Historic Trump N. Korea Diplomacy/ Big Conservative Win in Supreme Court

Breitbart News reported about president Trump’s surprise visit to Korea during his trip to Japan:

President Donald Trump met with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un on Sunday, stepping into North Korea as he shook hands in a moment of high-stakes diplomacy.

Trump made history, becoming the first American president to step foot into North Korea, despite decades of conflict between the two nations.

Trump initiated the meeting at the demilitarized zone (DMZ) between North Korea and South Korea, first publicly calling for the meeting on Twitter before North Korea moved quickly to make the meeting happen.

Friends, president Trump is amazing. He is going the extra miles, and much more, to try and do something historic.

And he is not simply trying to get North Korea to abandon its nuclear weapons. You can be sure that he really would like to see dictator Kim Jong-Un free his impoverished nation. And he is pointing to prosperous South Korea as an example of how this could be done.

By befriending Kim, Trump is using his own outsized persona to warm Kim up to do something bold. And it appears to be working. Nikitas3.com believes that Kim will move toward disarmament – and possibly more – in the next two years.

Big Conservative Victory in the Supreme Court

In its final rulings announced on June 27 the Supreme Court handed a victory to conservatives/Republicans that most conservatives don’t know much about or understand.

It involved “gerrymandering” or state officials’ power to draw US congressional district boundaries.

This certainly does not sound like a very important topic because it is rarely discussed in public debates. But gerrymandering is a form of behind-the-scenes maneuvering that is very important in terms of political power.

In short, the states are given the power under the United States Code to set the boundaries on their congressional districts. Democrats challenged this power when they perceived Republicans seeking to use the boundaries for political purposes (gerrymandering) in multiple states.

But the Supreme Court ruled 5-4 that the issue must be dealt with by the states, not the federal government.

Here is how Wikipedia describes gerrymandering:

Gerrymandering is a practice intended to establish a political advantage for a particular party or group by manipulating district boundaries.

The term is named after Elbridge Gerry, who, as Governor of Massachusetts in 1812, signed a bill that created a partisan district in the Boston area that was compared to the shape of a mythological salamander.

In addition to its use achieving desired electoral results for a particular party, gerrymandering may be used to help or hinder a particular demographic, such as a political, ethnic, racial, linguistic, religious, or class group, such as in Northern Ireland where boundaries were constructed to guarantee Protestant Unionist majorities. The U.S. federal voting district boundaries that produce a majority of constituents representative of African-American or other racial minorities, known as “majority-minority districts”. Gerrymandering can also be used to protect incumbents.

For instance Republicans might want to create a “safe” district for Republican candidates by drawing a district boundary that puts black neighborhoods in a separate district, like in a nearby city. That is how irregular district boundaries get drawn – to include one area and exclude another one.

Democrats made a stink about gerrymandering by alleging that Republicans in states like Ohio, Michigan and North Carolina are using it as a political weapon, and that the federal government needs to intervene. But the Supreme Court ruled that the federal government should not intervene; that it is a state issue.

This means that Democrats cannot call in the federal government every time they are unhappy about district boundaries, which would have unleashed a monster.

Imagine FBI and other Washington agencies coming to your state whenever Democrats claimed that boundaries had been improperly drawn. It would have been a legal nightmare over and over… just like Democrats wanted it.

PJ Media reported about the ruling:

In a decision that will have far-reaching implications, the Supreme Court ruled today that federal courts cannot intervene in partisan disputes about the drawing of district lines.

The court threw out challenges to the lines drawn in North Carolina and Maryland. “Partisan gerrymandering claims present political questions beyond the reach of the federal courts,” Chief Justice John Roberts wrote in the majority opinion. And with that, Roberts put an end to the incredible hypocrisy of Democrats who, as the Sacramento Bee points out, used to love gerrymandering.

When they controlled all the levers in 1981, Democrats gleefully grabbed every district they could.

The late Congressman Phil Burton drew congressional maps so partisan and convoluted that he described them as “my contribution to modern art.”

Burton’s most famous contribution to “modern art” was the district he drew for his brother, Rep. John Burton:

… One California Republican at the time said the district Burton created for his brother “looks like a monkey drew it.”

(Gerrymandering) has been a time-honored practice since the founding of the Republic. But all of a sudden, after Republicans took over more than 30 state legislatures, controlling the redistricting process in dozens of states, Democrats found that they didn’t much care for gerrymandering at all. In fact, it was downright evil.

So in other words Democrats loved and exploited gerrymandering when they had more state power. But now that the shoe is on the other foot they balked and took the issue to court, while the Supreme Court put Democrats in their places.

This ruling will have long-lasting implications for congressional races since conservatives today have much more power at the state level than liberals do. Fact: Republicans hold majority power in 65% of state legislative bodies. And this is precisely why Democrats squawked. Reuters reported:

The ruling, authored by Chief justice John Roberts, delivered a huge setback to election reformers who had hoped the court would intervene over a growing trend in which parties that control state legislatures use the electoral district line-drawing process to cement their grip on power and dilute the voting power of people who support the rival party.

A “growing trend”? I suppose you could say the trend has been growing since 1812.

… What is undeniable is the extraordinary detail available these days to draw the partisan lines ever sharper, more precisely. That and the use of powerful computers have made redrawing district lines as much an artistic endeavor as a technical exercise.

But the Supreme Court has now ruled that it is not the business of federal courts to adjudicate partisan wrangles over congressional district lines. One major consequence is that the ruling gives more power to state courts to make these determinations. And it makes federal interference in elections less likely.

Massachusetts Government Failed in Massive Motorcycle Crash

Liberals and Democrats love to blame everything bad on conservatives, guns, president Trump, Fox News, oil, coal, the US military, etc. But in reality it is liberalism itself that is to blame for virtually all of the evil in the world.

The latest example is a massive crash in New Hampshire, USA on Friday, June 21 that took the lives of seven members of a US Marines motorcycle club.

The motorcycle group was traveling on a rural highway when a pickup truck coming in the opposite direction veered into the path of the motorcycles. The truck was owned by a Massachusetts transportation firm. Fox News reports:

The head of the Massachusetts motor vehicle division resigned from her reported six-figure-salary gig Tuesday after her agency failed to terminate the commercial driving license of a man accused of colliding with a group of motorcyclists on a rural New Hampshire road last week, leaving seven bikers dead.

The Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicle’s Erin Deveney offered her resignation just hours after the alleged driver involved in the horrific crash pleaded not guilty to seven counts of negligent homicide in the Friday motorcycle tragedy in Randolph, N.H., the Boston Herald reported.

Deveney’s agency had failed to act on information received in May from the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles about a drunken driving arrest involving the 23-year-old suspect, Volodymyr Zhukovskyy…

Pollack said the previous arrest should have cost Zhukovskyy his commercial driving license.

… Zhukovskyy was previously arrested May 11 in a Walmart parking lot in East Windsor, Conn., after allegedly failing a sobriety test. His license was not revoked after that arrest, but in 2013 his license was taken away for 210 days and he was placed on probation following a drunken driving charge in Westfield, Mass.

OK, so the state of Massachusetts failed to act. If it had acted this awful motorcycle accident would have been prevented. This disaster needs to be prosecuted. Some of these RMV employees need to go to jail.

This is all nothing new; liberals have a bad habit of going easy on or overlooking criminals and other bad people. When the terror bombers struck the Boston Marathon in Massachusetts in 2013 the two young male muslim perpetrators waltzed into the crowd with big awkward backpacks that obviously were loaded up with something very suspicious.

Did the Boston cops stop the Tsarnaev brothers and ask them any questions?

Of course not. That would have been too politically incorrect for Massachusetts. No, the police were probably busy scanning the crowd for white Tea Partiers passing out copies of the US Constitution without a permit.

The main bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev even had been interviewed by FBI about a trip he took to a terror enclave in Russia. Did FBI follow up? Surveille him? Of course not. Tsarnaev then built the two bombs in his apartment a few blocks from Harvard University.

In another case in Massachusetts a left-wing judge named Lisa Grant shortened the jail sentence of an African immigrant who tried to rob the same bank twice(!) If the sentence had been allowed to stand the immigrant would have been deported as prescribed by law. But that would have been too cruel for Grant.

After the African was released from jail in 2017 he murdered two Boston doctors.

Thus if you look at the number of vicious immigrant criminals in this country being protected by Democrats, it is shocking – from drunk drivers who kill people to rapists to child molesters to murderers.

This is why president Trump is going to be re-elected.

Here is MRCTV.org reporting on the new Boston (Suffolk County) district attorney, a far-leftist elected with the help of George Soros:

Suffolk County District Attorney-elect Rachael Rollins will be taking a new approach to dealing with “petty crimes” in Boston when she steps into her new position in January, including giving criminals a “get out of jail free card” when they commit less serious crimes.

Rollins’ campaign webpage shows a list of 15 charges that will be declined for prosecution “unless supervisor permission is obtained.” Charges from “trespassing” to “drug possession with intent to distribute” all the way to “resisting arrest” will be dismissed, so offenders who commit these crimes will no longer have to worry about the consequences of their actions.

Here’s the list of ‘charges to be declined’: trespassing, larceny under $250, disorderly conduct, disturbing the peace, receiving stolen property, minor driving offenses like operating with a suspended or revoked license, breaking and entering – where it is into a vacant property or where it is for the purpose of sleeping or seeking refuge from the cold and there is no actual damage to property, wanton or malicious destruction of property, threats – excluding domestic violence, minor in possession of alcohol, drug possession, drug possession with intent to distribute, and a stand-alone resisting arrest charge.

So in other words crime is no longer crime in some parts of Massachusetts. This is the communist left hard at work.

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