Mexican Border Wall Grows/ Alaska Oil Drilling Advances

Fake News media reports are claiming that no progress is being made on the Mexican border wall. This is false; despite Democrats’ best efforts to stop wall construction it is moving forward and is accelerating starting with 30-foot replacement barriers. The Associated Press reports about Yuma, Arizona:

… South of Yuma, Arizona, the tall brown bollards (barriers) rising against a cloudless desert sky will replace much shorter barriers that are meant to keep out cars, but not people.

This 5-mile (8-kilometer) section of fencing is where President Donald Trump’s most salient campaign promise — to build a wall along the entire southern border — is taking shape.

The president and his administration said this week that they plan on building between 450 and 500 miles of fencing along the nearly 2,000-mile border by the end of 2020, an ambitious undertaking funded by billions of defense dollars that had been earmarked for things like military base schools, target ranges and maintenance facilities.

Two other Pentagon-funded construction projects in New Mexico and Arizona are underway… In Yuma, the defense-funded section of tall fencing is replacing shorter barriers that U.S. officials say are less efficient.

….the number of arrivals in Yuma and across the southern border have fallen sharply in recent months.

The drop is largely due to the Mexican government’s efforts to stop migrants from heading north after Trump threatened tariffs earlier this year to force Mexico to act.

In short, president Trump is addressing illegal immigration on all fronts, from pressure on Mexico to challenging the asylum process to building The Wall using diverted Pentagon funds. Great. Illegal immigration is a very important national security issue. Using defense funds for The Wall is an appropriate idea.

Trump said about The Wall, “It’s going up fast and we’re putting it where the Border Patrol most wants it. We’re taking money from all over because, as you know, the Democrats don’t want us to build the wall — they’re fighting us at every step.”

Democrat opposition to the border wall is going to cost them dearly in future elections. Guaranteed. The crazed leftist presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke even said that he would tear down existing walls as well as not building any new ones.

Alaska Oil Drilling Plan for ANWR Advances

The Associated Press reports:

The Trump administration announced Thursday its final plan to open Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) to oil drilling, giving the petroleum industry access to the pristine wildland for the first time.

The plan would allow oil leasing on 1.56 million acres of the 19-million-acre refuge. The proposal — which would open the entire coastal plain to the energy industry — was seen as the most extreme of three options considered by the Interior Department.

Supporters have argued it will result in a windfall for the federal Treasury and revive Alaska’s struggling economy. But opponents have said that opening the refuge to oil leasing could do irreversible damage to a region already destabilized by warming temperatures and other effects of climate change. The refuge is home to large numbers of polar bears, caribou, wolves and migratory birds.

OK, let’s look at this biased media report point by point:

*This ‘man-made climate change’ story, which is being attributed to oil, coal and natural gas use, is baloney. The climate has been changing naturally for thousands of years and long before the use of oil, coal and natural gas. It has been both much hotter and much colder than today for both long and short periods of time, even in the Arctic.

*The idea that the ANWR oil would only be a windfall for the federal Treasury and for Alaska’s economy ignores the crucial geo-political role that this increased oil supply will play in keeping American gasoline and heating oil prices down and making our country energy-independent from the Middle East and other foreign suppliers.

*The ‘greenies’ want us to believe that there are going to be oil rigs all over the pristine forests, meadows and mountains of ANWR. That is untrue. The “coastal plain” where the drilling is going to take place is a barren treeless landscape on the edge of the ocean. It is ultra-frigid in Winter. It is as flat as a table with only scrub vegetation on the ground. So-called “directional oil drilling” allows oil deposits from a wide area to be tapped from a single wellhead, sharply reducing the ‘footprint’ of the drilling operations.

*The ANWR deposit is estimated at 6 billion to 16 billion barrels of oil but it could end up being much more. The nearby deposit in Prudhoe Bay was first estimated in the 1960s at just one billion barrels but has since pumped 18 billion over the last 42 years.

*The ANWR oil will move through the 800-mile Alaska pipeline, which was completed in 1977 to transport Prudhoe Bay oil. The pipeline ends in the southern Alaska coastal city of Valdez where the oil is poured into tanker ships for transport to US refineries.

*‘Greenies’ wanted to tear down the pipeline after Prudhoe Bay got tapped out. But the pipeline now will get another 40 years of use out of ANWR, and probably much more since northern Alaska has large oil and natural gas supplies. Keeping this pipeline open is a wise use of this important and expensive piece of our national infrastructure.

It is time to tap into ANWR and Alaska’s other resources. In contrast the ‘greenies’ want to ban oil and blanket the entire country with windmills and solar panels which will do infinitely more damage to the environment than oil, coal and natural gas ever have done or ever will do.

Windmills slow down the winds (i.e., change the climate) and these windmill installations are turning our mountaintops into ugly industrial zones with 400-foot windmills, 1,000 ton concrete foundation blocks, and wide service roads for heavy equipment.

CNN, MSNBC Ratings Plummet

One of the many side benefits of the Trump presidency is that we have seen the ratings and credibility of many major Fake News media outlets plummet.

For instance the New York Times on September 15 had to make a major correction in a Fake News story that dredged up sex accusations against Supreme Court justice Brett Kavanaugh. It even is being reported that the Washington Post passed on the story since it was so thinly sourced.

Meanwhile CNN has particularly lost its ability to generate credible coverage. Breitbart News reported about today’s ratings versus one year ago at the height of Trump-Russia collusion madness:

Far-left MSNBC and CNN lost nearly a third of their respective primetime audiences when compared to this same week last year, reports TVNewser.

While Fox News only lost five percent of its already mammoth primetime audience last week, MSNBC collapsed by an incredible 31 percent, while (CNN) lost more than a quarter of its viewers, 26 percent.

In total day, Fox lost just eight percent of viewers, compared to MSNBC’s collapse of 27 percent and CNN’s 19 percent crater.

… What’s more, as you will see in the numbers below, Fox News is attracting almost as many viewers as CNN and MSNBC combined.

Fox News: 2.215 million
MSNBC: 1.408 million
CNN: 869,000
Total Day:
Fox News: 1.313 million
MSNBC: 833,000
CNN: 665,00

In all of cable TV during the primetime hours, Fox news came in second last week, behind only EPSN. MSNBC slid into third, while CNN dropped to ninth, losing to the Hallmark Channel, HGTV, The Learning Channel, and Investigative Discovery.

Throughout the day, Fox News came in first place in all of cable, MSNBC was second again, and CNN managed to barely beat Nickelodeon for a seventh place finish.

TV Actress with ‘Mental Illness’ Owns Two Guns, Wants Gun Control

1980s TV actress Alyssa Milano is leading the charge to control guns. Yet she admitted during a debate with senator Ted Cruz that, “By the way, I have two guns in my household for self-defense, just so you know.”

Then get this… Milano said on her own Twitter feed that, “As someone who suffers from mental illness, I understand the need for better mental health care…”

So how did she get her guns if she suffers from mental illness?

Good question. says that it is time to take away Milano’s guns. We need to make sure that crazy people don’t have guns. Isn’t this what we all want? Yes.

Is National Public Radio Chief Corrupt?

The Daily Caller reported:

NPR’s newly named chief left a previous job after dumping $10 million in stocks after a federal investigation against the company was launched, according to documents reviewed by the Daily Caller News Foundation. Experts said he likely knew of the probe and that his behavior could amount to insider trading.

From 2004 to 2013, John Lansing was the president of Scripps Networks, a cable TV conglomerate. NPR’s current chief and board member, Jarl Mohn, was on the board of Scripps during the investigation and stock sales.

In 2015, former President Barack Obama appointed Lansing to lead the $750 million-a-year Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG), which oversees government-run media including Voice of America and radio operations in Cuba. Lansing, who was named NPR’s president and CEO Sept. 5, ran the BBG into the current administration after President Donald Trump’s nominee was blocked.

Scripps was the subject of a Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) probe that was opened on May 2, 2012, according to records obtained by Probes Reporter. The records do not explain the nature of the potential misconduct by Scripps executives being investigated. Complaints lodged are not made public.

But five days after the probe began, on May 7, Lansing appeared to sell all of his 18,527 existing shares of stock in the company, according to SEC filings. He still possessed stock options giving him the ability to buy stock at less than half price, and on the same day, he exercised options to obtain another 46,543 shares and sold all of them as well, the filings show.

This sounds like par for the course. Liberals and Democrats and their media cronies are constantly launching every type of probe into president Trump and other Republicans and conservatives, yet it is liberals themselves who are the most corrupt.

We should watch this case carefully to see if Lansing is even charged. After all he may get a liberal judge to toss the case or a liberal DA to never investigate it.

‘Pocahontas’ Warren is Descended from an Indian Fighter

Just when you think that the ‘Pocahontas’ story cannot get any worse, Breitbart News reports:

Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s (D-MA) great-great-great grandfather Jonathan Crawford served in Major William Lauderdale’s Battalion of Tennessee Volunteer Militia from November 1837 to May 1838, a six month time period during which it fought two battles in Florida against the Seminoles.

A native of Virginia, Lauderdale moved to Tennessee, where he was known as the latest in a long line of Indian fighters, as the Daily Press reported in 1992:

Like other Virginians of his day, Lauderdale developed into an Indian fighter. In 1803 he marched as a Tennessee volunteer to the Louisiana Territory to fight for the United States against the Spanish and the Indians. In the War of 1812 he served under Gen. Jackson and fought against the Indian allies of the British in what are now Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana.

… William Lauderdale became Gen. Jackson’s trusted understudy in the War of 1812. When the Creek Indians rose up to massacre white settlers in Alabama in 1813 and President James Madison ordered Jackson to defend the area, Capt. Lauderdale and his Tennessee Vols helped win the battle of Talladega. Lauderdale went on to play a part in Jackson’s defeat of the British in the battle of New Orleans in 1815, which ended the War of 1812.

Evidence supporting Jonathan Crawford’s service under Lauderdale in Florida was brought by his widow, Neoma O.C. Sarah Smith Crawford, also known as Neona Crawford, to the Bledsoe County Commission of Bledsoe County, Tennessee in 1850 and 1851, when she applied for a pension from the U.S. government for her husband’s service during the 1837-1838 Second Seminole War.

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