Jesuit Publication Defends Murderous Communists

The Jesuit faith is notoriously left-wing. Its formal name is the Society of Jesus. Extremist Pope Francis, who is often called a communist, is a Jesuit. He avidly studied communist doctrine in his younger years.

Thomas D. Williams at Breitbart News wrote recently about Christianity and communism as seen by the Jesuits. excerpts Williams’ article below. Each Williams excerpt is followed by a comment:

Williams writes: The Jesuit flagship publication in the United States, America magazine, has published an article defending Marxism and comparing the murderous, atheist ideology to Christianity.

In “The Catholic Case for Communism,” America writer Dean Dettloff says that the militant atheism of Marxist politics is “understandable” because “Christianity has so often been a force allied to the ruling powers that exploit the poor.”

As a number of prospective presidential candidates from the Democrat party are openly donning the mantle of socialism, America took the issue one step further, suggesting that the negative reaction to “Bernie Sanders’s inspiring 2016 primary bid and the electoral success of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Rashida Tlaib” represents a “revival of socialist hysteria.” comment: This socialist hysteria is well deserved. One look at Venezuela shows why we should fear socialism/communism. Or how about North Korea or Cuba or China? Or the Soviet Union where tens of millions were murdered by their government while the survivors starved or waited in line for bread.

Williams writes: Dettloff showcases Marxist priests “like Herbert McCabe, O.P., Ernesto and Fernando Cardenal, S.J., Frei Betto, O.P., Camilo Torres” who “have been inspired by communists and in many places contributed to communist and communist-influenced movements as members,” as if the corruption of Catholic clergy were grounds for supporting Marxism.

“Many of my friends in the Party for Socialism and Liberation, for example, a Marxist-Leninist party, are churchgoing Christians or folks without a grudge against their Christian upbringing,” Dettloff declares, “as are lots of people in the radical wing of the Democratic Socialists of America.”

The writer then describes Christianity as just another ideological “faction” alongside other factions, such as communism.

“The history of communism, whatever else it might be, will always contain a history of Christianity, and vice versa, whether members of either faction like it or not,” he proposes. comment: Sorry, but this is a lie, but that is expected since communists are pathological liars. Christianity and communism are opposites. Communism is officially atheist. Soviet communism targeted Christians by the tens of millions and destroyed thousands of their churches. Priests and monks were executed by the tens of thousands. Only Fake Christians are communists.

Christianity worked in the West to bring about the most prosperous and forward-looking societies in history. The most fundamental advancements in European government, law, commerce and technological innovation for 1,000 years after the fall of Rome were in the thousands of Christian monasteries across the Continent that acted as de facto governments and commercial centers in the absence of any formal social, governmental or economic structure.

Williams writes: Citing Marxist arguments, Dettloff makes the bizarre claim that the ownership of private property necessarily leads to slavery, since property owners come to see other people as just another form of property to be owned.

Capitalism emerged through “the privatization of what was once public, like shared land,” Dettloff declares, paraphrasing Marx. “As time went on, human beings themselves would become the private property of other human beings.” comment: This is the usual propaganda from the left. The fact is that nations that allow private property are the most free and prosperous ones. The Western nations of Europe and the United States have the most codified private property rights of all and lo and behold, every poor person in the world wants to immigrate in the US and Europe. None of them are running to communist China or North Korea.

Don’t believe the words that communists say. Look at what happens in the real world, i.e., most people flee communism whenever they can.

Williams writes: (Detloff suggest that) Communists, on the other hand, are loving people concerned above all for the good of the poor, even if they have occasionally strayed from their pure roots…

“Communism has provided one of the few sustainable oppositions to capitalism, a global political order responsible for the ongoing suffering of millions,” Dettloff states.

“Communism in its socio-political expression has at times caused great human and ecological suffering,” Dettloff concedes, but any “good communist is quick to admit as much,” he adds, because “communism is an unfinished project that depends on the recognition of its real and tragic mistakes.” comment: This is another lie. After communism has destroyed everything in its path (Venezuela, the Soviet Union, North Korea, etc.) it is called “an unfinished project”?! This is the Big Lie of the left, as if communism has not been applied properly. Communism is a system of total destruction and control of all the people for the benefit of a small elite at the top.

Williams writes: In what has been called the “Magna Carta” of Catholic social thought, Pope Leo XIII wrote something a trifle different in his 1891 encyclical letter Rerum Novarum.

The socialists, Leo wrote, “working on the poor man’s envy of the rich, are striving to do away with private property, and contend that individual possessions should become the common property of all, to be administered by the State or by municipal bodies.”

Their proposals are, however, “emphatically unjust,” Leo wrote, “for they would rob the lawful possessor, distort the functions of the State, and create utter confusion in the community.”

“Socialists, therefore, by endeavoring to transfer the possessions of individuals to the community at large, strike at the interests of every wage-earner, since they would deprive him of the liberty of disposing of his wages, and thereby of all hope and possibility of increasing his resources and of bettering his condition in life,” Leo wrote.

The remedy to injustice proposed by the socialists is “manifestly against justice,” he continued, since “every man has by nature the right to possess property as his own.” comment: Very true… Private property is a fundamental component of freedom and prosperity.

Swamp Dwellers Being Moved Out of DC

In another good move the Trump administration is starting to move government jobs out of Washington, DC. This is great since we should be spreading federal money around the country instead of concentrating it in Washington.

In one recent case, the Bureau of Land Management is moving its whole headquarters to Colorado. This not only will put the agency closer to the land that it manages, but will spread the federal wealth around. Breitbart News reports:

The Department of Interior (DOI) announced last week that it will be moving the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) headquarters to Colorado, and a number of senior management staffers will be located in 11 Western states, including 50 people in Nevada.

“A meaningful realignment of our operations is not simply about where functions are performed; rather, it is rooted in how changes will better respond to the needs of the American people,” Secretary of the Interior David Bernhardt said in a statement. “Under our proposal, every Western state will gain additional staff resources.”

Bernhardt said:

This approach will play an invaluable role in serving the American people more efficiently while also advancing the Bureau of Land Management’s multiple-use mission. Shifting critical leadership positions and supporting staff to western states — where an overwhelming majority of federal lands are located — is not only a better management system, it is beneficial to the interest of the American public in these communities, cities, counties, and states.

Nevada Columnist Thomas Mitchell wrote about the move in a column published in the Sparks Tribune in Sparks, Nevada, on Wednesday. He praised the move, which includes the decision to put BLM’s headquarters in Grand Junction, Colorado:

While the agency estimates the move could save as much $100 million over the next 20 years due to lower office space costs and lower cost-of-living differentials for federal employees, a more important and significant aspect may be putting the bureaucrats who manage 388,000 square miles of federal public land in 12 Western states closer to the people who are affected by their decisions. Human nature dictates it is harder to look across your desk at a neighbor and say no to a profitable endeavor than it is from 2,000 miles away.

In a letter to Congress, Joseph Balash, an assistant secretary of the Interior, said about 300 jobs are to be moved West in the coming year and about 60 positions will remain in Washington to handle budget and policy issues and work with Congress. The BLM already has about 10,000 jobs in the West.

Grand Junction would get less than 30 of the 85 new jobs slated for Colorado, with most of the rest residing in suburban Denver, where the federal government already has a number of regional offices. In addition to Nevada’s 50 new jobs, Utah is to add 45 and Arizona and New Mexico about 40 each.

Great. Let’s really “spread the wealth around…”

Seattle Wants to Ship Homeless People Out

Ultra-liberal Seattle, Washington has a severe homeless problem. has an acquaintance there who described the problem and so I know that it is real and not just a media concoction.

Seattle has created this problem through its leftist, permissive policies. But Seattle finally has proposed a $1 million plan that would bus homeless people out of the state of Washington under a “family reunification” strategy.

This would be designed to allegedly help people who have someone in another state who could take them in but who can’t afford the cost of getting there.

Friends, this is more liberal insanity. This is just the Seattle city government deciding to get rid a problem that it created.

But even the liberals in Seattle are fed up with the city government’s laxity regarding the homeless. This bus ticket plan would be just another band-aid on a deep self-inflicted wound.

In another case, we know that Seattle’s downtown area is being taken over by homeless hordes who, as in San Francisco, are turning the streets into open-air latrines.

Normal people would say that you must clean up in this mess, but not in Seattle, no. The Seattle News reported about a black city councilman:

Some committee members expressed concern about addressing the symptoms of the area’s problems without getting to the cause. Councilmember Larry Gossett said he didn’t like the idea of power-washing the sidewalks because it brought back images of the use of hoses against civil-rights activists.

Naturally those who commented on Gossett said funny things like:

Can’t power wash ’em, kate. Apparently, the only alternative is to replace the sidewalks. Yeah. That’s the ticket. Replace the sidewalks. Maybe get a federal grant or something.

To wash the sidewalks is inherently RACIST because it will result in WHITE sidewalks and it implies that the current brown ones aren’t as good.

Remove the sidewalks, and shouldn’t we go ahead and remove all water spigots, too? After all, spigots are “racist enablers” as they allow the connection of the water source to the hose in the first darn place!

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