Is El Paso Manifesto Real?/ Millions of Illegal Immigrant Crimes Ignored by Liberals

The Democrats and their media cronies are denouncing president Trump over the shooting in El Paso, Texas that has taken 22 lives.

The gunman allegedly posted an online manifesto denouncing illegal immigration but that has not been proven. The Huffington Post reported:

A manifesto posted online shortly before Saturday’s massacre at a Walmart in El Paso that the suspected shooter may have written blamed immigrants for hastening the environmental destruction of the United States and proposed genocide as a pathway to ecological sustainability.

Filled with white nationalist diatribes against “race-mixing” and the “Hispanic invasion of Texas,” the manifesto highlights far-right extremists’ budding revival of eco-fascism.

Titled “The Inconvenient Truth,” an allusion to Al Gore’s landmark climate change documentary, the ranting four-page document appeared on the extremist forum 8chan shortly before the shooting. Authorities have yet to confirm whether Patrick Crusius, the 21-year-old Dallas-area white man arrested in connection with the shooting that left at least 22 dead, is the author.

Notice that “the suspected shooter may have written” the manifesto. That is far from proving that he wrote it. We know that the internet is full of people who would be more than willing to put up such a posting to create a firestorm against president Trump.

Until this manifesto is proven to be written by the killer will not take it seriously.

It is interesting that the same media that say that the El Paso killer posted the manifesto also claimed that Trump colluded with Russia. And he didn’t. reports:

The attack that claimed the lives of at least 20 people is Patrick Crusius‘ response to the “Hispanic invasion of Texas,” as noted in a manifesto purported to have been written by the accused El Paso mass shooter and uploaded to 8Chan. Authorities said they are still investigating to determine that the file was written by the suspect, who was taken into police custody after the attack on a Walmart in the Texas city.

Note the words…. “purported to have been written…” Not to be outdone, MSNBC, which pushed the Russia hoax for two years reported:

El Paso Police have a manifesto in their possession from the 21-year-old alleged shooter, who killed 20 people and injured 26 on Aug. 3 in the Texas city. While the investigation is ongoing, they have indicated there could be a potential nexus to a hate crime.

OK, so Huffington and say that killer may have written the manifesto and MSNBC says he did it. So which is true?

Nobody knows… In fact this manifesto looks very convenient for the left. It smacks of a setup. And does not say that it is fake. It just is not proven and until it is proven it should be considered fake.

It gets worse. On a website called Crooks and Liars, it was reported on the day of the crime that the El Paso police chief has the manifesto, but a few paragraphs later it says:

A reporter asked, “What was the nature of the manifesto?”

Chief Allen replied, “I can’t get into the specifics on that right now because we have to validate for sure a certainty this was the manifesto from this individual that we’ve arrested.”

Update: Here is a shocking update from The Gateway Pundit:

The owner of the anonymous message board 8Chan, Jim Watkins, has unequivocally stated that the manifesto which was said to have been posted by the El Paso Walmart shooter on his website was not actually posted by the killer.

This looks like the beginning of the unraveling of this story. Let’s see what happens.

Second Update: Also from The Gateway Pundit:

Steve Hooper is a 30 year veteran of the FBI. Hooper said the El Paso shooter, during interviews, says he was triggered after watching the DNC debate where all the candidates raised their hands to provide “health insurance” to illegal immigrants.

It was the insanity at the Democrat Presidential debates that triggered the shooter, not Trump’s language.

Here is the audio from the Mike Broomhead Show this morning.

Steve Hooper: When the most recent debate when they all said free healthcare, they all raised their hands. That’s what pushed him over the edge. He felt he was justified. He felt he ran out of alternatives.

Meanwhile if the killer did write the manifesto then it is interesting to note that he also ranted about environmental issues. So are the radical ‘greenies’ going to take partial responsibility for the killings?

They should but they never will. The left only wants it one way. Meanwhile the Fake News media are ignoring the Dayton, Ohio killer since he was a committed left-winger who loved Elizabeth ‘Pocahontas’ Warren and hated president Trump.

This story will fade away in a few days, but one thing will not fade away – the failure by Democrats and their media cronies and activist allies to ever acknowledge millions of crimes committed by illegal immigrants in America. No, they will focus on one single crime committed by someone who allegedly hates illegal immigrants, although we don’t even know if that is true.

Where is the outrage over thousands of gruesome murders committed by MS-13 and by other illegals? Over the tens of thousands of rapes committed by illegals, maybe many more? Over the tidal wave of sex abuse, child sexual abuse, sex trafficking, assault, drug dealing, robbery, theft and drunk driving accidents that take the lives of innocent Americans, all committed by criminal illegal immigrants.

No, they now have 22 people dead in El Paso and are blaming a manifesto that has not even been conclusively tied to the killer. would bet at this point that the manifesto is fake. After all, many of the charges against president Trump have been Fake News.

And this, friends, is how the left manipulates the news to its ends every single day. If you are among the tens of millions of Americans who want to stop one million illegal immigrants from entering the US every year by walking in over the Mexican border Democrats call us every name in the book.

Just imagine that you spent your life working hard to buy a house in a nice neighborhood and that bad people started coming into the neighborhood at night and breaking into houses and dealing drugs and raping the women and setting fires.

You’d be angry as hell. And tens of millions of Americans are damned angry about what illegal immigration is doing to America just as tens of millions of Europeans are tired of seeing their nations overrun by outsiders.

Through this chaotic open-borders system we are led to believe that only desperate families are coming into the US. But there are many bad people coming in too. And this needs to end. That is why we must not be bullied by the Democrats over the El Paso killings. The first thing we need to know is, “Is this anti-immigrant manifesto real or is it just more Fake News designed to smear those who want secure borders?”

The manifesto that has seen was only two paragraphs. cannot find it online again. It could have been written, or prepared ahead of time, and posted in minutes by anyone and the Fake News media would be only too willing to present it as written by the El Paso killer.

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