Trump Wins Again on Trade/ Illegals Bringing Ebola to US?

President Trump has scored yet another big political victory on international trade. The Daily Caller reported:

The Mexican Senate overwhelmingly voted to ratify the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) Wednesday, making it the first country to do so.

U.S. President Donald Trump, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto signed the deal Nov. 30, 2018, but it was not ratified by any country until Wednesday. Trump helped make and sign the agreement in 2018.

USMCA includes rules that call for about 40% of automobile parts be produced by workers who earn a minimum of $16 an hour and more requirements that the parts be made in the U.S., Mexico and Canada, The Washington Post reported.

Trump replaced NAFTA with USMCA in an effort to get better deals for U.S. workers.

Mexican senators voted 114-4 to ratify USMCA. The treaty only needed a simple majority to pass, according to WaPo.

This is more good news for the president and is going to continue; we can expect the US and Canada also to ratify.

Trump is taking charge on trade and getting us better deals. This is another example of his strong leadership. Millions of hard-working Americans who did not trust candidate Trump in 2016 and did not vote for him are now seeing that Trump stands with them against the globalist elites. They will vote Trump in 2020, leading to his re-election.

Democrat US Senate Aide Sentenced, Another will be Charged

Fox News reported:

A second aide to New Hampshire Democrat Sen. Maggie Hassan is facing federal charges stemming from a scheme to publicly post the personal information of several Republican politicians amid the contentious confirmation hearings for now-Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

The aide, Samantha Deforest Davis, was a staff assistant in Hassan’s office from August 2017 until last December. She was fired after Capitol Police discovered her possible involvement in the so-called “doxing” effort.

Court documents accuse Davis of aiding 27-year-old Jackson A. Cosko, a former Hassan aide who has pleaded guilty to five federal offenses, including two counts of making public restricted personal information, and one count each of computer fraud, witness tampering and obstruction of justice.

Prosecutors alleged Wednesday that Davis was persuaded by Cosko to “wipe down” Senate computers he had hacked. Davis now faces two misdemeanor charges: one federal count of aiding and abetting computer fraud and a District count of attempted evidence tampering, the Washington Post reported.

Also on Wednesday, Cosko was sentenced to four years in prison in the scheme, and was required to turn over the cell phones, computers, and other equipment he used.

Friends, this is the Democrat party today; they are like the mafia. They will do anything for power.

We can hardly imagine how much corruption there is in these Democrat congressional offices today like the computer scandal involving suspicious Pakistanis and classified information. That scandal has been totally covered up.

Attorney general Barr, are you listening?

Update: The Daily Caller reported:

Even after (Cosko) was caught in the act and arrested for spying on a senator’s office using his advanced technical skills, Capitol Police didn’t check the USB ports of nearby computers. Six different computers within steps of where he was arrested in the Senate had keylogger devices in them that continued to capture and beam private information over WiFi. They were only exposed through a confession.

Police then got a search warrant on his home, but missed critical evidence because they didn’t check the oven.

Toxic individuals were repeatedly passed among government offices apparently without anyone performing a background check or calling for job references. And despite lamentations from Democrats about the DNC hack, there was seemingly little concern about technology and data security.

Democratic Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee of Texas gave (Cosko) an unpaid position, apparently without calling Hassan’s office as a reference check. The idea of a 27-year-old man who was working in a specialized role in the upper chamber suddenly taking an unpaid “internship” in the lower chamber didn’t seem to set off red flags for Jackson Lee.

Are Open Borders Bringing Deadly Ebola to US?

Are open-borders policies importing the deadly Ebola virus from Africa into the United States? believes that that could be happening right now and that it is an intentional policy of the left-wing radicals who are promoting these policies. This is being done to undermine America, which is the goal of the militants.

The Gateway Pundit recently reported about African immigrants who fly into Mexico and then walk into the US over our southern border:

Hundreds of illegal aliens from Ebola-stricken Democratic Republic of Congo were dumped in the streets of San Antonio, Texas a couple of weeks ago.

The aliens didn’t speak English and according to a local reporter, San Antonio is in desperate need for French speaking volunteers.

Investigative journalist Urs Gehriger, who speaks French, spoke to the Congolese migrants and revealed that they are being coached by NGO’s to not speak to ICE officers.

Urs Gehriger also said that the migrants have wads of cash on them. He said an aide witnessed several Congolese migrants with rolls of $100 bills in their hands.

Gehriger said that the African migrants refused to tell him how they got to the US — it’s obvious they are being coached not to divulge details about who is behind their migration to the US.

“They wouldn’t tell me anything about how they got here, and then they started to get aggressive and they were contradicting each other,” Gehriger said to Laura Ingraham.

“One said they ran through the forest, and another said no, there was no forest, and they were actually arguing among themselves,” he said.

The migrants have rolls of ($100 bills)…

“What I found from an aid worker there, they actually do have money. Quite a few of them, because he spotted them under a tree, right in front of the shelter, counting a roll of money with hundred dollar bills,” Gehriger told Ingraham.

Friends, do you see what is going on? These people are flying into Mexico from Africa, certainly in a planned movement and under easy visa rules. After all, why would Africans from Congo go to Mexico?

They obviously plan to enter the US and have no intention of returning to Africa. They come from a nation with an Ebola epidemic. We have no idea what their health status is. They then walk into the United States over the Mexican border. Yet they apparently have plenty of money.

This is obviously a coordinated effort by the Mexican government with the help of open-borders billionaires like George Soros to allow unskilled, poor and uneducated migrants into America in large numbers, possibly sick with the deadly Ebola virus.

For the cost to bring one Ebola sufferer into the US – probably just a few thousand dollars for the flight from Africa to Mexico and other expenses – this infected person could spread the disease in the US and cause economic disruption on a wide scale, which is what Soros and his comrades want.

Open-borders policies are a sure route to destruction for the Western nations like the United States and like Europe where muslim bombings and terror attacks and African migrant crime are common.

These policies are allowing in people who are hostile to our values and who do not have a clue about what make our nations work and produce the highest standards of living in the history of the world.

These migrants have no idea about our history or our traditions and they don’t care. They don’t want to become American or European citizens; they just want to live here because it is vastly better than where they came from and they can get virtually everything for free.

Already we have seen sick illegals entering the US with mumps, measles, chicken pox and other diseases. But then the Fake News media report that outbreaks of these diseases come from conservative Americans opposed to the vaccination of their children. They’ll probably blame Ebola on president Trump.

At the same time the same leftists who want open borders are giving away huge amounts of taxpayer aid to the migrants. One recent estimate said that illegals are costing American taxpayers $135 billion per year while believes that that figure is low. It would be a vastly better idea to use that money to reduce our national debt.

But things are changing regarding immigration. Fox News reported:

President Trump late Monday announced on Twitter that U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement will begin the process of “removing the millions of illegal aliens who have illicitly found their way into the U.S.,” but did not elaborate on what new measures will be taken. “They will be removed as fast as they come,” Trump said.

… An administration official said that the new effort would focus on the more than 1 million people who have been issued final deportation orders by federal judges but remain at large in the country.

“Countless illegal aliens not only violate our borders but then break the law all over again by skipping their court hearings and absconding from federal proceedings. These runaway aliens lodge phony asylum claims only to be no-shows at court and are ordered removed in absentia,” the official said. “… These judicial removal orders were secured at great time and expense, and yet illegal aliens not only refuse to appear in court, they often obtain fraudulent identities, collect federal welfare, and illegally work in the United States. Enforcing these final judicial orders is a top priority for Immigration and Customs Enforcement.”

Some in Trump’s administration believe that decisive shows of force — like mass arrests — can serve as effective deterrents, sending a message to those considering making the journey to the U.S. that it’s not worth coming.

This is a good start. Immigration officials know where these illegals live since they are under court orders. It should not be difficult to deport them.

These deportations would be the beginning of a deterrent to further illegal immigration. And along with The Wall on the Mexican border and new asylum laws we can get control of immigration once and for all.

HBO Presents Nightmarish Drama about Young Americans

As we might well expect the left-wingers at HBO have debuted a new TV series about young people that is totally negative. Breitbart News reports:

HBO debuted its teen drama Euphoria, revealing a graphic, nightmarish world of sexual exploitation, rape, degenerate drug use, and addiction featuring a former Disney child star Zendaya.

Euphoria follows a group of high school students, all with seriously troubled lives filled with vice and exploitation. Leading the cast, former teen star Zendaya is featured as a teen returning to school from a summer spent in rehab for drug abuse.

Instead of coming home for a fresh start, Zendaya’s character, Rue, immediately goes back to her drug-abusing ways by seeking out her dealer and then working to fool her mother into thinking she is back on the strait and narrow.

But Rue’s drug abuse is far from the only controversial part of this debut episode. Rue delivers a narration on how watching porn is “normal” for teens and using the proclamation to excuse a scene where a boy begins chocking a girl during sex because he saw it on a porn video.

Speaking of porn, there is also a scene with “revenge porn,” featuring high schoolers watching a sex video of a teen girl released as revenge against her. And there is also a young girl who is a virgin and who is shamed into having sex.

But perhaps the most shocking segment of the episode is the statutory rape scene of a transgender teenager by an older man.

OK, we get the picture. This is all negative. But this is what the ‘enemies of the people’ in the American media are shoving down our throats every day. They are dark people and are doing everything that they can to make us all pessimistic and to destroy our spirits.

Would anyone reading this column want their children or grandchildren to be part of this culture? Of course not. So why do millions watch this toxic stuff? Good question.

Look at how this end-of-the-world ‘global warming’ charade is making tens of millions of young people despair that they will never have the chance to grow up. It is pure mind control and it uses fear to control people.

Then when we conservatives say that kids should behave themselves, avoid drugs and sexual promiscuity and learn the truth about ‘global warming’ the left shouts us down.

Meanwhile much of the addiction in our nation comes from a free flow of illegal drugs over the porous Mexican border.

And who supports an open border?

The people are HBO do…

Suddenly Radical Islam is Fashionable

If you want to see how deranged liberals are just pick a topic. Like fashion. For decades leftists have been telling us that Christians are old-fashioned cranks for asking ladies to dress modestly.

But oh boy, when radical islamists demand that women cover themselves from head to toe the left-wing fashion industry hops to attention. Fox News reported:

The data analytics firm Edited reveals that the demand for modest fashion “is expanding outside of the (United Arab Emirates) and seeing growth in the western world with a 15 percent increase since 2017,” WWD reports.

To meet the growing demand, more fashion brands and retailers are expanding their offerings to cater to the flourishing new market of fashionistas in search of full-coverage garb.

Sportswear brand Nike was way ahead of the curve when it launched its first-ever hijab (islamic head covering) back in December 2017. Now, back by popular demand, the brand has unveiled a new version of the performance wear piece in a new colorway.

Available in two sizes, the new rose gold style with a black feminine-floral print is crafted from a lightweight Dri-Fit fabric, offering optimal breathability and comfort. Sporty style stars looking to purchase the new headwear staple can score the modestly priced $35 piece on Nike’s website.

Among the key coverage crusaders leading the way for more modest motifs is model Halima Aden, who made history by becoming the first-ever Muslim woman to wear a hijab in Sports Illustrated annual swimsuit issue.

Known best for its barely there bikini-clad editorials featuring the likes of Tyra Banks, Kate Upton, Elle Macpherson and Heidi Klum, this year’s installment marks the first time the magazine has incorporated more conservative fashions into its editorials.

Yes, sir, when fashion leftists like Nike – which has as its spokesman National Anthem-hater Colin Kapernick – team up with radical islam you can never tell what might come out. And it sure doesn’t look much like feminism.

And finally here is a story about Sweden from Breitbart News. It is self-explanatory:

An unnamed head of the Swedish gay pride movement was allegedly caught sending sexually explicit messages to the social media account of a 14-year-old boy who was actually two undercover Swedish journalists.

The two journalists, Negra Efendić and Adrian Sadikovic of Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet, posed as a 14-year-old named David on the gay hookup app Grindr along with the web forum Qruiser. Despite stating the age of ‘David’, more than a hundred men continued to pursue him for sex, Swedish newspaper Expressen reports.

Several of the men in contact with ‘David’ agreed to meet the boy for sex, including the Pride Movement head who had previously asked for explicit images and videos of the boy. When confronted, the man admitted to sending the messages but claimed he had never met an underage boy for sex in the past, the report states.

This is happening in gay communities all over the world. Who could forget Ed Buck, the big-time gay Democrat activist in California. Two gay male prostitutes were found dead in his apartment in two separate incidents. In the meantime we know that 80% or more of the molestation scandals in the Catholic church involved homosexual priests… who are about 1% of the population.

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