Trump is The Greatest Communicator / Should He Campaign in Calif.?

First, here is a quick word about the White House staff;

Sarah Sanders is leaving her job as White House press secretary.

Ms. Sanders is a great public servant. She is tough as nails and has stood up to the Fake News White House press corps every day in the name of helping our president to implement his Make America Great Again agenda.

Word has come out that Sanders will return to Arkansas, where she comes from, and that she may run for governor.

Great. Her father Mike Huckabee was governor of Arkansas from 1996 to 2007 and a presidential candidate twice. wishes Ms. Sanders all the best. And if she does run for governor predicts that she will win in a landslide.

Go Sarah!!

Trump is The Greatest Communicator

Conservative Republican president Ronald Reagan, who entered office in January 1981 and served until January 1989, was known as The Great Communicator.

Reagan was a trained actor and he used the acting and speaking techniques that he learned in Hollywood to win two terms as president. But he needed to have a sincere heart and a genuine message to start with and he did. Reagan tapped into a yearning for a different America than had evolved in the 1960s and 1970s and he won election in 1980 with 44 electoral states and a 10-point popular vote margin. He was re-elected in 1984 with 49 states and 97% of the electoral votes.

In short, The Great Communicator was communicating like a charm.

Reagan was famous for his soaring rhetoric and his dignified demeanor. But today we have perhaps The Greatest Communicator of all in president Donald Trump.

And while Trump’s style is rough-and-tumble and nowhere near as polished and eloquent as Reagan’s, Trump is communicating in a style that is actually outdoing Reagan. refers to Trump as The Greatest Communicator.

Trump is always ready with the instant quip, like your favorite friend who always has just the right one-liner for the moment. Trump is totally being himself. He knows what he knows. He is confident and has common sense. He is not a phony politician always searching for the right word.

It is amazing how accessible president Trump is to the media. He is constantly stopping to field questions unlike many presidents who shunned the press or who held very limited and scripted press conferences, afraid that they might say the wrong thing.

Hillary hardly talked to the press during her 2016 campaign. This is part of the reason that she lost. On the other hand Trump is unafraid to offer a few hundred words at any given moment. He is not scripted. He just lets loose with what he thinks and he is confident in what he says.

We have seen Trump energizing his “base” voters at his massive rallies. These rallies not only attract up to 10,000 or more people inside but thousands more converge outside to show support.

These rallies are unique in American politics and they certainly have Democrats scared. Trump not only generates excitement, but his nonchalant style and his funny delivery make these events memorable experiences. That is why the media refuse to cover them.

If Trump were a Democrat the Fake News media would be covering the rallies scrupulously.

President Trump has taken on the Democrats and the Mueller probe with gusto. By calling it “a witch hunt” he knew exactly what he was doing. And when Mueller failed to produce the goods it all came tumbling down, redounding to the benefit of Trump. Meanwhile Mueller has slinked off the stage like the tired old man that he is. His legacy is mud.

Who could forget the 2016 debates when Hillary said that it was a good thing that Trump wasn’t president. And Trump replied without missing a beat, “Because you’d be in jail…” This is the kind of searing wit that wins elections and is part of the president’s nuclear arsenal of words.

His tough rhetoric with China, Mexico, Japan, Europe and Canada has worked well. They have all largely come around to the Trumpian point of view. When he threatened to “totally destroy North Korea” it certainly sent shock waves through that country’s totalitarian government. And this is why North Korea is negotiating with Trump – because they know that he means business. They also know that they probably will be dealing with Trump until 2025.

President Trump tweaks the media and Democrats most with his humor. When he suggested tongue-in-cheek before the 2016 election that the Russians might try to find Hillary’s missing emails, the humorless Democrats claimed he was serious and was “colluding” with the Russians.

Since then Democrats have been trying to play off Trump’s jab. Hillary even said recently, “China, if you’re listening, why don’t you get Trump’s tax returns?” But her riposte fell flat. Hillary does not have the charm, spontanaiety or originality of Trump.

Meanwhile Trump’s original charge to find Hillary’s emails resonates over and over as Democrats are still fuming over it three years later. It shows the enormous power of Trump’s words and that Trump is more adept at the media than the media themselves.

When Donald Trump first announced that he was going to run for president in June 2015 he said that “rapists” were coming over the Mexican border. This one single word garnered him national and international attention. This is how he uses simple words to attract attention to himself and create controversy.

Meanwhile here are a few excerpts from’s analysis of president Trump’s February 2019 State of the Union speech showing how masterful he is with words:

President Trump not only offered a belated State of the Union (SOTU) address on Tuesday, February 5, 2019 but he also kicked off his re-election campaign.

With more and more Democrats already announcing that they are going to run in 2020 it is no surprise that president Trump would begin his campaign in the depths of the Winter of 2019.

His State of the Union speech was the first salvo of that campaign. It was a masterful speech that got 76% approval ratings, according to a CBS online poll after the speech.

Most surprisingly 82% of independents approved of the speech. This should be rocking the Democrats back on their heels. Democrats have been seeking not only to strip Trump’s supporters from him but have assumed that independents are running away from him.

In the CBS after-speech poll 72% of viewers agreed with the president on illegal immigration. Wow. The media never expected that. They have been pushing the narrative that most Americans want open borders.

These great numbers for the SOTU speech were not supposed to happen; the media have dubbed Trump an incompetent fool who does not connect with Americans. But believes that Trump is going to win re-election handily on his skills as a master communicator.

Poll numbers show that the Fake News media are able to harm Trump’s popularity when they discuss him and twist the story to make him look bad, but that he connects with Americans when he gets to speak to them directly. And this is precisely what he will be doing for two months in the Autumn of 2020 during his re-election campaign.

The SOTU speech is one of the rare opportunities that this president has to address a huge American audience directly without media interference. He took every advantage.

His audience for his speech was estimated at 47 million. And since Democrats generally don’t watch Trump, the independents and Republicans in his audience made up the vast majority of viewers. This is very important for Trump’s re-election.

… In his speech the president not only touted his own record and his conservative credentials but he sounded like a candidate looking to attract independent voters. He used soaring rhetoric and even “reached across the aisle”, for instance on the issue of prison reform, indicating two African-Americans in the audience, who had spent significant time in prison, as examples of people who had redeemed themselves.

Many Americans across the political spectrum believe that the criminal justice system is too hard on lesser crimes and too soft on bad crimes and that this needs to change. It is ironic that Trump is doing the changing after being called a “racist” since his presidency began.

… The president saluted World War II veterans, a child who had survived cancer and an astronaut who had landed on the moon. The speech was a great piece of theater as well as a meaningful address that talked about the potential of America.

In one crystal clear example of how the speech backfired on Democrats, the president said that he wants to put “the ruthless coyotes, cartels, drug dealers, and human traffickers out of business”. In the applause that followed the hard-left 2020 Democrat presidential candidate Kamala Harris actually declined to applaud and shook her head no!

… When the president said that “America will never be a socialist country” the cameras shifted to socialist US senator Bernie Sanders who was scowling.

Should President Trump Campaign in California?

Conventional wisdom says that Republican presidential candidates should never waste time campaigning in California any more, that the state has become too liberal.

The last time California and its huge number of electoral votes (55 votes in 2016) went for a Republican presidential candidate was in 1988 for George H.W. Bush.

Trump could never win California in 2020. The state has gone far to the left. But that does not mean that he should not campaign there. But why?

First, he should campaign for US House candidates. There are still House seats in somewhat conservative districts in California that Republicans can win. And Republicans need to win back five seats that they lost in 2018, several of them under suspicious circumstances.

But the main point of president Trump going to California is to confront and expose the disastrous conditions in California under unchallenged Democrat rule.

Imagine Trump going out there and asking the people to look around them and be honest about the deteriorating conditions, particularly in Los Angeles and San Francisco where homeless populations are overwhelming the cities. Many millions of Californians have never done so. Trump could light the fuse. believes that he will.

Meanwhile word has leaked out that the Trump 2020 campaign may put resources into liberal Oregon to try and actually win its 7 electoral votes.

Oregon has become strongly Democrat over the last 20 years. While the state is huge (98,381 square miles) and mostly rural its population is concentrated in very liberal areas in the western part of the state. This includes the state capital of Salem, the university towns of Eugene and Corvallis, and loony-left Portland, the biggest city.

But the people of Oregon have become very disenchanted with Oregon’s corrupt Democrat establishment and mediocre economic performance. And this may offer an opportunity for Trump to win the state’s electoral votes based on his national economic record.

In 2016 Hillary won 1 million votes in Oregon and Trump got 782,000. Thus Trump would need to “flip” 110,000 votes from Democrat to Republican to win the state. And believes that that is possible, that support for Democrats has become ‘soft’ among angry Oregonians, particularly among independents who are not committed to the Democrats.

After all Trump won the allegedly liberal states of Wisconsin and Michigan in 2016 when that was considered impossible.

He did it after both states elected get-tough conservative Republican governors in 2010 and re-elected them in 2014 after the states had suffered under Democrat governors.

Those conservative governors – Scott Walker in Wisconsin and Rick Snyder in Michigan – were very successful in turning those states around. That set the stage for Trump to win those states after Democrat presidential candidates had won them for decades.

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