Trump Interested in Greenland to Counter Communist China

The Fake News media are acting like president Trump is crazy to consider buying Greenland from Denmark. Greenland is an autonomous region of the Kingdom of Denmark.

Greenland is the largest island in the world. It is located northeast of Canada and its land mass crosses the Arctic Circle. Greenland, at 836,000 sq. miles, is strategically valuable to the US militarily for its location. It also has many resources including oil and precious metals.

A potential purchase of Greenland was discussed in 1946 by Democrat president Harry Truman. reports:

The administration of President Harry Truman pitched a sale …in 1946, in a story told in documents contained in the National Archives and revealed in 1991 by the Associated Press.

But the Truman administration did so under Cold War secrecy and no one learned about it for decades. There was no open bid and rejection as with Trump’s attempt.

The situation in Truman’s time also was very different for other reasons.

A dangerous chill was settling between the United States and the Soviet Union following the conclusion of war in Europe. Truman and his Soviet counterparts were arranging pieces on a strategic chessboard for what would become the Cold War.

That’s why, according to the AP’s account of the National Archives papers, Truman’s advisers prized the geographic advantage Greenland could afford to defend against Soviet strategic bombers that might fly over the Arctic Circle toward targets in North America.

The United States opened negotiations with Denmark about using Greenland, and at one point, the American side proposed buying the island outright for $100 million in gold and the rights to a patch of Alaskan oil.

All this took place in confidence but even then — as now — the idea shocked the Danes.

… Ultimately, the U.S. and Danish governments agreed on other ways to incorporate Greenland into America’s defenses.

Purchasing Greenland would not be unprecedented. The US has purchased large territories from foreign nations before like Alaska (572,000 sq. miles, purchased from Russia in 1867), and the Louisiana Purchase (828,000 sq. miles, purchased from France in 1803 and 1804).

President Trump touted Greenland’s potential. “Strategically it’s interesting and we’d be interested, but we’ll talk to them a little bit. It’s not No. 1 on the burner, I can tell you that… A lot of things can be done. It’s hurting Denmark very badly because they’re losing almost $700 million a year carrying it. So, they carry it at great loss, and strategically for the United States, it would be nice. And, we’re a big ally of Denmark and we help Denmark, and we protect Denmark.”, a Danish website, reported:

Greenland has been essential to US defense since World War II when it was a base for monitoring Nazi ships and submarines passing through the “Arctic Avenue,” the sea gateway to the north Atlantic.

In 1943 the US Air Force built its farthest-north air base at Thule, Greenland.

Thule was crucial in the Cold War, a first line of monitoring against a potential Russian attack. With a population of 600, the base today is part of the NATO mission, operating satellite monitoring and strategic missile detection systems and handling thousands of flights a year.

“The early warning radar system in northern Greenland helps protect North America and is a key part of our missile defense apparatus,” said Luke Coffey of The Heritage Foundation.

President Trump has another very important issue to be concerned about; China is trying to establish a foothold in Greenland as a place to spy on the US and on our small but important military base there. Breitbart News reported:

President Donald Trump’s considered acquisition of Greenland reflects the president’s understanding of geopolitical threats posed by China’s efforts to “get a foothold” on the island near Thule Air Base, a U.S. missile defense system, said Tammy Bruce, radio host, Fox News political analyst, and president of the Independent Women’s Voice, in a Wednesday interview on SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Tonight with hosts Rebecca Mansour and Joel Pollak

“Critics of the president [are] projecting their own shallow point of view and their own ignorance onto him,” said Bruce. “They’re treating this as though it’s a headline from the Onion, or he wants a legacy as if he doesn’t already have one, or he wants to build a building there.”

Bruce continued, “For anyone that is actually looking at the geopolitics that have been going on since [Donald Trump] became president, China has been trying to get a foothold in Greenland. As a matter of fact, Greenland wanted some infrastructure spending for a couple of airports. They went to Denmark — they’re an autonomous territory of Denmark — and asked for the money, and Denmark said, ‘No.’”

… “China needs to carefully consider the possibility that a small and weak Greenlandic nation could emerge in the Arctic in the next 10 years,” wrote Xiao Yang, director of the Arctic Research Center at Beijing International Studies University, in a recent paper. “This will be the key node for the successful implementation of the Polar Silk Road,” the [Wall Street Journal] reported.

Bruce described the Trump administration’s approach to Greenland as a 21st century Monroe Doctrine to counter China’s expansion of influence.

“James Mattis says, ‘No. This is not acceptable. Our ballistic missile defense system is based there,’” Bruce added. “We effectively have a non-compete clause with our military in Greenland. Effectively, it is a North American island, just near, of course, the Arctic, and we’re not going to let China [move in].”

Then-Secretary of Defense James Mattis convinced Denmark to fund Greenland’s desired airport plans in order to prevent China’s encroachment onto the island, said Bruce.

“So based on General Mattis’s urging, at the time our secretary of defense, [Denmark] did pony up for the infrastructure, and only this June did the Chinese finally acknowledge that they weren’t going to be a part of it,” Bruce stated. “So it is no coincidence that after all of that nonsense, two months later, is Donald Trump saying, ‘Hey, we think maybe we should be buying Greenland,’ because Denmark was telling the Greenlandic prime minister they didn’t have the money to help with the infrastructure.”

“As a matter of fact, there’s no industry there — I think there’s a Canadian mining company there mining for gold — because [Denmark is] holding Greenland out as some example of their super special environmental commitment. In the meantime, you have massive poverty, massive unemployment, extraordinarily high rates of suicide and alcoholism.”

American national security is compromised by the incompetent “mismanagement” of Greenland by Danish leadership, wrote Bruce, given the territory’s geographical significance.

By the way, do you know why it is called Greenland even though it is covered with ice and snow?

It was named Greenland by the Vikings who settled there around the year 1000, close to the Arctic Circle. They named it Greenland to attract other settlers from Norway.

That was during the Medieval Warm Period, which was 400 years of really hot global climate, which Al Gore does not want you know about. Greenland was, well, really green, even near the Arctic Circle. There was little or no ice and snow.

If the earth were cold back then the Vikings would have settled elsewhere. Yet Gore says that hot weather and hot climate today are unprecedented and a threat to mankind’s survival.

They are not. They have happened many times before.

The Danish elites, centered in the capital of Copenhagen, want to maintain Greenland as an unspoiled environmental paradise and are harming the people who live there in the process. Breitbart News continued:

One of those issues is the vital importance of Greenland, its horrible mismanagement as the Danish elite virtue signal about their environmentalism, condemning its 55,000 residents to poverty-stricken lives, and the national security risks economic dereliction invite. The incompetence ruining Greenland, in fact, compelled Greenlandic officials to reach out to China as they searched for a Sugar Daddy to fund infrastructure projects.

(Tammy) Bruce remarked, “So there’s 55,000 people on this island suffering because Denmark likes to have it like some colonial place, and the Chinese are very interested in having Greenland, whether they own it outright [or not], but they certainly are interested in having a footprint there, and clearly we have an interest in that not happening.”

Mansour described China’s geopolitical modus operandi as “colonialism by debt” via financing of infrastructure projects beyond its borders.

Bruce concurred, “Of course Greenland would default [in repaying China] because Denmark has no money. Denmark has nothing. and then of course China would confiscate that element and effectively own Greenland by default. It is an absurd situation.”

“The point, I think, [Donald Trump] is making when it comes to Denmark’s attitude is, ‘We know you have no money. We know people are suffering in Greenland. We know you were perfectly accepting of the Greenlandic leadership going to China, and you’re not paying [your] NATO commitment. We protect them.’”

Bruce concluded, “Russia continues to get crazy, and they’re going to sit there and fold their arms and say the idea is absurd? As a matter of fact, it is the best idea and offer they’ve had, probably, in the last hundred years, separate from what we were willing to do right after World War II. If any president is going to make a difference there, it’s going to be Donald Trump.” guesses that the Greenlandic people would vote to become part of the US and have some economic development under a president like Trump. They should have a referendum to decide if they want to join the US.

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