Woodstock was a Classic 1960s Failure Cloaked as Success

The 50th anniversary of the Woodstock music concert is August 15-18. The original event was held on a huge cow pasture in Upstate New York owned by dairy farmer Max Yasgur. A special anniversary concert was planned at a different site but has been canceled.

After the famous 1969 event, with an estimated 400,000 music fans in attendance, the ‘hippies’ and their media cronies touted Woodstock as a unique experience and an example of “peace and love”.

Naturally the Fake News media are outdoing themselves slobbering all over Woodstock. Except that it really was a chaotic, overcrowded disaster that was saved only when the New York state National Guard (yes, the military…) flew in medical supplies, water and food and evacuated sick concert-goers by helicopter.

Woodstock was a fitting end to the 1960s which was a horrible decade that included the assassination of president Kennedy in 1963; the tenure of corrupt Democrat president Lyndon Johnson and the escalation of the Vietnam War; the rise of the degenerate ‘hippie’ culture; the assassinations of Robert F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King, both in 1968; and the flourishing of the drug culture and the so-called ‘anti-establishment’ culture that tossed aside all social and legal norms.

And what else could we expect from the 1960s except the final scene of Woodstock on the day after it ended on Monday, August 19, 1969 when Yasgur’s sprawling farm field was left covered in tons of garbage by the attendees, a fitting symbol of the ‘hippie’ culture that cared only about one thing – itself and its own pleasure.

In fact Woodstock was narcissism writ large. It summed up the entire self-absorbed ‘hippie’ movement in one single event.

Oh, sure, they all had a great time at the concert that was held in Bethel, New York, 100 miles northwest of the City. The music was very good. And fortunately they all had their cars and homes and jobs and schools to go back to once they had abandoned a field full of garbage to the concert organizers to pick up… after the organizers had lost their shirts when the arriving hordes broke down the fences and walked in free.

There was so much danger at Woodstock that it was just sheer luck that it did not turn into a catastrophe. Food ran short and only National Guard helicopters could bring it in after the roads were blocked by the abandoned cars of the attendees along the narrow country roads. LSD was being passed around like candy. Halfway through the three-day event the crowd was deluged by heavy rain. Tall steel loudspeaker towers wavered in the storm’s wind. At one point there was fear that thick electrical cables laid across the field might be accidentally exposed and electrocute thousands of soaking people.

After the rainstorm, the ‘hippies’ went sliding happily in the mud. But guess what was mixed into the mud in the cow pasture on Yasgur’s dairy farm?

You guessed it – years of cow crap. And that fact alone summed up Woodstock. The concertgoers were totally oblivious to how disgusting the whole event really was.

Friends, Woodstock was just like the 1960s – it was unsustainable chaos passed off as a historic success.

And if you go back two years before Woodstock, to the so-called Summer of Love in 1967, you see the bad news developing. In that Summer thousands of young people from all over the country converged on the Haight-Ashbury neighborhood in San Francisco. They turned it into a massive drug den and ‘hippie’ hangout.

By 1969 Haight-Ashbury was a boarded-up dump full of homeless people and drug addicts, a precursor to the homeless, addicted population that dominates San Francisco today.

One final concert was held near San Francisco to end the decade. The Altamont Speedway Free Festival of December 6, 1969 ended in chaos with fights breaking out and one attendee murdered as the Rolling Stones performed.

So much for the 1960s…

The social decay that wracks so much of our culture today started in the 1960s. The loose-sex culture has produced tens of millions of abortions and the wild spread of sexually transmitted diseases. It has disrupted the institution of marriage and turned men against women and vice versa.

The drug culture started with marijuana and escalated to cocaine, heroin, LSD and everything else under the sun. We will never know how many victims these drugs have ensnared but it is certainly in the millions and possibly many more. Nikitas3.com personally has been acquainted with some of them.

The snide anti-establishment rantings of the ‘hippies’, which was on full display at Woodstock, have led to disrespect for the flag, for our churches, for our corporations, for white men, for the military, for traditional educational norms, and for anyone who holds conservative values.

Ironically many of these former ‘hippies’ have become some of the most “establishment” people in America. They cut their hair, got good jobs (created by the same people whom they said they hated), moved to the suburbs, worked for corporations, accumulated big bank accounts and enjoyed the good life that they so impugned back in the day. They are the opposite of what they preached 50 years ago yet they still are preaching the same thing. Today they are called ‘progressives’. And they are typical left-wing hypocrites.

Nikitas3.com is familiar with many of these people who are, for instance, radical pro-abortionists who dote over their own children and grandchildren. They are socialists but embrace their own private property and prosperity. They rail against the police but live in safe neighborhoods. They want open borders but keep their own doors locked. They are shamefully hypocritical.

Woodstock represented the origins of this culture. The ‘hippie’ factions were only a few years old when Woodstock took place in 1969. The drug-fueled music festival gave them a chance to act like they were special, and they were – they were especially stupid, self-absorbed and arrogant.

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