Public School Scammers Out in Force/ More on Va. Beach Killings

Public school teachers and bureaucrats are always out in full force demanding “full funding” for public schools or “more funding” or “pay raises for teachers”. These are code words for socialism.

I see these activists in my town working the Summer street fair with their signs and sign-up sheets. They are unionized teachers and administrators.

These are government workers who get some of the best pay, benefits and pensions of all middle-class American workers but who demand more, more, more. They also get lifetime job security except for the most egregious violations.

Public school teachers across America earn $44 an hour on average. That is very good pay compared to $23 an hour for an average private-sector worker. But then teachers say things like, “I only earn $56,000 a year and my doctor earns $200,000 and he lives in a really nice house. It’s not fair!”

Yes, and that’s because doctors are many times as skilled, smart, disciplined and dedicated as the average public school teacher and work more than twice as many hours per year. reports:

The average Public School Teacher salary in the United States is $56,935 as of May 31, 2019, but the range typically falls between $49,707 and $65,730. Salary ranges can vary widely depending on many important factors, including education, certifications, additional skills, the number of years you have spent in your profession.

Yes, and salary does not include generous benefits and lifetime pensions which push the average pay package much higher by tens of thousands of dollars annually. These benefit and pension packages add greatly to the attractiveness of teaching.

And second, the average is $56,935 even though public school teachers only work about two-thirds as many hours as the average American does. So it averages out to about $44 an hour.

Meanwhile the highest-paid teachers are in our cities where they can earn more than $80,000 annually in salary alone but where they often produce the worst results.

Most public school teachers work around 1,300 hours a year compared to 2,000 hours for the average worker (40 hours a week for 50 weeks) and 2,500 to 3,000 hours a year or even more for really hard workers (50 to 60 hours per week).

After all public school teachers don’t work Summers, Christmas vacation, Spring vacation and February vacation. Most work 7 to 8 hours a day and they even get one free period (45 minutes) per day. Many teachers are out the school door at the end of the day before the students are.

So if they aren’t making enough money, they can certainly go out and work some of those Summer and vacation hours like the rest of us do.

In fact there recently was a story on the internet about a teacher in New Jersey who was working as a waitress on a Saturday. And a customer allegedly recognized her as a teacher and left her a $100 tip on a $70 tab with a note that said, “Thank you for teaching our kids, teachers shouldn’t have to work weekends!”

This certainly sounds like a setup by a teacher union hack that the Fake News media dutifully reported on.

Or perhaps the teacher was working Saturdays to make up some of the 700 to 1,000 fewer hours that she works every year than she would otherwise be working in a private-sector job. So she was not breaking a sweat, rest assured.

The fact is that most American public school teachers live well, don’t work very hard and then retire much earlier than most workers with full benefits and pensions, some retiring at age 52 after 30 years teaching.

I see them in my town driving nice cars and living in nice houses. Many of them spend their Winters in Florida. They are financially secure for life with their big union pensions and benefit packages.

Meanwhile look at this union scam from the Chicago Tribune:

For many years some school boards in Illinois, especially in suburban Chicago, routinely handed out the “two 20s.” What was that? As public school teachers and administrators neared retirement age, they received two back-to-back 20% pay hikes as a way to boost their pensions.

Not all districts were as generous. But the practice of eye-popping end-of-career pay hikes became the norm. Because pensions are based on an educator’s four highest years of pay, school boards would reward their retiring teachers and administrators on the way out the door, passing those now-higher pension costs onto the state.

You can be sure that this is happening all over America yet these teachers are always pleading poverty. But that is to cover up who they really are. In fact teachers are impoverishing the rest of us in these ways:

*It is the teacher unions and their Democrat cronies in government who push up our taxes relentlessly through excessive government spending, including for education, leading us all to have to work harder and take second jobs.

*These teachers are often part of militant labor unions which ruined the American economy in the 1960s and 1970s, destroying millions of good jobs with outrageous wage demands, strikes and violence.

*These teachers and their radical Democrat handlers want open borders which push down wages and increase government costs and taxes. Illegal immigration even pushes up rents since it puts demand on housing, which increases rents through the law of supply and demand.

*Teachers are closely allied with the ‘green’ movement which is pushing up the cost of everything like food and fuel with their regulations.

So don’t fall for their poor-little-teacher scam.

We have all seen these Teacher of the Year awards that are given out regularly and are highly publicized in the media. This is another fraud. Gee, how about Insurance Agent of the Year or Mechanic of the Year or Doctor of the Year?

But no, we only see Teacher of the Year. It is a setup by the teacher unions to make us think that teachers are so “special”.

They are no more special than anyone else. In fact many people become public school teachers because it is easy to become a teacher, it is a fairly easy job, it is well paid with full benefits and pensions, and has lots of free time. Summers off every year? I’ll take it…

Are there good teachers who deserve good pay out of 3.3 million public school teachers? Of course. But many public school teachers today are mediocre people who want an easy life or they are hard-core, left-wingers who are totally committed to the socialist agenda. Ironically the schools preach radical environmentalism yet some of the biggest holders of oil company stocks in America are teacher unions.

Up until the 1970s the public schools were good but many have since become radical and are failing. has said for many years that the failure of public education is THE leading cause of poverty in America, that tens of millions of students have graduated without even the basic skills in math, English, science and other fundamentals and are going to do poorly in life as a result.

Meanwhile public schools are busy teaching about the hoax of ‘global warming’ or about sex changing or where to get an abortion or the evils of white men. It is shocking and appalling.

At the same time spending on public school construction goes through the roof year after year.’s hometown in Massachusetts just spent $120 million on a new school rather than refurbish the old school, which probably would have cost $50 million. And this happened in a town with a declining population, increasing poverty and crime, and bad roads.

Other towns all over the region are voting to build new schools despite declining enrollments and stagnant economies.

What is the point?

It is one of the key goals of socialism: To spend taxpayer dollars, which empowers socialists.

And who is behind these efforts to indebt the public to new schools, with big tax increases as a result?

It is the teacher unions, public school administrators and other Democrat activists.

Meanwhile The Gateway Pundit reports:

A high school in San Francisco is now weighing three options to get rid of what they consider a terribly politically incorrect set of murals of America’s first president, George Washington.

The plans come with astronomical costs: Cover the murals up with a curtain — at a stunning cost of $300,000 — paint over them at $600,000, or cover them up with paneling at $875,000.

Activists argue that two 83-year-old murals are offensive to Native Americans and African-Americans and claim they “traumatizes students and community members.”

So first of all they want to cover up the murals; this comes from far-left activism. Then they want to pay $300,000 to $875,000 to do so. This is pure public school corruption. You can rest assured that some union-related company would get the job to cover up the murals.

Here’s More on the Virginia Beach Killings

On May 31 twelve employees of the city of Virginia Beach, Virginia were gunned down by a co-worker. The killer was black and so the story was downplayed in the media.

More information has since come out about the case and it is typical of what we discover after the story has faded from the news. Fox News reported:

The night before Kate Nixon and 11 others were murdered by a disgruntled co-worker, the decade-long Virginia Beach city employee talked with her husband about bringing a gun to work for self-defense — a decision that was taken out of her hands by the city’s ban on employees carrying firearms at work, a Nixon family lawyer said.

Now, Nixon’s family is calling for an independent investigation into events leading up to the May 31 shooting and what could have been done differently before and during it, particularly given the explicit concerns about shooter DeWayne Craddock.

“Kate expressed to her husband concerns about this individual in particular, as well as one other person,” Nixon family attorney Kevin Martingayle told WHRV’s “HearSay with Cathy Lewis” radio show Monday

This is really disturbing for two reasons:

*The city bans guns and so the victims were not prepared to defend themselves. This can be directly attributed to gun-control fanatics who have blood on their hands over the Virginia Beach killings and over thousands of other gun deaths in America ever year.

For instance the Virginia Tech campus is a gun-free zone and it was so back in 2007 when the deranged Korean student killed 32 of this fellow students. Nobody was armed to fight back. Guns were and are banned from the campus except for law enforcement.

*Notice the sentence about the Virginia Beach killings… ‘particularly given the explicit concerns about shooter DeWayne Craddock’.

In fact a huge number of crimes are committed by people who are known to be troublemakers and criminals. For instance the 9/11 hijackers did many things that rang alarm bells long before the attack but FBI did nothing about them.

Meanwhile the Parkland, Florida high school shooter was well known as a wacko to students, administrators and local police and FBI. And the Virginia Tech killer of 2007 was known as a lunatic on campus. But nobody did anything about them either. Fox News continued about Craddock:

“We’ve heard a lot of information out there suggesting there were a lot of concerns about the shooter well before this happened,” (Martyngale) told WHRV. “We need to know more about that. An outside investigation is the perfect vehicle to get to the truth. That’s it. This is a search for truth by a grieving family.”

It will be interesting to find out the truth about Craddock. predicts that we will discover that the killings could have been prevented if someone had acted on him.

This shows that political correctness – which emanates from the same place as gun control – has led to thousands of deaths in the last few decades, i.e., weird behavior can no longer be questioned, that it is a person’s “right” to be crazy, that we should not ‘judge’ people.

We need to go back to the Good Old Days when these creepy and crazy people were singled out and scrutinized and acted on, not protected.

More Swedish Muslim Violence

Liberals say over and over that muslims are peaceful people who should be allowed to immigrate into our Christian nations unfettered. And that terrorism is the exception and not the rule.

But the situation is out of control in many places including Sweden which has a large muslim population that has immigrated there over the past decade under very liberal immigration laws.

Breitbart News recently reported:

Police in Malmö have announced increased security measures around local police stations following a series of explosions in the Swedish city.

Filip Annas, press officer for Police Region South, announced the measures, saying that there would be an increase in the number of officers patrolling outside of police stations in the city, Swedish broadcaster SVT reports.

… The tightening of security comes just days after the city saw three explosions, two of which targetted residential areas in the notorious Rosengård no-go (muslim) suburb and a nightclub closer to the centre of the city, all within 24 hours.

Malmö has seen a number of explosions since the start of the year including a large explosion last month targetting a restaurant, with police arresting two individuals.

Police stations have also been targetted by explosions, including an incident in Helsingborg in October 2017 when the entire facade of the police station was destroyed in the blast.

Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven spoke out about the incident at the time saying: “The bombing of a police station in Helsingborg is extremely serious. An attack on the police is, in the long run, an attack on our democracy.”

These bombings go largely unreported in the international media in order to protect muslims while these bombings never happened before the muslims started moving to Europe in large numbers.

Meanwhile muslims do not fear any scrutiny or retribution. Because, first, islamic extremists do the bombings and then other muslims run to the media claiming that any reporting on the bombings is anti-muslim discrimination that incites hatred of muslims.

This is how muslims are slowly taking over Europe… one bombing at a time and with total Euro media/leftist complicity.

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