Iraq Christians Decimated/ Euro ‘Climate Kid’ Arrives in US

The worst thing that ever happened to Christians in the Middle East was the US invasion of Iraq as directed by president George W. Bush in 2003.

Bush said that he was going to depose the Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein with a swift strike. But we all know what happened. After 16 years of war and chaos, the destruction of much of the nation, and hundreds of thousands of civilian and US military injuries and deaths Iraq still is not secure.

The Iraq war then spilled over into Syria, resulting in years of destruction and death there too.

The fact is that Hussein was a brutal tyrant who was keeping Iraq stable in a dangerous part of the world. He should have been left alone. But Bush permanently disrupted all that with the US invasion as part of his failed globalist, nation-building strategy.

A total of 1.5 million Christians lived in Iraq under Hussein who acted as their protector by keeping Iraq peaceful under his iron grip. This is a reality that is little known to the outside world.

Then Bush invaded and the chaos started. Muslim terrorists took advantage and started to sow total destruction throughout Iraq. Since then the Christians have been dispersed, thousands have been killed, and hundreds of churches have been destroyed by an army of rabid muslim criminals.

Look at this from The Gateway Pundit about just one city in Iraq called Mosul:

ISIS terrorists torched an 1,800 year-old church in Mosul according to reports in July 2014. (Ammon News)

** July 2014: ISIS Removes Crosses From 30 Mosul Churches – Turns Orthodox Cathedral Into Mosque
** July 2014: 1,800 Year-Old Church Torched by ISIS in Mosul
** July 2015: ISIS Blows Up Ancient Orthodox Church in Mosul – 4 Children Killed
** April 2016: ISIS Blows Up Historic Clock Church in Mosul

There were 15,000 Christians in Mosul, Iraq before ISIS took control of the third largest Iraqi city in 2014.

Now there are just 40 Christians left.

AINA reported:

Before ISIS, Mosul was home to 15,000 Christians. In July, Mosul was home to about 40. Any questions?

“This cultural genocide, thanks to the indifference of Europeans and many Western Christians more worried about not appearing ‘Islamophobic’ than defending their own brothers, [has] sadly worked,” The Gatestone Institute wrote.

Mosul, the third-largest city in Iraq and home to one of the largest Christian populations in the region before the rise of, and persecution by, ISIS, now has the reputation of celebrating Christmas, minus the Christians. And yes, political correctness — fear of calling out Islam for what it often is — is in large part to blame.

The Voice of the Martyrs lists nine major radical Islamic groups, including Al Shabab, Boko Haram, al Qaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood, ISIS and the Taliban, responsible for persecuting Christians from Afghanistan to Kenya to Libya.

Friends, modern-day islam is not a religion. It is a political ideology of oppression, violence, backwardness, misogyny, expansionism and genocide. Islam has been at war with Christianity for 1,400 years and at war with the whole world for the last 40 years since the radical muslim takeover of Iran.

Europe and the US are making a huge mistake by allowing these militant muslims to come to our countries. These islamists are spreading violence and hatred daily.

First and foremost we have had 9/11 and countless terror attacks across the globe from Indonesia to Africa to France. What other “religion” has done this?

None. Who could forget the bombing of the Ariana Grande pop-music concert in Manchester, England in 2017 that targeted young British girls who make up much of the Grande fan base.

Muslim ‘rape gangs’ are common in Britain and they specifically target white British girls.

These muslims are barbarians. Nothing is sacred to them. They should be kept out of the West. But they just keep coming since millions of muslims are desperate to live in the Western Christian countries in order to have better lives and escape the darkness of islam.

Euro ‘Climate Kid’ Arrives in US

A young Swedish ‘climate’ crusader named Greta Thunberg arrived in the US on August 28 after sailing from Europe.

This female is the new face of ‘green’ extremism. She already is appearing all over the Fake News global media. But don’t be fooled by her innocent, child-like appearance. She is just a hard-nosed shill for radical environmentalism.

She has been diagnosed with mental maladies like Asperger syndrome, obsessive–compulsive disorder and selective mutism. Thus she makes a perfect environmental activist since they are all basically nuts. Breitbart News reported:

Greta Thunberg, the 16-year-old Swede and face of the youth climate change movement, arrived in New York City on Wednesday after setting sail two weeks on a solar-powered racing yacht from England. A substantial crowd greeted her after she was escorted into New York harbor by 17 sailboats — one for each of the U.N.’s “sustainable development” goals.

… (She said), “The climate and ecological crisis is a global crisis, the biggest crisis that humanity has ever faced, and if we don’t manage to work together and to cooperate and to work together despite our differences, then we will fail.”

She told reporters that fossil fuels should be kept in the ground and that the world needs to “stop its war on nature.”

So how does she allegedly know so much at age 16?

Answer: She has been fed ‘green’ end-of-the-world propaganda for years – like children all over the globe have been – without any challenge to the claims of environmentalists. Thunberg even is brazenly anti-Trump (no surprise there).

So what is really going on?

Answer: The marxist militant adults who are promoting the ‘climate’ hoax have failed to convince the world’s adults of their scam. Their “settled science” has been debunked. And so they are exploiting children with a relentless program of fear and intimidation, that the world is going to end before the children get a chance to grow up. It is nothing more than emotional exploitation and child abuse. heard the same types of dire warnings back on the first ‘earth day’ in 1970.

Here are a few quotes from Thunberg intended to frighten children:

“I want you to panic…. I want you to act is if the house is on fire… You’re acting like spoiled, irresponsible children… This is exactly what you keep doing…”

She also refers to ‘rising sea levels’ – which are not rising at all.

This all comes from a teenager. This is insulting to mature adults just as all of environmentalism is insulting. It acts superior to all of us and ignores reality and science. But it is having a devastating effect on children. Millions of children across the globe are deeply depressed about the future. As intended. Breitbart News continued:

Thunberg gained international attention just more than a year ago when she called on students around the world to take part in a school walkout to protest climate change, a movement she has dubbed #FridayforFuture.

She said at the press conference that the Guardian newspaper covered that she will join the ongoing school strike at the United Nations headquarters in New York City on Friday:

… She will then travel in the United States, Canada, and Mexico before attending another U.N. summit in Chile in December.

Thunberg also has said she is not sure how she will return to Sweden when her travels are complete.

Notice this last sentence. In other words, she made the trip from Europe on the $4 million solar-powered sailboat (how many emissions were created in the manufacture of that boat?) with a crew of six, to make a big show of arriving in New York on a ‘green’ craft.

But you can bet your last dollar that she will fly the rest of her trip to Mexico, Chile and back to Europe. And that that will be done very quietly and not reported by the Fake News media.

Thunberg is just another phony left-wing propagandist that the global media will report on slavishly. She is the deceptive new face of globalism, militant environmentalism, communism and government control of our lives.

So here is the message for this ‘green’ flake: If you can get millions of your left-wing ‘greenie’ friends to cross the ocean in a sailboat next time on a 2-week trip instead of flying in 6 hours then we will take you seriously.

But they never will. And by the way, the ‘greenies’ are waging war on air travel – that’s why Thunberg sailed to the US – yet flying is extremely efficient and much better than train travel, which ‘greenies’ embrace. Here is one example:

A Boeing 747, which weighs anywhere from 170 tons to 240 tons empty, is twice as fuel-efficient per passenger-mile as a Toyota Prius and goes 11 times as fast. Here is the analysis of the 747 fuel efficiency from a website called

A plane like a Boeing 747 uses approximately 1 gallon of fuel (about 4 liters) every second. Over the course of a 10-hour flight, it might burn 36,000 gallons (150,000 liters). According to Boeing’s Web site, the 747 burns approximately 5 gallons of fuel per mile (12 liters per kilometer).

This sounds like a tremendously poor miles-per-gallon rating! But consider that a 747 can carry as many as 568 people. Let’s call it 500 people to take into account the fact that not all seats on most flights are occupied. A 747 is transporting 500 people 1 mile using 5 gallons of fuel. That means the plane is burning 0.01 gallons per person per mile. In other words, the plane is getting 100 miles per gallon per person! The typical car gets about 25 miles per gallon, so the 747 is much better than a car carrying one person, and compares favorably even if there are four people in the car. Not bad when you consider that the 747 is flying at 550 miles per hour…

And if the 747 is fully loaded its efficiency increases by 14%. These are the types of facts that environmentalists are desperate to keep from us so that they themselves appear to have all of the answers. Meanwhile the Toyota Prius needs a big taxpayer subsidy while getting 48 miles per gallon at 45 miles per hour with a go-kart engine and the world’s worst handling. Big deal. Try driving your Prius from New York to London.

Democrats’ Largest Religious Group is Non-Christian

The Daily Caller reported:

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) passed a resolution at its summer meeting championing “religiously unaffiliated” voters, who the resolution noted are the “largest religious group” within the party.

The DNC’s “Resolution Regarding the Religiously Unaffiliated Demographic” stated that “religiously unaffiliated Americans overwhelmingly share the Democratic Party’s values,” and “have often been subjected to unfair bias and exclusion in American society.”

The resolution also takes a shot at deeply religious voters, who are accused of using their religious beliefs to oppress other groups.

It said “those most loudly claiming that morals, values, and patriotism must be defined by their particular religious views have used those religious views, with misplaced claims of ‘religious liberty,’ to justify public policy that has threatened the civil rights and liberties of many Americans, including but not limited to the LGBT community, women, and ethnic and religious/nonreligious minorities.”

This is shocking but then again it is the new atheist face of the Democrat party.

‘Trump Curse’ Strikes Again

Donny Deutsch, a vehement anti-Trumper on MSNBC, had his new “Saturday Night Politics” show canceled after just 13 episodes. It had low viewership.

Deutsch also had a CNBC show “The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch,” canceled in 2008. Other Deutsch shows were killed in 2010, 2013 and 2015.

The ‘Trump curse’ has struck again! Wonderful!

Will Trump Win 48 out of 50 States in 2020?

2020 presidential candidate Representative Tim Ryan, Democrat of Ohio, said recently:

“I think some of the (leading Democrat) candidates have taken positions that will lose 48 states… I mean, if you’re talking about free health care for undocumented workers, and the average person in some of these states that we have to win are busting their rear end to provide health care for their own families and paying a lot of money for it. I think decriminalizing at the border is a mistake. If you want to come into the country, you’ve got to ring the doorbell and it should be a crime to just try to walk into the United States. I think the single-payer idea of telling people they can’t have their private health insurance, you’re going to go to all these union people in the industrial Midwest and tell them they’ve negotiated away wages to get really good health care, and you’re going to tell them we’re going to take that health care from you because we’ve got a better idea in Washington, DC? I think that’s a mistake.”

This is amazing coming from a Democrat. prediction: Trump will win an easy re-election in 2020.

Meanwhile here is an excerpt from Breitbart News about fading presidential candidate Joe Biden:

Former vice president Joe Biden told an town hall at Clinton College in Rock Hill, South Carolina on Thursday afternoon that he would close down migrant shelters and detention facilities at the border.
Biden was asked by a Clinton College student what he would do to improve and help migrants in the facilities reunite with their families.

“Close them down!” Biden declared, to loud applause.

“No, no, no, no, no, no,” he continued. “We don’t need them. We [meaning President Barack Obama and himself] found that, when we were in office, in fact … [when] we finally got things under control, you have to report back for a hearing on such-and-such a date, people show up!”

Yeah, right… the number of illegals who show up at these hearings is miniscule.

Catholic Nurse Forced to Aid in Abortion

The Washington Examiner reported:

The Trump administration sent a notice Wednesday to the University of Vermont Medical Center after a federal investigation concluded the hospital forced a Catholic nurse to assist with an abortion despite her objections to the procedure.

… “We do not want a society where on the issue of life and death people are forced to violate their deepest-held beliefs,” Roger Severino, director of the Office for Civil Rights, said in a phone call with reporters Wednesday.

According to the Trump administration, the University of Vermont Medical Center received $1.6 million over three years, and Severino said the agency had interviewed witnesses and had “more than sufficient evidence to support our notice of violation.”

… According to Severino’s account, the nurse had already notified the hospital that she had religious objections to assisting in abortions. On the day the incident occurred, she was scheduled to assist with a dilation and curettage, a procedure in which medical providers use surgical tools to empty the contents of a woman’s womb.

The procedure is used for both abortions and after a miscarriage, and the nurse thought she had been put on the schedule to assist in a miscarriage, which she didn’t object to. According to Severino, when she entered the hospital room, the doctor told her, “Please don’t hate me,” as he knew she objected to abortions.

“It was clear what was going to take place was the taking of a live human person,” Severino said.

The nurse tried to get out of the assignment but was declined, and she feared losing her job or being reported to licensing authorities.

“She relented and has been traumatized ever since,” Severino said.

This is good news that the Trump administration is acting on behalf of this nurse. We need to protect people for their religious beliefs.

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