the use and initiation of informants, as well as potential Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) abuses.

An informant working for U.S. intelligence posed as a Cambridge University research assistant in September 2016 to try extracting any possible ties between the Trump campaign and Russia from George Papadopoulos, then a Trump foreign policy adviser, it emerged earlier this month. Papadopoulos told Fox News the informant tried to “seduce” him as part of the “bizarre” episode.

Durham previously has investigated law enforcement corruption, the destruction of CIA videotapes and the Boston FBI office’s relationship with mobsters. He is set to continue to serve as the chief federal prosecutor in Connecticut.

Friends, these are the first sentences of the first chapter of a story that is going to expose the worst government corruption scandal in US history and send some Swamp Dwellers to jail. will update it regularly.

And it is commencing precisely as the 2020 presidential campaign starts to pick up steam. Thus while expects Trump to win re-election anyway, this issue is going to play a significant role in that re-election. Great. That is called poetic justice.

Meanwhile here are more thoughts about the 2020 campaign.

Trump Will Win 2020 Against ‘Do-Nothing Democrats’

Democrats in Congress are setting themselves up for a big defeat in 2020. By doing nothing to make the country better but by instead constantly harassing president Trump they are establishing themselves as “do-nothing Democrats”.

And a significant Trump victory in 2020 would re-shape the political landscape, bringing along many elected Republicans across the country in the House, Senate and in hundreds of state and local races across the nation.

Americans want problems addressed like the economy and the border. ‘Activist’ president Trump is working on both fronts. He already has made major strides on the economy but the Democrats are seeking to thwart him on the border.

And when voters see Democrats failing to act they are going to ask themselves, “Who is actually trying to help the country? It looks like president Trump is doing so.”

Trump is already beginning to campaign against the do-nothing Democrats. He is referring to presidential front-runner Joe Biden as “Sleepy Joe” and for good reason. Biden is 76 years old already, he sometimes slurs his words and speaks in disjointed sentences (signs of dementia), says crazy things (like recently referring to the British prime minister as Margaret Thatcher, who was prime minister from 1979 to 1990) and is somehow claiming that communist China is not a threat to the US and that we need to offer free health care to illegal aliens.

Trump must repeat over and over what is really going on. Because as far as the media are concerned the Democrats are doing the right thing and the country only needs one thing – the removal of president Trump from office.

After the failure of special counsel Robert Mueller to find any wrongdoing in the Russia collusion hoax, however, you would think that Democrats might let up. But no, they are continuing to promote every kind of wacky conspiracy theory about the president.

You might then say that Republicans lost majority control of the House of Representatives in 2018 showing that Trump has been weakened.

But, first, that was part of the natural political cycle; second there appears to have been fraud in many of those House races; and third the media have ignored what happened in the much more important US Senate where Republicans actually picked up two seats in 2018. This compares to a combined loss of 20 Senate seats for their respective parties in the first mid-term elections after Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Obama were first elected.

And since Trump campaigned vigorously for Republican Senate candidates this shows that Trump wins when Trump acts. And when Trump is the star of the show in 2020 predicts that he will win and potentially win in a landslide.

After all the “experts” said in 2016 that Trump was going to lose his presidential bid in a landslide and take down the Republican House and Senate with him. Instead the opposite happened.

But wait! Democrats really do have an agenda for 2020 – it is to give away as much as they possibly can through taxpayer-funded handouts and lax laws (cancel college debt, free food, housing subsidies, free college, legal marijuana, voting rights for people in jail, free health care for illegal aliens, etc.).

This is not the kind of activism that Americans want. If this were Canada or Europe the public might swallow the Welfare State. But this is America which is the most successful nation on earth where we get things done by getting government out of the way, not expanding it.

The Founding Fathers of America intentionally created a political system under which it is difficult to pass new laws. The Founders believed that laws should be few and understandable, not many and confusing as liberals want in their dystopian nightmare.

But president Trump does not want many laws passed. He wants a few good laws passed that make a difference, for instance to fix the economy – which started under the 2017 tax bill – and to fix the crisis on the border, which is happening, but far too slowly.

His efforts on behalf of building a border wall and reforming our immigration laws will be the cornerstone of his 2020 campaign. Democrats’ efforts to stop both will harm them badly.

President Trump also is actively using his executive power to cancel burdensome regulations that have been strangling the economy for decades. He can do this by executive order since these regulations are not laws passed by Congress but are rules passed by federal government agencies and thus congressional approval is not required to repeal them.

Congress should be acting expeditiously to solve our immigration crisis with reform of our asylum laws but they will not since Democrats want our nation plunged into chaos with tens of millions of illegal immigrants.

Do you wonder why there have been outbreaks of measles, typhus, mumps and other diseases that we thought had been eliminated?

The Fake News media are blaming it on un-vaccinated children but the real culprit is the flood of sick immigrants coming into the US. Will Congress act? Of course not. And this is political gold for Trump.

Trump took aim at Biden recently. Breitbart News reports:

President Donald Trump on Wednesday evening mocked former Vice President Joe Biden, saying that foreign leaders presumably want him to win the 2020 presidential election so they can rip America off.

At a Panama City Beach, Florida, campaign rally, Trump, referring to the candidate he has dubbed “Sleepy Joe,” said that he heard a “sleepy person” running for president bragging about all of the foreign leaders who want him to be president.

“America is winning again, and America is being respected again,” Trump told the raucous crowd. “In fact, one of the Democrats today said that he—it’s a he, sleepy person—said that he heard from a lot of foreign leaders, and they want him to be president.”

Trump continued: “Of course they do. So they could continue to rip off the United States. Of course. I think if I heard that, I’d never vote for him.”

Biden recently boasted that unnamed world leaders were calling him and “begging” him to run for president.

“I get calls from people all over the world. World leaders are calling me, and they’re almost begging me to do this, to save the country, save the world,” Biden recently said.

Earlier in the day, Trump tweeted that Chinese officials were pulling back and playing games on trade because they are hoping to “negotiate” with a “weak” Democrat like Biden to take advantage of America.

Absolutely. The Chinese want Joe Biden in the White House because he would be a “do nothing” president. A company controlled by Biden’s son Hunter got $1.5 billion in investment funding from the Chinese government and so China obviously expects a return on its investment, i.e., Joe Biden would be expected to look the other way as China rips off the US in trade.

Under a shill presidency Obama did not seek to make better trade deals with China or stand up for America on trade with Europe, Japan and Mexico. His routine was all political – to meet with foreign leaders, shake hands, have photos taken and make it look like we have good relations.

For China, however, those “good relations” meant that China was ripping off the US in trade while on the other hand president Trump is seeking to actually do something about it.

In short Trump is an “activist” president who is working hard to change the unfair system that is rigged against America. Great. Trump in 2020!

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