ALERT: McConnell Says he will Block Impeachment/ Ukraine Backfiring on Democrats

Republican Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell, who said previously that he would have no recourse but to allow a trial in the Senate if Democrats passed impeachment of president Trump in the House, has reversed course. Breitbart News reports:

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) has launched an ad on social media with a message that he will end the impeachment effort against President Donald Trump should the House pass Articles of Impeachment and send them to the (Senate).

“Nancy Pelosi is in the clutches of a leftwing mob,” McConnell said in a fundraising video on his re-election campaign Facebook page. “They finally convinced her to impeach the president.”

“All of you know your Constitution,” McConnell said. “The way that impeachment stops is with a Senate majority with me as majority leader.”

This is great news; as majority leader McConnell has the power to do this since he controls the Senate. And he appears to be coming through in a clutch situation when he has been wishy-washy so many times in the past.

And if McConnell holds firm the Democrats will scream to high heaven, but let them scream. This whole impeachment charade is a fraud. It must be called out forthrightly and not only by president Trump. And then voters in 2020 will get to decide who is correct and Trump will win re-election easily, predicts.

These militant Democrats are making a fatal error in believing that all Americans hate Trump like they do. This is grossly false.

In fact this whole Ukraine/impeachment issue is not only not going to harm president Trump – his poll numbers are actually rising in many cases as this Ukraine hoax unfolds – but it is backfiring on Democrats. It already has focused national attention on Joe Biden’s corruption and will likely drive him from the presidential race.

We also are learning slowly that other top Democrats have ties to Ukraine that involve undermining the American political process in the same way that they falsely accused president Trump of colluding with Russia.

Here is just one story of many that tells us things that the Fake News media will not. The Gateway Pundit reports:

Nancy Pelosi is neck deep in Ukraine politics. Her legislative aide, Ivanna Voronovych, is from the Ukraine and is connected to the Ukrainian Embassy, the Ukrainian military, the Ukrainian government and Ukrainian party life.

Young Ivanna Voronovych was a party girl in the Ukraine and somehow managed to make her way into a position as a Legislative Aide to Nancy Pelosi –

Young Voronovych started her career working at the US Embassy in the Ukraine in Kiev. She worked for Roman Woronowycz, the Kiev Bureau Chief, who is connected to Nancy Pelosi. As a matter of fact, he is a fan of Pelosi’s. Woronowycz is well connected with with the US Congress as can be seen from the picture below where he was given a tour of the Capital by Voronovych before reportedly meeting up with Pelosi, Schumer and others. He once posted, “Tell Nancy to keep up the good work!” (What is he referring to here?)

Voronovych’s parents are well connected. Her mom worked with the Ukrainian Army, and even received the Ukraine Order of Merit for military and political activity. Yoronovych’s father worked in the Ukrainian Foreign Service and he’s also connected to the Ukrainian government.

Amazing. On the other hand president Trump never had Russians like Voronovych on his staff. If he did they would have impeached him by now.

This Ukrainian government is very corrupt (and thus naturally is allied with US Democrats) but finally has an honest leader in president Volodymyr Zelensky who was elected in July.

So let us go way back to January 11, 2017 when, a liberal website that is no friend of Trump’s, reported about Ukraine collusion with American Democrats to affect the 2016 election:

Ukrainian government officials tried to help Hillary Clinton and undermine Trump by publicly questioning his fitness for office. They also disseminated documents implicating a top Trump aide in corruption and suggested they were investigating the matter, only to back away after the election. And they helped Clinton’s allies research damaging information on Trump and his advisers, a Politico investigation found.

A Ukrainian-American operative who was consulting for the Democratic National Committee met with top officials in the Ukrainian Embassy in Washington in an effort to expose ties between Trump, top campaign aide Paul Manafort and Russia, according to people with direct knowledge of the situation.

The Ukrainian efforts had an impact in the race, helping to force Manafort’s resignation and advancing the narrative that Trump’s campaign was deeply connected to Ukraine’s foe to the east, Russia. But they were far less concerted or centrally directed than Russia’s alleged hacking and dissemination of Democratic emails.

… There’s little evidence of such a top-down effort by Ukraine. Longtime observers suggest that the rampant corruption, factionalism and economic struggles plaguing the country — not to mention its ongoing strife with Russia — would render it unable to pull off an ambitious covert interference campaign in another country’s election. And President Petro Poroshenko’s administration, along with the Ukrainian Embassy in Washington, insists that Ukraine stayed neutral in the race.

Yet Politico’s investigation found evidence of Ukrainian government involvement in the race that appears to strain diplomatic protocol dictating that governments refrain from engaging in one another’s elections.

Russia’s meddling has sparked outrage from the American body politic. The U.S. intelligence community undertook the rare move of publicizing its findings on the matter, and President Barack Obama took several steps to officially retaliate, while members of Congress continue pushing for more investigations into the hacking and a harder line against Russia, which was already viewed in Washington as America’s leading foreign adversary.

Ukraine, on the other hand, has traditionally enjoyed strong relations with U.S. administrations. Its officials worry that could change under Trump, whose team has privately expressed sentiments ranging from ambivalence to deep skepticism about Poroshenko’s regime, while sounding unusually friendly notes about Putin’s regime.

… Revelations about Ukraine’s anti-Trump efforts could further set back those efforts.

“Things seem to be going from bad to worse for Ukraine,” said David A. Merkel, a senior fellow at the Atlantic Council who helped oversee U.S. relations with Russia and Ukraine while working in George W. Bush’s State Department and National Security Council.

Merkel, who has served as an election observer in Ukrainian presidential elections dating back to 1993, noted there’s some irony in Ukraine and Russia taking opposite sides in the 2016 presidential race, given that past Ukrainian elections were widely viewed in Washington’s foreign policy community as proxy wars between the U.S. and Russia.

“Now, it seems that a U.S. election may have been seen as a surrogate battle by those in Kiev and Moscow,” Merkel said.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. This story is evolving today and looking bad for Democrats. Meanwhile The Gateway Pundit reported about the “whistleblower” story:

Last week the House Intelligence Committee released the the unclassified version of the whistleblower complaint against President Trump based on hearsay from a Trump phone call with Ukrainian President Zelensky in July.

Later it was was revealed the Deep State whistleblower is a CIA officer who was detailed to work at the White House, according to a new report by The New York Times.

Today we found out the whistleblower is a registered Democrat.

The ‘whistleblower’ has since returned to the CIA.

We also know from previous reports that the “whistleblower” has “arguable political bias – in favor of a rival political candidate.”

Now this…

According to Paul Sperry the partisan CIA Operative and Democrat helped dig up dirt on Trump and Manafort in Ukraine in 2016 while working in the Obama White House during the 2016 campaign.
Here is Sperry’s tweet:

BREAKING: The Democrat whistleblower who complained about Trump digging up dirt in Ukraine was himself helping dig up dirt in Ukraine against Trump (and Manafort) while working in the Obama White House during 2016 campaign.

Sperry posted this earlier.

BREAKING: The whistleblower is a registered Democrat & CIA analyst who was detailed before the 2016 election to the Obama White House,where he worked on the NSC’s Ukraine desk & met w anti-Trump Ukrainian officials before being sent packing by the Trump NSC & becoming disgruntled

Friends, Democrats are deeply involved with the former regime in Ukraine which was massively corrupt. And top people in Ukraine were doing for Democrats precisely what they falsely alleged Russians were doing for president Trump.

Electric Car Fire is Eco-Nightmare has written repeatedly about the disastrous environmental consequences of electric cars. First and foremost they consume much more energy per mile than gasoline-powered cars since electricity is the most highly “refined” resource and it is a law of physics that ‘it consumes energy to refine energy’.

It gets worse every day as more electric cars hit the road. reported about a Tesla electric car in Austria:

Teslas haven’t stopped going up in flames all over the world. The most recent example comes from Austria where after a Tesla was involved in an accident and caught fire, firefighters had to use a special container to transport the remains of the vehicle and the battery.

According to a translated version of this ORF News story, a 57 year old driver lost control of his Tesla and crashed into a tree, after first hitting the guardrail. It was then that the vehicle caught fire.

… In order to put out the fire, the street had to be closed and fire authorities had to bring in a container user to cool the vehicle. The container held 11,000 liters (11 tons) of water and was designed to eliminate the biggest risk in an EV accident which is the battery catching fire.

The Tesla battery is mounted on the underside of the vehicle and contains acids and chemicals that can easily escape during a fire, placing the firefighters in danger.

Here is the problem: according to the article, some 11,000 liters of water are needed to finally extinguish a burning Tesla but an average fire engine only carries around 2,000 liters of water.

Fire brigade spokesman Peter Hölzl warned that the car could still catch fire for up to three days after the initial fire.

The container used is said to be suitable for all common electric vehicles. It measures 6.8 meters long, 2.4 meters wide and 1.5 meters high, it is (obviously) waterproof and weighs three tons.

We hope the (National Highway Safety Transportation Agency) has a nice long hard look at these photos, as it has now become painfully obvious that the fire issue is very real and very dangerous for Tesla. We can only hope that the agency is acting with the expediency necessary to promptly address an issue that is putting lives at risk every day.

This is just the latest disaster for electric cars; these batteries are not only highly toxic to manufacture but when they burn they become a major pollution problem. And when they must be disposed of they are going to be another major problem.

Tesla is Still Not Making a Profit

Breitbart News reported:

Elon Musk’s Tesla revealed its third-quarter delivery numbers this week, disappointing analysts and failing to meet CEO Elon Musk’s goals.

Fortune reports that it delivered 97,000 vehicles in its third-quarter which ended on September 30. The firm fell short of the 100,000 vehicle deliveries that Tesla CEO Elon Musk mentioned in an email to employees in September. If Tesla had hit 100,000 vehicles delivered it would have been the first time the firm had reached that threshold in a single quarter which Musk stated would be “an incredibly exciting milestone for our company.”

OK, so what is wrong with this story?

Well, first, it makes it sound like Tesla sold a few thousand less cars than expected and that that it is not really a big deal. But it does not mention that Tesla has never made a profit since it was founded in 2003.

It does not mention that Tesla has consumed $5 billion in federal taxpayer subsidies since 2003.

This article does not mention that every Tesla sold gets a $7,500 federal tax credit and yet the company still cannot make money. And it does not therefore mention that Tesla would have gone out of business years ago if it were not subsidized by taxpayers in multiple ways.

Friends, the electric car is a hoax; all of its tax subsidies should be ended today and Tesla should finally sink or swim on its own. And it will sink. Guaranteed.

Why are taxpayers being forced to support the electric car?

Answer: Because nobody really wants it in the free marketplace.

Just look at the disastrous electric car, the Chevy Volt. General Motors spent billions on the Volt and then suspended production in early 2019. This is one of the reasons that General Motors recently laid off 15,000 workers. If it had not frittered away billions on the useless Volt, GM would be in vastly better shape today than it is.

This shows once again how destructive “green” policies are.

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