Trump Wins Big on Russia Collusion Hoax

The greatest criminal-political conspiracy in the history of the United States has collapsed into dust.

It collapsed months ago with the release of Robert Mueller’s probe finding no collusion between president Trump and Russia in the 2016 election. And if that was not enough Mueller’s bumbling, confused and disjointed testimony on July 24 before two separate House committees put the final kibosh on this gargantuan hoax.

Democrats had desperately hoped that the Mueller testimony would throw them some type of life line toward impeachment but Robert Mueller tossed it all away – he asked 48 TIMES for questions to be repeated.

And it was not as if he didn’t hear the questions. He just didn’t understand them. He is too old and tired to know what is going on. It was shocking after we had been promised that Mueller was a paragon of virtue and competence.

When top Obama adviser David Axelrod tweeted about watching Mueller’s performance, “This is very, very painful…” the entire Russia collusion fraud was summed up in just five words.

Mueller was presented as a man of great honor but he is not and never was. His FBI repeatedly prosecuted and persecuted innocent people like Republican US senator Ted Stevens of Alaska, Merrill Lynch executives and many others.

This massive Russia ruse perpetrated by Democrat Swamp Dwellers sought to unseat a legitimately elected Republican president of the United States. This continued a pattern over the last 60 years of Democrats undermining our nation.

Democrat president Lyndon Johnson got us totally ensnared in the Vietnam War with disastrous consequences. Democrats deposed Republican president Richard Nixon on a molehill of a case called Watergate. President Jimmy Carter gave us inflation, recession and military weakness. President Bill Clinton looked the other way as terrorists prepared and trained for the 9/11 attacks. And Obama led us through eight years of economic woe.

In Russia-gate we then saw charges so far-fetched that even Robert Mueller could not put together a coherent sentence to defend his own report.

Friends, with the final collapse of the Russia probe we indeed have entered a new world order and it is not the globalist/socialist dystopia of the past. We have entered a new order of light and truth, with evil finally exposed.

In his press conference after the disastrous Mueller testimony president Trump said that the Democrat party is “in shambles”. Nothing could be more true. Democrats bet the whole house on this impeachment fraud and they lost the house. They now have four freshmen radical female congresswomen called The Squad who are pulling the party even further to the unelectable left. This is their New World Order.

These same fraudsters told us for the last four years that Trump would never be president or that he would certainly never last. They were so, so wrong over and over. Thus we should all try to imagine the depression that Democrats and leftists are having after Robert Mueller booted their whole impeachment dream into oblivion in just one day of bungled testimony.

They are in a panic. They are feeling light in the head. They are running to the medicine cabinets for their anti-depressants and to their therapists for double sessions. They know that Trump is steaming forth, stronger than ever and they are finally getting that sick, sinking feeling that he is headed for re-election.

President Trump gloated over the “horrible job” that Robert Mueller did in his testimony before Congress. He had reason to gloat. He added, “This should never happen to another president of the United States again.This is an absolute catastrophe for our country. This was a fake witch hunt, and it should never be allowed to happen to another president again. This was treason. This was high crimes. This was everything as bad a definition as you want to come up with. This should never be allowed to happen to our country again.”

Great… Go Trump! Mueller appeared old, flustered and confused. And suddenly it became apparent over just a few hours that this man had nothing to do with the 22-month investigation into Trump, that he was merely a figurehead and that the entire probe was really conducted by a Trump-hating lawyers named Andrew Weissman.

Weissman has a history of corruption and he ran roughshod over decency and the rule of law by casting a wide net over the Russia probe, used massive and unnecessary force to arrest people and sought to snag anyone and everyone in its wake even over issues unrelated to Russian meddling.

Democrats assured us that the Mueller report would be the end of Trump. Over and over they said it just like they said that Hillary would win hands-down in 2016. They were wrong and wrong and wrong again.

Democrats today are like the drowning man who was waiting for a lifeline but finally see that the lifeline is not coming. They have shot their wad. Ratings for anti-Trump CNN and MSNBC, the two cable networks that most vociferously promoted the Russia hoax, sank like a stone after the final Mueller report said that Trump had not colluded. They will sink further after Mueller’s disastrous performance before two House committees.

The entire Fake News media establishment from The Washington Post to NBC to NPR gambled all of their credibility on the Russia hoax and they lost big-time.

Fewer and fewer people trust the New York Times any longer as ‘the paper of record’. It has become a rabid propaganda arm for an ideology and a party that has failed.

Yes, indeed, July 24, 2019 will be remembered as the day that the Democrats and their media cronies finally shot their own heads off. There is a new world emerging and this is spreading around the world. Conservatives are being elected globally to clean up the mess and corruption that the socialists and globalists have created.

Today journalists like David Schoen, Sarah Carter, John Solomon, Gregg Jarrett and Sidney Powell, who all exposed the Russia hoax as it was unfolding, are the new heroes.

But they will get no Pulitzer Prizes because their muckraking is exposing not Republicans Donald Trump, George Bush and Richard Nixon but Democrats Hillary Clinton, James Comey, John Brennan, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, James Clapper, Bill Clinton, Peter Strzok and the rest of the Swamp Dwellers.

Indeed the Trump Curse is striking over and over. Look at the misfortunes of skier Lindsey Vonn, lawyer Michael Avenatti, entertainer Kathy Griffin, skater Ashley Wagner and football players Colin Kaepernick and Marcellus Bennett, all of whom suffered major career reversals after maligning Trump.

How about 1970s actor Peter Fonda who trashed president Trump’s son and soon thereafter saw his new film – and certainly his last – crash at the box office?

Or James Hodgkinson who tried to kill Republican congressmen at the baseball practice game in 2017, failed and ended up dead himself.

How about “comedian” Michelle Wolf who insulted the president repeatedly and then saw her Netflix show canceled shortly thereafter. Ditto Chelsea Handler.

How about rappers like YG and G-Eazy who put out a song calle ‘F*** Donald Trump’ and who were then respectively arrested for robbery in Las Vegas and for assault and cocaine possession in Sweden.

The list goes on and on… The Trump Curse strikes again and again and again as the world shifts around us into a new world order that is nothing like anyone imagined when Trump was first elected.

Hollywood has-beens like filmmaker Michael Moore, 1970s TV actor Rob Reiner and washed-up actress Alyssa Milano spout off endlessly. But these are hardly the kinds of people who are going to light a fire under American voters.

Hillary Clinton is the #1 Trump Hater. She has turned into a whining, blathering mess of an old lady who is the opposite of the strong woman whom she claims to be. Bill Clinton too is fading into the woodwork.

Indeed a new day is dawning. Everything is upside down. Robert Mueller will fade into obscurity as a blundering old man not as the American Savior that Democrats had hoped.

Meanwhile Clinton crony Jeffrey Epstein has been found semi-conscious in his jail cell in New York City after being held on child sex abuse charges. It will be very interesting to find out what happened there. It is an allegory for the final days of the Clinton era and the Old World Order of the Democrats.

The tables are turning. We finally should be getting a thorough investigation of these Russia hoaxsters and other nefarious organizations that have been pulling the levers in Washington for decades.

Meanwhile president Donald John Trump is emerging unscathed. He is standing in Washington like Superman with bullets bouncing off of his chest.

The old adage says that “What does not kill me makes me stronger”. And this is true with Trump. He is a strong man and he has been through the mill and has emerged stronger than ever.

And who do the Democrats have to take on Trump in 2020?

Answer: Nobody. There is not a single Democrat running who can withstand the Twitter finger of Trump. Not only is the Trump brand rising but the Trump economy is thriving and will continue to do so as long as Trump policies remain in effect.

Indeed, friends, things have changed. It started on November 9, 2016 when Donald Trump was declared as the next president of the United States. This was truly the turning point. And the momentum towards a new and more conservative world order is picking up steam.

Now here is a quick word about the global economy.

The United States had 2.1% growth in the second quarter 2019, which was above expectations. But Trump haters are claiming that this is a bad sign after 3.1% in the first quarter.

And it is. But the numbers in the US would be vastly better if all of the socialist economies in the world, particularly Europe and Japan, were themselves doing better. But they are not; they are dragging down the global economy and the US. The Telegraph in Britain reported:

German industry is in the deepest slump since the global financial crisis and threatens to push Europe’s powerhouse economy into full-blown recession. The darkening outlook is forcing the European Central Bank to contemplate ever more perilous measures.

The influential Ifo Institute in Munich said its business climate indicator for manufacturing went into “free fall” in July as the delayed damage from global trade conflict takes its toll and confidence wilts. It goes far beyond the woes of the car industry. More than 80pc of Germany’s factories are in outright contraction.

German is the world’s 4th largest economy but Germany is a highly taxed and regulated economy and thus very stagnant. Germany has high power bills because of all of its solar power. This harms its economy too.

When the German economy, and other Euro economies, and Japan, are not doing well, the American economy suffers too since all of the economies are interrelated. If Europe and Japan were doing better the US would have 4% growth or better. Easy.

So socialism has spread its ugly tentacles all around the world. Even if a nation is not socialistic it suffers because of socialism elsewhere in the world.

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