Dems Panic about Trump 2020 Re-election/ More Bad News about Marijuana

President Trump held a massive and enthusiastic rally in Orlando, Florida to announce his bid for re-election to the presidency in 2020. People were lining up 40 hours in advance of the speech. The arena was packed with 25,000 Trump lovers while tens of thousands surrounded the event to watch it on big screens outside. There were reported to have been 120,000 requests for tickets. does not remember any previous re-election announcement over the last 50 years offering so much excitement and buildup. And the election is still 17 months away! There were reported to be almost 800 pro-Trump events across the country to mark the event.

Meanwhile Democrat ‘frontrunner’ Joe Biden held a rally with a pathetic 85 people attending while another Democrat Eric Swalwell had just 18 people at his gun-control rally.

Trump’s campaign is a very activist operation. It is being masterfully orchestrated despite the fact – or more likely because of the fact – that cookie-cutter “establishment” political strategists are not involved to ruin it. This is real genuine grass-roots political success that is growing organically on its own. Democrats have nothing to match it.

President Trump announced at the rally that during a second term that he is going to continue his economic reforms, secure the border, drain the Swamp, stay tough on trade and focus on starting to fix health care. This is very wise after Obamacare crashed and burned and health care costs have continued to run wild.

For far too long we have allowed these “magic bullet” government programs – which never work – to draw us away from real market-oriented solutions to major economic problems – that always work.

“Nobody’s done what we have done in two-and-a-half years!” said Trump to wild cheers.

He added, “That’s a lot of Fake News back there!” the president said pointing to the media. And the crowd loved it.

“We’re the Number One producer of energy in the world because of what we’ve done!” he said to cheers.

“They want to radicalize our judiciary!” the president said of Democrats, to boos.

“BUILD THAT WALL! BUILD THAT WALL!” the crowd shouted in unison.

“If I deleted one email, like a love note to Melania, it’s the electric chair for Trump!” he joked.

“China took us for suckers including Obama and Biden!” he said.

Outgoing press secretary Sarah Sanders even made a cameo appearance. The crowd loved her…

Naysayers somehow claimed that Trump would not run again which rejected as nonsense.

At the same time there are increasing numbers of Democrats, leftists and Fake News media skunks who are openly worrying about the 2020 presidential election. The massive crowds at the Trump announcement rally must be striking even more fear into them.

They are increasingly admitting that president Trump is going to be hard to beat. As someone who predicted way back in 2011 that Trump was going to be elected could not agree more. believes that Trump will win re-election handily, that the polls showing Trump trailing Biden are more Fake News, that there is nobody who can match Trump and that Trump is not going to play pattycake like Romney and McCain did.

Just think – these Democrats thought that they were going to impeach Trump in 2017. But how times have changed. Look at this from Fox News on June 16, 2019:

In her first Sunday morning show appearance since taking office in January, New York Democrat Rep. Alexadria Ocasio-Cortez warned that there is “very real risk” President Trump will win re-election in 2020, and acknowledged that progressive frustration with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is also “quite real.”

The comments struck an unusually defensive tone for the 29-year-old progressive firebrand, as Democrats seek to winnow their large list of 23 presidential contenders. Ocasio-Cortez also spoke bluntly on her initiative to repeal the Hyde Amendment, which bars most federal funding for abortion — and 2020 Democrat frontrunner Joe Biden’s abrupt reversal on the issue earlier this month.

“I think that we have a very real risk of losing the presidency to Donald Trump if we do not have a presidential candidate that is fighting for true transformational change in the lives of working people in the United States,” Ocasio-Cortez told ABC News’ Jon Karl.

Yes, ma’am. There is a very real risk; otherwise you would not be saying it. And the risk is because Trump is a strong leader with a strong economy and Americans like that and Democrats know it. Meanwhile Democrats are turning into extremists who promise everything “for free”. Ocasio-Cortez said:

“I think that if we elect a president on half-measures that the American people don’t quite understand — the agenda of a president, you know, that says we’re fighting for higher wages but we don’t want a $15 minimum wage, fighting for education but we don’t want to make colleges tuition-free, fighting for women’s rights, et cetera, but we don’t want to go all the way with that, then I think we have a very real risk of losing the presidency.”

She is so wrong. It is tuition-free college itself that is frightening Americans away from the Democrats. Rational Americans, who are still the supermajority, know that “free” is not possible and is just another socialist scam.

Meanwhile their $15 an hour agenda is another ruse which is killing jobs all across America. The best way to increase wages is not by ‘solutions’ imposed through legislation (socialism) but by doing the hard work of building up the economy over a long period on solid capitalist principles. President Trump is doing this; wages are rising naturally under the thriving Trump economy as they always do under good economic conditions. Fox News continued:

Responding to an NBC News poll showing growing support for an impeachment inquiry, Ocasio-Cortez called an impeachment investigation a “constitutional responsibility.” That prompted Karl to press Ocasio-Cortez on reports that progressive Democrats are frustrated with Pelosi, D-Calif., who has resisted calls for impeachment proceedings.

Sorry, Democrats, but there is no ‘growing support for an impeachment inquiry’ except among fringe lefties and their Fake News media cronies like NBC. Even Pelosi knows that impeachment will never succeed and poses great danger to the Democrats; that is why she has backed away from it.

In fact there was a national Impeach Trump Day on June 15 put on by leftist extremists like billionaire Tom Steyer and hardly anyone showed up at rallies across the country. The rally in Naples, Florida had… get this… six people. The total turnout for all of the rallies was about 2% of the turnout for the Orlando re-election announcement.

Meanwhile those who think that Joe Biden is the shoo-in candidate for Democrats had better watch out. If you add up all the Democrat votes that are anti-Biden they easily surpass Biden’s vote total while Biden’s popularity is falling. This looks bad for Biden.

Meanwhile “Pocahontas” Elizabeth Warren is surging in the polls against Biden, but she makes a big, juicy target for Trump. She so embarrassed herself with her Native American claim that she can’t win the presidency, conjectures.

If she is the nominee president Trump will rip her to shreds not only over her wild heritage claim but also on the fact that she has zero executive decision-making experience either as a governor, business executive, military leader, etc.

At the same time Democrats are overplaying their hand on abortion. Fox News continued:

But Democrats risk overplaying their hand on (abortion), analysts warn, even as an increasing number of conservative-dominated states pass aggressive pro-life measures. A recent article in Slate by William Saletan, titled “Abortion Funding Isn’t As Popular As Democrats Think: Recent polls debunk much of what progressives believe,” contains a sobering analysis of the issue for the Democrat field.

“In every poll, a plurality of Americans oppose public funding of abortions,” Saletan wrote. “In every poll but one, that plurality is a majority.”

Saletan concluded that while most Americans generally agree with Democrats on the issue of abortion and don’t support defunding abortion clinics, the recent progressive push goes too far.

This will benefit president Trump in 2020. He will charge Democrats and pro-abortionists with being bloodthirsty, which they are.

Why is There So Much School Violence? (Hint: Marijuana)

When was in public school in the 1960s there were no school shootings. The worst thing you could do was get caught smoking cigarettes in the boys’ room or chewing gum in class.

The Columbine high school killings of 1999 changed everything. Now we are seeing violence and outrageous behavior everywhere. Here is one recent story from Fox News:

A New Jersey teen repeatedly stabbed a middle school principal in the chest with a folding knife during a Friday morning graduation practice, police said.

Union School Principal Kurt Schweitzer was leading the eighth-grade graduation rehearsal in the Washington School gym in Rutherford around 9:30 a.m. when the student allegedly “ran across the gym and proceeded to thrust the knife, striking the chest of the principal several times,” a Rutherford police news release said.

And while the injuries to the principal were not life-threatening, this kind of behavior is very disturbing and even common.

So why are these kids doing this more and more often? Well, there are three main reasons all emanating from the political left:

*School violence is being stoked by left-wing media violence including Hollywood films, plays, books, internet sites, satanism, video games, etc. has written about this many times. The Columbine killers of 1999 were directly acting out a Hollywood film called Natural Born Killers.

*The destruction of the family structure is a huge contributor to school violence. Young people these days often don’t have caring and strong parents in the home, or strong fathers to tell them how to behave. This deterioration comes straight out of the leftist/communist playbook to undermine our great nation by breaking apart the family.

*And third and very important but little discussed is that lots of kids are hooked on marijuana. This drug today is much more powerful than ever and can lead to psychosis and violence. Fox News recently reported:

Two health professionals penned an op-ed in The New York Times on Sunday that despite society’s shift on marijuana use, it does not change the fact that the drug is not safe for high school and college students.

Kenneth L. Davis, the president and chief executive of the Mount Sinai Health System, and Mary Jeanne Kreek, the head of Laboratory of the Biology of Addictive Diseases at Rockefeller University, cited studies that show a “deleterious impact on cognitive development in adolescents.”

The column said marijuana use can impair “executive function, processing speed, memory, attention span and concentration.” They said the explanation is simple: the adolescent brain is still vulnerable “especially the prefrontal cortex.”

“The chemical in marijuana responsible for producing mood elevation and relaxation, THC, interferes with the exchange of information between neurons,” they wrote in, “Marijuana Damages Young Brains”.

Davis and Kreek penned the column in response to New York and New Jersey considering legalizing marijuana for those over 21.

“States that legalize marijuana should set a minimum age of no younger than 25,” they wrote. “They should also impose stricter limits on THC levels and strictly monitor them. Educational campaigns are also necessary to help the public understand that marijuana is not harmless.”

This is all very true and is borne out in many studies. Notice the key sentence, “The chemical in marijuana responsible for producing mood elevation and relaxation, THC, interferes with the exchange of information between neurons,”

This means that kids can go crazy and do things like stab the principal when they use marijuana heavily. This is why we have so much bad behavior and lack of achievement in the schools. Millions of school kids are stoned on marijuana every day. They are out of control. It is no different than what opium did to China in the 19th century. has written many commentaries opposing marijuana in every way, legal or illegal. Meanwhile PJ Media reports about even more problems being created by legal marijuana. This is very interesting:

A new article in City Journal details just how legal marijuana is the gateway drug to illegal marijuana enterprises:

Though advocates claim that one of the benefits of legalizing recreational marijuana is that the black market will disappear and thus end the destructive war on drugs, the opposite is happening. States that have legalized pot have some of the most thriving black markets, creating new headaches for law enforcement and prompting some legalization advocates to call for a crackdown—in effect, a new war on drugs.

Unlicensed pot businesses have already become a problem for Los Angeles just a year and a half after legalization. The city is devoting police resources that are already stretched thin to address the situation.

City Journal notes that it’s not just mom and pop scofflaws that are problematic:

Legal-pot states are attracting international criminal cartels. Mexican drug gangs have smuggled illegals into Colorado to set up growing operations, former U.S. prosecutor Bob Troyer wrote last September, explaining why his office was stepping up enforcement. Rather than smuggle pot from Mexico, the cartels grow it in Colorado and smuggle it elsewhere—spurring violence. In 2017, seven homicides in Denver were directly connected to marijuana growers. “I would love to be able to shift some of my resources away from marijuana to other things,” Denver lieutenant Andrew Howard said last year. “But right now, the violence is marijuana or marijuana-related.”

Cartels may be illegal enterprises, but they are still businesses. They can adapt to changing markets. It would appear they are also adept at outreach:

Legal-marijuana businesses are getting in on the game, too. Last year, Denver authorities arrested the owners of a licensed chain of pot shops that employed 350 people for supplying the black market. In January, three owners of the business pled guilty to drug and racketeering charges. In Oregon, federal prosecutors arrested six individuals in 2018 and charged them with “vast” interstate-trafficking schemes that supplied black-market pot to Texas, Virginia, and Florida. Some of the suspects were also charged with kidnapping, money-laundering, and use of a firearm in a drug-trafficking crime.

In other words legal marijuana is creating more problems not fewer. And one of the leading problems of legal marijuana is that younger and younger kids are using it, which destroys their brains at young ages, debilitating them for life.

These kids are saying, “It’s legal in my state and I am going to use it anyway when I get older. So I will start now in 7th grade” or even earlier. It is tragic and is ruining millions of lives and turning these kids into marijuana addicts. At the same time many of their parents are stoned too.

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