The Republican Party has Become The Trump Party

The old-line Republican party of the Bush family, John McCain, Bob Dole and Mitt Romney is dead, gone and buried. A new party has emerged.

It has become the Party of Trump just as it became the Party of Ronald Reagan after president Reagan swept to two landslide victories in 1980 and 1984.

Yet many mainstream Republicans disliked or detested conservative Reagan since he had defeated moderate Republican party Establishment favorite George HW Bush in the 1980 primaries.

And in the 2016 primaries Trump trounced 16 Establishment Republicans, totally upending the political status quo. This is just one reason that many Republicans hate Trump.

Donald Trump is truly an outsider. Not only are his outspoken tactics unorthodox but he does not even come from the political world – he comes out of business. So his victory represents a double-whammy to the elite club of Republican politics.

Even worse, Trump won the White House on his first try. This infuriates those Republicans who planned for decades to run for president and then waited years for the perfect time to run. And then they lost, like Bob Dole, John McCain and Mitt Romney all lost.

Indeed Trump now dominates the Republican party as he rightfully should after he saved it from total destruction. If Establishment Republican Jeb Bush had won the 2016 nomination Hillary Clinton would have won the White House and the Republicans would have lost not only the presidency but the House and Senate too. With Trump they won or retained all three.

Jeb Bush was part of the old Republican guard that includes losers like Dole, McCain and Romney. And we can throw president George W. Bush into that mix too. His presidency turned into a disaster with the Iraq war and the collapse of the economy in 2008.

These Establishment Republicans, along with many allegedly conservative commentators like George Will and Bill Kristol, have since become vehemently anti-Trump. This exposes these people for who they really are. They are part of the past when conservatism struggled for recognition against the Fake News media while Will and Kristol acted like the knights in shining armor carrying the conservative banner on their white horses.

They flew this banner to get fame and money in their niche positions, to stand out from the liberal media mob. Yet now that the conservative agenda is being implemented by the president these turncoats are criticizing Trump endlessly. It is bizarre. But then again Trump has made a lot of people crazy.

Donald Trump is a Republican with a big C after his name meaning “Conservative”. This is a great gift to us conservatives; Donald Trump is doing more to implement a Republican/conservative agenda than any other Republican leader since Ronald Reagan.

President Trump’s aggressive style is the main reason that so many Republicans worked against his success during his first two years in office.

First, they did not like Trump’s bravura as he routed 16 fellow Republicans in the primaries of 2016 including party favorite Jeb Bush.

Second, they believed the Fake News that the president had colluded with Russia and so that gave them a convenient excuse to shy away from Trump and await his impeachment.

Third, the president has used his own scorched-earth tactics to deal with his political opponents and with the Fake News media, and that has unnerved and enraged the old Republican guard even further. These people try to coexist with the media, not confront them.

Fourth, they are jealous of the president’s wealth, estimated up to $4 billion. In contrast ‘rich Republican’ former president George W. Bush is reportedly worth just $40 million. Mitt Romney is worth an estimated $300 million. Senator John McCain was said to be worth just $16 million when he died, but his wealthy wife is worth up to $200 million.

These Establishment Republicans had a cozy deal worked out with the Democrats and their media friends: Republicans would act like political bystanders and Democrats would give them a pat on the head and occasionally non-hostile press coverage, but never good press coverage.

Those days are over. President Trump is taking on the opposition like never before and he is getting great results. Just look at how he has driven CNN’s ratings into the basement. Ditto MSNBC. This was unfathomable before Trump.

In other words we are finally seeing a Republican leader fight back in a political war in which only one side – the Democrats – was firing all the bullets.

Yet now that Trump has engaged the left in a real war of words and is shooting back Republicans are running for shelter. They are not accustomed to combat. It frightens them.

Trump is a fighter. He has been a fighter his whole life. He does not like to lose and will not sit idly by as Republicans cower in the corner. He is like a general rallying his troops by jumping on his horse and personally charging into combat.

In 2016, Trump was supposed to lose in a landslide to Hillary Clinton and was supposed to take down the whole Republican party with him, including the House and the Senate.

Yet Trump won the White House and Republicans maintained control of both the House and Senate. This was an amazing feat that totally shocked the world. Between January 2017 and January 2019 Democrats had less national political power than they had had in the last century.

Republicans then picked up two US Senate seats in 2018, giving them the current 53 seats.

The House of Representatives was a different story – 55 House Republicans retired leading up to the 2018 mid-term elections, leading Republicans to lose majority control of the House with a 43-seat loss.

These quitters essentially threw the House to the Democrats. This was intentional. These were old-school Republicans who would rather that Democrats were in control than Trump. And good riddance to all of them, including Paul Ryan, former speaker of the House who was a RINO Republican In Name Only.

Overall the Trump 2018 mid-term results were surprisingly good compared to two Democrat presidents:

*In the 2010 mid-term elections after Obama first won the White House in 2008 Democrats lost a whopping 63 US House seats along with six US Senate seats.

*In the first mid-term elections in 1994 after Bill Clinton won the White House in 1992 Democrats lost 54 House seats and eight US Senate seats.

These results both came after Obama and Clinton got slobbering media coverage and did not suffer from a Democrat party exodus from the House. Meanwhile president Trump has gotten hostile coverage and a Republican exodus.

Thus president Trump is truly in control. And now he needs to recruit a new generation of like-minded Trumpian Republicans to run in 2020 and take back the House and maintain control of the US Senate. And to further turn the Republican party into The Trump Party.

That should not be a problem with millions of conservatives who are energized with this president. The word is out; the Republican party is The Party of Trump and thus eager conservatives will sign up to run knowing that the president will campaign for them and support them, often personally.

On September 9 the president once again showed his strength as the leader of his party. He held a rally for Republican candidate Dan Bishop for a North Carolina special congressional election to be held the next day.

Despite some Fake News polls showing Bishop down by as much as 13 points, and with millions of dollars pumped into the district by left-wing out-of-state interests on behalf of the Democrat candidate, Bishop won the September 10 election by 2 points and the Trump rally was cited as the reason that Bishop won.

This was a clear sign of Trump’s strength and it reinforces his image as the new party leader. Even in a heavily-black part of the district Bishop did much better than expected which should be a warning to Democrats about the positive effects of Trump policies on black voters.

Not only is president Trump turning the Republican party into his own but believes that he will be re-elected in 2020 and that we must therefore look to 2024.

And here’s the really big news: Donald Trump Jr. may run for president in 2024. He already is a political superstar and very popular with conservative audiences, perhaps more popular than any other potential candidate. And you can be sure that president Trump would give his son 150% support over established politicians like Mike Pence or Ted Cruz in an attempt to create a Trump family political dynasty.

Thus the Trump family may end up controlling more than just the Republican party for many years to come – they may end up leading the entire country, and the free world too.

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