707 Miles of Border Wall!/ Joe Biden Looks Frail/ Fake News: Trump Hates America

The Supreme Court has voted to allow president Trump to use $2.5 billion in Pentagon money to build parts of The Wall on the Mexican border. This is great news. Mark Morgan, the acting commissioner of US Customs and Border Protection said:

Right now we’ve completed 52 new miles of wall along the southwest border strategic locations. And by 2020 we’re going to have about 205 miles of wall completed. But with this new ruling and if we’re able to get all of the DOD funding that’s available we’re going to be able to build about 450 miles of new wall. And right now… we’ve been building about a mile of wall every week since May.

That’s 707 miles of wall, including the most crucial areas, versus zero when Trump was elected. Great… Build The Wall!

Joe Biden Looks Frail

Nikitas3.com has warned repeatedly that front-runner Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden looks old and frail at age 76. Compared to a youthful and vigorous president Trump at 73 Biden looks much worse over just three years in age difference.

A doctor who served Obama for more than 20 years said he thought that Biden “looked frail” in a recent debate when he was being attacked by senator Kamala Harris.

Dr. David Scheiner said that Biden’s appearance during that debate made him nervous. “Harris started attacking him and he looked frail to me. I sort of got the feeling he wasn’t very strong.”

Indeed Biden is frail. He has given speeches where he slurs his words and speaks in disjointed sentences. After one recent speech he muttered “What am I doing?” as if he were confused.

Imagine that he gets the nomination and then makes just one or two big mistakes in the presidential debates, or acts confused even once. That could easily happen and it would finish him.

Democrats are in a real dilemma. They must stand by Biden as the front runner but if he continues to screw up – which he is famous for – he will hand the election to president Trump on a silver platter.

Speaking of Democrats who are turning old and senile Nancy Pelosi (age 79) recently gave another speech where she repeatedly sputtered and tripped over her own words. She was in Detroit but said she was happy to be in New York. She then referred to the NAACP as the “N Double A C T…”

And this comes from the party that claims it represents youth and new ideas.

New Fake Media Narrative: Trump Hates America

There is a new media narrative developing in another attempt to undermine president Trump as 2020 approaches. It recently was described by New York Times columnist David Brooks – who is a fake conservative – in a commentary called Donald Trump Hates America.

And no, friends, president Trump does not hate America. This is another Fake News media lie. In fact it is The New York Times itself that is a member in good standing of the flag-burning, Constitution-shredding, military-hating, Founding Fathers-despising, election-stealing, ‘antifa’-loving left.

This narrative is intended to shift the spotlight from the open, rabid and growing anti-Americanism in the Democrat party led by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her “squad” of four congresswomen.

Joy Behar, the resident left-wing crank on The View TV show, took the issue further when she said that Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee had disrespected former Marine and Vietnam War veteran Robert Mueller during his recent testimony, showing that they too were anti-American.

But Mueller was not disrespected as a former Marine. He was taken to task politically by Republicans seeking to establish the truth about his phony probe into president Trump. In his column David Brooks wrote:

So apparently Donald Trump wants to make this an election about what it means to be American. He’s got his vision of what it means to be American, and he’s challenging the rest of us to come up with a better one.

In Trump’s version, “American” is defined by three propositions. First, to be American is to be xenophobic. The basic narrative he tells is that the good people of the heartland are under assault from aliens, elitists and outsiders. Second, to be American is to be nostalgic. America’s values were better during some golden past. Third, a true American is white. White Protestants created this country; everybody else is here on their sufferance.

When you look at Trump’s American idea you realize that it contradicts the traditional American idea in every particular. In fact, Trump’s national story is much closer to the Russian national story than it is toward our own. It’s an alien ideology he’s trying to plant on our soil.

Trump’s vision is radically anti-American.

So in other words we are all supposed to forget about everything that president Trump and we Trump supporters think positively about America, which is a great deal. No, liberals just take everything that Trump does and turn it negative and then claim that their side is positive.

Yet we Trump supporters are not racist. Neither is the president. But we are critical of all people of all races who behave horribly which includes horrible black behavior on a massive scale. Too bad if that upsets David Brooks.

We Trump supporters are not xenophobic. Neither is the president. We love immigrants. We come from immigrant stock. President Trump’s humble grandparents came from Germany and once owned a small hotel in Alaska.

But we are opposed to the floods of illegal immigrants coming into the country, including hordes of criminals. Too bad if that upsets David Brooks.

Nostalgic? Who cares if we Trump supporters are nostalgic? Since when is nostalgia bad? Nostalgia has been a human trait for thousands of years. There were many great things in our past like less crime, great public schools, strong churches and cohesive families. Those of us who grew up in the 1950s remember good times and happy families.

Here is why we are nostalgic, for instance, about crime-free schools back when the biggest infraction was chewing gum or cutting class. Breitbart News reported:

Federal data released Thursday show serious incidents of violence in the nation’s public schools are on the rise at the same time more schools are employing Obama-era “restorative justice” disciplinary policies and nearly all schools are touting “social emotional learning” (SEL) practices.

A report released by the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), an arm of the U.S. Education Department (USED), used data from a sample of 4,803 public schools that participated in the 2017-2018 School Survey on Crime and Safety.

Data show that during the 2017-2018 academic year, an estimated 962,300 violent incidents occurred in U.S. public schools, with 71 percent of schools reporting at least one violent incident.

Of the schools in the sample, 66 percent reported at least one physical attack or fight without a weapon, with three percent reporting a similar attack with a weapon.

In school year 2015-2016, about 39 percent of schools reported at least one student threat of physical attack without a weapon, compared with nine percent involving a weapon.

During the last academic year, data show an estimated 3,600 incidents in schools across the country involving a firearm or explosive device.

This is a direct result of Obama policies. So no wonder we conservatives are nostalgic for the good schools that we once had.

But nostalgia can be a bad thing since there are many negative things in the past that liberals remember fondly. For instance they totally supported the powerful US labor unions that destroyed millions of great jobs in the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s with outrageous wage demands, strikes and violence.

Who would want the wars and genocide that that racked Europe in the first half of the 20th century?

Conservatives don’t. But liberals do. Their left-wing friends in the communist Soviet Union killed tens of millions of their own people yet many Democrats continue to defend communism to this day, coddling communist China.

A New York Times reporter named Walter Duranty even wrote glowingly in the 1920s and 1930s about Stalin’s Soviet Union without mentioning mass genocide, slave labor and mass starvation. It was the greatest journalistic scandal of the 20th century.

Democrat presidential candidate Bernie Sanders even took his honeymoon in the Soviet Union in 1988 to show solidarity with his ideological soul mates. Unbelievable.

Would president Trump ever do such a thing? Of course not. David Brooks continues:

The real American idea is not xenophobic, nostalgic or racist; it is pluralistic, future-oriented and universal. America is exceptional precisely because it is the only nation on earth that defines itself by its future, not its past. America is exceptional because from the first its citizens saw themselves in a project that would have implications for all humankind. America is exceptional because it was launched with a dream to take the diverse many and make them one — e pluribus unum.

Oh, so all of a sudden Trump-haters like Brooks love America and its history. This is the first time that Nikitas3.com has heard this. Up until now liberals said that America was a slave-holding, oppressive, patriarchal hell-hole that exploited every group that came here.

But they still cannot explain why the world’s poor continue to break down our borders to enter our great land of opportunity founded by conservative white men. Brooks writes:

The Puritans settled this continent with visions of creating a future city on a hill. They had an eschatological dream of completing God’s plan for this earth. By the time of the revolution it was well understood that America was the land of futurity, the vanguard nation that would lead all of humanity to a dignified and democratic future.

“I always consider the settlement of America with reverence and wonder,” John Adams declared, “as the opening of a grand scene and design in providence, for the illumination of the ignorant and the emancipation of the slavish part of mankind all over the earth.”

American life is so raucous and dynamic because people are inflamed by visions of creating a heaven on earth. As George Santayana put it, Americans often don’t make a distinction between the sacred and the profane. In building material wealth, they see themselves creating a country that will redeem humanity, that will become the last best hope of earth.

Gee, Brooks sure does sound like a conservative with all his praise. And this is no surprise; Trump-haters are suddenly hugging the flag because they know that they are in big trouble for the 2020 election. They see these radical Squad congresswomen and countless other Democrats politicians and media skunks constantly maligning our nation and they know that this will harm them badly in 2020.

Even extremist Democrat muslim congresswoman Ilhan Omar, a Squad member, claimed recently, “I believe, as an immigrant, I probably love this country more than anyone that is naturally born…”

This obviously is part of the Democrat propaganda program aimed at smearing president Trump and his supporters as somehow unpatriotic in contrast. Brooks writes:

This sense of mission has often made Americans arrogant, and somewhat dangerous to be around. But it has also made us anxious. The country was built amid a wail of jeremiads: Providence assigned us a mission to serve the whole planet, but we, in our greed and sin, are blowing it!

Blowing it? Actually, Mr. Brooks, America has served all mankind over and over. American men invented virtually every modern technology that powers the world today and that has spread prosperity around the globe like electricity, computers, light bulbs, petroleum technology, modern medicine, modern agriculture, modern metallurgy, plastics, the telephone and the cell phone, modern chemistry, refrigeration, air travel, the internal combustion engine and on and on and on.

The American economy has served for 150 years as “the economic engine of the world”, lifting billions of people out of misery.

America has sacrificed hundreds of thousands of military lives to keep foreign nations free. We have welcomed tens of millions of the world’s poor to our shores. We have been a beacon of freedom and a model of hope for the world.

But somehow a Trump-hater like Brooks and the rest of his crowd at the New York Times think that that is “blowing it”.

This phrase alone exposes who the real America haters are.

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