Norway Electric Car Hoax/ Joe Biden is the Hillary of 2020

Bloomberg News reported about Norway:

Booming sales of Tesla Inc.’s Model 3 meant that 45 per cent of all cars sold in the first half of this year in Norway were electric.

That’s up from 31 per cent share in 2018. Tesla’s Model 3 accounted for 13.5 per cent of all new cars registered in the first six months, according to data released by the Norwegian Information Council for Road Traffic (OFV) on Monday.

The sale of petrol-fueled cars declined about 29 per cent compared to the same period last year.

OK, this is supposed to be stunning news and great for electric car companies like Tesla. But look behind the headline and you will see the truth:

First, Norway has only 5.28 million people. That is about the same population as South Carolina. This translates to about 46,000 electric cars being sold in Norway in 2018.

Second, Tesla sold 8,623 cars in Norway in 2018. That is not many cars. And Tesla continues to be heavily subsidized by American taxpayers.

Third, Norway’s government is heavily subsidizing the electric cars since most people won’t buy them without subsidies. And guess where the money is coming from for the subsidies?

It is coming from a $1 trillion fund created by Norway’s huge oil reserves from drilling in the North Sea.

Fourth, Norway taxes gasoline cars but not electrics. This is another subsidy and another incentive for electric cars. Which begs the question: If electric cars are so great, why do they need so many subsidies and incentives?

Fifth, electric cars are bad for the environment. estimates that they consume 2 to 10 times as much energy as a gasoline-powered car, depending on various conversion and weather factors. This is because electricity is the most highly “refined” resource of all and the laws of physics say that ‘it consumes energy to refine energy’.

We should never be wasting electricity to power cars since we have very efficient gasoline engines. Electricity should be conserved to power refrigerators, computers, light bulbs, water pumps, machinery, etc., for which there is no alternative.

We also know that electric car batteries can lose half of their power in frigid weather. So this is very bad news for electric cars in cold nations like Norway. But the Fake News global media will never mention this major drawback since they defend every ‘green’ idea.

Also, some of that battery power has to go to warm the car interior in cold weather. This further shortens the driving range of the electric car.

Here’s another scam involving electric cars: Since roads are paid for through taxes collected on gasoline sales, electric car owners pay nothing for road construction and upkeep since they don’t buy gasoline. This is yet another free ride for electric vehicles.

Conclusion: If electric cars were so great then they would not have to be subsidized. But they are not great. They are another ‘greenie’ hoax designed to enrich ‘greenie’ car makers like Tesla at the expense of taxpayers.

Joe Biden is the Hillary Clinton of 2020

Joe Biden is the Hillary Clinton of 2020. Biden is the chosen Democrat Establishment candidate and he is coming under increasing attack from the left just as Hillary came under attack from Bernie Sanders in 2016.

Senator Kamala Harris scorched Biden on the issue of race in the presidential debate of June 27. Biden also got in a verbal tussle with senator Cory Booker. These confrontations have led to sinking poll numbers for Biden and were just the opening salvos against Biden from within the party. As the attacks mount and grow there is going to be chaos, all redounding to the benefit of president Trump.

The Bernie Sanders wing of the party remembers getting screwed in 2016 by Establishment candidate Hillary Clinton. And being angry activist types they are not going to let it happen again without a fight.

The Democrats have created a major problem for themselves by starting the primary campaign so early. The 2020 nominee may not even be chosen until June or July 2020. This means that there is plenty of time for the rest of the party and its wacky activists to gang up on Biden and on each other, creating a circus-like atmosphere. And the big winner will be president Trump.

Already the Fake News media are doing everything in their power to cover for Biden, for instance in the cases where he praised segregationists, made an awkward joke about gays or manhandled women and little girls. But that has not stopped Biden’s poll numbers from plummeting.

And if the Establishment ignores the concerns of the leftists who have increasing control the party, and if the Establishment steals the Democrat nomination for Biden like they stole it for Hillary in 2016 there is going to be hell to pay.

There even may be a “stay home” movement on election day among leftists if Biden wins with backing from the Establishment.

Republicans know how devastating a “stay home” movement can be. Mitt Romney lost a significant number of votes in 2012 – and perhaps the election – when conservatives would not support him since he was too liberal. This included Christian conservatives who consider Mormons to be heretics and thus did not want a Mormon president.

In 2016 millions of conservatives and Republicans stayed home and did not vote for Donald Trump. Fortunately Trump had enough Republican, conservative, independent and ‘Reagan Democrat’ voters in reserve to win the election.

The basic problem is that Democrats have no strong candidate to challenge president Trump. And Trump is not going to lay down and let the Democrats get away with anything. He answers every single attack, which is an extremely effective strategy.

Unfortunately for Democrats believes that the Establishment may make the same mistake in 2020 with Biden as they did with Hillary in 2016 and that this will lead to three outcomes:

*Biden would lose the election to Trump;
*The left wing of the Democrat party, which is taking over, would revolt and drag the party even further to the left; and
*There will be wild finger-pointing and civil war in the Democrat party. This will give a nicely-wrapped political gift to the Republicans for many years to come.

Democrats have seen this movie before from the reverse perspective and it did not end well. In 1972 far-left US senator George McGovern of South Dakota became the Democrat nominee despite warnings from the Democrat Establishment.

McGovern won only one electoral state (Massachusetts) while incumbent president Republican Richard Nixon won 49 states. And Nixon was hated by Democrats and their media friends almost as much as Trump is hated today.

There is a famous quote that emerged after the election from a prominent Democrat. It said, “I can’t believe that McGovern lost. Everyone I know voted for him…”

This showed that Democrats live in a hermetic bubble and don’t understand that there is a world outside of theirs. Today that world is called Trump Land and increasing numbers of Democrats strategists are acknowledging it in the face of their 2016 loss.

Already president Trump is slamming Biden as corrupt and as a member of the Biden-Obama presidency that presided over a horrible economy while he is mocking the rest of the Democrats for favoring open borders, “free” everything like college, and health care, including for illegal aliens, universal income, etc. In other words Trump already has all the bases covered and it is only July 2019.

Jimmy Carter has Gone Off the Deep End

One of the worst US presidents of all time, Democrat Jimmy Carter who served in the White House for one term from 1977 to 1981, seems to have lost his mind at age 94. Breitbart News reported:

Former President Jimmy Carter suggested Friday that President Trump’s victory in 2016 was illegitimate due to Russian interference in the election.

During a panel discussion on human rights issues at the Carter Center conference, the former president contended that a proper investigation into the extent of Russian meddling would, in fact, reveal President Trump did not win the White House.

“The president himself should condemn it,” Carter said when asked how the administration should deal with alleged election meddling. “Admit that it happened, which 16 intelligence agencies have already agreed to say.”

“There’s no doubt the Russians did interfere in the election and I think the interference, although not yet quantified, if fully investigated, will show that Trump didn’t actually win the election in 2016.”

“He lost the election and he was put into office because the Russians interfered on his behalf,” he added.

Uhhh, Mr. Carter, there was a “proper investigation” of Russian interference. It lasted two years. Remember? Now take your medication… and a nap.

But wait! There’s more. The Worst President in American history also said about president Trump seeking to stop illegal immigration:

“Every day, we send a disgraceful signal around the world that this is what the present United States government stands for, and that is torture and kidnapping of little children, separation from their parents and deprivation of those who are incarcerated. There are thousands of unknown children that are still incarcerated that hasn’t been revealed by the government itself.”

‘Torture and kidnapping of little children…”? Enough said. Carter is out of it. Bye-bye Jimmy.

Another Deranged Democrat Exposed

In the first Democrat presidential debate on June 26 candidate Julian Castro said (and this is not a joke)…

“Let’s just say that a woman, or let’s not forget, someone in the trans community — a trans-female, uh, is poor, doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t have the right to cover an abortion.”

In other words the pro-abortionists have gone to such an extreme that they want taxpayer-funded abortions to be available to poor men who spend hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars to become women and to have their bodies surgically changed to a woman – with a womb installed, along with the female sex organs. Under Castro’s thinking, these sex-changers then are supposed to be able to get taxpayer-funded abortions when they produce children that they don’t want!

This needs no further comment. This is truly sick and this is where the Democrats are today. They are deranged. Good. This will lead to Trump winning big in 2020 and destroying the Democrat party for years to come.

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