Phony Fox News Misreports Illegal Immigrant Diseases

First, here is a good word about the German elections of September 1. CNN reports:

A far-right party scored its strongest-ever results in two key state elections in eastern Germany on Sunday, finishing second behind the country’s major parties …

The anti-immigrant Alternative for Deutschland (AfD) party finished second in Saxony to Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrats (CDU), and second in Brandenburg to the center-left Social Democrats (SPD).

The results represent a blow to Merkel’s ruling coalition with the SPD, and will be viewed as a victory for the AfD, which took 27.5% of votes in Saxony and 23.5% in Brandenburg — a significant increase on state elections five years ago, with the party almost tripling its share in Saxony and doubling it in Brandenburg.

The AfD became the first far-right party to enter Germany’s national parliament in almost 60 years when it came in third place overall in federal elections in 2017.

This is great news as more and more Europeans get fed up with open borders.

But AfD is not “far right” or “anti-immigrant”, which are terms that are meant to denigrate it. AfD is simply a conservative law-and-order party that wants Germany to maintain its borders – as nations have maintained their borders for thousands of years – and not be subjected to endless flows of immigrants. AfD is like Trump supporters in America.

In fact it is the mainstream party in Germany like Merkel’s Christian Democrats that is truly extreme with a desire for open borders. Merkel herself started the whole furor by allowing more than 1 million muslim Middle Eastern immigrants to enter Germany as refugees in 2015. The result has been disastrous with widespread criminality and welfare dependency among the refugees.

Notice that the big AfD wins came in eastern Germany. This was once the communist nation of East Germany. The people there are much more conservative than elsewhere in Germany and for a good reason. They know what socialism/communism does because they lived under it. They want no part of it, like open borders.

Phony Fox News Misreports Illegal Immigrant Diseases

President Trump has called out Fox News for abandoning its conservative roots and going to the anti-Trump left. We recently saw more proof of that in an article about diseases among illegal immigrants on the Fox News website.

These diseases are breaking out in the US after they were conquered by our advanced medical technology decades ago. Typhus and leprosy, which are called ‘Medieval diseases’, are surging in Los Angeles among the homeless population. Measles and mumps are surfacing all over the country.

Liberals, of course, blame conservative Americans and Orthodox Jews who don’t want to get their children vaccinated; or they blame immigrant detention centers themselves for not doing enough to stop the diseases.

But they never blame the immigrants themselves for bringing the diseases here. Look at how Phony Fox News describes an outbreak in Texas:

About 900 migrants held in Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) custody have been exposed to mumps since last September, according to the first U.S. government report on outbreaks in the nation’s overloaded immigration system.

Notice the deceptive wording, that these migrants “have been exposed to mumps” at a US detention facility. Fox is implying that the healthy migrants were exposed to it after they got to the United States.

Yet the big story is that migrants brought mumps here in the first place, along with other diseases like rubella, measles and leprosy. But don’t expect the Fake News media to emphasize that. No, they are too busy blaming America, as usual. Phony Fox News continued:

More than 80 percent of the patients who fell ill with the mumps at the detention centers were first exposed to the virus while in the custody of ICE or another U.S. agency, according to the CDC report.

Again this is intended to smear ICE and president Trump and those of us who favor secure borders. This plays directly into the hands of the open-borders left and the anti-ICE radicals. Phony Fox News then reported:

Mumps is a contagious virus that causes swollen glands, puffy cheeks, fever, headaches and, in severe cases, hearing loss and meningitis. Critics claim U.S. immigrations officials are not doing enough to quarantine migrants and prevent the spread of infectious disease in overcrowded detention centers.

Notice that Phony Fox is quoting “critics” of US immigration policies and again blaming “immigration officials” (i.e., Americans) for “not doing enough”.

So here is a quote from for Phony Fox to use in its next article about diseases among illegals:

“We must complete the Mexican border wall to discourage mass immigration and all of the problems that accompany it, like these diseases.”

But don’t expect Phony Fox to include that kind of wisdom in its reporting. Meanwhile the “critics” don’t want the wall; they want open borders so they can then blame America when things get ugly, as they are with these diseases. And Phony Fox gives these “critics” a platform with this article and other like it. Phony Fox News continues:

“This has all the makings of a public health crisis,” Nashville immigration attorney R. Andrew Free, who has been tracking facilities with mumps outbreaks from reports of advocates and lawyers representing detainees, told The Associated Press. “ICE has demonstrated itself incapable of ensuring the health and safety of people inside these facilities.”

Notice again that Phony Fox quotes a pro-immigrant attorney and promotes the idea that ICE is the problem, not the illegal immigrants. Phony Fox then goes on to slam the state of Texas:

A large portion of the cases recorded by the CDC were reported at detention facilities in Texas. The Texas Department of State Health Services raised the alarm in December, followed by six other state health departments in early January, prompting what the CDC report calls “a coordinated national outbreak response.” ICE has given more than 25,000 doses of measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine in the affected facilities, according to The Associated Press.

Phony Fox neglects to mention that Texas has the most cases because Texas gets the largest number of illegals since it has the longest unprotected border with Mexico.

Friends, Phony Fox News, both on cable TV and on its website, is no longer a conservative-leaning news source. It has become another left-wing news outlet that takes every opportunity to smear America, ICE, white people, president Trump, Trump supporters, US immigration policy, etc.

And, yes, Fox does run some conservative stories and programs like Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, Tucker Carlson and Fox & Friends. But conservative opinions are getting harder and harder to find. The Fox cable TV channel even has hired Donna Brazile, former chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee, as a regular contributor.

Meanwhile here is Phony Fox News reporting on a knife attack in France by a muslim Afghan asylum seeker:

Two French officials told the AP the attack did not appear to be terrorism-related, and the national anti-terrorism prosecutor’s office had not yet been asked to participate in the investigation.

This is the usual Fake News media spin on every such attack immediately after it happens – that it did not appear to be terrorism-related even when the attacker was a muslim immigrant from a rogue nation like Afghanistan.

This is an islamist tactic to protect muslims from criticism that is dutifully reported in the pro-muslim global media. Yet there is no way to know within hours of an attack what the motive was; it often takes days or weeks to determine the motive and the connections that the attacker had to other individuals and groups. But the left-wing media, including Phony Fox News, seem to reflexively report that “it did not appear to be terrorism-related”.

If the Fake News media were honest and diligent then they would make no judgments at all about motives until these cases are fully investigated.

Here is another case: The Fake News global media reported immediately after the fire in the wooden attic/roof at Notre Dame cathedral in Paris on April 15 that it appeared that the fire was accidental.

Phony Fox News joined in by reporting just two days after the fire:

Authorities consider the fire an accident.

Yet there is no possible way that Phony Fox could legitimately report this. After all nobody knew what caused the fire in the hours immediately after or even in the days or weeks after. Even today nobody knows. The investigation is not complete and there are many unanswered questions about the fire.

CBS News also reported just two days after the fire:

The cause of the blaze remains unclear, but officials do not suspect terrorism or arson.

This is journalistic malpractice to report this. These officials did not know what caused the fire. They could not rule anything in or out so shortly after the fire. Unless they were trying to sway suspicions away from a potential terrorist act, which they obviously were doing.

Meanwhile we know that an accidental fire was virtually impossible; every precaution was taken by the highly-skilled and specialized contractors to prevent an accidental fire since they were obviously aware of the historic importance of the cathedral and were working in the most fire-prone part – in Notre Dame’s centuries-old wooden attic/roof area where the fire broke out. The wood there is extremely dry and flammable.

All work on such historic structures is scrupulously monitored and inspected by historians, architects and other safety specialists. No work is done without extreme caution; no source of heat, fire or electrical discharge is permitted without strict observation; and a high-tech alarm system is installed.

So this fire was no accident by workers smoking cigarettes or stringing electrical cables carelessly. That could not have happened. believes that the fire was a terrorist act. After all there have been many muslim threats against the cathedral since it is the center of French Christianity.

It also is a fact that the fire started after the workers had left the site. Was it started by a terrorist incendiary device triggered by a cell phone? A small device the size of a candy bar planted by a communist, anti-Christian, atheist, anti-French or pro-muslim worker at the site?

That sounds vastly more likely than an “accident”. Every single worker must be thoroughly interrogated. Let’s find out what really happened. And if any worker cannot be tracked down and accounted for then we should be very alarmed and suspicious.

The Geller Report, which tracks islamist terror activity in the Western nations, reported about the Notre Dame fire:

“It’s a very big probability that Jihadists committed this crime, in the middle of the Christian Holy Week. In 2016, two veiled Muslim women tried to detonate a car filled with explosives in front of Notre-Dame.

At the beginning of March, an illegal Muslim immigrant tried to burn down the Saint-Sulpice church.

At mid-March, an illegal Muslim immigrant tried to burn down the organ of the Saint-Denis basilica (another jewel) and destroyed stained glass.

On Twitter, thousands of muslims are rejoicing and saying that they are happy that Notre-Dame was destroyed!

Before the fire on March 20, Breitbart News reported:

A dozen Catholic churches have been desecrated across France over the period of one week in an egregious cases of anti-Christian vandalism. The recent spate of church profanations has puzzled both police and ecclesiastical leaders, who have mostly remained silent as the violations have spread up and down France.” The Catholic hierarchy has kept silent about the episodes, limiting themselves to highlighting the anti-Christian threats and expressing hope that politicians and police will get to the bottom of the crimes. Reports indicate that 80 percent of the desecration of places of worship in France concerns Christian churches and in the year 2018 this meant the profanation of an average of two Christian churches per day in France, even though these actions rarely make the headlines. In 2018, the Ministry of the Interior recorded 541 anti-Semitic acts, 100 anti-Muslim acts, and 1063 anti-Christian acts.

Watch this story, friends. It already looks like another media whitewash is coming.

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