End ‘Comfortable Poverty’ Now

This is a commentary that Nikitas3.com posted 10 years ago(!) and it is still pertinent today:

“We’re operating in deep deficits… we’re out of money now,” president Obama said recently.

Yet why is he advocating more and more programs that are going to cost the government more and more money, like a new federal health-care plan?

Because he is a extremist liberal, that is why, who wants to indebt the nation and cause economic turmoil which will lead to a call for more socialism. Because any rational person, working with a rational Congress, would recognize that first we must stop doing harm, and that means cutting our new debt. Obama is going the other way, however, and is drawing us into disaster.

How has this happened? Because over decades the federal government has gone far beyond its primary responsibility which is to defend the nation. If that had remained its primary duty, we would have zero national debt.

The fact is that all this extra federal spending – and the taxation to fund it – is ultimately counterproductive to the very goals it has set for itself.

Social Security was supposed to cure old-age poverty. Instead it is in the process of destroying the wealth of hundreds of millions of Americans.

Medicare was supposed to help the elderly with their health needs. Instead it is a looming fiscal armageddon that is going to consume more than $30 trillion in our lifetimes.

Federal ‘anti-poverty’ programs have actually made more and more people poor because, as the old saying goes, you get more of what you subsidize and less of what you tax. So if you tax business, as Democrats love to do, you get less business. If the government at the same time subsidizes rent and food and clothing and medical care for poor people, we will get more people relying on the government. It happens every time. And of course the Democrats take all the social service jobs handing out all that money.

And since business creates wealth and jobs, while dependent people consume wealth, it makes no sense to continue discouraging business and encouraging dependency. But that is what the Democrat party has been doing for the last century. And that is how liberal societies always become poor, and why the states with the worst economies in America today all are controlled by Democrats.

One of the leading causes of poverty is the ever-expanding phenomenon of single mothers, which has been encouraged by the Democrat party. The end result is to create more poverty and dependence because these mothers cannot make it on their own. Single mothers are statistically poorer and their children also end up statistically poorer. Yet the Democrat party makes millions of young females comfortable in having children while living off of the taxpayer.

We could easily cut poverty dramatically three ways by ending Democrat policies, first by encouraging marriage; second by encouraging business; and third by shifting most anti-poverty programs away from the federal government and over to much more efficient private and religious charities (often 3 to 4 times more efficient per dollar spent) which usually demand personal accountability from recipients while federal programs do not.

These three steps would shrink the number of poor people in America dramatically, rather than growing every year, while the cost to society of caring for those people would drop substantially.

But Democrats fight every attempt to privatize their ‘anti-poverty’ programs, just like they fight any alternatives to the public schools because their failed policies would be exposed.

Take a walk down to where the “poor people” in your town or city loiter. Today, many will refuse to work even if offered employment. And you will see many of them drinking bottles of soda or cups of coffee from the nearby deli, smoking cigarettes, eating donuts from the bakery, talking on their expensive cell phone, riding on taxpayer-funded electric scooters, or using expensive disposable diapers for their children. Sometimes they have pets. When they go back to the apartment that the taxpayer is subsidizing, they may have cable TV and DVD players and air conditioning.

To read an eye-popping report about the real state of so-called ‘poverty’ in America, Robert E. Rector at The Heritage Foundation has done an in-depth study called How Poor are America’s Poor? Examining the ‘Plague’ of Poverty in America. It exposes the myths of poverty in America.

Liberals in America have not only made “the poor” comfortable with government subsidies of your tax dollars, they have knitted them a hammock to lie in while the taxpayer works harder and harder and gives up more and more of his/her income every year to support them.

Liberals are subsidizing and entrenching poverty intentionally. And the “comfortable poor” return the favor to the Democrat party by voting them into power over and over. Without the “comfortable poor” voting for them every election day, the Democrat party would cease to exist.

‘Comfortable poverty’ is a 100% disincentive for people to work to become self-sufficient. This is another Democrat policy – to discourage self-reliance and further entrench dependency.

Yet if you as a taxpayer mention that the so-called “poor” are drinking a bottle of soda every day, adding up to hundreds of dollars a year just for unnecessary bottles of soda for one person, the Poverty Lobby immediately deploys its usual tactics of indignation. “How could you ask this withered soul to give up the one little pleasure he has, this measly bottle of soda!” they huff.

And the answer is: ”I’m paying for that bottle of soda and hundreds more like it, that is why, and soda and coffee and donuts are absolutely unnecessary to this ‘poor’ person’s well being and survival.”

But this is how socialism has built up our massive debts – by incrementally making “the poor” feel more entitled to more and more of the discretionary comforts of life like soda and cable TV and cigarettes and pets and candy.

When a teenage girl with no skills and no education gets pregnant, it often is for one reason only – to get on the government dole for the next 20 years for herself and her child. And if she has another child, she gets more money. This has created a culture of dependency that liberals now say we must somehow sustain and that that girl feels entitled to. She couldn’t care less about the source of the money. Liberals teach her not to care one whit because the money has flowed without question.

But that may be changing. Even in ultra-liberal California the people in May voted overwhelmingly to oppose new taxes to confront the state’s huge budget deficit accumulated through decades of government giveaways. Across America, taxpayers are fed up. They are tired of subsidizing sloth and gluttony among the so-called “poor” who now simply expect that they will be taken care of.

Through anti-business legislation, the Democrats often make people poor by taking away their jobs. They then coddle those same poor, which is part of the way that socialism legitimizes bad behavior and then takes political and financial advantage.

This happens in other ways too. Drunkenness or drug abuse are called “diseases” so that the drunk/drug abuser is thankful to the liberal for excusing the behavior by describing it as out of the control of the abuser. This is very deeply comforting to the abuser’s internal psyche and he/she becomes thankful and indebted to the liberal.

Nutty behavior like Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (like repetitive washing of hands) is “treated” by left-wing psychologists and psychiatrists – at a profit, of course – rather than giving the disordered person a kick in the rear and telling them to straighten up.

‘Intervention’ TV shows about addiction show family members enabling the drunk by buying him booze, afraid not to offend the drunk, just as Americans are afraid to stand up to the Poverty Lobby that makes and keeps people poor with endless subsidies.

Today “the poor” are taught to be belligerent and angry toward any person who questions their compulsive gluttony as encouraged by the Obama left.

Yet “we’re operating in deep deficits… we’re out of money now,” Obama said. And we can start fighting our debt disaster by discouraging the culture of dependence. Because it undermines the productive people in our society and will make us all just as poor as the afflicted people we should be standing up to.

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