Supreme Court Favors Christian Cross!/ Red, White & Blue Air Force One

First, deepest sympathies from go out to the families and fellow bikers of the seven motorcycle riders killed in New Hampshire on Friday night in a crash with a pickup truck. All of the deceased are reported to have been members of the Jarheads Motorcycle Club of New Hampshire, which is made up of active and retired US Marines (‘jarhead’ is slang for Marines).

What a tragedy for these heroes… God bless them all. They will be rewarded in Heaven…

Supreme Court Favors Christian Cross!

In a major development that the Fake News media are downplaying or ignoring the Supreme Court ruled in favor of a 40-foot tall war memorial in the form of a Christian cross that is located on public land.

This is a huge setback for the atheists who are seeking to de-Christianize our nation by challenging public crosses all over America. Breitbart News reported:

The Supreme Court ruled on Thursday that a World War I memorial in the shape of a 40-foot-tall cross can stand on public land in Maryland.

The justices, in a 7 to 2 ruling, said that the presence of the 100-year old Peace Cross on public land does not violate the First Amendment’s establishment clause.

“The cross is undoubtedly a Christian symbol, but that fact should not blind us to everything else that the Bladensburg Cross has come to represent,” Justice Samuel Alito wrote in the majority opinion.

… Lawyers from the First Liberty Institute and the law firm Jones Day argued the case on behalf of the American Legion, which had erected the cross in 1925. In briefs and oral arguments, they asked the court to overturn decades of often unclear and contradictory liberal precedents regarding religious displays on public property. Justice Alito’s opinion agreed that the court’s earlier rule, known as the Lemon test, provided no clear legal guide for deciding the case. The court held that longstanding memorials such as the Peace Cross were presumptively constitutional.

Justice Clarence Thomas, writing in a separate concurring opinion, urged the court to go further and directly repudiate the Lemon test in all contexts.

Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Sonia Sotomayor dissented.

The 40-foot-tall “Peace Cross” in Bladensburg, Maryland was built to honor the 49 men from Prince George’s County who fell in the Great War. In 1961, a Maryland state agency took possession of the land on which the memorial stands.

The legality of the 93-year-old memorial was challenged by an atheist organization called the American Humanist Association, which argued that the cross sent an exclusionary message in violation of the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment.

Fantastic. All good Americans should celebrate this ruling. It is a clear victory for the religious liberty of our land which was founded on Christian principles. These ideals have given us prosperity and peace and the greatest nation in the history of the world.

But notice that two liberal justices – Stephen Breyer and Elena Kagan – voted with the conservative majority. believes that they did this strictly for public show, that the liberals knew that they were going to lose 5 to 4 and so two of them sided with the conservatives.

But why would they do this?

Well, that way they can say, “Look, we are not ideological! We sometimes vote conservative! We vote based on the issues! We are fair!”

Which they are not. When the four Supreme Court liberals vote on a major case they always vote liberal regardless of the merits of the case – unless they know that they cannot win the case, as in the cross case. They can often tell from the proceedings what the outcome is going to be. So they will cast Fake Votes for public show.

In other words, if only four conservatives supported the cross the liberals would have voted against the cross. Take my word for it.

This is like the left-wing ACLU siding occasionally with a conservative. It is intended to allow ACLU to claim that it is neutral and represents both sides when in fact it is virtually always left-wing.

This cross ruling is a sign of more good things to come under the most pro-Christian president in the last 100 years, Donald Trump.

Red, White & Blue for Air Force One

A new Air Force One Boeing 747 aircraft will take to the skies soon. Not only did Trump insist on and get a better deal from Boeing for the cost of the presidential aircraft but he has ordered a new and patriotic red, white and blue paint scheme that is absolutely fantastic.

It will replace the blue, pale blue, gold and white paint scheme ordered by Jackie Kennedy in 1962 which is a very soft, passive and bland color scheme. Trump said about the assertive new colors:

“… it fits the plane better … and I like the concept of red white and blue… I think it’s going to look much better actually.”

As usual, the president is 100% correct. Check out this model of the plane in the new darker colors. It much more bold and “manly”.

The president made the announcement in time for July 4, our great Independence Day. That you Mr. President!

Oregon Wants to Round up Republicans, Not Illegal Aliens

Fox News reported:

Republican lawmakers in Oregon are in hot water after they refused to partake in a historic vote Thursday to implement a cap-and-trade program to help rein in industrial carbon emissions.

Gov. Kate Brown authorized the state police to round up the 12 Republicans who walked out of the Capitol in protest of the bill and bring them back to the Senate floor for a vote. If passed the measure will make Oregon the second state in the country after California to implement such a program.

Notice that this Democrat governor ordered the roundup of legally-serving Oregon senate Republicans yet we know that she would never, ever order the roundup of illegal aliens, even known criminals.

Bernie Sanders Shows Democrats’ True Socialist Stripes

Virtually every one of the Democrat candidates running for president in 2020 is a hard-core socialist. And this is just one reason why president Trump is going to win re-election.

This drift to the hard left began with Obama and continued in 2016 with Democrat presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, US senator from Vermont. Sanders is such an extremist that he took his honeymoon in the communist Soviet Union in 1988 when the Soviet Union still was an arch-enemy of the United States. There are videos of Sanders partying and singing shirtless with his “comrades” in the USSR.

Sanders is not even officially a Democrat; he is registered as an Independent but he really is a hard-core left-winger who never supports the Republican or conservative agenda.

Sanders can certainly win the 2020 Democrat nomination despite dropping poll numbers in recent weeks. has picked Sanders to be the nominee and believes that Joe Biden is fading fast. And if Sanders is the nominee he will lose in a landslide to president Trump. This is why many Democrats are terrified of a Sanders candidacy.

Here is Fox News reporting on Sanders, with a comment after each Fox excerpt.

Fox News reports: Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt. is in full force with his push for democratic socialism as he looks to increase support for his 2020 presidential campaign, and is calling for a “political revolution” in the United States.

Days after an address at George Washington University (GWU) in which he rolled out his platform, Sanders brought his message of income equality to “Fox News Sunday.”

“If we’re going to bring about real change in this country … we need fundamental change. We need a political revolution,” Sanders told host Chris Wallace.

Sanders pointed to the growth seen by the wealthy, in contrast to a decline for those less fortunate.

“In the last thirty years, the top 1 percent has seen an increase in their wealth of $21 trillion, while the bottom half of America has seen an actual decline in their wealth of some $800 billion,” Sanders said. comment: Notice how he is talking about a “revolution”. This is a coded message to his violent followers to start harming and killing Republicans and Trump supporters. That is why a Bernie Sanders supporter tried and failed to kill 24 Republican congressmen at the baseball practice game in 2017 and seriously injured congressman Steve Scalise. These Sanders people are radical and crazy. They are waiting for orders to strike. has spent a lot of time in Vermont throughout the years. I went to college there. And I have watched that state spiral down into economic oblivion under policies favored by Sanders, who is wildly popular among the electorate.

Young people are fleeing Vermont in droves for lack of opportunity. It is classic socialism. Then Sanders says he wants to bring those policies to the whole country. Heaven forbid…

Ironically most of the rich people that Sanders hates are hard-core lefitsts who are often as radical as Sanders himself. Of the Top 10 wealthiest people in America there is not one single conservative among them.

Jeff Bezos is richest and he is on the far left. So is open-borders advocate Mark Zuckerberg and conservative-censoring Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Even the allegedly “conservative” Koch Brothers favor open borders. So perhaps Sanders should look within his own ideology to find the problem of the concentration of wealth.

And while Sanders talks about the decline in wealth for the non-rich he has been in Washington since January 1991 and has watched passively as millions of middle class jobs have fled the United States. Yet now he wants a “revolution” to bring back some type of equality. Yet it is president Trump who is actually addressing the issue by creating jobs and bringing back manufacturing jobs to the US.

Fox News reported: During his GWU speech, in which he rolled out his democratic socialist platform, Sanders promoted the idea of a “21st Century Economic Bill of Rights.” He said he was looking to fulfill the vision that President Franklin Roosevelt had in 1944, a year before he died. Sanders’ Bill of Rights includes rights to a job with a living wage, secure retirement, health care, education, affordable housing and a clean environment.

The only way to achieve the goals of his democratic socialist agenda is for millions of people to work together. comment: Yes, that is called “communism” and it has failed all over the world and spread misery, poverty, starvation and death for the last century. Just look at Venezuela today.

Fox News reported: Sanders’ speech was premised on the idea that as long as Americans have difficulty affording health care, cannot afford education and have to work 60 hours a week to get by, they are not “truly free.” He promised to release additional details of his proposals over the course of his campaign. comment: We tried Obamacare and it failed quickly, within just a few years. We need to go in the opposite direction, to private-sector solutions, which president Trump is doing.

Sanders said:

“I think, frankly, I am the strongest candidate to defeat Trump. We can win in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan, and some of the other battleground states, and that’s a fight that I look forward to.”

To which and president Trump say, “Bring it on Bernie. You would lose in a landslide…”

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