Greek Conservative Wins/ Keystone Pipeline Approved/ Stay Out of the Wilderness to Save It

After Kyriakos Mitsotakis was elected prime minister of Greece in July with the conservative New Democracy party, his like-minded and Harvard-educated nephew has been elected mayor of Athens.

This is a good sign since it happened in a nation that is famous for its left-wing politics. Agence France-Presse reports:

Newly-elected Athens mayor Costas Bakoyannis, scion of one of Greece’s most powerful political families, took his oath of office Sunday pledging to turn the crisis-battered capital into “a safe, clean and bright” European metropolis.

… His mother Dora Bakoyannis was the first female mayor of Athens ahead of the 2004 Olympics.

A decade apart in age, uncle and nephew have made Greek political history by simultaneously holding two of the country’s leading political posts.

They have also stepped into posts formerly occupied by their respective parents, under the colours of the New Democracy party where the Mitsotakis family has been a force for decades.

This is great news. Athens is in terrible shape from its left-wing leaders just as Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle and many other US cities have declined under radical liberal rule. Even the Greeks are fed up.

The election of Bakoyannis is like the election of conservative Rudy Giuliani as mayor of New York City in 1993. In other words, even the leftists in their cities know when their own policies have failed.

In the past few years we also saw conservatives elected as mayors of Sao Paulo and Rio de Janiero in Brazil and also as president of Brazil in a country famous for far-left politics.

So indeed the world is embracing the conservative, populist message after all else has failed.

Great News! Keystone Pipeline Gets OK

Here is great news about the Keystone pipeline which will carry crude oil from Canadian “oil sands” in the northern part of the province of Alberta. The Keystone will hook up to another pipeline in the Midwestern US that will carry the crude to refineries in Texas. The Washington Times reported:

The Nebraska Supreme Court on Friday cleared the way for construction of the Keystone XL oil pipeline, rejecting another attempt by opponents to derail the project.

The ruling delivered a big win for Canada-based TC Energy and President Trump, who made approving the pipeline project one of his first acts as president.

… In Friday’s ruling, the court upheld a decision by the Nebraska Public Service Commission that in a 3-2 vote nearly two years ago authorized a new route for the pipeline. The opponents filed a lawsuit, arguing that the company needed to jump through more regulatory hoops.

This is great news after ‘greenies’ have spent decades obstructing our economy. This one single reserve of Alberta “oil sands” (oil mixed in with sand) holds as much as 2 trillion barrels of oil, enough to easily satisfy American and Canadian demand for centuries to come.

And of course the ‘greenies’ want to block it in any way possible in order to destroy our economy, which is their main goal.

To Save the Wilderness, Stay Out of It

Environmentalists themselves are one of the greatest threats to the wilderness and to wildlife.

Just look at how mountain climbers have trashed the environment around Mount Everest. There are reported to be 50 tons of garbage (old tents, parkas, goggles, discarded food packets and batteries, gloves, oxygen bottles, climbing ropes, etc.) on the hiking route leading up to the peak; tens of tons of human waste deposited in the same areas by decades of climbers; and close to 300 dead bodies on the route to the summit.

Do these mountain climbers care?

Of course not. If they did care they might have to spend time cleaning up their mess, which they will never do.

High mountain peaks all over the world have become garbage dumps and human waste repositories for these selfish backpackers. In fact just about any place that is traveled by these “nature lovers” suffers.

How about wildlife? When these nature nuts go out in boats and chase the whales and take pictures of them how do you think the whales feel?

Well, how would you feel if somebody was watching you and photographing your every move? You would be upset and you can be sure that the whales are upset too. Whales know when they are being followed. They are sensitive to the boats nearby. Meanwhile The Guardian website reported:

Biologists used to count over 1,000 head of elk from the air near Vail, Colorado. The majestic brown animals, a symbol of the American west, dotted hundreds of square miles of slopes and valleys.

But when researchers flew the same area in February for an annual elk count, they saw only 53.

“Very few elk, not even many tracks,” their notes read. “Lots of backcountry skiing tracks.”

The surprising culprit isn’t expanding fossil-fuel development, herd mismanagement by state agencies or predators, wildlife managers say. It’s increasing numbers of outdoor recreationists – everything from hikers, mountain bikers and backcountry skiers to Jeep, all-terrain vehicle and motorcycle riders. Researchers are now starting to understand why.

US national parks and wilderness areas have boomed in popularity in the last decade, with places like Yosemite national park hitting as many as 5 million visits a year. The influx is due to a mixture of visitation campaigns, particularly during traditional “off seasons”, and an explosion of social media exposure that has made hidden gems into national and even international viral sensations.

The impact on wildlife is only recently apparent, and the Vail elk herd may be one of the more egregious examples.

Outdoor recreation has long been popular in Colorado, but trail use near Vail has more than doubled since 2009. Some trails host as many as 170,000 people in a year.

And probably 95% of the people hiking on these trails embrace radical environmentalism. Yet they themselves are driving the elk away; they are invading the “home” of the elk, going out into the forest in any weather and any season.

Imagine strangers coming into your yard every day. It would be very upsetting. And the elk are being frightened. These animals are very sensitive to their surroundings and to human intruders. That’s why wild animals run away when humans approach. has said often that Wilderness is the New “Country Club” as in this commentary from 2016.

In other words, the elites today go out into the wilderness for their recreation rather than joining a country club like wealthy people did over the last century. The Guardian continued:

Recreation continues nearly 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, said Bill Andree, who retired as Colorado Parks and Wildlife’s Vail district wildlife manager in 2018. Night trail use in some areas has also gone up 30% in the past decade. People are traveling even deeper into woods and higher up peaks in part because of improved technology, and in part to escape crowds.

Night trail use…??! Yes, friends, the backpackers are invading the forests and wilderness around the clock now. And going farther and farther in.

If they really loved the wilderness they would stay out of it!

But the ‘greenies’ never will. No, they will rail against president Trump over his environmental policies but they themselves will continue to degrade the forests and mountains with their incessant hiking, camping, backpacking, mountain biking, rock climbing, littering, campfires, defecating, urinating, etc. The Guardian continued:

The elk in unit 45, as it’s called, live between 7,000 and 11,000 feet on the pine, spruce and aspen-covered hillsides and peaks of the Colorado Rockies, about 100 miles from Denver. Their numbers have been dropping precipitously since the early 2010s.

Blaming hiking, biking and skiing is controversial in a state where outdoor recreation is expected to pump $62.5 billion into the state’s economy in 2019, an 81% increase from 2014.

And friends, it is all about the money and power. These elite ‘greenies’ love to have access to any area they want. They are generally upper-income leftists who buy overpriced outdoors equipment and then use it to go deeper into the forests. They think that they are entitled to go wherever they want. It is a mentality of power. The Guardian continued:

But for Bill Alldredge, a now-retired wildlife professor at Colorado State University, there is no other explanation. He started studying unit 45 in the 1980s in response to expanding ski resorts and trails systems.

To measure the impact on calves, he deliberately sent eight people hiking into calving areas until radio-collared elk showed signs of disturbance, such as standing up or walking away. The consequences were startling. About 30% of the elk calves died when their mothers were disturbed an average of seven times during calving. Models showed that if each cow elk was bothered 10 times during calving, all their calves would die.

When disturbances stopped, the number of calves bounced back.

So here is the story pure and simple: Backpackers and hikers are severely disrupting the wildlife and degrading the wilderness. Period. End of sentence. The Guardian continued:

The problems came to a head in 2017, when a group called the Vail Valley Mountain Trails Alliance proposed building a new trail through more of unit 45’s elk calving area.

Andree wrote a letter explaining the dire impact of constant recreation on elk. Even if certain trails were closed during calving season, he said, elk would still be disturbed because some people simply disregarded instructions for them to keep out.

“Generally when you ask people to stay out of the area no matter what the reason is, 80-90% obey you,” Andree said. “But if you get 10% who don’t obey you, you haven’t done any good.”

hese groups are everywhere in America demanding more and more access to the wilderness and having a devastating impact on the wildlife. The Guardian continued:

If trail building and closure violations in critical habitat continue, Devin Duval, Colorado Parks and Wildlife’s district wildlife manager in the area, anticipates the worst. “It will be a biological desert,” he said.

Indeed a biological desert created by the same people who hate president Trump, hate the oil companies, hate conservatives but claim that they love the wilderness.

What a joke. Now compare these wilderness invaders to the Keystone pipeline which the invaders oppose.

Keystone will be buried underground. We will not see it nor hear it after it is installed. There will be silence. On the other hand the wilderness invaders are creating chaos, noise, garbage and tons of human waste every day of the year. believes that the elk and other wildlife would prefer the pipeline over the hikers. In fact caribou populations have flourished near the Alaska above-ground pipeline because the animals like the warm oil in the cold weather. They actually congregate around the pipeline and reproduce.

And if you look at the windmills that the ‘greenies’ want to put on every mountaintop in America you see more destruction of wildlife habitat with millions of birds killed.

Mountaintops are turned into industrial zones with 400-foot-tall windmills and their 1,000 ton concrete block foundations along with roads and power lines, with trucks, cranes and other heavy equipment running up and down the mountains to install the windmills and service them.

What a disaster, all brought to you by… environmentalists!

Studies also show that animals are adversely affected by the low-frequency vibrations that these windmills generate and that go into the ground through their steel towers and foundation blocks.

Look at this from, one of many articles on the internet that the wind industry has not been able to suppress:

Like those proverbial canaries in the coal mine, chickens near wind farms may provide early clues to potential harm to health of humans and animals. That’s the contention of Hamish Cumming, a farmer battling proposed wind turbines near his home in New Zealand.

He has written a letter to East County Magazine seeking help from people living near wind farms locally (and in other locations) to document cases of shell-less eggs, dead chickens, or other animals that suffer internal hemmorrhaging.

The “humble chicken” is common in rural areas near wind farms and can be easily monitored, Cumming says. Chickens under stress may produce a soft-shelled or shell-less egg that can’t be laid, killing the chicken. Such incidents have been documented near wind farms, says Cumming, who has also collected examples of livestock and a dog that died from internal hemorrhaging near wind farms.

“There are reports from many wind farm locations that chickens within a 3 km distance from turbines exhibit shell-less eggs during some weather conditions,” he stated. “Some locations have reported shell-less eggs or dead chickens that coincide with residents’ complaints about “noisy nights” from turbines.”

In fact, shell-less eggs are also known as “wind eggs.” According to Broad Leys Publishing, which specializes in books for poultry owners, a yolk-less wind egg may occur in a young pullet, but “wind eggs can also occur in older hens if they are subject to sudden shock.”

Chickens aren’t the only species suffering ill health effects from living near wind farms, Hamish

“So far there are several records of dairy cattle in Canada and Australia reducing milk output by as much as 30%,” he wrote.

The Discovery Channel ran a report on massive deaths among bats that suffered lung hemorrhaging when flying near wind turbines.

Look at that last line. This is shocking. And it is all being covered up by the Fake News media since the people getting rich on windmills are all leftists.

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