Brexit is Coming October 31!/ Democrats Should Condemn anti-Trump Violence but Won’t

Britain is finally going to legally leave the European Union on October 31.

After countless “remainers” (people on the political left who wanted to remain in the EU) in the British government, media, business, civil service and academia have done everything in their power to stop Brexit, it is going to happen.

These ‘remainers’ even executed something called Operation Fear in which they spread negative rumors about all of the terrible things that would come with Brexit. Yet the British economy has thrived since the Brexit vote.

Britain held a referendum to leave the EU in June 2016. It passed with 52% voting to leave the EU and 48% to “remain”.

This vote was as shocking to Britain as Trump’s win was to America. Polls had shown that the referendum was going to fail just as polls showed Trump losing in a landslide.

And October 31 will be Britain’s own Independence Day.

Oliver JJ Lane reported on Breitbart News about the new conservative British prime minister taking extraordinary legal steps to assure that Brexit happens:

Boris Johnson’s government is activating the constitutional mechanism to suspend Parliament on Wednesday, a move which has outraged Remainers because it limits the amount of Parliamentary time available to them to sabotage Brexit taking place at the end of October.

The Prime Minister confirmed will take place on Wednesday, and will see what is called in Westminster jargon Prorogation last five weeks between September and mid-October. Parliament will reopen on October 14th with the Queen’s speech, the ceremonial delivery by the monarch of a speech written by the government outlining their political intentions for the coming session.

It is normal for a new government to bring forward a Queen’s speech, and the announcement follows Boris Johnson replacing Theresa May as Prime Minister and building his own government on July 24th, but pro-Remain activists and politicians have reacted to the announcement with undisguised anger. The timing of the announcement severely restricts the amount of Parliamentary time they have to subvert the 2016 referendum, in which the British people said they wanted the country to leave the European Union.

Here are comments from some of the ‘remainers’, who sound a lot like anti-Trumpers:

The ‘prime minister’ has finally come out as a dictator. I’ve had enough of being outraged. We must get rid of him and his loathsome gang as soon and as finally as possible.

With this, the unelected poundshop dictator Boris Johnson threatens to end Britain’s long history of Parliamentary democracy.

If Parliament is silenced on the biggest issue of our time we must take to the streets in peaceful protest & civil disobedience.

Outrageous that #Parliament will be shut down at a moment of crisis as we face crashing out of the #EU with no deal & for which there is no mandate. Our democracy is under threat from a ruthless PM elected by less than 100K Con members. Email your MP now & demand Parliament sits

A kind of coup is taking place

Until now the argument against Brexit has been conducted within the parameters of debate in a democracy. Johnson and the Brexit clique have taken the gloves off. On the brink of what catastrophe does that leave the country? An analogue of civil war.

“When I hear the name ‘Boris Johnson’, for some reason the words ‘rope’ and ‘nearest lamp-post’ come to mind as well.”

Awful. These are really scary people. So when the left loses a legitimate election like Brexit or Trump, they call it a coup and seek to undo it. Or threaten violence. They are all the same all over the world. This is why these globalists are so dangerous.

But when the left tries to pull a coup as they did against Trump with the Mueller investigation, or when they seek to stop a Brexit that was voted on legitimately by the British people, they use bottomless lies, fabrications and illegalities to do their dirty work.

And now here is a commentary from July 25, 2018 called Democrats Should Condemn Anti-Trump Violence, but Won’t. It is still pertinent today.

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