‘Enthusiasm’ for President Trump Will Win 2020 Re-election

There is a phenomenon in politics called “enthusiasm”. It means that voters are excited about their candidate, and ‘enthusiasm’ is crucial to victory. It manifests itself in public fervor and also in fundraising.

President Trump has had “enthusiastic” supporters all along. His rallies leading up to his 2016 election were huge while Democrats dismissed them. And we know what happened there.

At his 2020 re-election kickoff rally in Orlando, Florida on June 18 we saw Trump “enthusiasm” in spades. Every one of the 25,000 seats was filled with cheering Trump supporters, tens of thousands were gathered outside the arena, and there were a staggering 120,000 requests for tickets.

Wow. And the president did not disappoint. He gave a powerhouse speech that hit every political hot button, showing that he intends to win with an aggressive campaign.

And as usual he was funny too. This is a huge factor in his mass appeal. For instance, in reference to Hillary’s lost emails, he joked at one point, “If I deleted one email, like a love note to Melania, it’s the electric chair for Trump!”

The Orlando crowd went wild with “enthusiasm”.

Friends, you can be sure that Democrats are in a panic about the “enthusiasm” for this president. They can read political tea leaves like nobody else can.

Meanwhile tiny numbers of people are showing up to hear Democrat ‘frontrunner’ Joe Biden. This is reminiscent of Hillary’s inability to attract a crowd in 2016. At the same time the fading Democrat star Beto O’Rourke recently was reported to have had three people at one of his campaign events.

The “enthusiasm” for Trump is infectious. That is why he held his 2020 kickoff rally in Florida – to start to spread the political buzz early in a crucial electoral state. You can be sure that he is going to visit Florida many times between now and election day in November 2020, to build on his political base over the long term rather than just showing up in the weeks before the election.

This is a huge advantage of his incumbency while the Democrat candidate will not even be known for certain until Summer 2020, giving him/her just a few months to organize and campaign.

Florida is president Trump’s second home. His Mar-a-Lago estate in Palm Beach is the most famously sumptuous residence in the state. At the same time Trump helped to elect the Republican governor of Florida in November 2018 and Ron DeSantis will give the president a big political payback in 2020 as the state’s chief executive and official spokesman.

(Note: Keep an eye on the career of DeSantis. Nikitas3.com predicts that he could be elected president of the United States someday, maybe even in 2024. He is an extremely smart, disciplined and talented leader, a Yale/Harvard graduate and former JAG military man. He is only 40 years old.)

This “enthusiasm” for Trump is real. But if you watch the Fake News media you would think that everyone hates Trump. That is the only hope that liberals have – to convince Americans that something that is false is real and something that is real is false. It is called Fake News.

And it appears that not only are the crowds flocking to Trump but so is the money, showing another form of “enthusiasm”. PJ Media reported:

Everyone is aware of the incredibly large (Trump) campaign kickoff event in Orlando on Tuesday, but the official launching of the reelection campaign was even more successful than just the incredible number of people who wanted to attend. The Washington Post reports that Donald Trump raised an incredible $24.8 million in less than 24 hours. That one-day total is more than any Democratic presidential candidate raised in the entire first quarter.

“The enthusiasm across the country for this President is unmatched and unlike anything we’ve ever seen!” tweeted Republican National Committee chairwoman Ronna McDaniel.

Trump campaign communications director Tim Murtaugh called the one-day total “jaw dropping.”

“Do the math: that’s more than a million dollars an hour for an entire day,” Mr. Murtaugh tweeted. “On top of an electric rally in Orlando, this shows huge Trump enthusiasm.”

Thus the money plus the crowds look like Trump is cruising to re-election. And while he was outspent 2-to-1 by Hillary Clinton in 2016 his fundraising for 2020 is already surging and he will not be short-changed again. Politico.com reports:

Deep-pocketed Republicans who snubbed Donald Trump in 2016 are going all in for him in 2020, throwing their weight behind a newly created fundraising drive that’s expected to dump tens of millions into his reelection coffers.

The effort involves scores of high-powered businessmen, lobbyists and former ambassadors who raised big money for George W. Bush, John McCain and Mitt Romney — and who are now preparing to tap their expansive networks for Trump after rebuffing his first presidential bid.

OK, this is major news. In short, Trump won in 2016 even though many Republicans and conservatives stayed home and not only did not vote for him but also did not give him money.

But they are not going to make the same mistake again and this is going to help Trump enormously. President Trump has proven himself to be a super-effective leader and these people know that they had better get behind him… just like “We the People” did in 2016. Politico.com continued:

The project, which is closely modeled after the famed Pioneers network that helped to fuel Bush’s 2000 campaign, is slated to be formally unveiled … when well-connected Republican fundraisers from around the country descend on Washington for a closed-door event with Trump 2020 aides. Under the plan, which was described by more than a half-dozen party officials, high-performing bundlers who collect at least $25,000 for Trump Victory, a joint Trump 2020-Republican National Committee fundraising vehicle, will earn rewards like invitations to campaign-sponsored retreats, briefings and dinners.

Party officials have been reaching out to top fundraisers in recent weeks and wooing them with the prospect of joining “raiser clubs,” with names like 45 Club, Trump Train and Builders Club.

The push illustrates how Trump, who once took a sledgehammer to rivals for their supposed fealty to big donors, has come to rely on a GOP establishment he once repudiated. And it’s a sign of just how closely the lean, ragtag operation that stunned the political world in 2016 now resembles a traditional presidential campaign. Yet it also underscores how the elite Republican money class, which waged an aggressive, but ultimately unsuccessful effort to stop Trump in the 2016 election, has come to accept and accommodate a president it once scorned.

Roy Bailey, a prominent Dallas-based fundraiser who is helping to spearhead the Trump Victory program, said around 150 people had so far signed on — some of whom had been fervently opposed to Trump in 2016. “There were still a lot of people who were trying to lick their wounds and hadn’t quite gotten over the fact that he had whipped everybody. They were slow to come on board,” said Bailey, who recently left his post as finance chair for a pro-Trump super PAC to take on the new role.

“I’ve had a couple of people that in 2016, they just weren’t on board with candidate Trump at all and they said, ‘Look, Roy, he has won me over. I’m all in,’” he added.

Indeed. And it is not only Republicans who are being won over. Millions of independents did not know a thing about Trump in 2016, did not trust him and did not vote for him. Now they know that he is the real deal.

At the same time many black and hispanic votes – perhaps millions – will ‘flip’ from Democrat to Trump in 2020 as the economic status of these two groups have improved significantly under the president’s great economy.

And that is a very crucial element for 2020 – each vote “flipped” means one less vote for the Democrat and one more vote for Trump. It is a double-whammy that could easily lead to an even bigger Trump Electoral College landslide than 2016 when Trump took 57%.

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