‘Trump Slump’ Hits Media Hard

The Axios website recently reported:

Top news executives tell Axios that a real “Trump slump” is hitting digital, cable and more.

… The shock factor around President Trump’s unplanned announcements, staff departures, taunting tweets and erratic behavior is wearing off, and media companies are scrambling to find their next big moneymaker.

… Executives tell Axios that Trump fatigue is very real: Interest in political coverage overall is down, which is spurring investments in other beats, like technology and the global economy.

And to us Trump supporters this is no surprise at all. We have warned since Trump was elected that this incessant negative media frenzy about the president was going to wear off eventually and backfire, and it has.

The full force of the ‘Trump slump’ certainly hit after special counsel Robert Mueller announced that he found no evidence that the president colluded with Russia to steal the 2016 election. That was a massive blow to the media which spent almost two years promising us that Trump would be found guilty and impeached. Yet today the impeachment talk has totally disappeared. Have you noticed?

So not only have the Fake News media lost readers and viewers but they have lost something much more crucial – the little credibility that they once had. Imagine how they must feel. These media skunks must all be on their therapists’ couches twice a week rather than the usual once.

In fact president Trump is totally defeating these media skunks at their own game by playing off of their vanity and arrogance. And it is easy to see that this is all going in the president’s direction just in time for the 2020 election. The media can no longer foment frenzy at every word that the president utters.

In other words Americans no longer are seeing Trump as a dangerous oddity who very well might have colluded with Russia; they are seeing him as a strong leader who is doing a good job protecting our border, bringing back jobs, making better trade deals, standing up to Iran, etc. Axios continued:

Democrats don’t appear to be the lifeline media companies are hoping can fill the gap for diminished Trump interest. Executives say they expect (the late June) debate ratings to be nothing like the ratings for the 2016 Trump debates.

Part of the problem is that 2020 Democrats don’t have a knock-out media star to drive interest in the election. To date, the Democrats’ biggest media attraction has been Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who isn’t running for president.

Other candidates split the spotlight in the crowded Democratic primary field.

Awesome. And indeed this 2020 presidential bunch looks like The Gang That Couldn’t Shoot Straight. Most of them are a joke right out of the gate; even Biden is fading fast. But they got sucked in by their own Fake News media narrative that Trump was going down. Now it is they who are going down in a most embarrassing fashion. Most will disappear from public view for good. Axios reported:

Digital demand for Trump-related content (number of article views compared to number of articles written) has dropped 29% between the first 6 months of the Trump presidency and the most recent 6 months, according to data from traffic analytics company Parse.ly.

Wow. 29% is a huge drop. It must be causing major fear and trepidation within the media firmament. Axios continued:

Similar trends are happening in more traditional media settings:

In March, New York Times COO Meredith Kopit Levien told Axios during a panel at SXSW that the paper’s subscription “Trump Bump” ended in mid-2018.

In December, media research firm MoffettNathanson found that live news network ratings were down “in the -10% to -20% range” for the better part of 2018. Overall, the firm found that ratings around TV news coverage overall began to decline after the 2016 election.

Cable TV networks, which still reach a majority of Americans with political news coverage, began pulling back on Trump campaign rallies late last year because they weren’t driving ratings, according to Politico.

In short these media creeps have been snookered by Trump every single day. The Fake News emperor has no clothes. It is a beautiful thing to watch them sink.

As Liberal California Sinks Its Democrat Gov. Slams… Republicans!

Fox News reported:

Gov. Gavin Newsom, D-Calif., said the GOP has shot itself in the foot on policy issues and will eventually devolve into a third party.

“I’m just hearing stuff (from Republicans) that gins up a smaller and smaller base of people. And that’s my point… California in the 1990s is a lot like America in 2019, 2020, 2021. And here’s the real story — The Republican party was walked off a cliff,” Newsom said.

OK, so when he says “I’m just hearing stuff (from Republicans) that gins up a smaller and smaller base of people…” is he talking about a vastly improved economy under Trump that has helped tens of millions of Americans? Is he talking about the 71% of people surveyed recently who said that the Trump economy is good or excellent, a number that will re-elect Trump?

Newsom is a far-left Democrat who is promising health coverage for illegal aliens. He said about Republicans:

“They’re third-party status. It’s exactly what Donald Trump is doing and Mitch McConnell, who is completely complicit, is doing [to] the Republican party nationally. And they don’t even know what’s about to hit them.”

Actually Newsom is really talking about the status of his own state under decades of Democrat rule. California has been called “a third-world country” as its economy sinks, its people get poorer and poorer, homelessness explodes, more Californians cannot even speak English, and rich Democrats become wealthier and wealthier. It looks more like Venezuela every day. Fox News reported:

Newsom was asked about his perceived disconnection with middle America and Trump voters at large and said he grew up in a red, rural district which helps him understand the heartland.

“I spent 50 years of my life in rural California in one of the reddest parts of the state, in Placer County. We grew up with these folks, have deep respect for people in rural community [sic]. Deep,” he said.

This is totally bizarre and disingenuous. Newsom is a lifelong resident of San Francisco and he comes from a wealthy family there. Placer County is in the rural eastern part of the state, in the Sierra Nevada mountains.

In talking about the “50 years of my life” he is probably talking about vacationing at a ski chalet that his rich family owned in the mountains or at Lake Tahoe. But that hardly counts as living in rural California and growing up ‘with these folks’. This guy is a pure San Francisco elitist snob who hates rural America and obviously is a mast manipulator of his own language.

And considering the disgusting conditions in modern-day San Francisco perhaps Newsom could address those since he once was mayor there. But this is how socialism always works. It ignores its own failures and tells us how it is going to deliver utopia elsewhere… only to delivery more misery. Fox News reported:

Newsom said he has empathy for the GOP because they don’t realize how far they’re going to fall, as a result of their own actions.

“I honestly am empathetic towards what they are about to experience, which is a profound demise because of their own making,” he said.

“And until you have some courageous Republicans that stand up and actually make an argument for conservatism… they are finished. They have no governing philosophy, they have no value system that’s interesting except fear of others. And those others are going to be a majority. So wake up.”

This is amazing coming from a guy who has promoted radical Democrat ideas that are turning California into a genuine shit-hole. There are estimated to be 150,000 homeless in California. One-third of all of the homeless in America live in California. Meanwhile younger, skilled and educated people are fleeing California by the millions. And where are they going? To conservative states.

At the same time Democrats have been predicting the fall of the Republican party since the 1960s. Yet it is the Democrat party that is in an extremely weak position today. After all conservative Republican president Trump is popular and looks to be headed for re-election in 2020; he is decisively turning the federal judiciary to the conservative side; Republicans are governors in 27 out of 50 states; and 63% of state legislative bodies are Republican-majority.

Also Republicans control the US Senate by six votes; conservative states like Texas, Georgia, Montana and Utah are thriving and growing in population while the two big Democrat-controlled states, New York and California, are both withering and seeing population losses among younger, skilled and educated people. Democrat-run Illinois, Connecticut, Vermont and New Jersey are also failing and people are fleeing.

Newsom said about rural Americans:

You think Trump cares about them? … They’re getting a completely raw deal. They’ve been sold a complete bill of bullshit… It’s a complete yarn of crap. And it’s just damn sad. There’s a formula for this and Trump, he’s a nostalgic guy, but he’s not necessarily moored to history. I’m not sure he knows that history, but he certainly has a sense of nostalgia and that’s what he’s exploiting.

No, it is Democrats and their ‘greenie’ friends who are undermining rural America with endless laws, regulations, restrictions, obstruction of mining and logging, etc., and constant left-wing media ridicule of rural white Americans.

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