President Trump Gets Tough on China Trade

The Fake News media and Democrats are constantly wringing their hands over president Trump’s trade challenges to China. But as usual they are 100% wrong.

They say that our farmers and other sectors are going to suffer as China slaps tariffs on US products in retaliation for Trump tariffs on Chinese goods. But they ignore the fact that we have been suffering for decades as China has cheated us on trade and that the president is just trying to level the playing field.

Finally we have a president who is standing up to China and the liberals hate it. Because the liberals want the US to be ripped off by anyone and everyone, particularly by a brutal communist regime. They want America to be “put in its place”.

Fighting back is nothing new for Trump. He has been talking about China’s devious trade practices for decades.

It is interesting to note that the Fake News media are suddenly in a panic that the high Trump tariffs are going to slow down US-China trade. Yet tariffs are just taxes on imports. So the liberals are admitting for the first time ever that taxes hurt economic activity. Amazing.

The US economy has been harmed by Chinese tariffs for decades because China puts tariffs on our exports to China at much higher rates (reportedly 10%) than we put tariffs on their imports into the US (4%).

One of the causes of the great depression of the 1930s was US tariffs on imports that were imposed to protect US industries. Other countries retaliated with tariffs on US products. This slowed down the whole global trading system and spread the depression from the US to the world, while intensifying the US economic woes.

Today some US sectors indeed are going to suffer as China slaps tariffs on US products in retaliation for the 25% tariffs that president Trump has put on more than $200 billion worth of Chinese goods being imported into the US.

But this economic harm should only be temporary compared to decades of economic harm that China’s unfair trade practices have been doing. These practices involved manipulating its own currency to make their exports cheaper; stealing technology from America; exploiting low-paid Chinese workers; making dangerous products like the poisonous drywall; and “dumping” subsidized good on the world market.

China is especially targeting American agricultural exports for tariffs. This is intended to harm conservative farmers in states that support Trump and turn them against the president.

For decades American politicians have said nothing as manufacturing jobs fled the United States, including to low-wage China. Trump will no longer stand by.

This is upsetting the Democrats. They understand that working-class Americans like what Trump is doing. They know that this bodes ill for the Democrat presidential candidate in 2020.

For instance, US Steel is investing $1.2 billion in new factory upgrades in Pennsylvania. This is helping Trump approval numbers in Pennsylvania, which scares the daylights out of the Democrats.

The stock market has taken some big hits over the tariffs but we should not be concerned over short-term setbacks to the economy. We should only care about the long-term picture which is what Trump is focused on.

The United States is in a strong position to wage a tariff ‘war’ with China; president Trump expects China to give in and lower its permanent tariffs since our economy is strong and China’s is not. reported:

China’s economy showed further signs of weakness in April (2019) as the slowest growth in retail sales for 16 years highlighted the task leaders have in ramping up domestic demand at the same time as fighting a painful trade war with the US.

CNN reported on February 11, 2019:

Companies and executives around the world are desperately trying to gauge the severity of China’s economic slowdown. But getting a clear picture is very difficult.

Growth in the world’s second-biggest economy cooled last year to its lowest level in almost three decades, according to government data. Top global brands including Apple (AAPL) and Caterpillar (CAT) have blamed weakness in China for their disappointing earnings.

The situation could be even bleaker than China’s official statistics suggest, according to many analysts.

In other words president Trump knows that China is weak precisely as the US economy is strong. China cannot afford a further slowdown in its economy and Trump believes that the tariff ‘war’ won’t last, that China will give in. After all China has 1 billion poor people who could start a mass revolution if they become unhappy.

We should never think that Asians are so smart in the first place. Asia runs 100% on American technology (computers, electricity, cell phones, light bulb, modern metallurgy, plastics, petroleum technology, internal combustion engine, etc.). None of this technology was invented in Asia. Zero. In fact Asia would be largely a farming region using horses and oxen and manual labor if it did not use Western technology.

Communist China is the most devious nation on earth. One of its devious tactics is to deploy spies of every type to the US – probably tens of thousands of them. A Chinese industrial spy was recently arrested at the General Electric plant in Schenectady, New York with proprietary GE technology secrets on a computer drive.

The US economy is about $22 trillion while China’s is thought to be around $12 trillion.
So how has a communist nation like China developed the second largest economy in the world when communism is known for economic destruction?

Easy… by cheating like hell in every way imaginable.

President Trump also is warning nations not to allow China to build their 5G communications systems, that China would then control the systems with the power to control them, eavesdrop and even shut them down. Associated Press reports:

President Donald Trump is issuing an executive order to help protect the United States against foreign adversaries that are taking advantage of technological vulnerabilities to threaten U.S. communications systems.

The order the White House announced Wednesday does not name specific countries or companies, but the administration has been trying to keep allied nations from using equipment from the Chinese tech company Huawei. In August, Trump signed a bill that barred the U.S. government from using equipment from Huawei and China’s ZTE Corp.

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said in a statement:

The President has made it clear that this Administration will do what it takes to keep America safe and prosperous, and to protect America from foreign adversaries who are actively and increasingly creating and exploiting vulnerabilities in information and communications technology infrastructure and services in the United States. This Executive Order declares a national emergency with respect to the threats against information and communications technology and services in the United States and delegates authority to the Secretary of Commerce to prohibit transactions posing an unacceptable risk to the national security of the United States or the security and safety of United States persons.”

The U.S., which is embroiled in an escalating trade war with China, also has sounded warnings about Huawei’s efforts to expand into Europe. The U.S. worries that China could use Huawei to gain access to private, commercial, or other information that could compromise NATO and allied intelligence operations.

Meanwhile the newly-elected (in 2018) conservative Republican US senator from Missouri Josh Hawley spoke up for American workers in Trump-like fashion. Breitbart News reports:

Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) ripped what he called the country’s “new aristocratic elite” for engineering the United States economy against the American middle class.

For his first major speech on the Senate floor, Hawley slammed the “big banks, big tech, big multi-national corporations, along with their allies in the academy and the media,” whom he said have created an economic structure in which they, the well-connected, benefit while the American working and middle class increasingly struggle to get ahead.

Hawley said:

The chattering class often tells us that all of this—the jobs, the despair, the loss of standing—is the result of forces beyond anyone’s control. As if that’s an excuse to do nothing. But in fact, it’s not true.

Today’s society benefits those who shaped it, and it has been shaped not by working men and women, but by the new aristocratic elite. Big banks, big tech, big multi-national corporations, along with their allies in the academy and the media—these are the aristocrats of our age. They live in the United States, but they consider themselves citizens of the world.

They operate businesses or run universities here, but their primary loyalty is to their own agenda for a more unified, progressive—and profitable—global order. These modern aristocrats often claim to be a meritocracy. And many of them truly believe they are. What they don’t see, or won’t acknowledge, is that the society they have built works mainly for themselves. They’ve effectively run this country for decades. And their legacy is national division and national decline.

Defending the needs of the American middle class against a growingly powerful “aristocratic elite” is the “crisis of our time,” Hawley asserted.

“After years of sacrifice, the great American middle is being pushed aside by a new, arrogant aristocracy,” Hawley said. “The new aristocrats seek to remake society in their own image: to engineer an economy that works for the elite but few else, to fashion a culture that is dominated by their own preferences.”

“This town (Washington, DC) has embraced a politics of elite values and elite ambition rather than building opportunities to thrive in the great and broad American middle. This has left middle America—the great American middle class—under siege: battling the loss of respect and work, the decline of home and family, an epidemic of loneliness and despair,” Hawley continued. “This is the crisis of our time.”

Specifically, Hawley blasted multinational corporations for outsourcing American middle class jobs overseas — wreaking economic, cultural, and social havoc on rural and small town American communities in the process — and both political establishments for treating American citizens as mere consumers.

“In places like the one where I grew up, in middle Missouri, good-paying jobs that you can raise a family on are going away,” Hawley said. “The jobs go overseas or south of the border or to cities on the coasts. And once-vibrant towns decline, taking with them the network of schools and neighborhoods and churches that make up middle class life.”

Congratulations to senator Hawley on these comments. Perhaps he will be president of the United States someday.

Trump Continues Moving Courts to the Right

President Trump is moving expeditiously to move our left-wing judicial system to the conservative side including the lunatic liberal 9th Circuit Court of Appeals (known pejoratively as ‘the ninth circus court of appeals’). PJ Media reported:

With the confirmation of Kenneth Kiyul Lee to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals yesterday President Trump is on track to flip the notoriously liberal court to Republican by 2020.

According to National Review’s Ed Whelan, Lee will be filling a seat that was held for decades by “arch-activist Stephen Reinhardt.”

And there’s nothing but good news for Republicans on the horizon, Whelan says:

Up soon for a floor vote—next week, I hope—should be Ninth Circuit nominee Daniel P. Collins. [Update (3 p.m.): Cloture has been filed on the Collins nomination, so it should be voted on next week.] Collins would fill the seat long held by Harry Pregerson, the Ninth Circuit judge with the strongest claim to rival Reinhardt in lawless willfulness.

The appointments of Lee and Collins would give the Ninth Circuit 11 Republican appointees versus 16 Democratic appointees, with two remaining vacancies. At the start of the Trump administration, the Ninth Circuit had 19 Democratic appointees, only 6 Republican appointees, and four vacancies.

According to Whelan, “eight of the 16 Democratic appointees are eligible to take senior status and a ninth soon will be, but there is no particular reason to expect any of them to elect that option.”

This is incredible: John W. Huber wrote:

9th Circuit:

—Start of Trump’s term: 19D 6R
—Next Week: 16D 11R
—Soon: 16D 13R
—By 2020: Probably flipped R

The liberal court has a reputation for having its decisions reversed by the Supreme Court.

As Fox News reported last month, the Ninth Circuit has been the court of choice for left-wing groups bringing cases against the Trump administration.

A top appellate litigator in California and chairman of the California Appellate Law Group told Fox News that lefty groups are “unlikely to look to other circuits now that the 9th Circuit is turning more conservative.

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