Virginia Beach Killings Exposed/ Calif. Descends into the Abyss/ General Motors Hates America

The media are doing their usual cover-up in order to blame “the gun” in the Virginia Beach, Va., killings. But here are some facts:

*The killer DeWayne Craddock was black. We know that blacks commit the most crime of all races in America by a wide margin. And we also know that the Fake News media are going to downplay Craddock’s race.

*Craddock worked for the city government. Did you ever notice how many of these mass killings take place in public-sector places like the post office, public schools, public universities like Virginia Tech, the San Bernardino (California) Department of Health, and the Virginia Beach municipal building? So the question is: What is so toxic about these places?

Good question.

*Look at this note which appeared in several articles:

A page at may have been altered, and listed (Craddock) as a registered Democrat and an atheist. This is unconfirmed by authorities, who generally steer clear of politics.

So the Fake News media immediately claimed that the page may have been altered. Yet he most likely was a Democrat. After all he was black and worked for the city of Virginia Beach.

He very likely was an atheist too just like the God-less Virginia governor Ralph Northam, a Democrat, who recently endorsed infanticide.

So when the Democrat leader of a state endorses infanticide it leads to bad things. Perhaps Democrat Craddock was inspired by his governor to take human lives.

*Perhaps Craddock was inspired by the black Democrat Virginia lieutenant governor Justin Fairfax who has been accused of two cases of sexual assault but has suffered no consequences.

*The Virginia Beach municipal center is a gun-free zone. Nobody was armed to fight back against Craddock.

It will be interesting to find out more about Craddock. We need to know the truth, which the Fake News media seem intent on suppressing.

California is Falling into the Abyss

California is controlled lock, stock and barrel by the Democrat party. All of its statewide offices are held by militant Democrats. Its two US senators are left-wing Democrats and most of its US House delegation is far-left Democrat.

As a result California is tumbling into the abyss. Its once-great cities Los Angeles and San Francisco have turned into true “shit-hole” cities full of homeless and drug addicts. The white, skilled and educated middle class is fleeing California by the millions and is being replaced by unskilled, uneducated illegal immigrants.

California has the highest poverty rate in America and the biggest gap between rich and poor. San Francisco has more billionaires per capita than any other city in the world and some of the most disgusting streets in America.

California is corrupt. It recently canceled construction of an $80 billion high-speed passenger train line that was supposed to connect Los Angeles and San Francisco after billions had been wasted on it.

This is all classic socialism. California is proving what we conservatives have always said about socialist control – that it destroys cities, states and entire nations. Just look at Venezuela.

So how did California become so liberal?

Answer: It first became very wealthy, and we know that socialist hogs are attracted to money, that they feed on wealth, and that they steal as much of it as possible.

The same thing has happened to New York state. Once one of the wealthiest places on the planet New York has become very left-wing, has a huge black welfare-state population while millions of younger, skilled and educated white people are fleeing. In one recent poll 40% of the people in New York City said they wanted to leave(!)

And where are all of the people going who are fleeing liberal California and liberal New York?

Answer: They are running at top speed to conservative states like Montana, Utah, Florida, Texas, Georgia, Tennessee and North Carolina.

California also has opened its border and not only is welcoming hordes of illegal immigrants but is also now encouraging women who want abortions to go there. Fox News reported:

Gov. Gavin Newsom has a message for women who want an abortion but live in states that have enacted strict pro-life measures: Come to California.

ewsom released a proclamation Friday touting his state’s easy access to abortion, including the use of state funds for ending pregnancies under subsidized health insurance plans for disadvantaged people while U.S. law bans states from using federal money for the same purpose.

“California will continue to uphold women’s equality and liberty by protecting their reproductive freedom, educating Californians about their rights to reproductive freedom, welcoming women to California to fully exercise their reproductive rights, and acting as a model for other states that want to ensure full reproductive freedom for women,” Newsom said, according to the Fresno Bee.

The move came after a number of states — including Alabama, Missouri, Kentucky, Ohio, Mississippi and Georgia — passed pro-life measures that either severely restrict or ban abortion after six weeks.

In other words, California is a classic socialist dystopia – it is totally negative; illegal immigration, abortion, corruption, drugs, poverty, income inequality, crime, homelessness, etc. It is disgusting.

Meanwhile another left-wing state that is losing its productive population in droves has also adopted a far-left abortion bill. Fox News reported:

The Illinois Senate late Friday sent to the governor legislation that establishes a woman’s “fundamental right” to an abortion.

The 34-20 vote approving the Reproductive Health Act comes in response to news laws passed in other states narrowing abortion rights.

… Senate approval sends the measure to Democrat Governor J.B. Pritzker who has campaigned to make Illinois the most progressive state in the country for reproductive rights, WGN-TV reported. The Illinois House passed it previously.

In addition to establishing abortion as a woman’s fundamental right, the bill states that “a fertilized egg, embryo or fetus does not have independent rights,” according to the station.

It also repeals the Illinois abortion law of 1975, eliminating spousal consent, waiting periods, criminal penalties for abortion providers and restrictions on abortion facilities, the station reported.

General Motors Doesn’t Care about America or Its Employees

General Motors once was a legendary car company that provided solid employment and great wages to millions of American workers over many decades.

Today General Motors is a shell of its former self and doesn’t care about American workers. It recently closed several US plants and laid off 15,000 workers. Breitbart News reports:

General Motors (GM) is exposing their “distinct lack of patriotism” by outsourcing manufacturing to South Korea while planning to close an additional three American plants this year after closing the Lordstown, Ohio plant months ago, America First Policies senior policy adviser Curtis Ellis says.

During an exclusive interview with SiriusXM Patriot’s Breitbart News Tonight, Ellis slammed GM CEO Mary Barra for her recent announcement that a slew of new vehicles will be manufactured in South Korea and imported to the U.S., while thousands of American GM workers’ jobs hang in the balance.

“That is called a distinct lack of patriotism,” Ellis said of GM’s plans. It’s called a distinct lack of consideration or gratitude after the U.S. taxpayers that bailed GM out. Here they are abandoning the country that made them great in the first place, allowed them to prosper.”

Ellis continued:

It’s pretty disgusting. My philosophy is, if you can build it here, you should build it here whether we’re talking about cars or tv sets. … The Buick Encore is made in China and they’re shipping that to America to ship and sell in American showrooms. This has got to stop. If it takes a 25 percent auto tariff, I’m all for it.

For months, President Trump has been advised by informal economic advisers to impose a 25 percent tariff on all auto imports to protect American auto manufacturing workers and penalize multinational corporations like GM for sending their jobs and industry overseas.

Ellis said GM seems to be unaware that the Trump administration has not sworn “allegiance to the global economy” and to the “religion of free trade” as past administrations have done, thus leaving the possibility open for the president to impose an auto tariff.

Yes, it is Republican president Trump who is siding with the workers, not the Democrats. But the question is: Why is GM so obedient to the globalist economy?

The answer is that GM has been dragged to the globalist left for decades by its unions who did not understand the long-term implications of what they were doing.

And worse Obama bailed out GM with $50 billion in 2009 ($11 billion has not been paid back). This made GM subservient to Obama and his globalist agenda, not to the agenda of American workers.

Biden’s Reputation is Sinking among Democrats

Joe Biden is being promoted by Democrats and the Fake News media as a “magic bullet” candidate for Democrats to beat president Trump. But the truth is that Biden is a weak candidate who cannot beat Trump and many Democrats already know it. Here is Fox News reporting on liberal TV commentator Bill Maher:

Don’t count “Real Time” host Bill Maher as an enthusiastic passenger on the Joe Biden train for 2020 just yet.

The liberal Maher expressed concerns on Friday’s show about Biden’s viability as a White House contender, telling the “Real Time” panel he has “mixed feelings” about the former vice president’s candidacy.

“I do worry, I do worry,” Maher said about Biden. “Like I’ve said about age, it’s individual. Some people look pretty good … Joe doesn’t look good. He looks like he’s on a coin.”

… (Maher) then referred to Biden’s recent interaction with a 10-year-old girl on the campaign trail, an encounter that raised eyebrows when Biden told her, “I’ll bet you’re as bright as you are good-looking.” Biden had previously faced criticism for remarks and gestures toward girls and women.

This interaction was bizarre. After several years in which Biden has been charged with inappropriate conduct with women and young girls, he did it again, in public, on the campaign trail. It was shocking. It shows that there is something very wrong with Biden. But this is nothing new. Fox News continued:

Panelist Lawrence Wilkerson — a retired U.S. Army colonel and former chief of staff to former Secretary of State Colin Powell — … recalled his own interactions with Biden, telling the panel Biden would say and do things that were “utterly weird.”

Biden indeed is “weird”. That is just one of the many reasons that has already stated that Biden will never be president. He says stupid things and does stupid things. And president Trump is not going to let that stuff go. He is going to hammer Biden. He already is doing so.

In contrast, president Trump is totally in control. And while Biden looks old and makes a lot of mistakes president Trump does not seem to have aged at all in the White House when we could expect him to look dazed and tired after the constant assaults on his character from the Democrats and the media.

Biden, on the other hand, is 76 and he looks and sounds like an old man. He was slurring his words and speaking in incomplete sentences at one recent rally. This is a bad image for the Democrat party which has always claimed that it somehow stands up for young people.

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