Why Manufacturing has Fled the US

A recent CNNMoney.com article said:

‘NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — U.S. factories are creating many new jobs. But owners are hard pressed to find skilled American workers to fill them.

There is a "critical shortage of machinists," a common and crucial position in factories, said Rob Akers, vice president at the National Tooling and Machining Association. "Enrollment in this field in technical schools has been down for a long time."’

So what else is new. Of course there is a shortage. Because for 50 years Democrats, the American Media Left and the education system have been waging a war on manufacturing not only with harmful economic policies but with the relentless portrayal of manufacturing jobs as unglamorous, dead-end work for uneducated people; the depiction of college education as the only key to success; and the representation of working people like machinists as inferior to entertainers, white collar workers, college professors, athletes etc.

Yet manufacturing jobs always have paid well.

CNN reported on Win-Tech, a Kennesaw, Georgia manufacturerthat has been seeking to add 12 more workers to an existing staff of 42. But the business owner cannot find skilled people even among hordes of unemployed.

Why? Because most young Americans today want to be music producers or artists or do-nothing government workers, and they shun factory labor even though working conditions and compensation in US manufacturing plants today is as good as it has ever been.

But then listen to this from CNN:

‘(The business owner) said he may be forced to hire people who are not fully skilled, and then train them.’

Does that mean “on the job training” or “apprenticeship”?

Of course. Which has existed for thousands of years until the American media and academia convinced us that all workers need to be fully trained in advance in a school of some sort, or an overpriced college.

Indeed apprenticeship has been the norm for millennia. And since our educational system has failed miserably by producing millions of graduates with unmarketable skills like filmmakers, psychologists, feminist-studies specialists etc., it is time to abandon this broken system and its exorbitant costs and urge many young people to enter the workforce in the old-fashioned way – by learning on the job when training is not feasible.

The factory owner said that most people possessing the skills he needs today are baby boomers, many of whom work at his factory.

And we baby-boomers remember well our youth when such skills were routinely taught in vocational courses in public schools and in trade schools before the educational establishment convinced American students that everyone was going to be a white-collar worker earning $100,000 a year sitting at a desk.

CNN then says this:

‘As the United States outsourced its manufacturing jobs over the last few decades, the country lost a significant chunk of its manufacturing talent pool, said Mitch Free, CEO of MFG.com, an online directory that matches businesses with domestic manufacturers.’

That, friends, is a revealing statement – that “the United States outsourced manufacturing jobs”.

Because American business did not outsource the jobs. Businesses in fact have been forced to outsource jobs by the government (“the United States”) after relentless attacks from five forces from the Democrat left:

Because of ruthless taxation. Because unions have made labor exorbitantly expensive. Because environmentalists often have made manufacturing impossible with endless laws and regulations and restrictions. Because trial lawyers have pursued companies legally over every bump and bruise and legal shortcoming, particularly in manufacturing where physical risk is higher. And because the government forces private firms to become providers of everything from health insurance to maternal leave.

This all comes on top of bias against the blue-collar class in the American media with working people portrayed as dunces who are missing out on all the excitement of life by working on a dirty factory floor.

Baloney. Those involved in manufacturing – mostly men – are making life possible for all of us by ‘making things’ and ‘creating wealth’. They are people who are not afraid of hard work.

All told, this endless bias against manufacturing has severely harmed our economy. Said CNNMoney.com:

‘Every factory needs a machinist to operate it, whether it's to operate machines or to create machine parts. And machinists also create molds and casings to make plastic parts that are used in everyday products, such as computers and cell phones… It takes about a year in trade school to become a machinist, followed by a few years of apprenticeship at a manufacturing facility… Machinists make about $60,000 a year. But with many logging overtime lately, (the manager) said that income can get close to $100,000 a year. "This is also a highly technical craft," he said. "It requires knowledge of computers, programming, even geometry. You can't hire someone off the street and turn them into a machinist."’

Thus while Obama & Co. are wringing their hands about all the ‘poor people’ in America, $60,000 jobs go begging. Amazing.

Why haven’t these ‘poor people’ been training themselves or seeking apprenticeships? All it takes is initiative.

Answer: Because a government handout is easier, requires no effort or sacrifice or risk, and it anesthetizes them to their real needs in life.

And just look at that quote – ‘knowledge of computers, programming, even geometry’ is necessary. While our horrible public schools for decades have been teaching multiculturalism and how to put a condom on a banana, while replacing real science and math with ‘junk science’ like ‘global warming’ alarmism and radical environmentalism.

No wonder our nation is sinking. It is by design from the Democrat left. And business owners say that the worker shortage in manufacturing is going to get worse as baby boomers retire.

Indeed the farther that America gets from its roots as a diligent nation full of common-sense workers and becomes a country marked by sloth, ignorance, unrealistic expectations and meaningless intellectualism emanating from the academic left, we are going to continue to suffer.

No wonder China is surging. People there want to work because they know what poverty is while millions of unemployed Americans on the other hand seem only to be concerned about what is on cable TV tonight.

It is shameful…

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