Donald Trump is the Shrewdest US President Ever

stable geniusDonald Trump is the shrewdest president in American history. He has uncanny political instincts.

When he announced his candidacy after coming “down the escalator” in Trump Tower in June 2015 that display itself was masterful. He appeared to be descending from the heavens with Melania in the lead.

Since that day commentators have referred over and over to Trump “coming down the escalator”. It was a memorable image and intentionally so, all perfectly staged by a master showman.

In that announcement he said one word that attracted global attention. He said that “rapists” were coming over the Mexican border.

This single word sent the global media into a frenzy and got Trump’s announcement massively more coverage than it would have gotten otherwise.

And that is why he said it.

President Trump has learned throughout his business and media careers how to generate “buzz” about himself. This has proven to be invaluable as he knocked off the presumptive shoo-in candidate Hillary Clinton in the most shocking upset in American presidential election history.

After all, one of the most memorable public relations rules in history is “I don’t care what they say about me as long as they spell my name right…”

And the name is spelled T-R-U-M-P…

But then again, that’s Trump. The first law of politics is to attract attention to yourself and to make yourself known. Trump is a master at it.

President Trump has referred to himself as a “stable genius” which is very funny to be so bold. With that phrase he is touting himself in the most direct way possible with just two words. Very smart. And he knows that he is not only boasting but is being arrogant. This angers the media and Democrats even more and draws their wrath even stronger.

The president once claimed that he owns a Gucci store that is worth more than Mitt Romney. And it is true!

President Trump tweets incessantly. The ‘experts’ have told him to stop tweeting. Millions of people have told him to stop tweeting. Yet he continues to do so. Because tweets give this president a remarkably efficient means of getting his message out and drawing attention to himself.

Just look at how he has handled the situation in Baltimore with his tweets highlighting the horrible conditions in the city.

Yet president Trump has won this battle already. His detractors defamed him incessantly over the tweets yet in just a few sentences he has focused national attention on a city that Democrats have run into the ground. It was a brilliant strategy.

When he criticized Vietnam war veteran John McCain it caused a firestorm. But it attracted attention to Trump.

When he joked that perhaps the Russians could find Hillary’s emails it caused an uproar but attracted attention to him. And it was very funny. It was a win-win for Trump.

When he rightly denounced the Mueller investigation as a “witch hunt” it drew more and more attention to him. And when the probe turned up nothing it was a huge victory for the president just as he had claimed it would be.

When football player Colin Kaepernick knelt for the National Anthem president Trump did not bow to political correctness and consider the possibility that Kaepernick might have a real grievance.

Trump immediately and without hesitation went after Kaepernick, highlighted the kneeling as a bad thing, and ultimately led the football players to abandon their protests. It was brilliant political instinct.

Here is Trump talking about the 2020 election and the possibility that he would have to accept losing:

“Probably not. Probably not. … No, I’m probably not too prepared to lose. I don’t like losing. I haven’t lost very much in my life.”

This is the type of statement that drives the Fake News media into fits of frenzy. They say, “Trump is planning to be a dictator! He wants to stay in office forever!”

Yet this is exactly what Trump wants – to create a buzz about himself with panache and boldness.

How about Trump re-tweeting a parody video of a Time magazine cover suggesting he might stay in the White House forever.

The video shows Trump campaign signs going up from 2024, 2032 and so on, up to the year 10,000 before reading ‘Trump 4EVA’ (forever) as Trump stands in the background. Hilarious!

And very shrewd. He is planting ideas in the minds of his detractors that are driving them insane. is so relieved that Trump is a conservative. If he were a liberal and doing all of this stuff, it would drive mad.

Friends, no other president in history would do this stuff. And it is all meant to “troll” the media and drive them nuts. This is the real genius of Donald Trump. He is totally changing the rules and tactics of politics.

When a female accused him of sexually assaulting her decades ago Trump replied: “I’ll say it with great respect: Number one, she’s not my type. Number two, it never happened. It never happened, OK?”

Wow. Kaboom. Not my type!? Are you kidding? This was intended to absolutely outrage the feminists and the media.

Typically the woman faded from view after she was seen as another anti-Trump charlatan peddling Fake News.

When president Trump included tanks in the July 4 parade it was a direct provocation of the media and the liberals. They went nuts, which focused more attention on Trump and the parade.

And who could forget the whole spectacular July 4 tribute to America, which the Trump haters said he would turn into a tribute to himself. Yet he masterfully made it a tribute to America that was very well received.

The president threatened to attack Iran for shooting down an unmanned American drone but then pulled back.

Trump haters said that this was a sign of weakness but that is the opposite of the truth. Trump knows how to strategize. He understands the give-and-take of power.

He now has another major weapon in his arsenal; he knows that the world is fascinated by him and his power, and that maniac regimes like Iran don’t quite know what to expect. This is very shrewd – to keep his enemies guessing.

This is a savvy approach for the president. We should remember that he said that he would “totally destroy North Korea” if it acted badly. And North Korea believed him. They have been on good behavior ever since.

The president recently announced that he was going to raid illegal immigrants all over the country, and then he pulled back and said he was going to give the Democrats time to cooperate on fixing the problem.

Knowing that Democrats won’t do anything this was just another way for the president to focus attention on the Democrats’ inaction on immigration. Very smart.

President Trump has built himself up into such a controversial figure – easily the most famous person in the world – that global leaders seem intimidated being in his presence, or they seem to actually enjoy meeting him.

They really seem to like him despite some of their political differences with him. It is uncanny that that happens precisely as the Fake News media do everything they can to smear him.

But who wouldn’t be intimidated and dazzled. Trump is not only a strong leader but a master showman. There has never been, and never will be another US president like him.

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