Dems: No More Oil, Coal, Gas(!?)/ ‘Sanctuary’ Policies Called Out

Extremist environmentalists are claiming that somehow we can eliminate oil, coal and natural gas from our economy and even that we must do so in order to “save the planet”.

This is insanity. We can never, ever do without these fuels. They have in themselves created the advanced US and global economy that we live in. Without them our economy would collapse.

Think about a road going up a hill for 500 feet. It takes a single cup of gasoline to power a car up the hill at 50 miles per hour. Yet how many horses pulling that car would it take to get it up the hill at 50?

You get the point – gasoline is a ‘miracle fuel’ just like natural gas and heating oil are too. And diesel fuel. And propane. And coal. They all represent ‘concentrated’ energy unlike “green” energy like solar and wind which are diffuse and weak. has said many times that the world has virtually unlimited supplies of oil and natural gas, that “fracking” is producing huge new amounts of both, and that modern techniques are making oil and gas easy to find.

For instance Israel discovered a few years ago that it may have more oil than Saudi Arabia in underground ‘oil shale’ deposits. These deposits would not have been found with the technology just a few decades ago.

Yet increasing number of Democrats, including presidential candidates, are saying that we must totally eliminate so-called “fossil fuel” (oil, coal, natural gas) from our economy. Democrat front-runner Joe Biden even said recently in New Hampshire: “I guarantee you… I guarantee you we are going to end fossil fuel.”

Woah! That is far, far extreme. The other two front-runners Elizabeth ‘Pocahontas’ Warren and Bernie Sanders are saying the same thing. This is crazy and is meant to appeal to the most militant ‘green’ primary voters.

Fortunately statements like this are going to assure that president Trump gets re-elected and that is good news.

Meanwhile Biden continues to act in a bizarre manner with women in ways that would get any Republican run out of the campaign. He recently grabbed a woman’s hands and clung to them as he answered a question that she asked him. The woman said that Biden had made her very uncomfortable, which Biden is famous for.

Will the Fake News media go after Biden for this blatant form of sexual harassment and intimidation?

Of course not. They gave him a pass over all of his past manhandling of women.

But don’t worry, predicts that Biden is going down anyway. He is making a gaffe a day and you can be sure that Democrats are frightened to death behind closed doors over his ongoing mistakes.

Worse, his health status is very troubling at age 76. His eye actually filled with blood during a televised event recently. It was scary; he looked like a vampire. And since Biden had TWO brain aneurysms back in the 1980s, we need to know a lot more about the health of the former vice president as he campaigns for the White House.

But we can rest assured that the Fake News media that wanted to know everything about president Trump’s health will never ask for Biden’s records even though there appear to be serious problems with Biden both physically (he looks very frail) and mentally (he keeps making serious mistakes like not even remembering Obama’s name. He recently referred to president Trump as “Donald Hump”.).

Trump Border Policies are Working

The Mexican government recently announced that the number of migrants coming to the US border had dropped 56% over the past three months. This has happened as Mexico cracks down on illegals as Mexico seeks to avert president Trump’s threatened tariffs on Mexican exports to the US.

This is great news. In other words, illegal immigration is not an insoluble or inevitable crisis. It can and will be solved by a president with the resolve to do so, including building the border wall. And this will be another huge plus for Trump’s re-election.

This is why Democrats are so desperate to get rid of president Trump. They know that he is working hard to secure our borders and improve the economy. Democrats want neither. They want America reduced to a poor, dependent, chaotic nation full of illegal immigrants who don’t even speak English or wish to become good American citizens. These illegals already have overrun the public school systems in hundreds of US cities large and small. But you will never read that story in the Fake News media.

‘Sanctuary’ Policies Called Out Boldly by Cuccinelli

The Trump administration is calling out ‘sanctuary’ policies for illegal immigrants that are being implemented all over the US. The Daily Caller reports:

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) Acting Director Ken Cuccinelli challenged Montgomery County Executive Marc Elrich to debate his county’s sanctuary policies for illegal aliens Friday.

… Elrich signed an executive order last month prohibiting local law enforcement in Montgomery County, (Maryland) from cooperating with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). Police in the DC-adjacent county do not abide by ICE detainers placed on illegal aliens accused of crimes, and also cannot allow ICE to enter secure areas of jails.

Since the order was issued, seven illegal aliens have been arrested for sex crimes. At least one accused rapist was released back into the community before he could be detained by ICE.

Cuccinelli first weighed in on the string of rapes in the county on Twitter earlier this week, writing in response to the arrest of a Salvadoran national, “More sanctuary Montgomery county consequences… sad and tragic.”

… Cuccinelli then challenged Elrich to debate the topic, asserting, “I’ll defend children and crime victims, Elrich can defend rapists and [murderers] who shouldn’t even be in this country.”

This is great stuff. President Trump’s get-tough policies and rhetoric on illegal immigration are spreading. This is why Democrats hate Trump – because he is inspiring other political leaders and commentators like to boldly speak out against these failed policies.

Unmask ‘Antifa’ Now

A Republican Vietnamese-American state senator in Massachusetts has proposed legislation that bars protesters from covering their faces during public demonstrations as ‘antifa’ does. This is great news. This should be happening in every state and city. These ‘antifa’ cowards will always cover their faces since they are essentially terrorists who do not want to be identified when they commit crimes like attacking conservatives and Trump supporters. reported:

After a weekend that saw three dozen people arrested when counterprotesters and police clashed in downtown Boston, one state senator is proposing to make it a crime for protesters to cover their faces during public events.

Four police officers were injured and 36 people were arrested Saturday after a series of fracases between law enforcement and protesters demonstrating against a straight pride parade that wended its way through downtown Boston. Many of the protesters, some of whom were affiliated with the leftist group Antifa, wore bandanas, masks or other items to shield their faces.

“It is time, federal, state, and local to make it illegal to cover your faces in public events and demonstrations. A danger to public safety and our police officers,” Sen. Dean Tran, a Fitchburg Republican, tweeted Monday along with a cover of Sunday’s Boston Herald, which showed a man with a bandana around his neck being carried away by police officers. “No one or group is above the law.”

Tran on Tuesday said he has been concerned about violence erupting at protests and demonstrations around the country, and was “frustrated” by what he saw on the news out of Boston over the weekend.

“I’m a big supporter of the freedom to assemble, but the freedom to assemble does not guarantee you the right to disguise yourself and inflict harm on others,” Tran said.

Good for senator Tran. But don’t expect the Democrat-dominated Massachusetts legislature to adopt Tran’s measure. These Democrats want as many masked and violent demonstrators as possible to support their agenda and to assault Republicans, conservatives and Trump supporters.

Meanwhile, in Portland, Oregon The Gateway Pundit reports:

Alexander Gorman Dial, the antifa thug who is best known for throwing a hammer at Trump supporters in a bus … is now facing a second set of felony charges related to his actions during the August 17th protests in Portland.

This sounds like good news, but don’t hold your breath waiting for this creep to be convicted. After all, 234 thugs who rioted in Washington, DC against president Trump’s inauguration were arrested and charged but never convicted and are now free.

‘Greenies’ are Always Wrong – Here’s Another Example

‘Greenie’ environmentalists are wrong about virtually everything. For instance they claim that the world is in an unprecedented “global warming” cycle, yet we in the Northeastern United States have seen the coldest years in recent history in 2018 and again in 2019. Record cold has been reported all over the world in the last 20 years. Yet isn’t ‘global’ warming supposed to be, well, “global”?

Meanwhile, to show how ‘greenies’ are wrong again, PJ Media reported after New York state legislators voted to ban plastic bags at grocery stores:

No one was happy with the ban. NY’s biggest grocery store, Wegmans, detailed the problems with the bill. The Democrat and Chronicle reported Wegman’s opposition to the bill included “unintended consequences [that] come from banning anything,” including increasing paper bag use. “[It’s] not what’s best for the environment. Paper bags are heavier and take up more space than plastic.” Unbelievably, New York Democrats ignored the extremely important facts about transporting paper bags that would impact the environment. “It takes seven tractor trailers to transport the same number of paper bags as plastic bags carried by one tractor trailer,” the retailer said. “It also takes about 90[%] more resources and energy to make and recycle paper compared to plastic.”

This is shocking, but then again, all ‘green’ ideas look like this. For instance has calculated that the production of electricity from windmills up to 1,000 times as much in resources like concrete, steel, copper and composite material than to produce the same amount of electricity from nuclear power. also calculates that wind power and solar power require up to 500 times as much land per megawatt of power generated over nuclear power. If you want every mountaintop in America blanketed in windmills then that is what the environmentalists want to give us.

These mountaintops have been turned into industrial zones with 400-foot-tall windmills and their 1,000 ton concrete block foundations along with roads and power lines, and trucks and other heavy equipment running up and down the mountains to install the windmills and service them.

Meanwhile those windmills can be seen for miles away, despoiling our natural environment.

What an environmental disaster… brought to you by environmentalists themselves.

Gun-Control Activist Gets it Wrong Again

A gun-control activist named David Hogg recently said about these mass shootings like El Paso and Dayton:

“I think it comes down to reckoning with our history and our history of white supremacy in the United States. The fact that we live in a post-genocidal society oftentimes that was orchestrated by the United States government in that if we want to talk about mass shootings, we need to recognize the massive number of indigenous mass shootings that was conducted by the United States government. I think back to the battle of Wounded-Knee and the several hundred Native Americans, predominately men, woman, and children that were slaughtered by the United States government back in the nineteenth century. And how that is never discussed as a mass shooting. And that was wrong because those people were not armed, and we were stealing their land.”

Notice that Hogg conveniently treats the Native Americans as if they never committed any murder or butchery. But they did so for several hundred years against white settlers and for thousands of years against each other.

Hogg also does not want anyone to know that the Parkland, Florida killer who murdered 17 students and teachers at the high school on February 14, 2018 had been reported to FBI before the crime and FBI failed to act on him.

Hogg wants to deflect attention from that fact because Hogg’s own father is a retired FBI agent.

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