Trump is Most Accessible President Ever/ US Out of Afghanistan?

First here is a quick word about the recent mass shooting in Odessa, Texas which killed 7 people:

As usual, liberals are loudly blaming guns, conservatives, president Trump, the NRA, etc. for the shooting. Yet the same liberals have not uttered a peep about millions of crimes, including murders, rapes, drug dealing and child molestation, committed by illegal immigrants here in the United States.

Every single one of those crimes would have been prevented if we had listened to conservatives and to president Trump and stopped illegal immigration decades ago.

Democrats also have not mentioned the sky high gun-crime rate in gun-controlled and Democrat-controlled Chicago.

You also may have noticed virtually no coverage of the shooting at a high school football game in Mobile, Alabama that injured 10 people. Why not?

Answer: Because the shooter is black.

Meanwhile president Trump is proposing an expedited death penalty for these mass shooters.

And we can expect Democrats and leftists to oppose that when it would be a very effective step in fighting these crazies. These nuts definitely would think twice if they knew that they were going to face swift… and final… justice.

Now here is today’s first commentary:

Trump is the Most Accessible President Ever

President Trump often holds impromptu press conferences. For instance when he is heading out to the White House helicopter he will stop to take questions from the media. Or during cabinet meetings. Or when he is hosting a foreign leader. Even when he is on foreign soil he will take questions about issues back home.

Any time that the press wants a comment it seems that the president is willing to give one. And sometimes the comments go on for 5 or 10 or 20 or 30 minutes.

In short, Trump is the most accessible president ever. This is very refreshing. He does not need official, staged press conferences. He does not hide from the media like some presidents have done.

Contrast that with Obama’s carefully-controlled press interactions or even worse candidate Hillary Clinton who went long periods without giving any press access at all. On August 24, 2016, the Washington Post reported:

It’s been 263 days since Hillary Clinton last held a press conference. That’s a dangerous precedent.

This is typical but then again Hillary planned to be a fake president while Bill Clinton and his corrupt cronies ran the country from behind the scenes.

President Trump’s accessibility comes in light of another development – the White House no longer holds so-called daily press briefings.

This was a long tradition that we all saw many times over when the Fake News skunks would sit in rows of chairs in a small, windowless White House room and throw questions at the press secretary. Under Trump and secretary Sarah Sanders the briefings became Trump-bashing and Sanders-bashing forums.

No more. There are apparently going to be no more daily briefings since we have something that is vastly better; we have the president speaking directly.

This enrages the press since the cameras are pointed at the president when he speaks. During the daily press briefings, on the other hand, the cameras were often focused on the journalists asking the questions, giving them national media exposure.

Those journalists are furious that they no longer are getting this exposure. This is another way that president Trump is chipping away at the power of the Fake News media.

US Out of Afghanistan?

President Trump may be preparing to pull many US troops out of Afghanistan. This would be great. has long supported the idea of a total pullout.

There are currently 14,000 US troops in Afghanistan. One report said that Trump wants to draw this number down to 8,500. That would be a good start to getting down to zero.

The Afghan war was entered into on October 7, 2001 by president George W. Bush in order to get terrorist Osama bin Laden for his role in masterminding the 9/11 attacks. But bin Laden escaped, probably in the early days of the Afghanistan invasion. He was finally killed by US forces in Pakistan in 2011.

Yet we are still in Afghanistan… Why?

Good question. There have been 2,313 US military deaths in Afghanistan and more than 30,000 injured. These deaths and injuries spiked and peaked under Obama. Breitbart News reports:

President Donald Trump expressed on Tuesday his willingness for the United States to draw down forces in Afghanistan.

“We’ve been a peacekeeper there, in a way, for 19 years and at a certain point, you have to say, ‘That’s long enough,’” Trump said.

The president commented to reporters during a meeting with Romanian President Klaus Iohannis at the White House. Trump as Her ‘Good Samaritan’

“We’re not really fighting, we’re almost a police force over there, it’s been so many years … we’re not supposed to be a police force,” he said.

Trump recalled visiting wounded members of the armed forces who continued to serve in Afghanistan despite the ongoing conflict.

“I go to Walter Reed and I see young men that step on a bomb and they lose their legs, they lose their arms, and in some case, they lose both and their face on top of it, and they’re living,” he said.

Trump met last week with military advisers about negotiating a withdrawal of some troops in the region.

This is very sad. We have achieved nothing in Afghanistan but we have paid a massive price.

It’s horrible to see what has happened to Afghanistan itself. There are pictures on the internet of how beautiful and perfectly normal the Afghan capital Kabul was in the 1970s.

It now has been largely destroyed by the radical taliban fighters who are wrecking the entire nation in order to try and take it over. This is typical of what happens when these extremist muslims attempt to take over any country.

The Afghan war has cost the US more than $700 billion since 2001.

It is time to go…

Update from Fox News:

A U.S. envoy told a news channel in Afghanistan that Washington and Kabul have reached an agreement “in principle” to withdraw 5,400 troops within months of signing a peace deal with the Taliban, reports said.

Zalmay Khalilzad, the envoy, said President Trump must first approve the deal before it is official. He said, “In principle, we have got there. The document is closed,” according to Reuters.

The New York Times reported that the withdrawal would be the beginning of all 14,000 U.S. troops in the country. Despite the progress in the talks, the country has seen an uptick in violence in recent months, including a suicide attack on Tuesday in the country’s capital that killed at least 16 and wounded 119.

Muslim Congresswoman’s Insulting and Crazy Claim Refuted

Muslim Democrat congresswoman Ilhan Omar of Minnesota said in a 2018 interview that “our country should be more fearful of white men across our country because they are actually causing most of the deaths within this country.” She also offered a ready solution: “Profiling, monitoring, and creating policies to fight the radicalization of white men.”

This crazy claim originated with an April 2017 Government Accountability Office study that claimed that 106 people were killed in 62 US attacks since 2002 by “far-right violent extremists,” as compared to 119 people killed in 23 attacks by “radical Islamist violent extremists.”

But there are several major flaws in this study:

*It conveniently fails to mention that there are 60 times as many white men in America as there are muslim males. So if the two groups kill the same number of people then that means that the muslims kill at 60 times the rate that the white men kill.

*It conveniently starts after 9/11 and so obviously does not include 9/11 in order to not make muslims look bad.

*Robert Spencer at PJ Media reported:

What’s more, the study doesn’t take failed plots into account. At my site Jihad Watch, I’ve tracked jihad activity in the United States and around the world every day since October 2003. In the course of that nearly sixteen-year span, I’ve posted hundreds of reports on failed jihad plots inside this country. No one was killed or injured in those, and for that we can all be grateful. But if those plots had succeeded, there would have been hundreds and possibly thousands more fatalities of Islamic jihad activity.

… Even worse, the GAO study doesn’t take into account the fact that there is a global network of Islamic jihadis. They are found on every inhabited continent. Major jihad organizations such as al-Qaeda and the Islamic State have repeatedly called upon Muslims to murder Americans.

By contrast, there is no global network of “right-wing extremists,” and they have not called for the indiscriminate murder of American civilians.

*This GAO “study” also ignores the overall contributions of the two groups discussed, i.e., it treats muslims and white men as equals.

They are not equal. White men are the smartest people in the world. Productive, intelligent white men have created every single modern technology (computers, electricity, light bulb, modern medicine, plastics, petroleum technology, automobile, airplane, modern electronics, TV, radio, modern metallurgy, etc.) that powers the world today and that has produced our global prosperity.

At the same time muslim nations have created zero modern technology. In fact extremist muslims are destroying wealth all over the world with their terror attacks.

So which group, on balance, is more crucial to the overall betterment of the world?

The answer is obvious…

Meanwhile Breitbart News reported:

Swedish police say that the number of explosive incidents and bombings in Sweden from January to July has increased 45 percent compared to the same period in 2018.

Statistics released by the police show that Sweden saw a total of 83 explosive incidents during the period from January to July, a number that has increased to 120 this year, Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter reports.

Last year saw a total of 157 explosions across the country according to Dagens Nyheter, but actual numbers are somewhat unclear, with other groups such as the Crime Prevention Council BRÅ reporting 108 claims of general destruction by an explosion in 2018.

This all coincides with the surging muslim population in Sweden and its increasing militancy, which we conservatives have warned about over and over as socialists, communists and muslims in Sweden look the other way. There were zero such bombings before the muslims arrived.

Facebook’s Increasing Conservative Censorship Exposed

Facebook took down a Trump campaign ad over alleged violations of their advertising policies. The ad said:

The Women for Trump Coalition Needs the Support of Strong Women Like You!

Huh? How can this possibly be offensive?

Well, it was run by the Trump campaign, that’s why.

Facebook’s advertising guidelines list many varieties of prohibited content which includes ads that target “personal attributes.” Facebook says ads must not include “direct or indirect assertions or implications about a person’s… gender identity.”

What a crock. So we conservatives should scrutinize Facebook to see if Democrat ads get the same treatment… which they never will.

In other words, Facebook censorship of conservatives is reaching new extremes. And president Trump is going to make this a major issue in his 2020 re-election campaign by running against the censors at Facebook, Google, CNN, NBC, the New York Times, the Democrat left, etc.

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