Monthly Employment Reports being Rigged Against Trump

CBS News reported on Friday, July 5:

Hiring rebounded in June after several months marked by slower job growth, easing recession fears in some corners of Wall Street and lowering pressure on the Fed to cut interest rates this summer to stimulate the economy.

Employers added a robust 224,000 jobs in June and the unemployment rate ticked up slightly to 3.7% from 3.6%, the U.S. Labor Department reported Friday. Most economists had expected about 160,000 jobs to be created.

Wage growth in June was disappointing: Over the past 12 months, wages were up 3.1%, below market estimates of 3.2%, signaling that the economic recovery is still not complete.

So notice that CBS, which is a Fake News media giant, reported one very positive fact – 224,000 jobs added in the thriving Trump economy – but sandwiched it between two pieces of bad news.

The first sentence says “several months marked by slower job growth” and then the third paragraph starts with “Wage growth in June was disappointing”. Then it talks about “easing recession fears”.

What recession fears? Oh, right, the fears of recession that the media are constantly cultivating in order to make a great economy look bad. This is classic anti-Trump media manipulation.

Yet we know that Americans are thrilled with the Trump economy, by wide margins. This is what terrifies the Fake News media and will lead to Trump’s re-election.

Meanwhile notice this phenomenon: Early in the morning of July 5, before the 224,000 jobs number was reported a website called reported:

A question has hung over the American economy for the past month: Was the sharp slowdown in job growth in May just another soft patch in a recovery that has set records for its durability? Or was it a warning of more significant trouble?

Friday’s jobs report will help provide the answer.

Economists expect the Labor Department’s monthly report, which will be released at 8:30 a.m., to show that American employers added 170,000 jobs in June. That would be a substantial rebound from the disappointing total of 75,000 in May. (May’s figure will also be revised on Friday.) And it would suggest that the job market remained on solid footing, even if it lost some momentum since last year.

A second straight weak report, however, would spark fresh worries that trade tensions and other factors could be undermining the 10-year economic expansion. And it could raise the stakes for the Federal Reserve’s meeting this month.

So look at all of the negativity in these paragraphs – “sharp slowdown in job growth” and “a warning of more significant trouble?” and “A second straight weak report, however, would spark fresh worries”…

It gets worse; there is a major deception every month that works like this: The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports the official number for jobs created in one month (in this case 224,000 jobs created in June) on the first Friday of the next month (July 5) at 8:30 AM.

But before the official number comes out we often see a second number reported like the 170,000 mentioned above. This second number appears again and again in news reports leading up to the official jobs announcement. Sometimes it is even given as the actual number of jobs created.

This 170,000 is Fake News. It is simply a prediction by economists. And its report is meant to confuse us about what is really going on so that millions of Americans believe the lower number because that is the number that they hear first.

And if the actual number of jobs created is lower than the prediction then the media highlight the actual number as a failure of Trump to keep up with predictions.

In short president Trump can never win. And the best solution would be for the media to keep its mouth shut and forget about the prediction and just report the jobs number when the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports it. But the Fake News media love to report both numbers to sow confusion in the Age of Trump.

Meanwhile notice that the CBS News story said “Most economists had expected about 160,000 jobs to be created.”

So this is another Fake News number that is even lower than 170,000. This is intended to confuse us even further.

See how these media skunks work? Here is offering a pessimistic report on the economy before the official June jobs number came out:

Is a hiring freeze in the U.S. underway? No, but a second poor jobs report in a row would trigger fresh angst about the economy and force the Federal Reserve to lower U.S. interest rates

Here’s what to expect in the June employment report due Friday morning after the July 4 holiday.

The number of new jobs created in June is widely expected to bounce back from a meager 75,000 increase in May. Economists polled by MarketWatch predict the U.S. created 170,000 jobs in June.

OK, look at the negativity – “a hiring freeze” and “a second poor jobs report in a row would trigger fresh angst about the economy” and “Economists polled by MarketWatch predict the U.S. created 170,000 jobs in June”.

So there’s the 170,000 figure again, which will stick with a lot of people. Here is reporting a negative aspect to the 224,000 jobs:

US stocks slipped from record levels on Friday after a stronger-than-expected jobs report dimmed expectations that the Federal Reserve will cut interest rates later this month.

All the three major indices had rallied to record highs during a shortened trading session Wednesday ahead of Independence Day.

In other words, they are saying that the great 224,000 job creation number could really be a negative thing that could lead to interest rate hikes. Amazing.

Meanwhile the same media kept silent when the Obama economy was in a depression-like state for eight years and subtly suggested over and over that this was “the new normal” and that things would never get better.

On the other hand the Trump economy is producing optimism and good feelings. Americans are giddy these days. That is why a bad economy is called a ‘depression’. Because people are psychologically depressed about the lack of jobs and opportunity.

How giddy are we? Well, lives in liberal Massachusetts where the economy was very depressed under Obama. Towns and neighborhoods looked shabby and most unemployed and poor people had no hope of finding work.

Today the economy is doing great, towns look brighter, home values have spiked, there are Help Wanted signs everywhere, even a $10/hour job can provide $20,000 a year in income and we hear that “anyone who wants a job can find one”. This is not only lifting the spirits of the people but is helping to push up wages naturally in Massachusetts and all over the country as workers become scarce and wages rise to attract them.

Example: While leftist activists have been demanding legislation for $15 an hour in places like Seattle and New York City, recently saw an ad for store cleaners to start at $13 to $15 an hour in the small, low-cost city of Rutland, Vermont. That is equal to $25 an hour or more in high-cost Seattle or New York. also saw a Help Wanted sign for servers at Dunkin’ Donuts in the small city of North Adams, Massachusetts for $12.50 an hour plus tips. This could easily translate to $15 to $20 an hour ($30K to $40K a year) in a city where living costs are relatively low. That’s amazingly good pay for a largely unskilled job.

Entry-level Target warehouse jobs were recently being advertised near Albany, New York at $18.91 per hour ($38,000 per year).

In other words president Trump is making good things happen like increasing wages naturally though a booming economy while Democrats claim that it can only be attained through legislation.

And this, friends, is the difference between capitalism and socialism – capitalism achieves things that socialists dream about forcing on us via government.

Meanwhile there is one economic sector where jobs are being lost by the thousands and we should all be thankful. Breitbart News reports:

The American media will be hit with nearly 12,000 job cuts in 2019, the highest number since the economic crisis of 2009.

“The consultancy Challenger Gray & Christmas reported this week media companies, which include movies, television, publishing, music, and broadcast and print news, announced plans to cut 15,474 jobs so far this year, of which 11,878 of which were from news organizations” reports AFP.

This is a huge increase over 2017’s 4,062 media job cuts and, according to the article at least, this is primarily happening due to paywalls and ad revenue.

A number of media outlets are installing paywalls in the hope their customers will start to pay for something they are used to getting for free. This is not working.

And ad revenue is plummeting because of the ad blockers people use in their web browsers and how effective Google and Facebook have been at stealing advertisers away.

Another obvious reason for these cuts — one the AFP article will never touch — is that in the era of Trump, too much of the media have exposed themselves as lying, fake-newsing hacks willing to spread any falsehood to overturn the 2016 presidential election.

Already this year, the fake news outlets at CNN and BuzzFeed have slashed over 100 and 200 jobs, respectively. Verizon slashed 800 jobs at Yahoo, AOL, and HuffPost.

What’s more, what could be more symbolic than the Washington DC-located Newseum being force to close because no one wants to worship at the temple of a broken, un-American, corrupt, and endlessly venal institution.

Finally, there is the debunking this year of the media’s two-year Russia Collusion Hoax, which fell apart after the Mueller Report proved no one in the Trump campaign colluded with the Russians to steal the presidential election and that there was no obstruction of justice.

So there is more good news out there. The Fake News media are dying. Fantastic! As the rest of America is prospering. This must be utopia…

Build the Wall!

If you want to see a great video about big progress on building The Wall on the Mexican border, go here. This is a video about a company called Fisher Industries quickly installing an un-climbable wall at a heavily traveled crossing spot near El Paso, Texas. It shows what can be done when the private-sector ingenuity and hard work of Americans is put to the test.

Trump Pressure on China is Working

Breitbart News reported:

Major tech manufacturers including HP, Dell, Amazon, and Microsoft are all considering moving a portion of their production out of China as a result of the trade war between Washington and Beijing.

Nikkei Asian Review reports that a number of major tech firms including HP, Dell, Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Sony, and Nintendo are all considering moving their production businesses out of China, motivated in part by the recent trade war between the U.S. and China. Sources told Nikkei that HP and Dell, the number one and number three personal computer manufacturers which account for 40 percent of the global market, may relocate up to 30 percent of their notebook production to countries outside of China.

Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Sony, and Nintendo are also reportedly considering moving their gaming console and smart speaker manufacturing out of the country. The sudden shift is reportedly due to tense trade relations between the U.S. and China combined with the rising price of production costs in China. It seems that the country could soon see a major shift in technology production.

This is all good news. President Trump’s get-tough trade policies on China are working like everything else he is doing. If these companies leave China or threaten to leave it will put further pressure on China to make a deal with Trump. believes that that deal already is in the works and that the big winner is going to be the US economy and American workers.

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