‘Antifa’ Terrorists are Being Exposed in Portland, Oregon

’Antifa’ is an allegedly “anti-fascist” group that hates president Trump and all conservatives. Typical of a leftist organization ‘antifa’ is a violent group that the Justice Department may soon designate as domestic terrorists.

There have been tense confrontations and some violence in Portland, Oregon in the last few years between ‘antifa’ thugs and conservative demonstrators like Trump supporters, The Proud Boys and The Oath Keepers.

Naturally the Fake News media portray the conservatives as “right wing” and prone to violence. Yet in Portland the conservatives are actually demonstrating against the violence of ‘antifa’ and sometimes getting injured doing so.

Conservative journalist Andy Ngo was beaten and suffered brain bleeding in an attack by Portland ‘antifa’ in late June. Another demonstrator was knocked out cold by an ‘antifa’ terrorist in an August 17 demonstration that was promoted by conservative groups to “End Domestic Terrorism”, i.e., to expose ‘antifa’ for its violence.

In other words the conservatives are being proven correct – ‘antifa’ is the violent group.
This is why The Proud Boys and other groups are demonstrating in Portland in the first place; they want to draw out ‘antifa’ in counter-protests and expose them for who they are. And ‘antifa’ was drawn out on August 17. Many videos have emerged of ‘antifa’ thugs smashing windows and threatening and harming peaceful demonstrators.

Portland has deteriorated rapidly in the last few decades as it has moved to the hard left. Homeless people are sitting and camping all over the downtown and ‘antifa’ is a regular presence. At the same time other left-wing West Coast cities like Seattle, San Francisco and Los Angeles are suffering grievously from their lenient policies. Los Angeles is even seeing a resurgence of typhus and leprosy, which are Third World diseases brought in to the US by illegal immigrants.

‘Antifa’-type groups have engaged in other riots around the country like the one in Washington, DC on president Trump’s inauguration day of January 20, 2017.

Yet Nikitas3.com cannot find a single story about any inauguration day rioter going to jail. Oh, wait… here’s why. Here is Intelligencer.com reporting on July 6, 2018:

Federal prosecutors dropped all charges against the 38 remaining defendants arrested and charged with rioting during the Disrupt J20 protests on Donald Trump’s Inauguration Day. The dismissal brings an end to the nearly 18-month saga that saw 234 protesters threatened with as much as 60 years in prison for their alleged roles in the destruction of property on January 20, 2017.

In other words the left can get away with anything when corrupt liberals control the justice system.

So this begs the question: If ‘antifa’ and like-minded groups claim to be “anti fascist” then why are they so violent and fascistic in their own behavior?

Answer: ‘Antifa’ is a fake name; it is the opposite of the truth. ‘Antifa’ is a fascist group itself that engages in intimidation, riots and violence just like Hitler’s followers did. ‘Antifa’ members dress in black and wear masks to hide their identity like Middle Eastern terrorists do.

The Gateway Pundit reports about the Portland, Oregon confrontation of August 17, 2019:

What the media and politicians painted as “violent right wing white supremacists chomping at the bit to engage in violence” turned into yet another left wing antifa riot-like scene, as the Proud Boys and other Trump supporters proved, as usual, to be peaceful and law abiding while the far left protesters came unhinged and once again terrorized Portland.

It was brilliantly played by former Infowars contributor Joe Biggs and Enrique Tarrio, head of the Proud Boys, who organized the “End Domestic Terrorism” protest. They had their peaceful protest that lasted for about an hour and a half, then they left. Antifa and other far left activists were left in the park, full of weeks of pent up rage, and they needed someone and something to take it out on. Unfortunately for the bystanders of Portland, they were once again subjected to the chaos from the left.

Violent antifa agitators targeted a young girl, used hammer and rocks to attack patriots who were getting on their bus to leave, assaulted bystanders with batons and threatened them with skateboards, and stomped on one guy unconscious on the ground. This is in addition to the numerous instances of what appears to be some form of Disorderly Conduct as protesters sparred with police.

Police confiscated various weapons such as sticks, shields and bear mace.

The Oregonian newspaper reported (Note: ‘Black clad’ protesters means “antifa”):

Portland police made arrests around town — at least 13 — as people posted video of the confrontations, including black-clad protesters breaking the windows out of a bus that was said to carry Proud Boys supporters. One person arrested on the east side was bleeding from the head.

Elsewhere, a large group of left-wing protesters encircled a man and what appeared to be a young woman in American-flag garb, taunting, threatening and chasing them.

Police, who counted about 1,200 demonstrators, said they were scrambling to continue to try to keep the opposing groups apart. They also reported four injuries, all minor, including a person officers found hurt and sent to a hospital.

At 3:30 p.m., with the clashes abating, a group of left-wing protesters gathered at Pioneer Courthouse Square and streets near it, where they continued to march and chant, blocking streets and prompting the civil disturbance declaration from police.

Later in the afternoon, police made more arrests, then pulled out of the area, leaving a mostly quiet crowd that by 5:30 p.m. had dwindled to about 100 people. By 6 p.m., few people remained.

The Gateway Pundit continued:

With their head in the sand (or up somewhere else), the “media” is framing it as if those arrested came from both sides of the dueling protest. It appears as though the media is doing everything possible to cover up the fact that all of the arrests were far left activists, and that the right wing side was peaceful throughout.

… The Portland Mercury only makes mention that 13 people were arrested, neglecting to say that they were all from left wing groups, while also complaining that police stopped antifa from stalking the Trump crowd across the Hawthorne bridge.

Mainstream media, such as KGW, also does their best to not mention that all of the arrests and violence came from the far left.

Naturally the political leaders in far-left Portland are doing everything in their power to ignore the terrorists and target conservative groups. Several of The Proud Boys were arrested even before the August 17 demonstrations simply because the left-wingers in Portland don’t like them and did not want them at the demonstration. The Gateway Pundit continued:

Pressure has been mounting on the Portland Police Bureau over the years due their apparent favoritism of far left groups, and many say mayor Ted Wheeler is directing police to stand down. The criticism started ramping during the election week riots of 2016. Then elevated last fall when videos emerged of black lives matter activists controlling the streets, directing traffic, accosting motorists, and even engaging in a physical altercation with one driver. Rather than go after the perps, Portland police started investigating the driver who had been targeted. It all reached a boiling point on June 29th of this year, when writer and photojournalist Andy Ngo was beaten by leftist thugs right in front of police headquarters, while officers stood back and watched, refusing to intervene.

The Proud Boys and other conservative groups are planning to return to Portland over and over to protest peacefully. This is intended to put financial pressure on the city which spends heavily to keep the peace in policing costs to keep ‘antifa’ in check. The conservative groups are asking Portland to reign in ‘antifa’ instead to solve the problem at no cost. Here is a statement from The Proud Boys:

For several weeks, Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler and a host of compromised journalists have been frothing at the mouth for weeks leading up to the peaceful “End Domestic Terrorism” rally held today in Downtown Portland. Aimed at drawing attention to the terroristic acts of Antifa, a violent domestic terrorist organization, rally organizers made it clear that they will hold Mayor Ted Wheeler accountable until he excises the alt-left group from his city and returns Portland to sane Americans who want to settle their differences at the ballot box, not through deranged political violence.

Antifa maintains a stranglehold on the Pacific Northwest locale, regularly roving the streets in black masks with blunt force objects, weapons they gleefully use on those willing to stand against a progressive anarcho state, or anyone that holds political viewpoints to the right of Karl Marx. They even leave journalists hospitalized with brain bleeds if they dare get between them and their vicious thirst for street carnage.

The message from organizers Enrique Tarrio and Joe Biggs was clear; the gathering was never about bringing carnage or violence to the City of Portland, it was about financially crippling the progressive hotbed until they take action against Antifa and showcasing the power of peaceful political action. It has been alleged that through Mayor Wheeler’s direction, $2milllion of taxpayer money was spent in preparation for this rally, including Gestapo-style roundups of right-leaning free speech advocates expected to participate in the “End Domestic Terrorism” gathering.

“Our presence in Portland for a mere fifteen minutes motivated Mayor Ted Wheeler to call in resources from around the state and nation to allegedly “prevent violence.” We clearly stated from the beginning that our event was not about violence, but rather about calling attention to how Antifa has been allowed to infest Portland. Mayor Wheeler should use the past few weeks of preparation and attention to detail as a template going forward. Either he takes charge and removes the scourge of violent domestic terrorists from his city, or we come back month-after-month,” stated organizer Enrique Tarrio, who also serves as Chairman of the Proud Boys.

Repeat visits from Tarrio and other national right-wing leaders would leave the Portland Mayor on a constant defensive, continually having to call in favors from state and federal agencies to combat completely peaceful God-fearing Americans who are simply dedicated to protecting our First Amendment rights.

“Sooner or later, he will run out of money and his counterparts in government will no longer take him seriously. The path forward for Mayor Wheeler is simple, free your city from the grip of Antifa, take direct and meaningful action. Otherwise, the citizens will grow weary of you wasting tax dollars and the time of first-responders with your ridiculous political posturing. Declare Antifa an enemy of Portland and restore order. The American people will thank you and the people of Portland will thank you,” concluded fellow organizer Joe Biggs, a combat veteran who was awarded the Purple Heart twice for his bravery.

Meanwhile a Democrat congresswoman from New Mexico referred to ‘antifa’ as “peaceful protesters”.

Representative Deb Haaland offered the description on CNN after president Trump tweeted “Major consideration is being given to naming ANTIFA an “ORGANIZATION OF TERROR.’”

To show the Democrats’ constant focus on violence and violent imagery, a Democrat state senator in Illinois posted pictures online showing his supporters at a fundraising event performing a mock assassination of president Trump.

One supporter of militant hispanic senator Martin Sandoval, who represents Illinois’ 11th District including parts of Chicago, can be seen pointing a fake machine gun at a man wearing a Trump mask. The target acts like he has been shot — grabbing his chest and leaning back. In another photo Sandoval can be seen standing next to the person holding the gun.

And this, friends, is the violence-loving left at work, once again… If they aren’t committing violence, they are portraying it.

Here’s one more story about left-wing mobs in New York City from the conservative-leaning New York Post. You won’t see much about this in the Fake News media (NBC, CNN, Washington Post, etc.) that wants to cover up for leftist violence like that of ‘antifa’:

Roving, cop-hating mobs erupted in violence, taunts and gunfire in Brooklyn overnight into Sunday, leaving three officers with minor injuries.

At least some of the injuries were caused by “air mail,” objects thrown down at cops from rooftops, police at the scene in Bedford-Stuyvesant told The Post.

By early Sunday, 11 people had been arrested on charges of disorderly conduct.

The violence came after a series of water dousing attacks on NYPD officers throughout the city this summer.

… One of the cops injured Saturday night had to be hoisted onto a gurney by medics, who rushed him from the sidewalk outside Marcy Houses at around 11:10 p.m.

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