Gun Rights are Human Rights & ‘God-given’ Rights

Gun rights are human rights. This is true because any citizen in a truly free society has the right to defend himself or herself from physical attack either from a fellow citizen or from government agents. And a gun is the best way to do that.

Tyrants like Hitler, Maduro in Venezuela, Stalin, Mao Tse Tung, Castro and Xi Jinping never permit wide ownership of guns for people who might rise up against them.

The right to self-defense is considered to be a “natural right” or a “God-given right”, which only makes sense.

It is interesting that Americans are flocking by the millions to conservative states with loose gun laws like Texas, Montana and Florida and running away from strict gun-control states like New York, California and Illinois.

At the same time illegal aliens are flooding into the US by the millions. Shouldn’t they be afraid of America with its 2nd Amendment and shouldn’t they be running to gun-controlled nations like China, Cuba or Venezuela?

But no, they just keep coming to the good ol’ USA…

There is a much lower gun-crime rate in conservative rural white areas of America where legally-owned guns are accepted and common compared to the much higher rate in left-wing cities like Chicago where gun ownership is restricted and frowned upon and most guns used in crimes are illegal.

How about the murder of 32 students at Virginia Tech in 2007 on a ‘gun free’ campus?

Liberals love to say how “peaceful” Europe is with its restrictive gun ownership laws. They conveniently ignore the fact that 100 MILLION Europeans died in war and genocide in the first half of the 20th century while zero Americans died of the same cause in the same period.

If those Europeans had had the “right to bear arms” that much carnage would have been avoided.

Meanwhile the anti-gun lobby says that guns lead to violence. Yet they never discuss all of the evidence to the contrary. Here is one example. Howard Nemerov on PJ Media wrote in 2010:

Data from the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation show that America has been on a firearms buying spree since the end of 2005. Meanwhile, the FBI recently released preliminary 2009 crime data indicating that violent crime has been dropping at an accelerating rate since the end of 2006.

The FBI reports the number of background checks, by month, requested for potential firearms purchases through licensed dealers. When a prospective buyer wants to buy a gun, he fills out a form which the dealer submits to law enforcement. If approved, the sale proceeds. This system is called the National Instant Criminal Background Check System, or NICS for short.

Between November 2005 and October 2009, nearly every month’s requests were higher than the year before. (For example, there were 12.4% more NICS requests in September 2009 than in September 2008.) The sole exception was December 2007, which saw 1.9% fewer requests than December 2006. On an annual basis, each year’s total saw double-digit growth over the previous year beginning in 2006.

NICS data mirror the estimated sales data from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives, which also show double-digit growth beginning in 2006. (Not all background checks result in one gun being purchased.)

… after gun sales attained record growth in 2006, violent crime rates began to fall in 2007. As gun sales continued to register records each following year, violent crime rates decreased at an accelerating rate.

Meanwhile here is a story from Breitbart News on August 8, 2019 that you will never see anywhere in the Fake News media. There are thousands of stories like it and many thousands more that are never reported:

A 14-year-old Blaine, Kentucky, girl grabbed her family’s 9mm handgun and shot at intrusion suspects in order to save her sisters.

WSAZ reports that three teenage girls were alone at home when the intrusion suspects allegedly tried to make entry. They were alone because the father of the home was working and the mother “at the store.”

Two men allegedly pulled up in a car and one exited and “repeatedly tried to gain entry by trying to kick in the doors.”

The suspect then allegedly went into the backyard with a shovel, preparing to break out a window. The 14-year-old located a 9mm handgun and loaded it. She then noticed the suspect with the shovel and the driver of the car were allegedly arguing and she fired a shot in their direction.

The men responded to the gunshot by fleeing the scene.

Fox 8 reports that the 14-year-old was the youngest of the three sisters at home at the time alleged intrusion was attempted.

Meanwhile just three days later a Fort Worth, Texas homeowner shot and killed an intruder. Good.

Can guns be misused? Of course they can. That is why we need to scrutinize the behavior of crazy people like the fanatical Bernie Sanders supporter James Hodgkinson who planned to gun down all of those Republican congressmen at the baseball practice game in June 2017. He managed to badly injure representative Steve Scalise but the wanna-be killer was finally himself killed and Scalise has recovered. has contended that that shooting was a left-wing conspiracy since the shooter came from Illinois and ended up at the once-a-year practice game at 6 AM in a suburb of Washington, DC.

How did the shooter know where to go and when? At such an early hour? Where more than a dozen Republican congressmen would be out in the open and largely unprotected? On a little baseball field tucked away on a side street?

Only a small number of people in Congress would have known about the game. believes that a leftist operative inside the House of Representatives conspired with this shooter and tipped him off. There is no other rational explanation.

And just to demonstrate how perverted and hypocritical these leftists are, look at some of their tweets after Hodgkinson was killed:

James Hodgkinson is an American hero!

I´m celebrating the courage of an American hero and I hope for many more to come. “James T. Hodgkinson” RIP

We need more patriots like james Hodgkinson

James Hodgkinson died an American hero. Our society can never repay its debt to him except to remember his name and his contributions. #RIP

This comes from people who say they love “peace” and “tolerance” and want guns strictly controlled. But in fact they are very sick people who love gun violence.

Classic Socialist Tactic – Take Any Common Item and Tax It

Thomas D. Williams at Breitbart News reported:

German legislators have proposed raising the sales tax on meat from seven percent to 19 percent to fight climate change and improve animal welfare.

Research has shown that greenhouse gas emissions from livestock account for a higher percentage of total global emissions than the world’s 1.2 billion automobiles, a fact underscored by some German Greens who are pushing for higher meat taxes,

A United Nations report from 2012 found that the earth’s cattle population generates more carbon dioxide than automobiles, planes, and all other forms of transport combined. Moreover, the cow pies they deposit and the wind they break produce a third of the world’s methane emissions, considered 20 times more detrimental to the environment.

OK, first of all, who says any of this is true? This is typical of the propaganda that the ‘greenies’ put out. They tell us what their research says. They can make up anything they want and nobody questions it… except and a few other conservatives.

Second, let’s say that this is true. Then there is a very simple solution to the problem: Anyone around the world who supports the ‘green’ movement – let’s say 3 billion people do – should stop eating meat. Period. End of story. Problem solved. Meat consumption plummets overnight.

But they never will cut their own meat consumption. They always want somebody else to do it. This is classic socialism.

It’s like gasoline. The ‘greenies’ tell us to use less gasoline and that gasoline is bad for the environment. So there is a very simple solution that will solve the problem overnight – anyone who supports the ‘green’ movement should use much less gasoline by reducing their travel.

That will do two things – it will immediately cut a huge percentage of the emissions that the ‘greenies’ claim are harming the environment. And it will cause gasoline prices to crash for everyone as demand drops precipitously.

But don’t expect it. ‘Greenies’ and their wealthy globalist sponsors like the goons in Hollywood flying around in their private jets use more fuel than anyone.

Breitbart News continued:

According to Germany’s Federal Statistics Office, slaughterhouses in Germany killed 29.4 million pigs, cows, sheep, goats and horses during the first six months of 2019. During this period, Germany produced 3.9 million tons of meat, led by pork, the primary ingredient in German sausages.

… The idea of raising meat taxes would be to reduce livestock numbers — as well as their gaseous output — by discouraging people from eating meat.

Last June, Germany’s Green party vowed to ban industrial farming to reduce global warming if it ever were to come to power.

The (tax increase) measure was proposed by Katrin Goering-Eckardt, the party’s leader in the Germany parliament, as part of a massive €100 billion project to finance climate initiatives.

So there you go. There is always a tax increase associated with ‘green’ ideas because environmentalism = socialism and communism and government control of the economy. These tax increases are designed to funnel large amounts of a nation’s wealth to the ‘greenies’ and their allies in the government. Breitbart continued:

Germany is not alone in proposing meat tax hikes to combat global warming.

In March of 2018, a New York Times op-ed put forward the idea of a special tax on the beef industry to compensate for the alleged damage Big Beef has caused to the environment by provoking climate change.

In his article titled “The Case for a Carbon Tax on Beef,” Richard Conniff contended that it is time to break off “our collective love affair with beef” because the cattle industry “has a larger impact on the environment than that of any other meat or dairy product.”

Again, another tax. But the real issue is: Where is the ‘global warming’? Where is the ‘climate change’? The climate has been “changing” for thousands of years. Meanwhile the United States, and many other parts of the world, have had brutally cold Winters in recent years. New England (USA) just had the coldest, rainiest Spring in memory in 2019 and the coldest Winter in a century in 2018. Thus it is obvious that there is no ‘global warming’. Breitbart News continued about Obama:

“People aren’t as familiar with the impact of cows and methane,” Obama said at a food innovation summit in Milan, adding that “as people want to increase more meat consumption, that in turn is spiking the growth of greenhouse emissions coming out of the agricultural sector.”

The growing demand for beef as people get wealthier is contributing to global warming, Obama said, alluding to the amounts of methane gas emitted by cow herds.

Again, Obama just reads this stuff in ‘green’ pamphlets without ever seeing any verification or challenge to it. This is how environmentalism works – the ‘greenies’ say something alarming and it is echoed in the Fake News media all around the world.

And considering how the same media said that Trump had colluded with Russia but were totally debunked we should never believe anything that these people say.

Vile MSNBC Host Claims Trump Talks of ‘Exterminating Latinos’

There is a radical Trump-hater on MSNBC named Nicolle Wallace. She was once in the Bush administration. This female is bonkers. She recently said about president Trump, “You now have a president who is, like you said, talking about exterminating Latinos.”

This is the extremist language that we have been hearing every day since the president was elected. These Trump haters simply cannot control themselves. They just blurt out the most militant things that happen to pop into their heads during their routine fits of rage.

Wallace was essentially inciting MSNBC viewers – which is fortunately a small number – into believing that the president wants to kill illegal immigrants. This is very dangerous because it creates an atmosphere of anger and false accusation that leads to physical attacks on Republicans and conservatives.

Wallace should be fired. If a conservative said such a thing about Obama or Bill Clinton on Fox News the conservative would be immediately fired. predicts that Wallace will be hit with the “Trump curse” sometime in the near future.

Meanwhile a Follywood actress has shot off her big mouth with bad results. reports:

Hollywood actress Rosanna Arquette caused quite a stir on social media Wednesday, when she publicly declared her “disgust” and “shame” over being born “white and privileged.”

“I’m sorry I was born white and privileged,” the progressive activist tweeted. “It disgusts me. And I feel so much shame.”

Arquette was roundly criticized for her statement, with several followers pointing out that she is welcome to rid herself of any pesky wealth by divvying it out to black or brown people. Some suggested she could change how she identifies racially, others said therapy might help, and a few recommended she simply sober up.

This is typical on the left these days. They are legitimizing and spreading the idea that being white is bad. reports about the wacko family of Arquette (age 59):

As part of the Oprah interview with David Arquette fresh out of rehab, they had a taped segment in which David’s sisters, actresses Patricia and Rosanna Arquette, discussed their chaotic and abusive childhood. (You can watch that segment on They were very matter-of-fact about it but the details they gave were heartwrenching. At points Rosanna closed her eyes just remembering the hell they went through. There were five kids in that household and it sounds like their parents were nutjobs.

They came from a family of actors, with a grandfather who was on Hollywood Squares, a father who was a character actor and a mother who was a poet. When David was born they lived for a while on a commune in Virginia with no electricity, no running water and no bathroom. When David was about four they moved to Chicago and then to Los Angeles. The two of them discussed what they went through with one parent who was an addict and another who was abusive.

It is plain to see why so many of these media freaks are kooks and extremists. Their whole culture is infected with anger, nihilism, self-doubt, self-hatred, depression, suicide, alcoholism, drug abuse and more.

Do we see any of this stuff in the Trump family? No. Recently Arquette posted a picture of herself kneeling before American flags while holding up a peace sign, writing in the caption, “I’ll never stand for the flag again.”

This idea of disrespecting the flag is also being mainstreamed by the radicals. This is going to cost Democrats dearly at the ballot box in 2020 when president Trump makes an issue of it.

And just to show you how awful these people’s lives are here’s an interview with Arquette and her sister Patricia about their youth:

Rosanna – There was a lot of drama in our house
Patricia – There was a lot of chairs flying around
Rosanna – a lot of hole punching in walls
Patricia – My dad had a lot of issues, my mom had a lot of issues. She was abusive to use when we were little.
Rosanna – She stabbed me in the arm with a knife. Concussions. Just terrible, terrible physical abuse.
Patricia – She choked me to the point once where I started blacking out.
Rosanna – My father was an addict
Patricia – When he was using substance, which was usually marijuana, he would also drink whiskey
Rosanna – And so when you grow up in that kind of family, it is a family disease. It affects everybody.
Patricia – It’s like a minefield, and you never knew which one you were going to get, which morning, which mom which dad. Nothing you could really depend on.
Rosanna – In his later years, my dad did get help and get sober. And my mother, there was nothing but forgiveness and love at the end of her life.
Patricia – I think David was impacted my feeling like he needed to be the perfect son… You cannot fix it by being the best kid in the world, you just can’t.

Wow. These people are NUTS!

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