African Illegal Alien Indicted for Killing 12 Texas Women

The Daily Caller reported on a story that we will hear very little about in the national Fake News media:

A Kenyan man accused of 12 murders while living in the United States illegally also had been arrested four times for less serious crimes, according to Dallas County, Texas, records.

While immigration authorities have placed a hold on Billy Chemirmir, a Kenyan citizen, now that he has been arrested on charges of capital murder, the 46-year-old’s previous brushes with the law leave questions as to why such a move wasn’t made much sooner.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) told The Daily Caller that an immigration detainer for Chemirmir was filed with Dallas County Jail in March 2018, but that he’s not currently in the agency’s custody.

In other words he should have been deported over his “previous brushes with the law”. Chemirmir is black and Kenya is an Africa nation where Obama’s family comes from.

But he wasn’t deported. This is typical of our lax immigration laws under open-borders policies. Instead 12 Texas women are dead, apparently all white as far as could see. These murders, rapes, assaults and other crimes are being perpetrated by the tens of thousands all over America every year by violent illegals.

And the media are silent. It’s like the infamous Wichita Horror killings of 2000 when two black brothers brutally murdered five white people over several days around the Wichita, Kansas area and the story barely made the national news.

If it had been a white guy killing 5 blacks it would have been all over the media for months like the Charleston church killings of 2015 were. The Daily Caller continued:

Chemirmir had already been charged with capital murder in March 2018 in the death of 81-year-old Lu Thi Harris, but was indicted on Tuesday for 11 other deaths: five in Collin County and six more in Dallas County. Court records show that Chemirmir allegedly smothered his victims with a pillow and then robbed them, The Dallas Morning News reported.

(Chemirmir’s) extensive criminal history in North Texas prior to his March 2018 arrest includes 180 days in jail and a fine of $1,250 in June 2011 for driving while intoxicated in Addison, as well as 70 days in jail for another DWI charge in Dallas several months later.

Records also include a 2012 arrest for domestic assault, and a 2016 arrest for criminal trespass and failing to identify himself.

Chemirmir is yet another evil illegal immigrant. This is precisely what president Trump and we conservatives want to filter out by fixing the current immigration system favored by Democrats and Bush-type Republicans.

In 2017 another African immigrant should have been deported from Boston after robbing the same bank twice(!) But a liberal judge named Lisa Grant reduced his sentence specifically so that he would not be deported. The immigrant then went on to murder two doctors. Breitbart News reports:

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY), who is running in the 2020 Democrat presidential primary, pledged to enact an open border policy on Sunday, saying that she would release all border crossers and illegal aliens into American communities so long as they claim they are seeking asylum.

During an interview on CBS’s Face The Nation, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand said, as president, she would end the detention of all border crossers and illegal aliens, instead, releasing every foreign national arriving at the U.S.-Mexico border into American communities if they are claiming asylum.

Yes, and many of these illegals can only speak one word of English – “asylum”. They are taught that word by open-borders leftists who are flooding the Western nations like the US and Europe with millions of illegal immigrants in order to undermine our social and economic stability. Breitbart continued:

When Gillibrand was pressed as to how she would handle the inflow of hundreds of thousands of border apprehensions and crossings set to occur this year, she said no border crossers and illegal aliens claiming asylum would be incarcerated under her watch.

“They don’t need to be incarcerated,” Gillibrand said. “If they’re given a lawyer and given a process, they will follow it. They can go into the community…”

But the question is: Which community? calculates that the state capital of Albany, New York, where Gillibrand comes from and which already has serious problems with crime and poverty, would have to take in 500 uneducated, unskilled, penniless, homeless and often criminal illegals every single year under current rates of illegal entry.

Friends, the truth is coming out about illegal immigration. The huge influx over the last year is showing Americans how many people are really coming in. And it is unsustainable. predicts that president Trump will easily win re-election in 2020 largely on a tough immigration policy with even many Democrats seeing the situation deteriorating rapidly.

Apple CEO Apologizes to Students for… Guess What?

Fox Business reported:

While delivering a commencement speech at Tulane University on Saturday, Apple CEO Tim Cook urged the graduating class of 2019 to address issues like climate change after, he said, the Baby Boomers failed to do so.

“In some important ways, my generation has failed you in this regard,” he said. “We spent too much time debating. We’ve been too focused on the fight and not focused enough on progress. And you don’t need to look far to find an example of that failure.”

The graduates, he said, should spend their time working on issues that haven’t already been solved – no matter if those problems seem too big or too complex to fix. One of those issues, Cook said, is climate change — an issue that he noted the New Orleans community is well-acquainted with after Hurricane Katrina struck it in 2005.

OK, here we go again with so-called ‘climate change’. But we know that the damage from Hurricane Katrina was not caused by the hurricane itself but by mass corruption in Democrat-controlled New Orleans. The city failed to spend money to maintain its levees that would have prevented the flooding that devastated it; the money was stolen instead.

Cook does not apologize for other Democrat travesties like our terrible public schools whose failure has impoverished tens of millions of Americans. He does not apologize for the crushing ‘green’ laws that have throttled our economy.

He does not apologize to the students for the sky-high costs of their college education in schools controlled lock, stock and barrel by the socialist left. He does not apologize for the endless taxes and regulations imposed by Democrats that have strangled our economy for decades.

He does not apologize for the rabid censorship of conservatives by his ultra-rich cronies at Google, Twitter and Facebook. He does not apologize for the flood of illegal aliens coming into our country under leftist open-borders policies.

No, he only apologizes for so-called ‘climate change’ which is only a theory that has never been proven. Fox Business continued:

In early April, Apple announced that it was addressing climate change by launch some new green initiatives, including doubling the number of suppliers that run Apple production on 100 percent clean energy and bringing 4 gigawatts of renewable energy into its supply chain by 2020.

Oh, sure, if you want to see every mountaintop with five windmills on it, and every rural meadow in America blanketed in black solar panels then Cook is your guy. And he won’t apologize one word for that environmental destruction, you can rest assured. Fox Business reported:

Cook (said that) people living in coastal communities are being forced to leave their homes as the effects of climate change begin to (bear) down.

This is a blatant lie. Nobody is being forced out of their coastal homes by “climate change”. Cook is using the damage from hurricanes to imply that it is a result of ‘climate change’. Yet hurricanes and other weather extremes have been happening throughout history and long before the burning of the oil, coal and natural gas that allegedly cause ‘climate change’.

In fact Al Gore bought a beachfront home in California in 2010 for $9 million just three years after he warned that sea levels were going to rise 17 feet. So Gore himself is not too worried about ‘climate change’. Why should we? Cook said:

“I challenge you to look for those who have the most to lose, and find the real, true empathy that comes from something shared. That is really what we owe one another. When you do that, the political noise dies down, and you can feel your feet firmly planted on solid ground.”

How about the ‘solid ground’ of science where you actually study the climate and find that it has been changing for thousands of years and that it has been both much hotter and much colder than today, something that Cook or Al Gore will never admit.

Australia Conservatives Win Upset Election

PJ Media reported good news:

Australia’s (conservative) Liberal-National Coalition government has returned to power in the 2019 federal election, despite polls consistently predicting victory for the opposition Labor Party. The most surprising result for Labor came from the state of Queensland. Now, many people are comparing the shock result to the 2016 US election and the UK’s Brexit referendum, which both defied opinion polls.

Few if any of the pollsters predicted it. The resulting bafflement was expressed by one tweet: “How could polls, from every company, for months including exit polls taken on election day not just be wrong but spectacularly wrong?” It was a massive intelligence failure and one worthy of examination.

Yes, indeed, more good news and more fake polls.

Facebook Seeking to Prevent Election Interference(?!)

Breitbart News reported:

The Daily Mail reports that in a recent interview with CBS This Morning, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg revealed that the social media giant is working with the FBI and Homeland Security ahead of the 2020 U.S. election cycle. According to Sandberg, Facebook has “war rooms in place’” and “a working relationship with the FBI and homeland security,” aimed at combating any attempts to interfere with the elections.

Sandberg did not go into detail about what the firm was doing to combat any possible outside interference on the election but stated that “both of them are working on this in a way they never have before.”

So let me get this straight… Facebook is going to work to combat interference in the election?

How about if Facebook itself stopped interfering in elections by censoring the conservative point of view? That would be a good start.

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