House Democrats Could Easily Fail to Impeach Trump

We are being told again and again that Democrats in the House of Representatives have the votes to impeach president Trump and are just waiting for the right moment to pull the trigger.

Not so fast… they may not have the votes to impeach in the first place.

They need a simple majority (218 votes) to impeach. And those votes would have to include some Democrats who come from congressional districts that president Trump won in 2016.

This puts dozens of Democrats from TrumpLand in fear for their jobs if they vote to impeach. And thus Democrats may not even reach the magic 218 number if they decide to take the vote.

So imagine Democrats falling on their face by not getting enough votes. This is yet another reason that Nancy Pelosi should be hesitant to pursue impeachment. But her hesitancy has been based first and foremost on the fact that the American people by a clear majority do not want the president impeached.

In other words, impeachment could turn into a double-backfire for Democrats.

How about a triple backfire? In fact many of those TrumpLand Democrats who might vote to impeach could lose their seats in 2020 which could help to swing the House back to Republican majority control, leading to Pelosi losing her power.

President Trump is already ramping up the pressure. Look at this from the Politico website:

Starting this week, Vice President Mike Pence will embark on a national tour of congressional districts represented by Democrats who’ve come out in support of the (impeachment) inquiry.

… Each of the districts on Pence’s itinerary were won by Trump in 2016, making them potent targets for Republicans. The vice president will travel Wednesday to the southwest Iowa district of Rep. Cindy Axne, and Thursday he’s slated to visit the suburban Twin Cities district of another freshman Democrat, Minnesota Rep. Angie Craig. The vice president is then scheduled to barnstorm an array of battleground districts, including those held by Michigan Rep. Elissa Slotkin and Virginia Rep. Abigail Spanberger.

This is a great strategy by Trump and the Republicans. And if you don’t think that these Democrats are sweating then you don’t understand politics.

It is important to remember that conservatives and Republicans are not ‘big government’ people who crave political power; they have many goals in their lives – to serve their fellow man (like in the military or as cops and firefighters); to serve as productive members of society with their hard work (as farmers, for instance); or simply to live good, honest lives without government interference.

Democrats, on the other hand, live and die for political power. They wish to control everyone. Having a position of power is like ‘a job’ for Democrats. They aspire to it. They plot for it. They want it in order to control others, and to prosper from political power, graft and corruption.

Once they have that power they definitely do not want to lose it. And this tour by vice president Pence, which will eventually include Donald Trump Jr. and the president too, is a booming shot across the bow of these congresspeople. And it is starting more than a year before the 2020 election.

Talk about sweating! bets that these Democrats are taking three showers a day…

Republicans would be targeting these districts anyway in anticipation of 2020 but with this impeachment charade ongoing vice president Pence is starting early. This is not a coincidence.

Even when Donald Trump Jr. shows up in a district it is going to instill fear into these Democrats. Don Jr. is very popular among Republicans and conservatives and can rile ‘em up almost as much as his father can.

But when Big Papa comes to town there is going to be a major meltdown among Democrats, and for good reason.

Update: Impeachment talk is fueling massive fundraising support for the president, producing a quadruple backfire. Breitbart News reports:

President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign said Monday that the president is experiencing unprecedented support and engagement after Democrats announced their impeachment inquiry.

“This has the president’s supporters and also independents engaged and in the campaign and supporting President Trump in ways that they were not doing before to this level of intensity, and we have Nancy Pelosi and the impeachment inquiry to thank for that,” Trump’s campaign communications director, Tim Murtaugh, said during a call with reporters on Monday afternoon.

Since Pelosi announced the impeachment inquiry, Trump’s reelection campaign and the Republican National Committee raised $15 million dollars in 72 hours, according to the campaign, about the same amount Joe Biden raised in the entire third quarter.

Previously, the campaign’s biggest surge of support was after the Robert Mueller report was released in April, according to Trump campaign staffers. The campaign recalled raising a million dollars from supporters in just 24 hours. After Pelosi announced the impeachment inquiry, the campaign experienced five times the support — raising $5 million in 24 hours.

“It’s not just limited to Republicans, we don’t think. This is the sort of thing that gets Americans really fired up,” Murtaugh said, “attempts to undo a legitimate election because of strictly political motivation.”

The campaign noted that since the impeachment inquiry was announced, donations from 50,000 first-time online donors came in.

Swing Voters Oppose Extremist Democrat Policies

Over and over we are told that “swing” voters who might vote Democrat or Republican depending on the issues, are crucial in every election. And that is largely true. Well, here is more bad news for Democrats to worry about in 2020. Breitbart News reported:

Swing voters are repelled by leftist policies from healthcare to immigration that 2020 Democrat presidential primary candidates have endorsed, a researcher at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) reveals.

MIT researcher Alexander Agadjanian published his latest research in the New York Times, where he revealed that swing voters likely are six percentage points less likely to vote for a Democrat against President Trump in the 2020 election after learning of the leftist policy positions they have embraced.

… Similarly, voters by a majority remain opposed to raising taxes on working and middle-class Americans in order to end private health insurance and provide “Medicare for All” to all U.S. residents. The plan to end private health insurance, endorsed by Warren and Sanders, has turned off American union workers as millions would have their employer-negotiated healthcare plans terminated should such a plan take effect.

Phony Fox News Protects Another Terrorist

Phony Fox News recently reported:

The IT worker who stabbed four of his colleagues to death inside Paris’ police headquarters Thursday was a recent convert to Islam who had been acting erratically the night before the attack, reports say.

Le Parisien identified the attacker as Mickaël H., a 45-year-old computer maintenance specialist from Martinique who had worked at the police headquarters’ Intelligence Directorate unit since 2003. The Intelligence Directorate unit focuses on the fight against terrorism.

Mickaël H. had converted to Islam 18 months ago, but is not believed to have been radicalized, a police official told the Associated Press.

Look at that phrase, “is not believed to have been radicalized”.

Nonsense – of course he was radicalized; he was an islamic convert who killed four people in the Paris police HQ just like the terrorists wanted him to.

But Phony Fox News decided he hadn’t been radicalized by reporting this fake opinion from “a police official” that he had not been.

This is how these left-wing media outlets are covering up for terrorism at every opportunity. Meanwhile they claim that a bogeyman “white supremacist” conspiracy is alive and well in America, which it is not.

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