Jeffrey Epstein Death is Much Bigger than You Think

The death in a New York City jail cell of Jeffrey Epstein, who was facing charges of sex abuse of minors, is a major event. It has been ruled a suicide but the whole story is very suspicious. Epstein was a Clinton crony so we can be sure that there is more to this tale then we could ever know.

Already there is great controversy. How did he really die? How could it happen if Epstein was allegedly on suicide watch?

Answer: It could happen because Epstein had information that could put a lot of top Washington people in jail, including possibly his close friend Bill Clinton. And if you mess with Bill you suffer the consequences. Fox News reported:

Correctional officers at the New York City prison that was housing Jeffrey Epstein didn’t check in on him for hours leading up to his apparent suicide on Saturday, which occurred after his cellmate was transferred for reasons that were not immediately clear.

Epstein, 66, was found unconscious in his cell at the Metropolitan Correctional Center, and later pronounced dead, raising questions about how the wealthy financier, imprisoned on sex trafficking charges, could have been able to kill himself while in a high-security facility just over two weeks after being placed on suicide watch.

For “several hours” leading up to his death, correctional officers hadn’t checked in with Epstein — despite being required to visit him every 30 minutes, a person familiar with the situation told Fox News.

So there you go. Meanwhile it is being reported that Epstein’s cellmate was moved out shortly before Epstein’s death. Hmmmm…. the plot thickens.

If Epstein had decided to cooperate with police then he would have been targeted for death. And in corrupt New York City there are ways to eliminate someone even if they are in jail. After all the whole system is corrupt from top to bottom just like the city itself. has contended for many years that there are sex abuse rings targeting both minors and small children operating among the globalist, left-wing elites all over the world, including in Washington, New York, Los Angeles, London, Paris, Tokyo, etc.

President Trump’s administration is investigating and prosecuting this stuff here in the US. Hundreds of people have been arrested for child porn and for child sex abuse, including of very young children, but the Fake News media are ignoring the story since the perpetrators are essentially all leftists. No instead they give us “climate change” and the Russia hoax every minute.

With Epstein predictably dead we now have entered a new phase. Things are starting to heat up. And you can bet that Bill Clinton is quaking in his boots.

This, friends, is one of the main reasons that the Democrats and Fake News media have been so panicked about president Trump’s election. He is taking them down one by one and exposing their dirty dealing. Just look at all of the people who have suffered the ‘Trump curse’ after they maligned or otherwise took on the president.

If it were not for Trump you can be sure that Epstein would still be free and alive and jetting around doing who-knows-what since he dodged major prosecution once before.

Epstein’s death opens up a whole new world. Already big political names are being linked to Epstein and his underage girls like former US senator George Mitchell of Maine and former New Mexico governor Bill Richardson, both Democrats. There are certainly many more names to come.

Several years ago Democrat US senator Robert Menendez of New Jersey was alleged to have been in sexual contact with underage girls in the Dominican Republic. Yet suddenly the girls recanted. What happened there?

Well, we can guess that the girls’ lives were threatened, and the lives of their families were threatened too.

And of course The Big One is Bill Clinton himself, who has flown repeatedly on Epstein’s private jet. Gee, what ever could have been going on there? And on Epstein’s Orgy Island in the Caribbean, which is only now being exposed?

Update: FBI reportedly has raided Epstein’s so-called “Orgy Island” retreat in the Caribbean. This is certainly terrifying to the elites who went there for sex with underage girls and never thought that they would be found out. That island has all the information…

This is going to turn into the biggest sex scandal in American history since this one involves minors. And guarantees that it is going to also expose the widespread sexual abuse of small children.

This issue came up a few years ago. There was an amateur internet investigation that popped up just after the 2016 presidential election called Pizzagate. It involved allegations of child sex abuse and trafficking at a pizza parlor in a tony neighborhood of Washington, DC.

Two top Democrats – political ‘fixer’ Tony Podesta and his brother John, who was Hillary’s campaign manager in 2016 – were implicated by the sleuths in Pizzagate. Tony Podesta even was shown to have pedophile artworks in his home.

And to be perfectly honest would believe the work of amateur internet sleuths over the lies and fabrications of many in the FBI and Washington, DC police department which are both corrupt organizations.

A YouTube documentary on Pizzagate is here. It is one hour and 40 minutes and is fascinating.

Pizzagate was dismissed by the media but believes that Pizzagate is part of a wide network of child sex abuse that is being probed under the auspices of president Trump and has been kicked into overdrive by the arrest and death of Jeffrey Epstein.

Here is a commentary from January 2017:

What is Pizzagate?

( makes no accusations regarding any of the people or places mentioned in this article. Readers should never act on any information in this article. This commentary is strictly informational and is gleaned from internet sources. cannot verify much of this information. But since one of the original accusers about Pizzagate, Andrew Beritbart, died mysteriously in 2012, it is worth a serious look.)

There is a story that is spreading furiously around the internet and it is called Pizzagate. You can google the term or go onto YouTube and search for videos under ‘pizzagate’.

The story centers on a pizza parlor called Comet Ping Pong where there are ping pong tables in the back. The place is owned by a guy named James Alefantis. And while you may think that he is just a humble, hard-working Greek restaurateur there is much more to this story than meets the eye.

Comet has satanic designs in its sign. Alefantis is no ordinary business owner. He is a homosexual and once was the partner of one of the most powerful Democrats in Washington named David Brock. Alefantis himself was once called one of the most powerful people in Washington.

Brock is a very unsettling figure. He runs a left-wing outfit called Media Matters which is a pro-Clinton, pro-Democrat and anti-Trump propaganda organization. Brock is considered even by many Democrats to be a very unnerving character. In 2014 Brock paid an $850,000 settlement to Alefantis over an issue that is believed to have been about something that Alefantis threatened to expose about Brock that could harm Brock.

Alefantis also has made five trips to the White House, meeting with Obama once. And so he is no ordinary pizza maker.

Alefantis is also linked to John and Tony Podesta, two very powerful Washington Democrats, along with many other important people. John Podesta was Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign manager, and has been around Washington and the Clintons for decades.

His brother Tony is a top Democrat lobbyist in Washington. There are pictures on the internet of Alefantis with Tony Podesta. There also are photos on the internet of Podesta’s home which has disturbing artwork showing children in various states of undress.

Alefantis is said to have had an Instagram page which has apparently been taken down. cannot verify the page, but the one mentioned on the internet had the tag “jimmycomet” on it.

The page had many disturbing images and this is the key that makes this subject worth thinking about. If it indeed was Alefantis’ page then we have a real problem.

Those Instagram pages had many images of children, including disturbing ones, like a little girl with her arms taped to a table, or other pictures of children in weird situations like a little girl standing in a shopping basket (i.e., for sale?) or an adult male holding a small boy and Alefantis commenting “#chickenlovers” (slang for men who wants young boys for sex).

Alefantis also posted his Instagram page with a photo to a sculpture of Antinous, the teenage sex slave of the Roman emperor Hadrian.

The “jimmycomet” pages also have many very ominous comments about the photos that suggested evil things about children, including one comment from “jimmycomet” himself talking about “#murder”.

One Instagram photo shows two children on a hammock with two adults looking over the children and Alefantis comments: “Why does daddy like BUTT?”

Many of the people who commented on the “jimmycomet” page are themselves very creepy individuals with bizarre Instagram pages of their own, often suggesting sick things about children, one showing a child-sized casket made out of steel, another showing a German baby doll with a $1,200 price tag on it. This is not necessarily unexpected with the internet the way it is, serving as a breeding ground for every type of weirdo.

“Pizza” is said to be a slang term for adult sex with children. And in the Wikileaks releases that hacked John Podesta’s emails Podesta makes many cryptic references to “pizza” and “cheese” (sex with underage girls) and one reference to a “handkerchief”, a word that has sexual connotations in what is called the ‘handkerchief code’ which is a sex code.

There is one email sent to Podesta that talks about a “handkerchief”. The sentence says about a house that Podesta had rented on Martha’s Vineyard: “The realtor found a handkerchief (I think it has a map that seems pizza-related). Is it yours? They can send it if you want it.”

This language indicates that there is something very disturbing going on. What does this mean? Who uses handkerchiefs these days anyway? Why would anyone care about a handkerchief anyway? And the handkerchief is said to be black and white? What the…??!!

There are also many other bizarre references in the Podesta emails that sound out of place for the normal business of a Washington power broker like the phrase “torture chamber” on one.

The suspicion is that Comet is involved in child sex abuse that is tied to many top people in Washington including and beyond the Podestas. There also is a satanic “artist” name Marina Abramovic who is also linked to the same people.

This would all be no surprise. We know that powerful people throughout history have engaged in pedophilia and other forms of savagery and occultism. The Jimmy Savile case at the BBC is a classic example; Savile molested children for decades and you can rest assured that many BBC people knew about it. But somehow it was never discovered until after Savile died.

A recent story has broken in the UK about football clubs being involved in pedophilia. This is part of a global phenomenon.

Yet without probing the Comet case The New York Times ran an article that said that Comet Ping Pong is not involved in child sex abuse or anything out of the ordinary, that the owner is just a hard-working guy trying to make a buck.

Yet the Times conveniently ignores Alefantis’ homosexuality and his ties to Brock, and his fame around Washington, and the Instagram pages, and has not assigned a single reporter to see if any of the charges have any validity but only to declare that the Pizzagate story is untrue.

This is the same New York Times that reported on October 5, 2014 that ‘Pedophilia is A Disorder, Not a Crime’.

Other major media sources have ignored Pizzagate or have dismissed it with a quick mention. Megyn Kelly did a softball interview on Fox News with Alefantis. She starts out saying “What a terrible ordeal this must have been for you”, immediately setting it up as a defense of Alfantis.

Kelly says to Alefantis that his contributions to the Democrat party “doesn’t make you a pedophile or somebody who is part of a child sex ring” and Alefantis shakes his head up and down ‘yes’.

I, Nikitas, know a little about body language and that is very strange to me. Shouldn’t he shake his head “no” as if to say ‘I am not a pedophile’?

If I were questioning somebody about such a thing, I would ask them point-blank questions to get at the truth. Kelly did not. She did not ask him if the Instagram pages indeed were his, except for one that she allowed him to explain away. She did not even show the rest of them. Or talk about his visits to the White House.

Wikipedia says that the Pizzagate conspiracy has been debunked by Fox News and others. On the other hand one blogger has pointed out that James Alefantis is a play on the French words “J’aime l’enfants” or ‘I love children’. There is even a photograph of a homosexual wearing a shirt with ‘I love children’ on one of Alefantis’ Instagram pages.

Comet is not your ordinary pizzeria. It has held many bizarre late-night events with performers dressed in drag and talking about perversion, even including references to adult-child sex. The posters for these events include perverse images, like a drawing of an intestine (!?)

There is even an internet video from Project Veritas showing anti-Trump radicals who were planning to disrupt the Trump inauguration meeting at Comet Ping Pong to discuss their plan.

Coincidence? There is something very strange about this place. There even was a guy who attacked Comet Ping Pong with a rifle on December 4, 2016, because he was allegedly so mad about child sex trafficking.

But the whole attack looks very suspicious, as if it was set up to make Comet look like a victim, like the fact that the police had their yellow tape up around the streets at the time that the attacker was taken into custody. The attacker, Edgar Maddison Welch, even is an actor whose father was a movie-maker.

This child sex abuse is more widespread than you might think. Jimmy Savile, who died in 2011, was exposed as a pedophile after he had passed away. Savile was personally acquainted with many important people Britain including Prince Charles. In Australia a government pedophile ring was exposed. If these had been conservatives these stories would have been all over the US media. But they weren’t.

Any mention of John and Tony Podesta cannot go without mentioning Andrew Breitbart, the founder of the conservative mega-website, one of the most powerful sites on the internet today and one of the most prominent forces that brought Donald Trump to victory.

Andrew Breitbart died mysteriously at age 43 while walking late at night on a residential street in Los Angeles on March 1, 2012. Breitbart had a long-running feud with John Podesta and tweeted in 2011 that:

How prog-guru John Podesta isn’t household name as world class underage sex slave op cover-upperer defending unspeakable dregs escapes me.

“Prog-guru” means a leader of ‘progressives’ (liberals) in Washington, DC and in America. And considering that Breitbart was the founder of a national news organization, this is a serious charge from a serious guy.

Another internet sleuther has called John Podesta “a pedophile and trafficker of very young children”. Wow.

After another accusatory tweet aimed at Podesta on February 27, 2012 Breitbart died mysteriously two days later, just hours before the planned release of a video that was said to contain information about Barack Obama and other top-level Democrats that would damage Obama’s chances of his 2012 re-election.

Days before, Breitbart had declared, “Wait until they see what happens March 1st” (the release date of the video).

The cornoner who investigated Breitbart’s death, Michael Cormier, also died shortly thereafter, also in a suspicious and sudden fashion.

Andrew Breitbart had an exceptional contempt for Podesta, and offered clues that he knew damaging things about Podesta.

Who knows who else is involved. If you have ever seen the ‘Creepy Joe Biden’ videos on YouTube, Biden is shown groping young girls in swearing-in ceremonies in the US Senate, like stroking their hair and repeatedly trying to kiss them. The girls are family members of people who are being sworn into the Senate. These are some of the most troubling videos ever of a major public figure.

Andrew Breitbart once was recorded saying: “Fuck you, John Podesta… What’s in your closet, John Podesta? …Do you want us to play these games? Because we are playing to win.” So obviously Breitbart had something on Podesta, which may have been why he was killed.

Internet sleuths continue to dig through the Podesta emails exposed on Wikileaks, believing they shed light on the subject.

For instance, the emails are said to contain references to “pasta” 78 times. “Pasta” is said to be code language for sex with underage boys.

The emails are said to contain references to “cheese” 85 times. “Cheese” is said to be code language for sex with or abuse of underage girls.

Why would a high-powered political operative like John Podesta mention “pasta” and “cheese” and even a “handkerchief” over and over in his everyday business e-mails?

Good question.

Pizzagate exploded on the internet shortly after the presidential election. Despite media attempts to discredit the story believes that we will see it resurrected in one form or another as the days progress after Jeffrey Epstein’s death.

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