Leftist ‘Outrage Mobs’ are Growing in Intensity

Leftists, Democrats and progressives are emotional people who often go off the deep end. We conservatives, on the other hand, are rational and level-headed.

And you can see the difference every day. While we conservatives did not go nuts over everything that Obama did progressives are losing their minds over every word uttered by president Trump. It is freakish and demented.

Their newest outrage is over abortion. Lefties all over America are decrying pro-lifers, tearing up their signs, shouting at them, smearing them on the internet and doxxing them even if they are just teenage girls standing up for unborn babies.

This perpetual outrage shows that leftists are frightening people. They cannot let their anger go which is a very dangerous mindset. This is what unifies them as militant Democrats.

Just look at all of the physical attacks on conservatives since president Trump was elected. Three pro-Trumpers were murdered leading up the 2016 election, one each in Mississippi, Atlanta and Pennsylvania but there has been no mention of this fact in the Fake News media.

Now Democrats, their lunatic activists and their media cronies have a new tactic. They are calling for people associated with president Trump to be thrown in jail. Kaboom. No trial. No reason. No jury. Just put them in jail. Breitbart News reported recently:

Tuesday on ABC’s “The View,” co-host Joy Behar said given Republican lawmakers are silent as the Trump administration stonewalls Congress, they should all be “thrown in jail.”

During the discussion about former White House counsel Don McGahn not attending a House hearing, Behar said, “This is an unbelievable corrupt president, corrupt administration, and the Republican Party is right behind him, and they all should be thrown into jail as far as I’m concerned.”

She added, “Lock ’em up!”

For what? “Lock ‘em up…” just for being Republican? This is what they say in dictatorships, that such-and-such person belongs in jail just for disagreeing with the dictator. This is very dangerous but very common among liberals today. They just say that everyone in the Trump administration is a criminal. And it is being incited by top people in the Washington Swamp, in the Democrat party and in the Fake News media.

On the other hand conservatives shouted “Lock her up!” about Hillary Clinton because of specific charges that she violated the Espionage Act in her mishandling of classified information and for the deletion of 33,000 crucial emails. Breitbart also reported recently:

Actress Bette Midler jumped on social media on Tuesday and compared President Donald Trump and the Fox News Network to Adolf Hitler and his wife Eva Braun Hitler.

#Trump is sniping at #FoxNews on Twitter? I’d say this was like watching Mom and Dad fight, but my parents weren’t named Adolf and Eva,” Bette Midler gleefully said to her 1.5 million Twitter followers.

Ironically leftists all over America are comparing Trump to Hitler yet Trump is totally anti-Hitler. After all Hitler’s party was the National Socialist party. Hitler wanted government control of all the people; Trump wants the opposite.

Hitler hated Christians like leftists do; Trump is pro-Christian. Hitler admired islam like American Democrats do. Hitler hated Jews like pro-Palestinian leftists and Democrats do; meanwhile Trump’s daughter Ivanka married Jared Kushner, who is Jewish, and she converted to Judaism.

Under Hitler in the 1930s the German people were largely socialists, fanatical nature lovers, animal lovers, vegetarians, health fanatics and they hated cigarettes. Hitler even became a vegetarian. This sounds a lot like American leftists today, and the very opposite of Trump.

Hitler’s supporters attacked his political opponents. If Trump were Hitler then Trump supporters would be attacking Democrats all over America; instead it is the other way around – leftist agitators are attacking Trump supporters. So it is Democrats who are truly like Hitler.

Nikitas3.com does not remember a single one of my conservative friends expressing even 1% of this type of anger at Obama. And Obama was radical; Trump is not. Trump has ‘normal’ views, i.e., economic growth, control our borders, stop China from ripping us off in trade, get tough on terrorism, etc.

But in the days of leftist radicalism these are considered fringe ideas while leftist radicalism is considered “the new normal” for political discourse.

It is amazing to consider what happened with the Mueller investigation. For two years Democrats claimed with no evidence whatsoever that Trump colluded with Russia. Yet Mueller found nothing. So the Democrats now are continuing with the same story as if Mueller’s findings do not matter. It is bizarre. And it traces back to Democrats’ permanent outrage over conservatism and Trump which goes back to presidents Nixon and Reagan in the 1970s and 1980s.

Nikitas3.com would be embarrassed to engage in the extremist behavior of these liberals. The Daily Caller reported about Google:

A Republican Google software engineer has written an open letter describing a culture of left-wing “outrage mobs” that make use of the company’s anonymous bias reporting channels to shut down dissent.

The open letter, published Tuesday morning on Medium, was written by software engineer Mike Wacker, who was reported himself multiple times via the company’s anonymous reporting tools.

“If left unchecked,” Wacker wrote, “these outrage mobs will hunt down any conservative, any Christian, and any independent free thinker at Google who does not bow down to their agenda.”

In one case, Wacker describes a fellow Republican employee who was reported for saying nice things about the University of Toronto academic Jordan Peterson. He was given a note in writing that said, “One Googler raised a concern that you that you appeared to be promoting and defending Jordan Peterson’s comments about transgender pronouns, and this made them feel unsafe at work

Wacker himself was twice reported via the company’s anonymous reporting channels.

… In February, he received a note that said, “You received feedback on industry-info@ that your comments were ‘rude, disrespectful, and intellectually dishonest.’”

In an exchange released in Wacker’s medium post, he describes a back-and-forth with Blake Lemoine, the engineer who belongs to a self-described cult led by a former porn star and called Republican Tennessee Sen. Marsha Blackburn a “terrorist.” When Wacker raised issues with how the company had handled the AI ethics board debacle that ended with the company dropping Heritage Foundation President Kay Coles James, Lemoine replied that, “Everyone is aware of your tolerance for bigotry.”

Update: Wacker has been fired. Here are other recent examples of leftist extremism and outrage:

*Two properties owned by the Republican governor of South Carolina were targeted in an arson attack that caused $450,000 in damage.
*Pro-Trumpers waiting to attend a rally in Michigan were hit with human waste showered from an apartment window above.
*A politician with the secure-borders AfD party in Germany was attacked and brutally beaten.
*A student campaigning in Sweden for a populist party was violently attacked.
*A Republican candidate for Congress from Minnesota was sucker-punched in the head while campaigning last Autumn.
*A conservative student at the University of California at Berkeley was assaulted by a Trump hater in March.

The list goes on and on. But then again what can you expect from crazy people who want to “change our history”.

Yes, Michelle Obama said recently, “We’re going to have to change our traditions, our history.”

“Change our history”? This is literally insane. This is what happens under radical dictatorships and it reveals how dangerous these people are. They are not only perpetually outraged but completely deranged. They go together. And it goes right to the top in the Democrat party.

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