Tree Tweets about the Weather/ Democrat Fundraiser in Mexico?!

We all know that ‘greenies’ are insane. They fabricate just about everything they say and then it is amplified by their friends in the Fake News media – climate change, global warming, acidic oceans, the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, the hole in the ozone layer, rising sea levels, etc.

The Campus Reform website reports about the latest madness from… where else?… Harvard University in Massachusetts:

Thanks to funds from the U.S. government, researchers at Harvard University have equipped a tree with a Twitter account to “amplify messages of climate change.”

With funds from various National Science Foundation grants, post-doctoral fellow Tim Redemacher and his team have outfitted a red oak tree with sensors, cameras, and code, allowing it to piece together tweets using collected data and pre-written text.

The tree, located in Petersham, Mass., has been dubbed the “Witness Tree,” according to a Harvard news release.

The tree has been tweeting for about a month, taking the scientific data collected by the cameras and sensors and translating it into statements largely focusing on the tree’s apparent concern for the summer heat.

“Yesterday, it was very hot,” the tree’s first tweet read. “With a daily average of 27°C (80.5°F), it was the 24th hottest day I can remember.”

“The last 2 days were extremely hot for July. When is this heatwave going to end?” the tree tweeted less than a half-hour later.

“Last month was warmer than usual, with an average temperature of 20.3°C (68.6°F). July is usually 1.8°C (3.2°F) colder at Harvard Forest!” it tweeted a few days afterward.

So the tree has a thermometer that says that it’s hot outside and the tree automatically tweets that it is hot… Wow. That’s pretty darned good for a tree.

Yet this heat is to be expected. It is Summertime in Massachusetts. It happens every year. But this heat is really scary to the Tweeting Tree. It must be a ‘green’ Tweeting Tree that considers normal weather to be frightening, as environmentalists do.

So we wonder: Will the tree tweet when it is frigid cold outside, which would contradict the absurd notion that the planet is burning up? predicts that the tree will clam up for the Winter or will simply be ignored unless we happen to get some warm Winter weather. Look at what else Campus Reform reported:

The tree’s Twitter bio reads “Witnessing life as a tree in a changing environment for more than a century. Views are my own – sort of (data translated by scientists and communicators at HF).” Rademacher says he and his team worked hard to “equip the tree with a voice,” according to the news release.

Boy, that is one smart tree! You might think that a human being actually fabricated the bio and programmed the tweets! But no… the tree did it all by itself!

Harvard then brags that the whole project only cost “a few thousand dollars”. So why did they take taxpayer money? Couldn’t Harvard take that cash out of its $38 BILLION endowment (its investment portfolio).

Not when taxpayers can be gouged instead. And we can be sure that the total was much more than “a few thousand dollars” if we account for all of the money that certainly was funneled to ‘greenie’ professors and other eco-hangers-on to set up this whole scam, probably hundreds of thousands of dollars. Or millions.

Friends, these people have gone off the deep end. Way off. But they don’t care because these projects are all based on the other ‘green’ – the money.

How about the latest ‘green’ hysteria – it’s raining plastic! The Denver Post reported:

Scientists testing rainwater around metro Denver and high in the Front Range mountains found microscopic bits of colored plastic in more than 90% of their samples — adding to growing evidence that plastics have contaminated the planet far more deeply than people can see.

This research led by U.S. Geological Survey research chemist Greg Wetherbee is raising questions about the possible impact on people and ecosystems. It’s unclear, for example, whether metro Denver drinking water treatment plants remove these tiny plastic fibers and shards.

“People might be seeing a lot of plastic in the oceans, on the ground, at the supermarket. But there is more plastic in the environment than meets the eye,” Wetherbee said in an interview Thursday. “Plastic is everywhere. It is in the rain and snow.”

This is just the latest end-of-the-world scare story from the ‘greenies’ to raise money off of. It is another way to scare the heck out of young people and turn them into neurotic ‘greenies’-in-training and depress them about the future.

Germany Cracks Down on Syrian ‘Refugees’

Breitbart News reported:

German Interior Minister Horst Seehofer has announced the government will be cracking down on Syrians with asylum status who go on holiday back to Syria.

Bavarian centre-right leader Horst Seehofer said that the government would be looking to strip Syrians who visit their home country on holiday of their asylum status, saying that those who regularly travel to the country cannot make a serious claim that they are being persecuted there, Kronen Zeitung reports.

“We have to deprive them of their refugee status,” Seehofer added and said that the Interior Ministry was monitoring any such activity from Syrians with refugee status living in Germany.

He also said that the government was watching the situation inside Syria closely and said, “If the situation permits, we will carry out repatriations.”

The revelations of asylum seekers and refugees making holidays in their home countries — where they allegedly fled persecution — are not a new development. As early as January of 2017 it was shown that asylum seekers in Switzerland were using welfare cash to go on vacations to Eritrea, despite claiming they risked death if they were ever sent back to the country.

This is a sliver of good news. It only makes sense, right?

But this comes after Europe has been inundated by millions of muslim “refugees” many of whom are scammers who live on welfare and refuse to work. And who are not really refugees at all but just want to live in Christian countries, which are vastly superior to the muslim nations that they came from.

Democrat Fundraiser in… Mexico!?!

The Daily Caller reported:

Democratic National Committee chairman Tom Perez will hold three fundraisers for American ex-patriots in Mexico, as Democrats struggle to keep pace with Republicans in fundraising.

Perez will host three events in Mexico City on Sept. 28, Bloomberg reported. One event is a happy hour that will cost $25 to attend. Perez will also host a dinner where tickets are going for between $1,000 and $15,000.

DNC spokeswoman Xochitl Hinojosa’s confirmed to Bloomberg that the events would be taking place.

The DNC will require attendees to provide information showing that they are American citizens or permanent residents, in order to comply with federal campaign finance laws. About 1.5 American citizens live in Mexico, Bloomberg reported, citing State Department data.

The DNC under Perez’s watch has lagged far behind Republicans in terms of fundraising. The DNC took in $8.5 million in contributions in June, while the Republican National Committee reported $20.7 million.

In short Democrats are going bonkers as president Trump takes command of the nation. They don’t even seem to know which country they live in.

‘Trump Curse’ Strikes Again

Washington state governor Jay Inslee has dropped out of the Democrat primary campaign for president. Inslee was running on a radical ‘climate change’ platform and was polling very poorly.

Inslee had called president Trump a “white nationalist” in one of the debates.

And thus it is plain to see that the ‘Trump curse’ has struck Inslee. Good. It couldn’t happen to a meaner and more extreme politician.

Teacher Union Hacks Praise… Venezuela!?

Teacher unions are radical leftist organizations. They are headquartered in our corrupt and militant cities. The Daily Caller reported:

A group that called itself a delegation of the Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) took a trip to Venezuela during their summer break where they praised the socialist country.

While in Venezuela, the teachers met with educators, activists and government officials and appeared on local media, according to the Chicago Tribune. They also posted glowing compliments to the country, with one teacher claiming that she “didn’t see a single homeless person.”

… The CTU members posted frequent updates to their Educator Collective blog, often praising Venezuelan president Nicolás Maduro. Since his election in 2013, Maduro has persecuted his political opponents, ordered extrajudicial killings and approved acts of violence and mass arrests against protesting citizens as the socialist country descends into economic ruin, according to Human Rights Watch.

This is very sick. This is why the public schools in our cities are so horrible. Many of these teachers are extremists who are more interested in promoting their radical agenda and defending tyrants than in teaching kids.

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